200+ Perfect Middle Names For Elena

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Elena is a beautiful name; it will sound good on your baby girl. However, not all middle names go well with Elena. Also, there are some factors you must consider before choosing the best middle name for Elena. 

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Read our post to learn this and then pick a name from our list of over 200 middle name suggestions.

But first,

What Does Elena Mean?

Elena is a sweet name for females. It means “bright” or “shining light.” The name sounds good and has an inspiring meaning too. That is why many parents choose it for their upcoming stars. 

Though Elena has different variations and is used in different cultures, the name has the same meaning. 

The nicknames for Elena include Ella, Lena, Nellie, Lennie, Ellie, or Nena.

It is a notable name in history and has been given to popular people like Elena Siegman, an American singer; Elena Arzhakova, a Russian runner; Elena Anaya, a Spanish actress; Elena Altieri, an Italian actress, etc.

Origin Of The Name Elena

Elena can be traced to Greek origin. It is the Spanish and Italian versions of the name Helen. Helen on the other hand is the English version of the Greek name, Helene. Helene is gotten from the Greek word, Helios.

Helios means “torch” in Greek. That is where the meaning of the name is derived.

Must I Give My Child A Middle Name?

No. It is not compulsory to give your child a middle name. The first and last names are the most important and there are no legal requirements for middle names.

However, there are benefits of having a middle name. One of them is that it gives your child an alternative name option if they want to switch names when they are older.

Also, it is common for two people to have the same first and last name. Giving your child a middle name adds to their identity, making them stand out. Not to forget, middle names help to make cool initials.

Photo of a cute baby girl, middle names for Elena are cute

How To Choose A Middle Name For Your Baby

Choosing an adorable first name for your child is great, but you also need to find a middle name that fits. The factors below will help you choose a middle name that you, your partner, and your baby will be satisfied with.

The factors are:

  1. How they sound together

It is difficult to pronounce names that don’t flow well together. You will feel like you are stumbling on every letter.

This is more important when choosing names of different descents, because of the difference in word construction. Consider the language that other family members and people around speak and if they can get the flow when they call the names together.

Usually, It is best to stick to short names with one or two syllables – you can barely go wrong with them. 

  1. The initials and monogram

Consider your child’s initials when choosing a middle name so that you do not spell out something terrible. Imagine a baby’s initial that spells A.S.S; that doesn’t work, right?

You must also consider monograms, where the first letter of the middle name becomes the last letter of the initials.

You don’t want a monogram that spells FAT, TIT, ILL, or anything too embarrassing.

  1. Their meanings

Your baby’s name can inspire her to be anything; hence, you must choose right. Most parents give up on the meaning of the middle names since middle names are not the ultimate, but that shouldn’t be so.

It is even better to go for a name that makes more meaning when combined together.

Think of a name that speaks especially about you or your baby. These names will remind you of the special memory, and make you see your baby in that light too.

Avoid giving your baby names that connote any negative occurrence or emotions you feel. If not, you will remember the situation forever.

  1. Ease of pronunciation

Your baby may be left to face a lifetime of corrections when you give them a name that is easy to mispronounce. Imagine your girl telling everyone she meets that her name, Isla, is pronounced eye-la not is-la. 

Sadly, it is easy to mispronounce most beautiful names. 

  1. Family names

Some families can use the family name as a child’s middle name, while others prefer using the middle name to honor someone they love. 

So, you can honor a family member, or even friend with ease.

186 Best Middle Names For Elena

Photo of a cute baby girl, middle names for Elena are cute
  1. Elena Adele
  2. Elena Amelia
  3. Elena Amor
  4. Elena Ann
  5. Elena Annaliese
  6. Elena Annette
  7. Elena Arabella
  8. Elena Arielle
  9. Elena Belle
  10. Elena Beatrice
  11. Elena Bethany
  12. Elena Birdine
  13. Elena Braelyn
  14. Elena Briar
  15. Elena Brielle
  16. Elena Camille
  17. Elena Cadence
  18. Elena Caroline
  19. Elena Celeste
  20. Elena Charlotte
  21. Elena Catherine
  22. Elena Christine
  23. Elena Daisy
  24. Elena Danae
  25. Elena Daniela
  26. Elena Danika
  27. Elena Daphne
  28. Elena Darlene
  29. Elena Davina
  30. Elena Dawn
  31. Elena Deana
  32. Elena Deborah
  33. Elena Deidre
  34. Elena Delilah
  35. Elena Denise
  36. Elena Diana
  37. Elena Dianne
  38. Elena Dior
  39. Elena Dolores
  40. Elena Dorothy
  41. Elena Eden
  42. Elena Edith
  43. Elena Eileen
  44. Elena Eliza
  45. Elena Elizabeth
  46. Elena Eloise
  47. Elena Emily
  48. Elena Emma
  49. Elena Enid
  50. Elena Erica
  51. Elena Esme
  52. Elena Esther
  53. Elena Faith
  54. Elena Eileen
  55. Elena Elise
  56. Elena Eve
  57. Elena Everly
  58. Elena Faith
  59. Elena Fay
  60. Elena Fern
  61. Elena Fiona
  62. Elena Frances
  63. Elena Flor
  64. Elena Francesca
  65. Elena Gabrielle
  66. Elena Gayle
  67. Elena Gisselle
  68. Elena Genevieve
  69. Elena Grace
  70. Elena Grayson
  71. Elena Gwendolyn
  72. Elena Hannah
  73. Elena Harlee
  74. Elena Harmony
  75. Elena Harriet
  76. Elena Haven
  77. Elena Hayden
  78. Elena Haylee
  79. Elena Hazel
  80. Elena Hazel
  81. Elena Heidi
  82. Elena Helena
  83. Elena Henrietta
  84. Elena Hilary
  85. Elena Hope
  86. Elena Ilsa
  87. Elena Imogene
  88. Elena Ingrid
  89. Elena Irene
  90. Elena Iris
  91. Elena Irma
  92. Elena Isabel
  93. Elena Isabelle
  94. Elena Ivy
  95. Elena Jacqueline
  96. Elena Jade
  97. Elena Jane
  98. Elena Janice
  99. Elena Janine
  100. Elena Jean
  101. Elena Jemima
  102. Elena Jillian
  103. Elena Joan
  104. Elena Joanne
  105. Elena Jocelyn
  106. Elena Joy
  107. Elena Josephine
  108. Elena Joyce
  109. Elena Judith
  110. Elena Julie
  111. Elena Juliet
  112. Elena June
  113. Elena Juniper
  114. Elena Justine
  115. Elena Kali
  116. Elena Kate
  117. Elena Katherine
  118. Elena Kathleen
  119. Elena Kaydence
  120. Elena Kenley
  121. Elena Kenzie
  122. Elena Leigh
  123. Elena Liv
  124. Elena Louise
  125. Elena Lucia
  126. Elena Lucille
  127. Elena Luisa
  128. Elena Luna
  129. Elena Luzette
  130. Elena Madeline
  131. Elena Maeve
  132. Elena Magdalene
  133. Elena Magnolia
  134. Elena Maren
  135. Elena May
  136. Elena Meredith
  137. Elena Monroe
  138. Elena Muriel
  139. Elena Nadine
  140. Elena Natalia
  141. Elena Nell
  142. Elena Neve
  143. Elena Nicole
  144. Elena Noelle
  145. Elena Nori
  146. Elena Olivia
  147. Elena Orah
  148. Elena Ori
  149. Elena Penelope
  150. Elena Pearl
  151. Elena Phoebe
  152. Elena Presley
  153. Elena Raven
  154. Elena Reagan
  155. Elena Reese
  156. Elena Renee
  157. Elena River
  158. Elena Rose
  159. Elena Ruth
  160. Elena Sage
  161. Elena Saige
  162. Elena Sapphire
  163. Elena Sawyer
  164. Elena Saylor
  165. Elena Scarlett
  166. Elena Seraphim
  167. Elena Shay
  168. Elena Skylar
  169. Elena Sloan
  170. Elena Sophie
  171. Elena Taelyn
  172. Elena Tiana
  173. Elena Taylor
  174. Elena Teegan
  175. Elena Tess
  176. Elena Tyler
  177. Elena Vail
  178. Elena Victoria
  179. Elena Vanessa
  180. Elena Violet
  181. Elena Willow
  182. Elena Waverly
  183. Elena Winslow
  184. Elena Wren
  185. Elena Wrenley
  186. Elena Zoe

Unisex Middle Names For Elena

Photo of a cute baby girl, middle names for Elena are cute
  1. Elena Andy
  2. Elena Archer
  3. Elena Bay
  4. Elena Blake
  5. Elena Blair
  6. Elena Dallas
  7. Elena Drew
  8. Elena Francis
  9. Elena Finley
  10. Elena Jude
  11. Elena Kelsey
  12. Elena Kyle
  13. Elena Mackenzie
  14. Elena Pace
  15. Elena Paris
  16. Elena Ryan
  17. Elena Quinn
  18. Elena Rebel
  19. Elena Rene
  20. Elena Sage
  21. Elena Shae
  22. Elena Simon
  23. Elena Tori
  24. Elena Wesley
  25. Elena Winter


The right middle name for Elena will make the name shine, giving more essence to it. Your shining light deserves a good middle name to complement her. We hope you found a suitable name from our list.

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