9 Best Cash Envelope Wallets

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Do you need a wallet that can help you budget for your key needs? Cash envelope wallets will help. These wallets are fashionable and have different features. These features can take care of your budget for a year. 

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We have selected the best cash envelope wallets to help you plan your spendings and achieve your saving goals. 

Our Best Picks

  1. Kate Spade Cash Envelope Wallet
  2. Bella Taylor Cash Envelope Wallet
  3. Divvy Up The Savvy Spender
  4. SAVEYON All-In-One Budget Wallet Organizer
  5. Dave Ramsey Wallet
  6. RFID Blocking Wallet By Expanded Horizons
  7. Luckyco Cash envelope All In One Budget
  8. Bella Taylor RFID Blocking Wallet
  9. Hommie Cash Envelope System Wallet

What Is A Cash Envelope Wallet System?

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A cash envelope wallet is something you use to budget your money. It allows you to segment how much you want to spend on each need depending on your goals. It helps you make a list of your needs and allocate an adequate amount to each of them so nothing takes you by surprise.

These wallets come with small cash envelopes or spaces where you can divide the money for each need so you don’t mix things up. Some of them even come with labels so you can identify what the money in each category is for.

Cash envelope wallets are for petty expenses like groceries, treats, and other little things. They are not large enough to handle your fixed expenses like your mortgage or insurance.

This system is a great one for anyone who has been looking for ways to be more accountable for their spending. It will help you to cut off impulsive buying.

Benefit Of Using Cash Envelope Wallets

The overall benefit of a cash envelope wallet is that it makes you wiser at your spending. It reduces your tendency to overspend, and also helps you see the costs of your spending actions.

This gives life to your budgeting strategy and makes it easy to track your collection of cash envelopes.

How To Choose The Best Cash Envelope Wallet

There are some important factors you must consider when choosing a cash envelope wallet. They include:

  1.  Your family size

The size of your family and the amount you have to budget with would largely influence the kind of cash envelope wallet you get.

Not all cash envelope wallets can contain huge sums of money, so it will be difficult to plan well for a large family if your wallet has little cash envelopes. Hence, you will have to go for larger cash envelope wallets.

  1.  Your budget

There are cash envelope wallets for every financial standard. However, it is advisable to invest a bit more to buy a durable cash envelope wallet. This will save you more money in the future.

Also, with a little more investment, you will be able to buy a beautiful cash envelope wallet that you can take out of the house without carrying a bag.

  1. The style of the wallet

There are different styles of cash envelope wallets, and some are more fashionable than others. 

Some cash envelope wallets has ring binder systems which make it easy for you to stay organized. Others come with color coding which helps you identify the envelope with ease.

There are also different materials used for making cash envelopes which will also affect their style. Some are made from leather, microfibre, or plastic. It all boils down to your preference.

  1. Available spaces 

There are different compartments in a cash wallet envelope. Some wallets provide room for more you to put more things than others. For instance, if you prefer to take out your checkbook, ID, credit cards, or coins, then your cash envelope wallet must have room for all these items.

They are cash envelope wallets that have up to 14 card slots. Wallets with fewer compartments are less bulky to carry around.

  1.  RFID blocking 

One key thing RFID blocking does for you is keep criminals out of your card details. Hence, you can spend without the fear of anyone hacking your details.

Consider whether you live in an area with a high crime rate or you live in a highly populated area. But we will always advise you to go for a cash envelope wallet with RFID blocking. You never can tell when the criminals will attempt an attack.

  1. Wallet extras

A pen, notepad, wrist strap, labels, budget planning sheets, etc are all extras that come with some cash envelope wallets.

The wristlets are important because they can help you carry your wallets with ease. However, consider what you need most from a cash envelope wallet, and don’t be carried away by the excessive accessories that you may not need.

9 Best Cash Envelope Wallets 

  1. Kate Spade Cash Envelope Wallet
Photo of Kate Spade; one of the best cash envelope wallets

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Kate Spade makes really lovely cash envelope wallets for fashionistas. You will love it if you are on a budget, but want to own a more expensive wallet. 

Though it is not specially designed to be a cash envelope wallet, you can use it for the function and many other functions. 

It offers you a simple cash budgeting system that you can use to separate your money into various uses. For instance, this wallet has three billfold sections where you can separate money for food, treats, and other bills. 

This wallet has more space than an average cash envelope wallet, allowing you to plan for more cash-demanding items. 

You can also stuff your cards into the 14 card slots. These slots are big enough to enter your notes too. 


  • It is very versatile
  • It has more space than the average wallet
  • It is very stylish
  • It is durable


  • It is a bit pricey
  • It is not specially designed to work as a cash envelope wallet
  • It only comes with three billfold sections
  1. Bella Taylor Cash Envelope Wallet
Photo of Bella Taylor; one of the best cash envelope wallets

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Almost everyone will love a Bella Taylor cash envelope wallet. You can choose any of the 14 designs available, either floral or plain designs. We love the floral designs; they can fit with many of your clothes.

These wallets have a soft luxury feel because of the diamond pattern quilting. It is also made from microfiber and vegan leather trim. 

There are 8 categories for you to divide your cash. Each of these categories has a little space for you to insert the label of what you want to use the cash for. You won’t mistakenly spend the money that was for another need. 

This wallet also comes with 6 card slots, a pen holder loop, two slots for window ID and a checkbook pocket.

It also comes with a wrist wrap that you can use to wear this wallet. This wrist wrap is also detachable, in case you want to carry the wallet alone. 

You will enjoy your wallet more if you have a budget binder to help you track your savings and expenses. 


  • It has a luxury feel and soft quilted microfiber finish with vegan leather trim
  • It has 14 beautiful designs, plain and patterned
  • It has many categories, pockets, slots, and loops
  • It is durable
  • There is a separate pocket with a zipper for you to store your leftover cash


  • It only has 8 categories which may not be enough to plan for many things
  • It is big
  • The light color and floral designs can get dirty easily
  1. Divvy Up The Savvy Spender
Photo of Divvy up the Savvy; one of the best cash envelope wallets

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This cash envelope wallet comes with five magnetic cash envelopes for you to put your money.  These envelopes are removable. You can buy extra envelopes if you need them. 

The magnetic cash envelopes have different colors that you can use to identify what each envelope is for. You will store these envelopes in the two pouches in the wallet.

The wallet has a zippered coin pocket and 12 card slots. It also comes with two more storage pockets for cash.

There are 12 black sticky labels that come along with this wallet. You can use these stickers to customize the wallet as you need. 


  • The envelopes have different colors to help you identify each at a glance
  • The magnetic envelopes are removable, so you only carry the number that you need
  • It has room for storing more money
  • It comes with a zippered coin pocket


  • It is a bit pricey
  • It is only available in one color
  • The removable cash envelopes can get lost
  1. SAVEYON All In One Budget Wallet Organizer
Photo of Saveyon; one of the best cash envelope wallets

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This wallet is beautiful and functional too. It has 12 plastic cash envelopes, 14 card slots, 6 removable ring envelope binders, a pen loop, and a zippered change pocket.  It also comes with a clear id pocket and a heavy-duty wristlet.

Each of the plastic cash envelopes has three holes which make it fit the wallet well. They won’t fall apart as quickly as the paper envelopes would. You will use them for a long time without replacements. 

This all-in-one organizer wallet also comes with a yearly calendar, envelope labels, grocery cost tracker, and a to-do list. There is also an external pocket for you to put your phone.

The envelopes also come with RFID protection to keep thieves away. 

We love this wallet organizer and you can try it. The company offers a money-back guarantee, so you can always get your money back. 


  • It is large and roomy
  • It has a sleek and classy design
  • It has an external pocket for your phone
  • The wallet and envelops are sturdy
  • Each envelope has a label for you to identify them


  • Some customers complained that it is oversized 
  • It doesn’t look expensive
  1. Dave Ramsey Wallet
Photo of Dave Ramsey; one of the best cash envelope wallets

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This cash envelope wallet is called the “Financial Peace University and has all the components of the cash envelope system. They attach a pdf file that teaches you how to use this wallet to manage your family’s income and expenses. 

It has 8 cash envelopes made from paper, and also comes with a memo pad, check register, and debit card holders. It also comes with a place where you can store your receipts and change.

This manufacturer also offers replacement cash envelopes that you can always buy in case the original gets exhausted.

This cash envelope wallet has a black imitation leather cover. The inner side of the wallet contains enough space for your storage.

Beginners will love this cash envelope system because it contains everything you need to get started with budgeting. You can trust this cash envelope system to work because it is owned by Dave Ramsey.

Dave Ramsey is the author and founder of “The Total Money Makeover.” He has a proven record of success in solving financial debts, and will work for you too.

This budgeting system is very affordable but is only available in limited colors and styles.


  • It has a pdf guide system that helps you understand how to use the wallet and clear your debt
  • It has a check register and memo pad
  • It has a beautiful cover
  • It has a pen holder
  •  It has a quality build


  • It doesn’t have a zipper
  • It is only available in one color
  1. RFID Blocking Wallet By Expanded Horizons

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We were attracted by the beautiful and simple design of this wallet. It has 10 cash sections that you can use for budgeting and 20 labels. It also comes with four card slots, two ID, a checkbook holder, and a refillable pen.

This cash envelope wallet is suitable for males and females because of its unisex design. It has a stylish real leather trim which is also durable.

It is small enough for you to carry in your big pants pocket. This wallet is aldo easy to clean. Just wipe and it is done.


  • It is easy to carry around in your big pants pocket
  • It has 10 cash sections
  •  It is easy to clean
  • It comes with two id slots, a refillable pen, four card slots, and a checkbook pocket


  • It may be quite challenging to close this wallet when it is full
  • It is only available in one design
  1. Luckyco Cash Envelope All In One Budget
Photo of Lucky Co; one of the best cash envelope wallets

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This all-in-one budget envelope is made from a combination of faux leather, polyvinyl, chloride, and leather. It has a 45-piece budget planner, 8 envelopes, 2 yearly calendars, 2 card pockets, a pen holder, and a calculator. 

You can easily sort out the envelope you want by pressing the top and bottom buttons of the budget binder. You will also stay on top of your schedule with the calendar sticker that comes with this planner. 

This wallet’s envelopes have enough room to contain your cash. The sides are stretchy and will expand to fit. 

You can use the budget binder to track your expenses with ease. If you have any issues with the wallet, you can always contact customer services for prompt assistance. 


  • It has 8 budget envelops and many extras 
  • You can buy more envelops if you need more
  • It is sturdy
  • It is beautiful and functional, yet inexpensive


  • A customer complained about not receiving all the extras that come with the budget binder
  • It has only one color option
  1. Bella Taylor RFID Blocking Wallet
Photo of Bella Taylor RFID Blocking Wallet; one of the best cash envelope wallets

Check price on Amazon

You will always benefit from the protection an RFID blocking wallet provides. It will protect your card details from criminals.

This wallet also has 8 cash envelopes, 6 card slots, two window IDs, a checkbook pocket, and a pen loop. There is also extra space for you to put anything. 

You can choose from the four available colors of this wallet.  Some of these wallets have a quilted microfiber finish, while others have a leatherette.

Like other cash envelope wallets from the same manufacturer, it has a detachable wrist strap that makes it easy to carry around.


  • It keeps thieves away with the RFID blocking technology
  • It has enough room for storing cash and budgeting
  • It is easy to carry around with the detachable wrist strap 
  • It has a classy minimalist design


  • Not everyone likes the plainer design
  • It can be challenging to access the coins because of the location of their slot.
  1. Hommie Cash Envelope Wallet System 
Photo of Hommie; one of the best cash envelope wallets

Check price on amazon

This cash envelope wallet system comes in different beautiful colors. It is not a budgeting wallet, but has all you need to convert your regular wallet into a budgeting system. Hence it is very versatile.

This cash wallet system comes with 12 water resistance envelopes, 24 envelope stickers, 15 expense tracker sheets, and a carrying pouch.

It makes budgeting very flexible. It is easy to customize based on the numerous extras provided.

It works great for beginners because it helps you get organized and introduce you to savings. Since it’s highly customizable, you won’t have a difficult time getting ahead.


  •  It is water resistant
  •  It is available in different colors
  •  It is versatile
  • It has many extras
  • It is suitable for beginners
  •  It is affordable


  • Unlike others listed in this article, this is not a regular wallet. Instead, it is a carrying pouch
  • It does not last as long as a wallet

How To Make Your Cash Envelope Wallet

See this video to learn how to make cash envelope wallets:

How to make CASH ENVELOPES! 💌🤓


Can I truly save with a cash envelope system?

Yes. You can save with the cash envelope system because you can track how much you spend on every item and you’ll likely have some leftover amount after budgeting.

You can then push the leftover amount into your savings. It is also a great system for paying off debts. You can pay attention to the most pressing debts and allocate money for them accordingly.


A cash envelope wallet may be all you need to stay on top of your spending. And there are very many of them you can choose from.

It is great for beginners because you can learn how to save money using the system. We hope you find a suitable cash envelope wallet from the list above.

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