50 Japanese Names That Mean Angel

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Are you having a baby soon? You should consider Japanese names that mean angel. 

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Though there are not many Japanese names that directly translate to “angel,” you will find many great names that portray the description of an angel, or names that mean goddess. They still have the same supernatural feeling and I believe you will find a good pick.

Why Choose A Japanese Name For Your Baby?

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Japanese names are unique as not many people use them in the US. Also, you can carve out a unique meaning from a Japanese name depending on how you write it. This makes it easy to find a name that suits your baby.

Japanese Girl Names For Angel

  1. Sorano

This name is quite attractive and is great for a person that wants an unusual name. It means “of the sky” and is an excellent representation of the name “angel.”

  1. Amaterasu

This one is another sweet feminine name that we love. It means “shining over heaven.” People usually associate this name with the Japanese sun goddess, which they believe is the ruler of the heavens. 

  1. Akira

Though this name doesn’t directly mean “angel,” it still has the characteristics of an intelligent being. It means “clear, bright, ideal, and intelligent being.” This name is quite popular in the US, and can also be spelled as Kira.

  1. Aya

This one is feminine, short, and sweet. It is related to superpowers and means “an angel who knows magic.” This is also an Arabic and Mongolian name for girls.

The Arabic version means “amazing, wonderful, miracle or verse of a religious scripture.” Meanwhile, the Mongolian version is similar to the Turkish and means “goodness, melody, and music.”

  1. Asami

This one means “morning beauty.” Though it doesn’t directly translate to “angel,” but can serve since angels are beautiful.

  1. Bashira

This name means “predictor of good news, or joyful.” Your baby brings you so much joy and good news, that is why this can be a proper name.

  1. Chieko

This is another lovely name for girls. It means “a thousand blessings child.” It is a good name for a child that you believ has brought so many blessings. It can also mean “child blessed with wisdom.”

  1. Chikako

Your baby will sound great with this name. It means “child of wisdom” and is an angelic name for baby girls. 

  1. Sachi

This is another Japanese name that we love. It means “miracle” and is the short version of Sachiko.  It can also mean “girl child of bliss.” Both meanings are beautiful and will fit your adorable beauty.

  1. Saeko

This is another angelic name that I love. It means “serene and angelic child.”

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Japanese Boy Names For Angel

Photo of a cute baby boy; japanese names that mean angel are unique
  1.  Tenchi

This one is the direct translation of the name “angel” in Japanese. It means “angel, heaven, and earth.” You can also spell this name as Tenchee or Tenchea.

  1.  Kano

This name is quite popular and has many origins. In Japanese origin, it means “water god.” 

  1.  Kaori

This name of Japanese origin means “strong.” It is quite popular and sounds great for males. 

This name may not directly mean angel, but it portrays the strength of an angel. 

It is a great name for a baby boy that portrays divine strength.

  1.  Kiyo

This is one great name for boys. It means “purity” and is related to angels because angels are pure. 

Japanese Girl Names Meaning Angel of Death

We found many Japanese girl names that are related to death. They include:

  1.  Ahmya

This one may be beautiful, but it means “black rain.” It speaks of doom and signifies death.

  1.  Akeldama

This one means a “place of bloodshed.” It is a great baby name that portrays the doom of death.

  1.  Hisa

This one doesn’t directly translate to death or darkness. It portrays victory. It means “long-lasting,” proof that you have overcome death.

  1.  Kaida

This one means “little dragon.” This is a dark character and symbolizes death.

  1.  Mana

This is still another short and sweet name of Japanese origin. It means “eternal or everlasting.” It is another victorious name that shows that you have overcome death. 

  1.  Oiwa

This one is directly related to death. It means “a vengeful female ghost.” It can also mean “angel of death.” This name is believed to be gotten from Japanese mythology.

  1.  Sakamoto

This is a great name for a baby that escaped a near-death experience. The name means “the one who lives.”

  1.  Amanozako

This one is an excellent rebel’s name. It means “a monstrous and furious goddess that opposes everything.” 

  1.  Baku

This one means “lion-headed ghost.” It portrays death and is considered a death name in Japan.

  1.  Kagutsuchi

This one is a fierce Japanese death name that means “lord of fire.”

  1.  Kenas-Unarpe

This one means “blood-sucking monster.” It gives the true feeling of death at just the pronunciation. 

  1.  Ki

This is not considered a good sign in many Japanese religious scripts. The name means “ghost or demon.” What could mean death more than this?

  1.  Orochi

This one means “big snake.” It is the name of a Japanese goddess that requires virgin sacrifices. 

  1.  Tengu

This one means “bird monster in human form.” it refers to monsters and ghosts, and portrays the doom of death.

Japanese Names That Mean goddess

  1.  Abi

This is the name of the goddess of Saraswati. It means “father’s joy.” It is a feminine name and is mostly used by Indians. Some famous people that use this name are Abi Ann, an American actress; Abi Blanchett, a New Zealand television actress; and Abi Young, an American television actress.

  1.  Ira

It means “crystal clear water, earth, like the goddess of peace, and alert.” The goddess Saraswati also had this name. It is a feminine name that is adored by many parents.

Some famous people that have this name are Ira Carol McGill, an American actress; Ira Alonso, a Spanish Television actress; and Ira Hagen, a German actress.

It is common to the Indians, but some Japanese also use it.

  1.  Amaterasu

This is a female name of Japanese origin. It is the name of the sun. it is the short form of Amaterasu Omikami, the celestial sun goddess.

The name means “great divinity illuminating heaven.”

  1.  Baku

This is a male name from Japanese mythology, “eater of nightmares (a lion-headed ghost).” The Japanese believe that this god can eat away your nightmares if you call on him. 

It also means “receive or gain, command esteem, or win acclaim.” It is an excellent name for boys.

  1.  Amida

This is another beautiful name of Japanese origin. It is the name of the Buddha. Many Japanese turn to this god at the point of their death. It is a unisex  name and sounds great for both males and females.

Photo of a cute baby boy; japanese names that mean angel are unique
  1.  Benzaiten

This is another feminine name of a goddess from Japanese mythology. It is the Japanese  version of the goddess Saraswati. This name is gotten from the Japanese words ben, zen, and ten

Ben means “dialect, petal, discrimination,” and zai, means “talent or ability, wealth, riches, property.” The last syllable, zen, means “heavens, the sky”.

  1.  Ebisu

This one can be transliterated to Webisu. This goddes can also be called Hiruko Kotoshiro-Nushi-No-Kami. He is the “Japanese god of fisherman and luck.” 

This god is believed to be among the seven gods of fortune in Japanese mythology. He is the only god that is believed to originate from Japan and is not linked to Taoism or Buddhism.

It is a male name that is quite popular in Japan, commonly used as a surname. It is the name of the Japanese video game producer, Nobuyuki Ebisu, and baseball player, Yoshikazu Ebisu.

  1.  Daikokuten

This is the name of the “syncretic Japanese deity of fortune and wealth.” This goddess is also the god of great blackness or darkness.” It was derived from Mahakala. Mahakala is the Buddhist version of Shiva, a Hindu deity. 

This diety is the god of fortune, wealth, fertility, agriculture, sexuality, household, and war. The feminine version of this name is Daikokutennyo.

  1.  Fudo

This is one lovely male name from Japan. It is the name of the Japanese god of fire and wisdom. It is a unique name for males. 

  1.  Hachiman

The god of war, archery, divination, and culture has this name. It is common to Japanese, and means “eight banners.” The name is derived from two Japanese words hachi and man. Hachi means “eight” while man means “banner or flag.”

  1.  Hairiti

This is another lovely Japanese name. It has a Sanskrit name, and the name of a goddess. This goddess is also called Kishimojin and is the name of the Buddhist goddess for easy delivery, protection of children, happy parenting and childbearing, and harmony between couples. 

This goddess is also believed to look after the safety and well-being of the family. It is a female name and can fit your lovely baby girl.

  1.  Hikoboshi

This is a male name that means “boy or male star.” This is the name of a Japanese god, known as the star Altair.

  1.  Himiko

This one is from archaic Japanese and means “sun daughter or sun child.” It is best used for females because the name is also believed to mean “princess.”

This  name is derived from the Japanese word, hime which means “princess or young noblewoman.” The name sounds sharp and will be a good fit for your little princess.

Photo of a cute baby boy; japanese names that mean angel are unique
  1.  Jiraiya

This Japanese name is quite popular. It means “young thunder.” It was first used in the folklore series, Jiraiya Goketsu Monogatari, published from 1839 to 1868. 

The name is quite popular in the United States and was even used in the anime series, Naruto. It is a thundering name for a boy with a roaring spirit. 

  1.  Kagutsuchi

This is also another name for Japanese gods. It was the name of the god of fire and means “soil, ground, earth.”

  1.  Kamuy

This one has an Ainu origin and is used to refer to a deity or spiritual entity. It is similar to the Japanese word kami which means “deity, spirit, god.”

  1.  Kishimojin

There are two perceptions of the goddess Kishimonjin. She is believed to be the goddess that protects children and childbearing. However, she can sometimes be seen as a vicious demon that poses unhappiness and misery towards parents and children. 

The name of this goddess is gotten from the Japanese words ki, shi, mo, and jin. Ki means “demon, demon, ghost, evil spirit”, shi means “child,” mo means “mother”, and jin means “god, spirit, deity.” 

  1.  Kusanagi

This is the short form of the name kusanagi-no-tsurugi. It means “grass mower.” According to Japanese mythology, It is a sword that the goddess Amaterasu gave Ninigi, her grandson when he came down to earth to rule Japan.

  1.  Sakuya

I love this name, it is suitable for males and females. It can be used in different ways, but as a name, it means “blossom, bloom.”

Sakuya was gotten from Japanese mythology and sounds great for a blooming baby. 

  1.  Taiyoo

This is the name of a queen regnant of Yamatai who succeeded Himiko. This name is derived from the Japanese words Tai and yo. Tai means “lookout, tower, platform,” and yo means “provide, award, and to give.”

It is a beautiful name for queenly baby girls.

  1.  Takeru

This name is also gotten from Japanese mythology and has many meanings based on its use. However, it is mostly believed to mean “rave, fierce, rush, strength, wildness, to become furious.”

  1.  Yokai

This one is gotten from a myth the Japanese tell about turtle-looking creatures that haunt ponds and rivers. These animals are believed to be wild monsters that eat cucumbers. 

It means “strange apparition.”It is a class of spirits in Japanse folklore.


The Japanese language sounds sharp, especially when spoken by an indigene; no wonder their names sound great too. 

A Japanese name will be good for your newborn, but consider the meaning of the name and the impact it will have on your child’s personality.

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