15+ Fun Video Chat & Online Games For Kids

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If you have a preschooler or tween around you – and you intend to keep them busy while attending to work and other important house chores, then free online games for kids will not only help keep kids busy but also help to develop their mental capacity.

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Presently, parents are in search of free kids’ games online to keep their wards distracted and at the same time keep them entertained. Also, for children who miss their friends and don’t want to remain bored at home – these chat games for kids technology is a great idea in connecting kids with their friends.

Therefore, if you are ready for some relief and entertainment with friends at school and other members of your family – the free online games for kids are here to create a fun-filled playtime.

Video Chat Apps

The following are ways through which you can video chat with friends and family;


This is a very popular easy to use video call application. However, you need to download the app and sign up for an account. So, there is the free option where about 100 people can be on a video call for up to 40 minutes. Besides, you might need to consider the paid option if you desire more people and more time.

Also, everyone coming on-board must have the app and get connected. The initiator of the meeting sends out a link and everyone concerned gets connected via the link at the agreed time.

Interestingly also, everyone connected can be seen on your computer screen (Screen sharing). You can go online to learn more about the Zoom video app.

Facebook Messenger

Also, it’s easy to use and fast in connecting to people. This is how it works – open a Facebook message to the one you want to connect with, and then click on the video camera and get connected via the video call. This also works on Facebook messenger for kids.


This is another popular video call just like the Zoom app. Also, you need to get the app and sign up using Microsoft account details. The Skype app can accommodate up to 50 people to take part in the video call.

Just like the Zoom app, the Skype app also allows screen sharing, that is, making every participant see whatever anyone has to share. However, you can learn more about how to get started.

Also, screen sharing is possible. Therefore, you need to be a Gmail user to be part of the call.  

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JackBox Games

The JackBox games are specially designed apps that bring people together to play games. However, they are mostly suitable for teens.

Google Hangouts

This also allows for Video calling. It is also easy to get started – go to the main page and select video calls, and add participants using their email addresses or just by clicking on the “copy link to share” icon to send to the participants.

So, for mobile devices – you might need to download and install the Google Hangouts app and computer users – you just click on the link and it opens in the browser directly.

The Hangout app can accommodate up to 25 on a video call. However, the app will only show 9 to 10 most active participants while the remaining participants can still see and hear other people while they only become visible when they start talking.

Therefore, you can visit Google Hangout Page for further clarification.

Chatting Games For Kids

Note the following before starting:

  • Every participant must set up the video app being used before coming online to play the game
  • Go to your settings and ensure that the microphone is turned on
  • Permit the app to access your settings when you get a pop-up


This is a classic video chat game for kids of all ages. It simply involves acting out a word without talking or writing – only gestures are allowed. So, when playing – the people at the other end should guess what is happening at the other side to see if they can guess correctly.


Photo of Pictionary, a chat game for kids

This is somehow related to Charades but it involves only pictures – that is you only draw what you have in mind and the other participant at the other end of the video chat guesses what has been drawn. However, there are several Pictionary concepts that you can use.

What’s Gone Missing?

This is quite simple to play and set-up. An adult picks some common items in the house like a cup, pencil, books, shoes, and so on. Place these items in front of the camera and have the kids identify them.

After this, block the camera, take-off an item, and have the child identify the missing object. This game helps to build their memory.

So, start with two to three items for toddlers, three to four items for preschoolers, and five to eight items for older kids.

Scavenger Hunt

Parents can assist younger kids by guiding them on what to find – it could be looking for something white or finding items that start with the letter “C.” For older children – you might jointly agree on the items and then go on to search for them.

Show And Tell

While on a video call, the kids can show something in their home and say the reason why it’s special. To add more fun and excitement – the group could come up with a central theme to help focus on every gaming session.

Playdough Or Clay

Photo of playdough, a chat game for kids

Once you have the playdough (or clay) ready and other necessary tools like cutting and shaping tools – then you can start creating objects while the other participant guesses what the other person has made.

3D Chatting Game

Raging Punch

This involves a bloody brawl of raging punch. The 3D graphics effect makes this fighting game more realistic. So, you can either team up with friends or you go solo in defeating the enemy – this guarantees movement to the next phase.

Pool Games

So, you hit the ball with the stick getting it first in the hole before your opponent – this guarantees your winning.

Online Action Games For Kids

Photo of Bouncing Squirrel; a chat game for kids

Bouncing Squirrel

Here, the bouncing squirrel is in search of Acorns. So, you strive to destroy all the bricks and gather all the acorns.

To play:

  • Move paddle left and right for bouncing the squirrel
  • Get rid of all the blocks
  • Get the acorns, finish the level and proceed to the next level

Cat Rolling

All you do is assist the cat in rolling down to the trees and exit doors.

How to play:

  • Move the cat left or right across the screen
  • Collect the key to be able to go through the exit door and move to the next level
  • Get all the stars for points
  • The exit door is the way out

Jumper Frog

This involves guiding the frog into one of the five available coves without falling into the and eaten by the crocodile.

How to play:

  • Move the frog from the bottom of the screen on the coves
  • Find your way to the final cove and avoid obstacles

He Likes The Darkness

You move your character to the left or right and jump to collect items. This takes you to the next level.

You can get coins to unlock new characters. Also, when you collect stars – you unlock the portal to move to the next level. For you to conquer – you must move to seven different worlds and win all the levels.

Free Games For Kids To Play Online

These free games for kids to play online are appropriate, safe and your kids will love to play them. Interestingly, these games are free for your kids.


This TV-related game offers many fun games for your kids. With this game, your kids will continue to laugh and there will never be a dull moment. It is available online and suitable for kids around age 4 and above.

Photo of Lego, a great video chat game for kids


This is quite popular among children. It’s a brick-based game that encourages future builders among your kids. Besides, you could come up with a central theme – then come up with a building challenge. Also, LEGO offers educational tools like WeDo robots and building sets.

Final Thoughts

Having your kids spend the right time engaging in free fun games online can aid their mental development. Besides, parents can take advantage of these free kids online games to promote a safe and productive playtime for their kids while they attend to other things.

So, you could pick from the chatting games for kids, 3D chatting games, online action games for kids, and Free Games For Kids To Play Online.

Therefore, whichever chat games for kids you choose for your wards – make sure it entertains, educates, and promotes their mental development.

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