6 Best Magnetic Screen Doors

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We all look forward to the summer, though dust and insects won’t just let us be. But thank God, magnetic screen doors can save us from them.

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There are different types of screen doors, and some are more durable than others.

The best screen doors are kid and pet friendly, they work hands-free and allow you to walk through when your hands are occupied. 

We have listed out the best screen doors that you should consider having in your home.

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Our Best Picks

  1. Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door
  2. Magzo Magnetic Screen Door
  3. MMLLZEL Summer Screen Door
  4. Magic Mesh Deluxe Magnetic Screen Door
  5. Augo Magnetic Screen Door
  6. Fenestrelle Magnetic Screen Door 

What Is A Magnetic Screen Door?

These are doors that use magnets to quickly close behind you and keep insects out. They are also great at keeping out dust and dirt while allowing breeze, fresh air, and sunlight into the house.

These doors generally have two mesh panels with an adhesive that seal themselves immediately after you enter or leave the house. 

They could come with Velcro strips, adhesives, thumbtacks, and other fasteners for you to attach to your door frame.

Though the sealing agent in these doors makes them close tightly, your little ones can still go through the store because they operate hands-free.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Magnetic Screen Door

You must consider the following factors to choose the  best screen door 

  1.  The material

The primary material for the door could be polyester, fiberglass, or ABS plastic.

People mostly use polyester because of the price. They are cheaper. Compared to fiberglass, they allow in more natural light. However, polyester is less durable compared to other materials.

Meshes made from fiberglass are more durable and will fit your heavy traffic areas. Though they don’t allow in enough natural light, a good amount of fresh air can still circulate in the house through them. 

The issue with fiberglass is that it is more expensive.

The commonest screen door frames are wood or metal.  It is easier to install wooden frames compared to metal frames. However, metals are more durable, and are prone to corrosion.

ABS plastic frames are mostly used when the doors are mainly for pets. This plastic enhances the lifespan of the doors.

Consider your budget, the type of door frame you have, and what you were using the screen door for when choosing the material for your screen door.

  1. Your doorway

Your doorway could either be a double or single door opening. Consider this before buying the magnetic screen door.

Screens for single-door openings are usually cheaper and smaller, but cannot be used for double-door openings. 

  1. Size

Screen doors come in many sizes, and you must measure the height and width of your doorway before getting the right size.

Not all brands have variable sizes, but you will find this in most. You can go for the brands that have only one size if you have a standard door size. 

If your door is smaller or a bit larger than the standard door, measure your doorway from the left to the right and from top to bottom to know the exact width and height.

  1. Fastener 

Depending on the brand you patronize, the magnetic screen door could use thumbtacks, magnets, or wind-resistant hasp to close the door.

Manufacturers can use thumbtacks to reinforce the door frame and make the installation stronger. The thumbtacks used for this work could either have the color of the screen door or brass.

Magnets on the other hand are the primary closures used for magnetic screen doors. They are usually very heavy and the weight forces the door to close immediately.

Wind resistance hasps are more useful for windy areas. The hasp could be in nylon made loop, slotted hinged plate, or button fastener in a leather buckle. Their duty is to lock the door immediately after it closes so that no matter how strong the wind comes, it will not push it open.

  1. Installation 

If you love to do things yourself, then you can install a magnetic screen door by following the instructions. However, you must consider the model of the door you are installing and whether it is temporary or permanent.

Also, consider whether the door opens outward or inward. That will help you to install it according to the swing of the door.

You will need a strong adhesive, thumbtack, or finishing nails to install the magnetic door to the door frame. However, check the magnetic door after the installation to be sure that there’s a perfect correlation between each screen. 

  1. Maintenance

There are specific sets of instructions for every magnetic screen door. You must follow them properly if your magnetic screen door must last long. For instance, you should only air dry mesh screens and not put them in the dryer to prevent damage.

However, you can dust every magnetic screen door to remove dirt and debris. You can also use a damp cloth to clean them frequently.

All the same, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for deep cleaning the magnetic screen door.

  1. Other features

Features like side snaps, full strip magnets, and pet doors can make it easier to use some magnetic screen doors compared to others that don’t have them.

The side snap, for instance, can keep the screen open for a while. You can remove them when you want to close the screen.

6 Best Magnetic Screen Doors 

  1. Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door
Photo of Flux Phenom Reinforced magnetic screen door

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This screen door uses upgraded polyester mesh and 26 magnets to allow easy access into the house. Since this polyester is upgraded, it is more sturdy, and also allows good airflow into the house.

The edges of this door are reinforced and will last for a long time. This door will open automatically in a high-traffic situation, and most kids, dogs, and cats can push open the door easily. It has a fine mesh and can keep out house flies or mosquitoes, and other bugs.

It is transparent, and you can see through it. It is also easy to install. You can follow the video tutorial to install the door perfectly.

You can use this screen door for doorways up to 36 x 82 inches sizes. You can also adjust the mesh screen to fit your door if your door is smaller than the size provided.


  • You can use this magnetic screen door for both wooden and metal frame
  • It has detailed instructions for installation, including a step-by-step video tutorial
  • It has a middle seam which allows it to handle high traffic
  • It is friendly for pets and kids
  • The magnetic screen doors are adjustable and can be used for smaller door sizes
  • They are suitable for most single-door frames
  • The door comes with everything you need for installation
  • It has a heavy mesh that protects the house from insects, but you can  still see through


  •  It is only suitable for single-door frames,  not double
  • Some customers complained that the thumbtacks look flimsy
  1. Magzo Magnetic Screen Door
Photo of Magzo magnetic screen door

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This screen door is uses fiberglass which is sturdier than polyester. They are also fireproof, and resistant to damage.

This brand is the only one that provides windproof sticker hasps on the middle and bottom of the door to improve its resistance to wind. The mesh is also pet friendly and will seal up immediately after a person exits.

This door is heavier and stays closed on a strong windy day. However, it is still easy for pets and kids to and open.

The manufacturers of this fine glass mesh screen have provided detailed step-by-step instructions in the installation manual for easy installation.

You wll use the Velcro strips that come with this fiberglass magnetic screen to install the mesh.

It screen door is available in different sizes including 38 x 81 inches, and 36 x 98 inches. 


  • It is heavy, durable, and resistant to fire and chemicals.
  • The Velcro strips and windproof hook and look hasp prevents the mesh from being blown away by stronger wind
  • It is suitable for pets, kids, and high-traffic areas because of its hands-free operation
  • The mesh is potent at keeping out bugs
  • It has a flame-retardant coating that protects it from burning
  • It has reinforced edges


  • The mesh smells slightly 
  • The closing of the door will be slower if some part of the screen hangs on the floor
  •  The hook tape may not stay well on stone or concrete

Sonya loves this door

Sonya Shikhman is a criminal defense lawyer and partner at Bytensky Shikhman Criminal Law Firm. She said:

“Magnetic Screen Doors by Magzo. If you can’t give up style for functionality (we understand), this is the magnetic screen door for you. When installed, it virtually disappears because it is done in a soft grey rather than black, giving the impression that the doors are nothing but glass. Yet it provides all of the benefits of other top-rated options, including being made of durable fiberglass, having hasps on the middle and bottom seams, and coming in a variety of sizes, including one that measures 72 x 80 inches, as well as everything needed for installation.”

  1. MMLLZEL Summer Screen Door
Photo of MMLLZEL magnetic screen door

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This summer screen door has a strong adhesive that closes back immediately after a person moves out or into the house. It operates hands-free, is friendly for kids too.

The adhesive used for installing this summer screen door is so strong that you must use a hot air dryer to soften it before removing it.

It has an encrypted mesh that keeps out mosquitoes, without hindering your indoor ventilation. The mesh is so strong and will last for a long time.

It is very useful for windy areas because the hem has a weight bar that allows it to close quickly and strongly. 

This summer screen door curtain is available in 8 sizes, ranging from 20 x 220 cm to 150 x 220 cm.


  • It uses a very strong adhesive 
  • It sloses quickly and strong
  • The mesh keeps insects away and doesn’t hinder indoor ventilation
  •  It is easy to install


  • It is expensive 

Veronica loves this door 

Veronica Thompson, the COO of Everyday Power said:

“Our house has the MMLLZEL Summer Screen Door. It has a double-layer sewing technology so it is quite sturdy. The materials are also wear-resistant so this is sure to last you long years. It is magnetic and windproof so you surely are going to be protected with this magnetic screen door.”

  1. Magic Mesh Deluxe Magnetic Screen Door
Photo of Magic Mesh Deluxe magnetic screen door

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You will enjoy using the Magic Mesh Screen Door when your hands are full because it offers hands-free opening and closing. You can also use it as a replacement for your fixed screen door and works well in porch, balcony, garage, sliding doors, etc.

The heavy-duty mesh uses  18 magnets to seal itself after you walk through the door. This mesh doesn’t come with any frame and is easy to install and remove without extra tools.

You can decide to use it with the wood tacks, mesh panels, or hook and loop strips. However, the simplest way of installing this Screen door is to peel off the adhesive cover from  the hoop and loop strip to attach to your door frame.

You can use this screen door for a single door and garage doors


  • It is easy to use and install
  • It is available in black and white colors
  • It is transparent and easy to see outside clearly
  • It is potent at keeping bugs out


  • It is not very sturdy

Brianna loves this door

Brianna Leonhard is the founder of Third Row Adventures. She said:

“We have had two magnetic screen doors attached to our small garage door so that our kids can go out and play without letting bugs in. The first one we used was the Magic Mesh. We really liked that this was the cheapest option and still had the functions of the other, more expensive varieties. A few things to note: it does not have one continuous magnet strip like some of the other models. It has small magnets down the front which seems to sometimes affect it being able to close on its own. It also did not last more than one year (at our house) with continuous use.”

  1. Augo Magnetic Screen Door
Photo of Augo magnetic screen door

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This self-sealing magnetic screen door uses hands-free operation and also has built-in straps to help the door to stay open when you have high foot traffic.

It uses only one magnet on the individual sides of the door. This magnet runs from top to bottom of the door.

The primary way of installing this magnetic screen door is with adhesives, but you can also use thumbtacks for more strength. The thumbtacks are included by the manufacturer. 

You will use the Velcro lining to hang this screen. It is easy to install and remove for cleaning.

Though it uses a polyester mesh, it is still durable and resistant to tear. The mesh is so fine and can prevent insects from invading the home.

The only issue with this door is that they don’t have weight at the bottom. This makes it more prone to opening when a strong wind blows. 


  • It is easy to install and remove for cleaning
  • It is durable, though made from polyester
  • It is resistant to tear
  • It comes with thumbtacks, but you can use with the provided adhesive for a stronger installation 


  • It is only available in one size though it fits most doors
  • A strong wind can blow it open

Brianna also loves this door

Brianna Leonhard is the founder of Third Row Adventures. She said:

“After that one, we tried this model which is a little more expensive but has some great features. The Augo Magnetic screen door has a stay open feature that allows the panels to be tied back like curtains. It has long continuous magnet strips that seem to help the magnets meet on their own better than cheaper models. This model has lasted over two years at our house with kids constantly opening it.”

  1. Fenestrelle Magnetic Screen Door 
Photo of Fenestrelle magnetic screen door

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This is another heavy-duty fiberglass screen door that stays sealed despite the strong winds. It is resistant to chemicals, corrosion, and fire.

It comes with black and white mounting tape that will blend in with your existing doorframe.

This screen door uses 14 extra long magnets that run through the screen opening. These magnets keep the door firmly closed without gaps.

This screen door size can fit different sizes of doors, up to 34 x 80 inches.

This door is easy to install, it doesn’t need any tools. Only clean your door frame, and place the hook and loop in place. After that, you hang up the screen. 

Measure your door opening to be sure it will be a perfect fit for this door.

This screen door is very durable because it is made from fiberglass. It is also friendly for kids and larger pets. 

This screen door stays hung up after installation. But you can use a waterproof tape to reinforce the attachment more.


  • The magnets run through the entire door opening which improves the sealing
  • It is durable
  • The white or black trim can match your existing doorframe
  • It is easy to install
  • The mesh keeps insects out
  • They have excellent customer service


  • This screen door is not adjustable, so measure your door frame to know the right size

Ashley loves this screen door

Ashley Flores, a mother of two and writer for tearfreetravel.com said:

“The best magnetic screen door that I have used is the Fenestrelle Magnetic Screen Door. 

It was very easy to install and I loved the magnetic closing. I have had other screen doors in the past that were a complete nightmare to set up.  It is great to have set up for nice days because when my kids are running in and out  it prevents them from opening and closing the glass door which is such a relief because I am always worried about fingers being slammed.”

How To Install A Magnetic Screen Door

See the video below to learn how to install a magnetic screen door.

Installing Magnetic Screen Door


Why should I use a magnetic screen door?

The most important benefit of using magnetic doors is that they let air and sunlight into the house while blocking out insects. They are most suitable for summer.


Magnetic screen doors can help you to make the most use of the warm weather. You can have natural ventilation without the fear of insects invading your home.

The best magnetic screen doors should be easy to install and remove, and actually durable too.  The screen doors we have listed above can provide these.

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