50+ Delightful Names That Mean First

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Are you searching for names that mean first for your baby? Worry not because these shortlisted names that mean first are beautiful, unique, and full of deep meanings.

names that mean first

Usually, the first-time experience lingers in the memory more than any other experience. The first time I held my baby in my arms – the feeling of joy was unparalleled and incredible. So, you might also consider giving your newborn some names that mean first and watch them lead in all they do.

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Below is a detailed compilation of the names that mean first, check them out;

Girl Names That Mean First

Photo of a cute girl; names that mean first are lovely for your baby girl

The following are girl names that mean first, check them out;

  1. Adelise

Adelise is a unique girl’s name that originates from both Germany and France. It means “one who is the first in nobility”. It shares some roots with “Alice” and it’s the perfect choice for your little adorable princess.

  1. Afafa

Afafa originates from Africa (Ghana). Atafa can simply be said to be “the first child that belongs to the second husband”.  It’s the perfect name given to the first girl by a mom who is married to her second husband.

  1. Agripina

This beautiful Romanian girl’s name is popular among Christians. It’s a variant of Agrapina and it originates from Romania. Agripina can be said to be “one who comes out feet first”. 

  1. Aloula

This is a name that is popular among Muslim parents. It has its origin in Arabic and it means “the first leapers full of quick, enlightened and ambitious mindset”.

  1. Aristi

This is of Greek origin and it is the Greek word for excellence; the firstborn. The people with the name are known to be courageous, energetic, and determined.

  1. Ayita

Ayita is a beautiful Native American name that means “first in the dance”. People with the name are known to be elegant and noble. Other names like Ayita are; Audi, Aida, Ady, Adita, Adie, Ade, Adah, etc.

  1. Aydia

Like Kande, Aydia is also a name that can be given to your daughter. Aydia is of German origin and it means “the noble one who is also the first-born female in the family”. 

  1. Badriyah

Badriyah is a unique name of Arabic origin that means “a firstborn and early child”. It is famous among Muslim parents in countries like Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahraini, and Bangladesh.

  1. Embla

Embla takes its root from the Old Norse and it’s popular among Christian parents. From Norse mythology, Embla was one of the first human beings. Among the most famous people with the name is Embla Hjulstrom – the Swedish actress born in 1994.

  1. Eve

It is a biblical name that is associated with the creation story and it’s of Hebrew origin. Eve means “the first woman on earth”. Among the famous people with the name are Eve Arnold – a photographer and Eve Arden – an actress.

  1. Jewelianne

Jewelianne is the female version of Julianus from Julius and it means ”the first downy-bearded”. It’s a name that is popular among Christian parents. 

  1. Kady

The name Kady as a girl’s name has different meanings from different regions; in Italian and American English origin, it means “rhythmic flow of sounds; Celtic: it means “first”; Old Greek: it means “pure”. It is a short form of the name Kadence and its variation is Katy. Alternatively, it could be spelled as; Kadie, Cady, Cadi, Cadie, Kaydee, and Keidy.

  1. Kande

Kande simply means “the firstborn female child”. It’s a girl’s name of African origin. Variants of the name are; Kandi, Kandie, Kandaiah, and Kamitha.

  1. Mahneerah

If you are a Muslim parent and you have a twin with a girl being the first, here is just the perfect name for her. Mahneerah is of Arabic origin and it simply means “the first one born of a pair”. 

  1. Martyne

Martyne is a girl’s name of Aramaic origin. Martyne is an adorable name that simply means “the number one lady of the house” Other similar names to Martyne are; Martella, Martynne, Mariet, Martelle, Martine, Martini, and Martinique. 

  1. Orla

The name Orla is popular among people who practice Judaism. Orla simply means “one who takes the very first step to perform anything”. It is Irish in origin and it’s a short name suggestion that your baby will love later in life. 

  1. Prim

Prim is a sweet name that can simply be said to “the first-born child”. It’s a girl’s name of Latin origin and it’s also the short form for Primrose. A very famous personality with the name Prim is the Cambodian actress – Prim Lyza born in 1993.

  1. Prima

Prima is the perfect name if you are expecting your firstborn daughter. This beautiful Latin name simply means “the firstborn daughter”. It’s a girl’s name of Latin origin. Among the famous people named Prima is the daughter of American actress Connie Sellecca and musician John Tesh – Prima Sellecchia Tesh

  1. Rishona

Rishona is one of the most loved Hebrew girl names that mean “the one who is the first in line”. The variations of the name are; Rishon, Rishonna, Ryshona, Ryshonna, and Rishonah. 

  1. Sonisay

This is a name that originates from Cambodia and is popular among Hindi worshippers. Sonisay simply means “good first impression”.

  1. Shabnam

For Muslim parents that want to give their newborn a lifetime identity, here is the perfect fit. It is a Persian and Iranian name that means “she’s like the first-morning dew”. 

  1. Shresta

Shresta is another amazing Indian girl’s name that means “foremost, best, or one who is first”. People with the name Shresta are known to be generous, kindhearted, compassionate, and often beautiful.

  1. Wenona

Wenona is another captivating girl’s name that means “the first daughter”. The name has both English and Canada as its origin. It has Winona as its variant and is popular among Christian parents. 

Boy Names That Mean First

Photo of a cute boy; names that mean first are great for your boy
  1. Avak

It’s an Armenian name for boys that means “the first one who has a great personality”. The name is popular among the Christian community.

  1. Ayu

Ayu is an Indonesian boy’s name that means “the first man who has the power of the wind”. Some of the personality attributes include; being very observant, independent, and highly introverted.

  1. Barron

It has both India and the United States of America as its origin. Also, Barron is a title of nobility that one can use as a first name. The name means “warrior”, and “a noble man” and it’s popular among Christian parents. Its variations are Baron, Barin, Baryn, Baaron, Baronie, and Beron.

  1. Berko

If you are expecting your first son and you are searching for a unique name that befits your newborn – consider naming him Berko. This name has an African origin and is popular among Christian parents. It simply means “son first born”.

  1. Chasity

This beautiful Native American name is for a boy and it means “a firstborn child”. It is popular among Christian parents. Chasity is a variant of the common name Chastity and has the nickname, Chas.

  1. Enos

Enos has its origin in Hebrew. Enos was the grandson of Adam and Eve; the first human beings on earth and the son of Seth. The name means “mortal man”. One of the famous persons with this name is Enos Stanley Kroenke – an American businessman.

  1. Ensio

Ensio means “the first one” and it’s a boy’s name of Finnish origin. Other names like Ensio are; Ennis, Eunice, Emiko, Enzo, Eniko, Enise, and Emke.  

  1. Irikefe

Irikefe is an African name that originates from Nigeria. It’s a boy’s name given by Christian parents which mean “first to become wealthy”. The Irikefes’ are known to be strong, powerful, and confident.

  1. Jeriah

This is another unique bible name. Jeriah was the firstborn son of Hebron – the son of Kohath who performs priestly duties during the reign of King David. Jeriah can simply be said to be “the one who is taught by God”

  1. Kadam

This beautiful name originates from India and it’s specially given to boys. The name is popular among Hindu worshippers and it means “first step to do anything”, “first initial”, and “beginning”. .

  1. Kazuo

Kazuo originates from Japan and is often popular among the Christian community. It means “the firstborn child”. Other names that sound like Kazuo are; Kazue, Kazea, Kassio, Kaisho, Kahua, and Kaishou.

  1. Luv

Luv is an alteration of the word Love. For parents expecting twins, here is a perfect name for the first twin son. Luv originates from India and is popular among parents who practice Judaism. Luv means “the first twin son born”.

  1. Nacim

Nacim is Arabic by origin by giving to newborn male children. Nacim means “the very first blowing”. Some of its variants are Naazim, Nasim, Naseem, Nazeem, Nazeem, and Nazem.

  1. Numo

Numo simply means “the first one”. The name Numo originates from Australia and is also popular among parents that practice Judaism. .

  1. Opiyo

If you are expecting a twin with the hope of having one of them as a boy and you want a name for the boy if he comes out first – consider Opiyo. This name originates from Africa (Kenya). It means “first of the twin”. And it’s popular among Christian parents.

  1. Preben

Preben is a Bosnian boy name popular among the Christian community. It means “first in battle”. People with the name Preben are known to love traveling, being athletic, adventurous, and socially active.

  1. Primus

It’s a Latin name that you could consider for your newborn boy. It means “he who is the first”. The name Primus is more commonly used as a surname than a first name.

  1. Primin

It originates from both Germany and Switzerland. It means “the firstborn”. Primin is quite popular among Christian parents. If you want your child to reflect the attributes of seriousness, being analytical, gracious, and intelligent – choose Primin.  

  1. Sharaf

Sharaf is one of the beautiful Arabic names for boys with deep meaning. It means “a man to whom honor comes”. Also, it’s a variant of Shroff and is mostly used in combination with other words in names like Sharaf-ud-deen

  1. Usakirana

This name originates from India and it means “first light of dawn”. Interestingly, people with the name Usakirana are known to be adventurous and extroverted and the nickname is Usak 

Names That Mean First Love

Photo of a cute child all dressed up

The following are names that mean first love that you can give your newborn. Check them out:

  1. Amias

Amias has a Latin origin and is often chosen for boys. This unique name means “beloved”.

  1. Amy

This beautiful French girl’s name is the English variation of the Old French name Amee (Aimee) in modern French. Amy means “beloved” and its other variations are Ami and Amie.

  1. Amadeus

Amadeus means “lover of God”. It’s a male name that has both Latin and Italian origins. A notable figure that bears the name is the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

  1. Amanda

Amanda is a female name that has a Latin origin. The name simply means “who is to be loved”. Amanda is the female version of the saint’s name Amandus. Though Amanda might no longer be popular it remains a beautiful and adorable name.

  1. Aziza (Azizah)

Aziza is the female version of Aziz and it is of Arabic origin. This name is quite popular among Muslims in Africa and other Middle Eastern countries. It means “powerful and beloved”. Its variants include Azizi and Azize.

  1. Carina

Carina has both Italian and German origins. It means “dear little one” in Italian while it means “pure” in German where its version is Katherine. Though it has dropped in popularity, it remains a lovable name. some of its variants are; Katrina, Catriona, Coreen, and Carin.

  1. Cerys

This beautiful Welsh girl’s name is more popular in Wales than in the UK and the US. It means “to love” or “precious”. It is a variant of Carys and interestingly, girls with this name are known to easily fall in love.

  1. Erasmus

This boy’s name has both Greek and Latin origin and it means “desired”, or “beloved”. Some of its variations are; Erasmos, Erasmios, Rasmus, and Erasme.

  1. Esme

Esme is another beautiful French name that means “loved”. It originates from the past participle of the Old French verb esmer which means “to love” or “to esteem”. Also, Esme is a variant of the Spanish name Esmeralda meaning “Emerald”.

  1. Jedidiah

Biblically, Jedidiah is one of the Old Testament boys’ names that is appealing and sounds sweet. Jedidiah originates from the Hebrew and can simply be said to be “the one who is beloved of the Lord”. However, it could be spelled as Jedidiah or Jedediah.

  1. Lennon

Lennon is a gender-neutral newborn name that means “a lover” or “dear one”. Lennon is of Irish origin and has Lennyn, O’Lennon, and MacLennon as its variants. Among the most popular people with the name is Dianne Lennon – the American singer.

  1. Mabel

It’s a girl’s name with variants like Amabel and Amabilis. Mabel has an English origin and it’s popular among Christian parents and it means “lovable”.

  1. Milena

Milena is a girl’s name that takes its origin from the Czech Republic and Russia. This name is quite popular in most Slavic countries and Italy. The name means “warmth”, “love”, or “grace”. Besides, Milena has Milana as its variant.

  1. Vashti

Vashti as a female name has an Old Persian origin and it means “lovely”. Biblically, she was the deposed queen who refused to appear at the summon of her husband – king Ahasuerus. Its variants are; Vashtey, Vashtee, Vashtie, and Vashty.

Final Thoughts

Every parent looks forward to seeing their newborn become something great as they transition from one phase to another.

Therefore, you should go for a name that is not only sweet to hear or appealing, but one that has deep meaning and great attributes.

Which of these names that mean first will you adopt for your newborn?

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