60 Baby Girl Names Starting With Poo

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Baby names starting with poo are more common to Indians. These names are unique and full of sweetness, just like your baby girl.

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The meanings of these names revolve around worship, beauty (i.e. flowers), and completeness. We believe you will find a suitable name for your girl here.

Baby Girl Names Starting With Poo In Sanskrit

  1. Poo: this name means “flower.” It is short, sweet, and beautiful.
  2. Pooja: this is an adorable baby girl name of Sanskrit origin. It is not commonly used as a name for girls, but it means “worship, prayer.”
  3. Poojak: this adorable name means “worshiper.”
  4. Poojanya: this one means “worship or prayer.”
  5. Poojila: this one means “venerable, respectable.”
  6. Poojita: this one means “honored, worshiped, or respected.” It is still of Sanskrit origin.
  7. Poojitha: this is another version of Poojita. It means the same thing, “ the one who is worshiped.” It can also mean “devoted.”
  8. Poojya: this one means “being worshiped, or respected.”
  9. Poomitha: babies’ eyes are beautiful, sometimes, they are golden. It means “golden eyes, smoothing flowers, strong.”
  10. Poonam: this one is not also a regular name, but it means “merit, full moon night.”
  11. Poorbi: this name means “complete.”
  12. Poorna: this one is rarer than the ones listed here. It didn’t even make it to the top 1000 names of baby girls in the US. It means “fulfilled, complete, or full moon.”
  13. Poornakala: this one is lovely. It means “love.”
  14. Poornarvi: this one sounds sweet and means “reborn.”
  15. Poornata: this adorable name is very powerful and carries a sense of strength. It means “fullness, wholeness, and completeness.” Your baby girl will feel empowered by this name because it will remind her that she is complete by herself. 
  16. Poornika: this is still another one with the same meaning as the previous one. However, it is more elaborate, meaning “one who is complete.”
  17. Poornima: a cute name for an adorable baby! This name means “beauty, lightning softness, or full moon.”
  18. Poornita: this one has a straightforward meaning. It means “completed.” Sounds more like an assignment.
  19. Poorva: still from Sanskrit, this name means “elder, earlier one, or east.”
  20. Poorvaja: this one is more suitable for either your firstborn or first girl. It means “elder sister.”
  21. Poorvika: it means “from the east, ancient.” It is a good name for a baby that acts wisely.
  22. Poojal: this one means “water used for worship.”

Poo Letter Names For Girl In Tamil

Photo of a baby girl, Baby girl Names Starting With Poo are beautiful

These baby names starting with poo are of Tamil origin. we hope you’ll like them.

  1. Poojasri: this one means “worship”
  2. Poojyasri: this one is a given name to the goddess Lakshmi. It means “worship.”
  3. Pooma: this one will fit your baby more if she is calm and sweet. It means “calm.”
  4. Poomaalai: this one is a “garland of flowers.” Think of how beautiful a garland of flowers looks, and you will see why your daughter deserves this name.
  5. Poomagal: this is another adorable one. It means “daughter of a flower.” It is a suitable name for a sweet daughter of a beautiful mother.
  6. Poomani: still another lovely name. It means “flower bell.”
  7. Poombavai: this is still another beautiful name that links to spirituality. It means “prayer.”
  8. Poongodi: this is another flower name that you will love. It means “slender stalk or flower vine, or flower on a creeper.” Another variation of this name is Poongudi.
  9. Poonguzhali: this is still another beautiful name with a great meaning. It means “person with beautiful hair.” 
  10. Poonkodi: this one means “flower.” It gives a beautiful aura to your baby.
  11. Poonkulali: this one is a combination of two Tamil words: poon and kulali. Poon means flower and kulali stands for women’s hair. Either way, it is still a cute name with sweet meanings.
  12. Poorana: this one means “complete.” Your baby is born complete and this name will suit her perfectly. 
  13. Poorani: this one sounds just like your little girl. It means “a lot of goodness.” It is suitable for a little girl that brings you much joy.
  14. Poornajai: you will cherish this name if you have fought many life’s battles. It means “complete victory.” It will inspire your daughter that she is victorious in all.
  15. Poornakamala: this is another beautiful name. It means “a blooming lotus.” It is a great name for your blooming baby.
  16. Poornalalitha: this is the “name of a raga.”
  17. Poornamasi: this is a goddess in Tamil. She is the “goddess Yogamaya.”
  18. Poorti: this one means “supply, satisfaction.” It sounds like a name that will bring wealth into your household.
  19. Poorvi: this lovely name means “a classical melody, east.”
  20. Poorvisha: this one means “earlier one.” It is a suitable name for your firstborn girl.
  21. Poorvitha: this one means “from the east.”
  22. Poovarasi: it means “beautiful queen, resembling a flower.” It is such an adorable name for a cute baby.
  23. Poovathi: this one means “God gives.” It is still of Tamil origin. 
  24. Poovazhagi: it’s like Indian names have so much to do with beauty. This one means “beauty of the flower.” 
  25. Pooveli: this one means “effective eyes.” It is suitable for your cutie with sparkling eyes.
  26. Poovishi: this one sounds even better. This name speaks tenderly and will remind you of the beauty you see in your baby’s eyes.
  27. Poovizhi: this one means “flower eyes.”

Poo Letter Names For Girl In Telugu

Photo of a baby girl, Baby girl Names Starting With Poo are beautiful
  1. Poolayama: this one sounds beautiful and means “flower seller.”
  2. Poonarvi: this one means “reborn.”
  3. Poongothai: this name means “like a flower.” It is lovely for babies with the beauty of flowers.
  4. Poonitha: babies are born pure, and this name will inspire them to maintain that purity when they become adults. It means “holy, pure, good character.”
  5. Poornama: this one means “full moon, complete.”
  6. Poorvaganga: this is the “River Narmada.”
  7. Poorvika-sri: this one relates to God, meaning “God’s gift.”
  8. Poorvita: this is another beautiful name that means “from the east.”
  9. Pooviksha: this is great for your rare gem. It means “unique.”

Baby Girl Names Starting With Poo Of Other Origins

  1. Pookea: this name is a variant of Pookie and is of English-American origin. It is a pet name that describes something cute and dear.  It is similar to “honey, lover, lovebug, babe, cutie, etc.”
  2. Pooma: this is NOT the Indian name that was mentioned before. This one can be linked to many origins, mostly Latin and American. It is a variation of Puma. This one means “resembling the mountain lion.” It is quite rare and is not in the most popular 1000 US. It is a unisex name.


That’s it; our list of baby girl names starting with ‘poo.’ They have lovely meanings that will fit your precious jewel. 

We hope you found a suitable name from our list.

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