60 Unique Lebanese Baby Names

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Having a baby goes beyond changing diapers, or just having a beautiful nursery – it also involves finding a meaningful and adorable name for your newborn. Today, people search for classy and traditional names around the world for their babies. 

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Lebanese baby names are mostly derived from Arabic origins and Biblical origins, while some are inspired by locations. Also, there are popular western names used in Lebanon – a good example is Anthony, which tops famous boys’ names in Lebanon.

So, if you are searching for beautiful Lebanese baby names – check out the list below.

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Lebanese Christian Names Girl

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  1. Adeline

With variations like Adelaide, Adalyn, and Adelyn – this adorable name will surely look good on your pretty girl. It means “noble” or “nobility”.

  1. Angela

A beautiful girl’s name of Greek and Latin origin. It means “an angel sent from heaven to spread love and peace”.

  1. Becca

A beautiful Lebanese name meaning “prophet”. It is widely used in countries like Lebanon, the USA, China, Australia, and Africa. Variants of the name are Rebecca and Bekah. Attributes of this name include; being cooperative, and courteous.

  1. Cyla

This is a short Christian girl’s name that originates from Lebanon. It means “from the ancient times”. The name might be short but people with the name are known to be smart, thoughtful, brilliant, and bright.

  1. Cassandra

It means “prophet of doom”. Cassandra is a Lebanese baby girl name popular in America, Australia, France, Lebanon, Sweden, and Portugal. Its variants include; Casandera, Casandra, Cass, Cassandre, Cassandrea, Cassndry, Cassi, Cas, Kasandra, etc

  1. Christian

Another sweet feminine name of Lebanese origin. It means “followers of Christ” or “anointed”. Its variant includes; Chrestien, Chretien, Chris, Christan, and Christer. People with the name Christian often exhibit good leadership qualities.

  1. Cristele

It means “sparkling”, “clear”, or “unblemished”. It is majorly popular in Lebanon and France. Cristele variants are Crystal and Cristal.

  1. Dina

Dina is quite popular among the Christian community. A beautiful girl’s name of Hebrew and Lebanese origin that means “a valley which is filled with beautiful flowers”. Dina is also a variant of Dinah and Adinah

  1. Ester

It’s a variant of Esther, Easter, Estera, Ishtar, Esta, and Hester. The name is a biblical name of a young Hebrew woman who got married to Xerxes – the Persian ruler and risked her life to save her people. The name means “star”.

  1. Gabrielle

This is the French female version of Gabriel and it means “woman of God”. It’s such a popular name in Lebanon, France, Sweden, Germany, America, Jamaica, and Australia. Gabrielle is as popular as the male version. A notable famous person with the name is the fashion icon – Gabrielle “coco” Chanel.

  1. Joumana

Joumana means “pearl” and it’s a popular baby girl’s name in Australia, France, and Lebanon. Its variants are Jumana, Jumanah, Jaamini, Jacinna, Jacqueena, and Jacquena.

  1. Kitianna

Another Lebanese baby girl name with sauce; originates from Lebanon and is popular among Christian parents. It means “light”. 

  1. Mariane

It has variants like Mariana, Mariann, and Marine. Mariane means “star of the sea; grace”. One good attribute of the people associated with this name is the fact that they desire love and independence, they are generous, and they love music and arts.

  1. Marybelle

It means ‘bitter beauty” and it’s very popular in Lebanon. Its variants are; Mariangela, Maralyn, Mariabella, Maribel, Mariella, Marilyn, Marilynn, Marinda, and Marylyn.

  1. Rosarita

It simply means “a flower”. Rosarita is only popular in Lebanon and Australia while its variants are Rosario, Rezarta, Riccarda, and Rycarda. So, if indeed your baby girl is that little flower planted in your garden, Rosarita is the name to settle for.

  1. Rola

This is another lovely name with origin from Lebanon and Germany. However, it is popular in Australia, Denmark, Germany, and Lebanon. Its variants are; Riley, Rylee, Rylie, Reilly, Ryley, Raylee, Rhylee, Rylea, Raelee, and Ryli.

  1. Sera

This is another short feminine name that comes from Serafina – and it means “angel”. Its variants are Cera, Seara, Serah, Sara, and Siera. Sera is quite popular in Lebanon, Sweden, Australia, and Japan.

  1. Tatiana

Tatiana means “a fairy princess”. It’s a Christian baby name popular in Lebanon, America, China, France, Russia, and Ukraine.

  1. Toufie

It has a Lebanese origin and is mostly given by Christian parents to their girl children. Toufie means “successful, elegant, and royalty”. The name represents elegance, reliability, discipline, and practicality.

  1. Zabian

Zabian is a pretty girl’s name of Lebanese origin. It is popular among Christian parents. Zabian means “a worshiper of heavenly bodies”. People with this name are patient and full of empathy.

Lebanese Christian Names Boys

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Here are some lovely selections for a Lebanese Christian boy’s name. 

Check them out;

  1. Aace

With a Latin origin, Aace is a Lebanese Christian boy’s name that means “unity” or “luck and excellence”. Interestingly, people with this name are known to be strong-willed, creative, and perfectionists.  

  1. Alphonse

Though a Lebanese name, it has a French and German origin; the name helps to bring out the nobility in your newborn baby boy. It means “noble” and “ready for battle”. Also, its variants include; Alfonso, Alfonzo, and Alphonso.

  1. Andros

The name Andros means “a man of truth”. This is one of the most beautiful and meaningful Lebanese baby names for boys that you can adopt for your little prince.

  1. Angelos

This is one of the beautiful Lebanese Christian boys’ names that take its origin from Greek. The name means “the messenger of angel”

  1. Antanios

Antanios is another name with deep meaning. It has a Lebanese origin and is most popular among Christian parents. It means “a successful and flourishing man”. Variants of Antanios include; Anthonius, Antonius, Andonios, and Antang.

  1. Armin

A German and Lebanese Christian boy’s name that means “universal, army, complete, and protective”. One famous personality that bears this name is Armin Mueller-Stahl – a German film actor

  1. Aaran

This name comes from Hebrew origin and it’s given to boys. It means “mountain of strength”. Variations of the name include; Aaron, Aaren, and Aaryn. So, if you want your boy to start exhibiting strength from the cradle – Aaran is the name to go for.

  1. Assi

Though a Christian name, a few Muslim parents have also adopted it as a name for their baby boys. Asisi is a beautiful name that means  ”a beautiful and fair goddess or god”. It has both Finnish and Lebanese origins.

  1. Boaz

Biblically, he was the second husband of Ruth that extended a special kindness to her. Boaz means “a person of strength” and it has a Hebrew origin. Besides, it is often given to male children.

  1. Byblos

It’s a masculine name of Lebanese origin. Byblos means “my father is joy” and has a Bible as a variant.

  1. Charbel

Charbel is a name with deep meaning; it is of Lebanese origin and is mostly associated with the boy gender. It means “narration of story of God”. People with the name are highly introverted, intelligent, and very observant.

  1. Elias

Elias is the Greek equivalent of Elijah. It is usually given by Christian parents to their male children. Elias means “one who believes Yahweh is the Lord”

  1. Elie

Elie simply means “one who deeply loves God shares light”. This is another special Lebanese Christian boy’s name that has a deep spiritual connotation. Elie has both Hebrew and Lebanese origins. 

  1. Flaubert

This is another boy’s name that your baby boy will like to bear. Personal attributes attached to this name include; being family-oriented, caring, romantic, and disciplined. Flaubert means “. It means “one who loves his father”. Also, it’s popular among Christian parents.

  1. Hani

A sweet Christian boy’s name that means “happy,”, “joyful”, and “blissful”. The name is of Arabic origin and popular among Christian parents in Lebanon.

  1. Haron

This is a unique Christian boy’s name that means “home of strength” or “mountain of strength”. It is a version of Harun in Arabic. Also, it could be spelled as Aron.

  1. Jean-marc

It’s a combination of two names; Jean means “God is gracious”, and marc means “manly”. It’s of Lebanese origin and also a masculine name. Its variants are; Jamaraus, Jamaras, Jamarcus, Jamarkis, Jamarkus, and Generos.

  1. Rabie

Rabie means “brightly famous” and it’s a popular name in Lebanon and Australia. It’s of Lebanese origin and its variants are Rabbi and Rabee.

  1. Sharbel

Its variant is Charbel and it means “story of God”. Sharbel is quite a popular boy’s name in Australia and Lebanon. People with this name are known to be intellectuals, creative, and know how to manage money.

  1. Yanis

Yanis means “gift of God”. It has a Hebrew origin and variants like Gianis, Giannis, and the English name John. Also, It can be spelled as Yannis or Yiannis.

  1. Yustus

It’s a variation of the name Justin; Yustus is a Christian boy’s name of Hebrew origin and it means “just”, “fair”, or “righteous”.

Arabic Lebanese Baby Names

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Looking for some wonderful Arabic Lebanese baby names? The following names have been specially selected for you. Check them out;

  1. Ayman

An Arabic Lebanese name that could also be spelled as Aiman, Aimen, Aymen, or Eymen according to the Latin alphabet. The name is often given to the boy child and it means “one who is on the right”, “righteous”, or “blessed or lucky”.

  1. Aleyna

A beautiful girl’s name with precious meaning. The name Aleyna is of Turkish origin and it means “precious” and “awakening”

  1. Abila

This is another Lebanese girl’s name of Arabic origin; the name Abila means “beautiful and healthy”. Interestingly, it is easy to pronounce.

  1. Abdel

It is a Lebanese boy’s name of Arabic origin. It means “servant of God” or “servant of Allah” and its popular Muslim parents.

  1. Anas

It’s popular among the Muslim community in Lebanon. It’s a boy’s name of Lebanese origin and it means “one of the prophet’s companions”, or “a friendly person”.

  1. Badah

Badah is an Arabic and Lebanese girl’s name that means “a person who is broad-minded”.

  1. Dasia

It’s the Lebanese term for “daisy flower”, and “excellence”. The name has both Arabic and Lebanese origins. The attribute of the people with this name include; being sympathetic, devoted, and extremely concerned

  1. Farez

This is another adorable boy’s name that is of both Arabic and Lebanese origin. Farez simply means “an eloquent person”.

  1. Ferman

Ferman is a boy’s name that has both Arabic and Lebanese origins. Ferman means “a man who commands respect”. Its variations include; Fehrmann and Farmaan.

  1. Foziah

Foziah is a beautiful girl’s name of Arabic and Lebanese origin. It means “one who is victorious and successful”. In English, it is taken as Fauziah and it’s popular in countries like Afghan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Morocco, Libya, Iraq, etc.

  1. Halifa

Halifa is a beautiful name that means “friends who stay together”.  Halifa is one of the nice Arabic names that parents love to give to their baby girl as an identity. Some of the beautiful attributes of people with the name are; strong determination, boldness, and a pioneering spirit.

  1. Iskandar

It’s the Lebanese version of Alexander. This is another wonderful Arabic boy’s name with both Hebrew and Lebanese origin. It means “defender of mankind”.

  1. Naim

If you want happiness and comfort to reflect in the life of your newborn – then Naim is the name for him. Naim means “happiness and comfort”. Its variations are; Naeem, Naiem, Nahim, Naheem, Nyhiem, and Nihiem.

  1. Muhib

Muhib is a boy’s name that has both Arabic and Lebanese origin and it means “one who is noble and loving”. one famous personality with the name is Muhib Mirza – a Pakistani actor, playwright, director, comedian, and TV host.

  1. Vardah

It has both Arabic and Lebanese as its origin. Vardah is commonly used for girls and it’s the Arabic word for rose.

  1. Zaina

If you want the beauty in your baby to be seen, name her Zaina. It means “beautiful”. Its variants are; Zayn, Zara, and Zia. Zaina is popular among Muslim parents.

  1. Zoobia

A Muslim girl’s name of Arabic and Lebanese origins. Zoobia means “one who has the blessing of the almighty”.

  1. Zoona

If you want your girl child to exhibit uncommon wisdom and intelligence, Zoona is the name to settle for. It has both Arabic and Lebanese origins. Zoona means “an intelligent and sensible woman”.

  1. Zoraiz

It’s from both Arabic and Hebrew origin – a boy’s name that is popular among Muslim parents and it means “the one who spreads light”.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a Lebanese citizen or you just want to take a dip into Lebanese culture – these carefully selected Lebanese baby names with deep meaning will surely make your baby stand out from the crowd.

Let us know if you found the perfect Lebanese baby name for your baby.

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