60+ Best Middle Names for Lucy

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As of 2021, there were 4,433 baby girls named Lucy in the United States. That’s 1 out of every 401 baby girls born in that year.  

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Lucy is an adorable baby girl’s name and moms can attest to that. Whether you use it as a first or middle name, it sits just right. 

But you can agree with me that not every name will work as a middle name for Lucy. You need a name that gives a nice flow. Above all, the meaning should be able to inspire your child to live well.

We have listed out some of the best middle names for Lucy alongside their meanings (so you don’t run in and out of the page looking for meanings). We believe that you will find a middle name you adore. 

Lucy Name Meaning

Lucy is a classic English and feminine version of the Latin name, Lucius, which means “light.” It is pronounced LOO-see.

According to BabyCenter, Lucy is the 90th most popular girl’s name in 2023 – that’s quite common. However, this name sounds different and unique depending on the middle name that complements it. 

Famous people like Lucy Hale, a TV actress; Lucy Liu, a movie actress, and Lucy Fallon, an opera actress bear this name 

Nicknames For Lucy

Lucy’s nickname can be:

  • Cici
  • Lee
  • Lou
  • Lulu

One Syllable Middle Names For Lucy

Photo of a cute girl; middle names for lucy are lovely
  1. Lucy Ann: certainly, the name, Ann is common, but not as common as Grace. The name means “Grace”, or “God has favored me.” It is derived from the Hebrew name Hannah. You can use it as a supplement if you don’t want your baby to be another Grace in the class.
  2. Lucy Bae: doesn’t it sound chic? Bae is a Korean name that means “inspired.” It is not common to see a sweet name with such a meaning.
  3. Lucy Belle: this one is French and means “beautiful.” Combining it with Lucy would mean “the beautiful light.” Sweet, right?
  4. Lucy Beth: if you aren’t patient enough to call the long Elizabeth, choose Beth. It can be used as a short form of the Hebrew name, Elizabeth or Bethany. But Beth itself means “house.”
  5. Lucy Blair: this one is an adorable Scottish name that means “plain, meadow, field, or battlefield.” The name sounds gentle but fierce. 
  6. Lucy Bryn: Bryn means “hill.” Using it with Lucy connotes light set upon a hill like the Bible describes Christians in Matt. 15:14.
  7. Lucy Claire: it is what you think it is. It means “bright, clear;” same pronunciation, and the same meaning.
  8. Lucy Dawn: this one is also lovely. It is an Old English name, meaning “daybreak, or the first appearance of light.” It sounds great for a first child.  Guess what? it is a unisex name. 
  9. Lucy Drew: this is another gender-neutral middle name on the list. it means “wise.” If you don’t want it for Lucy, you can even use it as a first name for Lucy’s brother.
  10. Lucy Eve: this is still a great name for your firstborn girl. It is believed to be the name of the first woman ever. It is a Biblical name. This name means “life.”
  11. Lucy Faith: still another name for religious people. it means “trust or devotion.” It is an English name.
  12. Lucy Fran: this one means “free one.” Imagine your child being called “unlimited light.” 
  13. Lucy Gale: this is another unisex name on the list. It means “father of exaltation. It is related to the Hebrew name, Abigail.
  14. Lucy Grace: okay, Grace may be the 11th most common girl name in 2023, name, but that doesn’t make it less suitable for your child. the name means “generosity, charm, and goodness.” Pairing this meaning with “light” gives your child powerful energy. 
  15. Lucy Gwen: this one means “holy, white.” It goes well with Lucy.
  16. Lucy Jane: Jane means “God is gracious.” Isn’t God gracious? He is, that’s why he gave you light? It sounds like a perfect name to me.
  17. Lucy Jeane: do you feel like Jane is too common? Go for Jeane. They have the same meaning.
  18. Lucy Joelle: this one inspires hope. It means “God will be willing, or Jehovah is willing.” It is a French name.
  19. Lucy June: this one is a unisex Latin name, meaning “young.” It will make your Lucy a ‘young light.’
  20. Lucy Kate: Kate means “pure.” Hence, Lucy Kate means “pure light.” Isn’t that amazing?
  21. Lucy Lou: this one means “famous warrior.” What strikes me most about this name is how the pronunciation rhymes.
  22. Lucy Mae: this name means “May, or goddess of spring growth.” It is a unique alternative for the name May.
  23. Lucy Maeve: aah! This one means “intoxicating or she who rules.” The name sounds just right to describe how you feel about your baby.  Pairing it with Lucy means “intoxicating light.” What could be better?
  24. Lucy Mia: you will also love this Spanish name. it means “mine.” The Slavic word, mila which is related to this name means “dear or darling.” A great name for your dear light, right? 
  25. Lucy Nell: this is another light-meaning name for Lucy. It means “shining light.”
  26. Lucy Paige: this one means “young helper.” Two characteristics merged into one person. 
  27. Lucy Pearl: Pearl means “precious gemstone.”  What could describe your baby better?
  28. Lucy Quinn: this one means “head, wise.” Light leads and the name Quinn conveys the attribute of authority.
  29. Lucy Ray: this one means “wise protector.” But you can take it to be “a ray of light” when you use it with Lucy.  
  30. Lucy Raine: it means “queen.” Your queen is a shining light.
  31. Lucy Rose: this name portrays beauty. Rose means light; it will add charm to your baby.
  32. Lucy Ruth: the Jews and Christians know the name, Ruth, to convey prudence. It means “compassionate friend.”
  33. Lucy Sage: this is another unisex name. it means “wise one, healthy, from the sagebrush plant, or prophet.”
  34. Lucy Shea: this one means “the stately, dauntless one.” When used with Lucy, it means “dauntless light.” 
  35. Lucy Star: you would love a Shining star, right?
  36. Lucy Wren: this one is British, meaning “small brown songbird.” It is a perfect name for a brown-skinned girl.

Cute Middle Names For Lucy

Photo of a cute girl; middle names for lucy are lovely
  1. Lucy Adira: this is another strong middle name for Lucy. it means “strong, noble, and powerful. This name qualifies your baby in great ways.
  2. Lucy Alethea: this one is a Greek name meaning “truth.” Using it with Lucy means “true light.”
  3. Lucy Althea: this one looks similar to the previous one, but it means “healer, wholesome.” It is also a Greek name.
  4. Lucy Áine: this is one special name that means “radiance.” It is the name of an Irish Celtic goddess of wealth and summer.
  5. Lucy Anette: this is an elegant and timeless middle name for Lucy. It means “Grace, or God has favored me.” It goes well with Lucy.
  6. Lucy Arden: this one means “burning, passionate and enthusiastic.” These are all great qualities of light.
  7. Lucy Ariadne: this one means “most holy.” You can just put it ‘most holy light.’
  8. Lucy Audra: this one is British and means “noble strength.” It will make your baby a light with noble strength.
  9. Lucy Aura: just think of how gentle and seducing the term “aura sounds.” It will give the same charm to your baby. Aura is a Latin name that means “wind, soft breeze, or glowing light.”
  10. Lucy Aurora: this one means “dawn.” It is a highly valued Latin name.
  11. Lucy Azalea: this is an adorable Greek name that means “dry, flower,” the “dry” here isn’t about the state of the flower. Azalea is a very fresh flower. 
  12. Lucy Bernadette: this one is the French female version of the name Bernard. It means “bear, hard; brave or strong.” From the first meaning, its combination with Lucy can mean “light bearer.”
  13. Lucy Brigid: this one is an Irish name that means “Irish goddess of fire and poetry.” Imagine the glowing flame of fire. It will perfectly describe the fiery light your baby carries. 
  14. Lucy Charlotte: Charlotte means “free man.” 
  15. Lucy Cybele: this one is uncommon. It means “mother of all gods. It complements the name Lucy because gods are believed to emit light.
  16. Lucy Dahlia: this is another variant of the name Delilah. Delilah is a Biblical name that means “delicate.” But because of the Bible story that this name was featured, it carries an aura of seduction.  
  17. Lucy Enid: this is another adorable one. it is a welsh name that means “spirit, life, purity.” This is another perfect name to make your child pure light.
  18. Lucy Erica: this one means “ever powerful, eternal ruler.” Like in the Bible (the book of Genesis), God made light to rule.
  19. Lucy Florence: This one means “blossoming or flourishing. It is a Roman name.
  20. Lucy Harriet: this one means “home ruler.” We mentioned how the light was meant to rule. This name will inspire your child to rule at home and beyond.
  21. Lucy Leona: we love how this name rhymes. Leona means “lioness.”
  22. Lucy Luna: Luna is a Spanish and Italian name that means “moon.” So Lucy Luna means “moonlight.” Isn’t that perfect?
  23. Lucy Sylvia: this one is a French name that means “spirit of the wood.” 
  24. Lucy Thora: this one is a Scandinavian name that means “thunder goddess.” This combination reminds me of thunder and lightning, lol.
  25. Lucy Uma: this is a Sanskrit name that means “fame, splendor, tranquility, and night.” The night meaning makes it quite opposing to Lucy, but you decide.
  26. Lucy Valencia: this one means “strong and healthy.” Names have meanings and this one will inspire your baby to live strong and healthily.
  27. Lucy Valeria: this name is related to the previous. it means “strong, brave.” 
  28. Lucy Velda: Velda means “power, rule.” Pairing it with Lucy makes your baby a “powerful light or ruling light.”
  29. Lucy Venus: this name means “roman goddess of love and beauty.” It is as charming as light itself.
  30. Lucy Verbena: this one is a Latin name that means “holy plants.” This plant had a spiritual significance to Romans.
  31. Lucy Violet: light can have many colors, your baby can be a violet light. Violet means “the color purple.” It is known to evoke, grace, beauty, and nature’s power.
  32. Lucy Zinnia: this is another beautiful German name. It means “Zinn’s flower. 

Sibling Names For Lucy

Photo of a cute girl; middle names for lucy are lovely

If you already have a Lucy, you can call her brother or sister any of these names.

Boy Names That Go With Lucy

  1. Albus
  2. Alex
  3. Andrew
  4. Arthur
  5. August
  6. Benjamin
  7. Calvin
  8. Charles/Charlie
  9. Daniel
  10. Dexter
  11. Dominic
  12. Drake
  13. Drew
  14. Finn
  15. Fred
  16. George
  17. Henry
  18. Hugo
  19. Isaac
  20. Jack
  21. James
  22. John
  23. Jordan
  24. Jude
  25. Louis
  26. Max
  27. Noah
  28. Sam
  29. Samuel
  30. Thomas
  31. William
  32. Zachary

Sister Names For Lucy

  1. Abigail
  2. Alice
  3. Clara
  4. Daisy
  5. Dinah
  6. Esme
  7. Eva
  8. Faith
  9. Faye
  10. Flora
  11. Ivy
  12. Jemima
  13. Joy
  14. Keira
  15. Lilia
  16. Love
  17. Nia
  18. Nola
  19. Phoebe
  20. Poppy
  21. Prisca
  22. Rory
  23. Rosalind
  24. Roxanne
  25. Ruby
  26. Sadie
  27. Smily
  28. Stella
  29. Susan
  30. Tess

Names Like Lucy

Photo of a cute girl; middle names for lucy are lovely
  1. Alice: this one means “noble”. It is a German name.
  2. Amy: this is a French name that means “well-loved or beloved.”
  3. Emily: this name means “rival” in Roman. It is also a Greek term that means “persuasive or wily.” 
  4. Lily: this is the English name of a flower. It means “purity and innocence.”
  5. Mary: this one is a Hebrew and Aramaic name that means “beloved, bitter, rebellious, drop of the sea, or wished-for-child.”
  6. Molly: this lovely name means “star of the sea.” It is an Irish name.
  7. Rosie: this is a diminutive of the name Rose. It means “rose flower.” It is a Latin name.
  8. Sophie: this is a Greek name that means “wisdom.”

First Name For Middle Name Lucy

These names will fit Lucy as a first name.

  1. Adeline Lucy
  2. Alma Lucy
  3. Amelia Lucy
  4. Annabel Lucy
  5. Ara Lucy
  6. Ava Lucy
  7. Briar Lucy
  8. Caitlin Lucy
  9. Celia Lucy
  10. Charlotte Lucy
  11. Donna Lucy
  12. Eleanor Lucy
  13. Emilia Lucy
  14. Emma Lucy
  15. Esther Lucy
  16. Eva Lucy
  17. Evanna Lucy
  18. Fionna Lucy
  19. Fleur Lucy
  20. Flora Lucy
  21. Georgia Lucy
  22. Hazel Lucy
  23. Henrietta Lucy
  24. Imogen Lucy
  25. Iris Lucy
  26. Isobel Lucy
  27. Jillian Lucy
  28. Juno Lucy
  29. Kathrine Lucy
  30. Kirra Lucy
  31. Madeline Lucy
  32. Madison Lucy
  33. Matilda Lucy
  34. Meredith Lucy
  35. Mia Lucy
  36. Olive Lucy
  37. Olivia Lucy
  38. Paloma Lucy
  39. Ramona Lucy
  40. Rebecca Lucy
  41. Regina Lucy
  42. Reina Lucy
  43. Rhiannon Lucy
  44. Rosetta Lucy
  45. Sabrina Lucy
  46. Samara Lucy
  47. Scarlett Lucy
  48. Seren Lucy
  49. Sloane Lucy
  50. Sophia Lucy
  51. Summer Lucy
  52. Susanna Lucy
  53. Tabitha Lucy
  54. Vivian Lucy
  55. Wilhelmina Lucy


Lucy is a suitable name for every bright child. You can never go wrong with it. We hope that you found a middle name suits your precious little girl.

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