80+ Beautiful Baby Names That Mean Ocean

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Water is calm, strong, mysterious, and filled with beautiful elements. A water-inspired name may just be the best fit for your boy or girl. 

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Our lists of names that mean ocean and water contain many lovely options. And one good thing about names that mean “ocean or sea” is that most of them are not common. Hence, you can find a name that is as unique as your baby.

Boy Names Meaning Ocean

Photo of a cute baby boy; baby names that mean ocean are cute
  1. Aalto: This adorable name for baby boys has a Finnish origin, meaning wave. This name is pronounced ah-el-to. A wave is a strong force and can be an inspirational name to make your son a powerful man.
  2. Aashvith: This name originated from Indian ancestry, meaning “ocean.”
  3. Aegir: This name came from Old Norse mythology, and it was the name of the “god of the ocean.”
  4. Adrian: This boy’s name has an ancient Greek origin, meaning “from the Adriatic sea.” The name is pronounced ade-ree-an. This name was used in the Lifetime series Devious Maids.
  5. Arnav: The name, which is pronounced arn-av and is derived from the Sanskrit word for “agitated waters” or “ocean,” is macho and has a traditional Indian name that means “ocean.” From 2003 to 2014, it was one of the top 1,000 names in the US.
  6. Alon: This name originated from Tagalog, meaning “waves.”
  7. Amav: This name originated from Sanskrit and has many meanings including “ocean.”
  8. Aranab: This name has a Bengali origin, meaning “ocean.”
  9. Barbeau: This name has a French origin, meaning “fisherman.”
  10. Bien: This name is so beautiful for boys, meaning “ocean.” It comes from Vietnamese ancestry.
  11. Buhair: This name is another version of the word, Bahr. It has an Arabic origin, meaning “little ocean.”
  12. Chardon: This name originated from native Americans, meaning “an oceanic sand bar.”
  13. Caspian: Caspian, the name of an American actor, is a masculine name with a Latin origin and the meaning “white.” Its pronunciation is cass-pee-an. This word also refers to a body of water that separates Europe and Asia. 
  14. Delmar: This one is a Spanish-derived name that is specific to boys, meaning “of the sea,” and is quite uncommon in the United States. Since many years ago, it has never appeared in the US rankings. 
  15. Delmore: This is a relatively uncommon French name that translates to “of the waters,” and it has hardly been used outside of France. If you want a distinctive name for your boy, it is a fantastic option.
  16. Douglas: This name has a Gaelic origin and means “blackwater.” It is a well-liked name that has remained on the list of the top 1,000 names in the US for many years. Your son can have a nickname. Additionally widespread there, it is even employed as a clan name.
  17. Gyasto: It is pronounced “gatso ” and has a Tibetan origin, denoting “ocean”. If you have a small amount of confidence in the religion, you are allowed to use this name, which is frequently used by Buddhists.
  18. Fisk: This name means fisherman and will make your child sound like a gentleman.
  19. Hilol: This name comes from Indian origin and means “a wave of joy.”
  20. Iravan: This name comes from Hindu ancestry, meaning “king of the ocean.”
  21. Irving: This masculine name is quite heroic and cute. It has a Scottish origin and means “sea friend.” The name is pronounced “irv-ing. It is commonly used as a surname in Scotland but it is appreciated as a first name for the first generation of Jewish Americans. 
  22. Marino: This name has two origins: Latin and Italian. It means “ocean.”
  23. Nagisa: This is a name with Japanese roots that means “a quiet beach.” 
  24. Nawfal: The name Nawfal means “ocean or sea” in ancient Arabic.
  25. Nadish: This is an Indian-derived name that means “god of the seas.”
  26. Orman: This is an Indian name with many meanings, including “mariner.”
  27. Pelagic: This name originated from the Greek word for “ocean.” It sounds cool and unique for your boy. 
  28. Rafferty: This name has an origin with different meanings. It has many meanings including “floodtide, abundance, raffish, prosperity, and jaunty.”
  29. River: This name is just what it is, a body of flowing water.” It can be a great name for your boy if you feel like the name “ocean” is too overwhelming. 
  30. Solomon: This name has a Hebrew origin and was the name of a famous king in the bible. It means “underwater ridge.” And is quite famous in the US. 
  31. Triton: This unique name is gotten from Greek mythology. It is the name of a Greek god who was the sea’s messenger. He was also the son of Neptune, the sea god. 
  32. Tethys: This is another name from Greek mythology. Tethys is considered to be the sea titan.
  33. Rinus: This is a name of Latin origin and is a variation of the name Linus. It means “of the ocean.”
  34. Ronan: This name has Irish ancestry, meaning “little seal.” It is a cute name for a cheerful baby.”
  35. Samandar: This name has an Urdu origin, meaning “sea or ocean.”
  36. Segar: this name has a curacao origin, meaning “an ocean fighter. It is a powerful name for a potentially strong man.
  37. Sindhunath: This name originated from India, meaning “lord of the ocean.”
  38. Talaia: this name originated from Tibet, meaning “ocean.”
  39. Tadahiro: This name originated from japan, meaning “faithful ocean.”
  40. Trent: This name originated from Latin, meaning “gushing water.”
  41. Vaarin: This sweet name originated from India, meaning “ocean.”
  42. Varindra: It is believed that this name originates from Punjabi or Sikh. It means “lord of the sea.”
  43. Zulimar: This is a name with Spanish roots that means “blue ocean.”

Girl Names Meaning Ocean

Photo of a cute baby girl on the beach; baby names that mean ocean are cute
  1. Amphitrite: This unusual name, Amphitrite, comes from classical Greek mythology. It was also the name of Triton and Poisedon’s mothers. Its pronunciation is am-feh-try-tee and its meaning is “encircling”. 
  2. Ariel: This is a lovely name for girls that derives from the Hebrew language and means “lion of God.” Children’s favorite Disney character from The Little Mermaid goes by this name.
  3. Asherah: This name comes from Sumerian mythology. It means “she who walks on the sea.” It is the name of the mother to gods and goddesses, who can walk on water. Is pronounced ash-err-ah. Your baby’s nickname will be Ashee or Ash if you give her this name. 
  4. Avisa: This name originates from Sanskrit and Latin ancestry. In Sanskrit, it means “ocean,” while it is coined from “avis,” the word for bird. It is pronounced ah-vees-uh. This name signifies hope and freedom in Latin.
  5. Beryl: This beautiful feminine name is the name of a gemstone. It means “sea green jewel.” It has a Greek origin and is pronounced beh-rul.
  6. Cari: This name for girls sounds elegant. It means “flows like water” and has a Turkish origin. It is pronounced ka-ree and it is quite rare. This name also has a welsh origin, meaning “beloved.” Either way, it is still a beautiful name for your girl.
  7. Chantara: This beautiful name means “moon water” and has a Thai origin. You can nickname your daughter chan or tara if you give them this name. It is a rare name and is not seen on the US name rankings.
  8. Coral: Corals are gotten from the sea. As a name, it has a Latin origin, meaning “sea growth.” It is pronounced koh-rahl. Corals are so beautiful and will be such an adorable name for your daughter.
  9. Cordelia: Originating from welsh, this name means “daughter of the sea.” This name became popular from Shakespeare’s fiction, King Lear. The coolest nicknames from this name include Cory, Cordie, and Delia.
  10. Daria: This name originated from Persia, meaning “ocean.” It is pronounced dah-ree-ah.” It is the female version of the name Darius.
  11. Delmare: With a French origin, this name means “of the sea.” This name is barely used outside French-speaking countries, which is why it can be a good option for your baby girl.
  12. Doris: This name comes from Greek origin, meaning “gift of the ocean.” 
  13. Dwyn: This powerful name for girls has a welsh origin, meaning “wave.” This name is common to the people of Wales, but rarely used outside there. It is pronounced Dwinn, and can be a great name for a charming baby girl.
  14. Ezili:  This name originates from the Benin people of Nigeria. It means “goddess of water and beauty” and is not common outside West Africa. It is pronounced ez-ell-ee.
  15. Firtha: This name has a Scottish origin, meaning “arm of the sea.” This name is very unique and is not even commonly used in Scotland, her hometown. 
  16. Fury: This adorable name for girls originated from the Greek language. It means “nothing is more violent than the sea.” This name may sound like you are preparing your daughter to be violent in the future, but your child can also channel this force for good. 
  17. Gali: This name has a Hebrew origin and is very powerful. It means “wave” and is pronounced gah-lee.  
  18. Ginevra: This is a beautiful name for girls and it comes from Italian ancestry. It means “white wave” and is pronounced gin-ev-rah. This name is barely used in the US and can be a suitable name for your baby. 
  19. Hurley: This name originated from Irish descent, meaning “sea tide.” It is pronounced hurl-ee. 
  20. Iluka: This is a unique feminine name of the Australian aboriginal descent. It means “by the sea” and is pronounced ih-lou-kah. This is not a common name, even in native Australia.
  21. Itsaso: The name is pronounced it-say-so, meaning “sea.” It has a Spanish origin.
  22. Jennifer: This is an English name that means “white wave.” It is a very popular name and has consistently ranked among the top 500 names in the US. This is the name of the famous American actress and singer, Jennifer Lopez. 
  23. Kailani: This name is classy for your precious jewel. It originates from Hawaii, meaning “sky and sea.” It is pronounced, “kai-lah-nee.” You can nickname your child Lani or Kai from this name.
  24.  Jenna: This name is a variation of Jennifer and it means “white shadow or white wave.”
  25. Jeanmarie: This name is gotten from two names, Jean, and Marie. Jean means “god is gracious” and Marie means “drop of the sea.”
  26. Malek: This name has two origins: Arabic and Greenlandic, meaning “wave.” It is mostly used by African-American parents. 
  27. Kairi: This is a Japanese name that means “sea or ocean village.”

Unisex Baby Names Meaning Ocean

  1. Aukai: This name has a Hawaiian origin, meaning “seafarer.” It is pronounced au-kai. Your baby’s nickname will be Kai if you give them this name.
  2. Calder: This cool and adventurous name means “rough waters.” It has a Scottish origin and is pronounced cal-der. This name will inspire your child to stand up to the challenge of life.
  3. Cove: This name is extremely unique in the US, meaning “small bay.” It has an English origin.
  4. Deniz: This name has a Turkish origin, meaning “sea.” This is the Turkish version of Dennis or Denise. This name was mostly used for males, but it is more unique and considered a unisex name in Netherlands and many English-speaking regions. 
  5. Derya: This name has a Turkish origin, meaning “sea.” It is serene and unusual. It is pronounced derr-yah. It is related to the names Daria and Darius. Your baby’s nickname will be Ya-Ya and Derry or Dee.
  6. Dylan: This name is quite popular in the US and has ranked in the top 1,000 names in the US consistently. It means “of the sea” and has a welsh origin. 
  7. Earwen: This name means “sea maiden” and it is the German version of the British name Erwin. 
  8. Eldoris: This one is simple and sweet for males and females. It has a Greek origin, meaning “gift of the ocean.” It is the unisex version of the female name, Doris.
  9. Hali: this gender-neutral name is of Greek origin, meaning “sea.” It is the variation of Halie and is pronounced hal-ee. This name is mostly used for females in Hawaii. However, it is a unisex name in Greek.
  10. Heli: This one is inspired by nature and has a Celtic origin. It means “salt-water pool” and is pronounced hell-ee. Some people know this name to be from the Hebrew language, but it is also a Celtic name for boys and girls. 
  11. Jordan: This is the name of a famous river in the bible, the river Jordan, where Jesus was baptized. The name has a Hebrew origin, meaning “to flow down.” This name is popular and has been on the list of the top 1,000 boys’ names in the US. It became even more popular for girls when it topped the chart of the top 500 US names for girls in the 1980s. 
  12. Kai: This name has a Hawaiian origin, meaning “sea.” It is growing in popularity and has been on the list of the top 1,000 names in the US since the 1980s.
  13. Kaimana: This name originates from Hawaii, meaning “the power of the ocean.”


Water is tranquil yet powerful, and you can never go wrong with giving your baby a name that means ocean. It will inspire your child to be calm and serene but powerful enough to withstand all of life’s throws. 

We hope you find a suitable water-inspired name for your baby from our list.  

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