60+ Great Names That Mean Humble

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Everyone adores a calm and gentle baby. At least, you will have lesser tantrums and dramas to deal with. Since names influence a child, it is good to give your baby a name that means humble. 

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We have a good list of names that mean humble, modest, or calm for boys and girls. These names are sourced from many origins. They also sound nice.

We believe that you will find a suitable name for your baby here.

Girl Names That Mean Humble

  1. Alie

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This short and beautiful girl’s name means “honorable, humble, or kind.” It is a derivative of the name Alana, Alice, and Alexandra. It has many origins including Hawaiian, Greek, and German.

It is the name of a renowned American writer and podcaster, Alie Ward

  1. Azita

This one sounds sharp. It has a Persian origin, meaning “humble, free woman, high born, noble, or name of an Iranian princess.”

It is the name of a US-based Afghanistan actress Azita Ghanizada.

  1. Deliza

This pretty name is of English origin, meaning “humble, stable, pleasure, exalted, or noble”. It is a Latin name. Its variant is Delicia, which was common during the Roman Empire.

  1. Eireen

This name means “peace, a woman of peace, or a peaceful or humbled-natured human being.” This name has a Greek origin. 

  1. Namita

This lovely name means “humble, jackal or hyena, worshipper, bowing, or one who bestows in humbleness.” It is an Indian name.

You can also spell this name as Nameata, Nameetah, Namitah, Namytah, or Namyta.

  1. Namrita

This is a beloved Sanskrit name that means “the most humble or modest person.” This name barely sounds Indian and will suit people of different cultural heritage.

  1. Namya
Photo of a cute girl. Names that mean humble are great for both sexes

This one is another Indian name with a lot of respect. It means “a humble person, worthy of honor, to be bowed to, the night, or bowed down.”

It is a unique name.

  1. Oleta

This one is specifically beautiful. It has a Latin origin, meaning “small-winged one.” It is derived from the Latin names Olethea, Alida, and Olida.

Olethea is not the same as Oleta. Olethea means “honest.”

  1. Pabla

This one is a Spanish name gotten from a Latin name, Paulus. It means “small, tiny, humble, and modest.” Christians use this name.

Pabla has variants like Paula, Paola, and Paulina. The masculine version of this name is Pablo, and Paulino.

  1. Paulomi

This one has Latin and Sanskrit origins. In Latin, it means “little, humble.” It is gotten from the name Pauline and is one of the feminine versions of Paul.

The Sanskrit version of this name means “goddess Saraswati, or Lord Indra’s second wife.

  1. Pavla

This one is a Czech and Slovene name gotten from the name Paulus. It means “small, little, or humble.” Paulus is gotten from Parvus and Parvulus, all Latin words.

These words mean “small, tiny, humble, or modest.”

  1. Sahri

This adorable name means “small and humble person.” It is an Indian girl’s name that is used by the Hindu religion.

  1. Tatta

This sweet one means “a poised, affectionate, and humble being.” It originated from English ancestry.

This name also has a Japanese origin, where it means “only, merely, no more than, or but.”

This name was used as a TV character in the Japanese TV series, Alice in Borderland.

  1. Vinata

This one has an Indian origin, meaning “humble, or mother of Garuda.” This name is used by a Mental Health Counselor in Auburn Hills, Vinata Iyer

  1. Vinaya

This is another Indian name for girls. It directly translated to “modest, decent, restrained, one who is modest and humble..” 

Boy Names That Mean Humble

  1. Abhiratra

This one is a Sanskrit name that means “humble, small, or softness.” It is commonly used by the Hindu religion.

  1. Agarva

This one means “one who is free from pride, down to earth, sensible, humble, realistic, commonsensible, pragmatic, generous, and logical.”

It is an Indian name for boys.

  1. Auric

This one has a Literary origin, meaning “good-natured, humble, and passionate person.”

  1. Badela

This one means “a noble and humble human being, one that is clever and analytical.” The origin of this name is not known.

  1. Bulusu

This one was commonly used as a surname by the Telugu people. It is an Indian name that means “a person who is humble and small.”

It was the name of a famous Indian politician, lawyer, and freedom fighter, Bulusu Sambamurti.

  1. Confur

This is another English name that means “one who is humble and talented.” It also means power, stimulator, and great power.” It is a Unique name.

Photo of a cute boy. Names that mean humble are great for both sexes
  1. Darvesh

This one is a Muslim name of Urdu origin. It means “holy man.” This name was also given to a person “who has taken a vow of poverty to guide a Sufi Muslim ascetic down a path.” 

  1. Donkor

This one is a West African name that originated from Ghana. It means “one who is humble.” This name is also believed to have an Egyptian origin.

  1. Ezhilan

This lovely name has an Indian origin, meaning “a man of humbler character.” It is the name of Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly member, Ezhilan Naganathan.

  1. Grafere

This is a German name that means “a humble villa German who is the header of all.” The short form of this name is Graf.

  1. Maskeen

This is another Islamic name for boys, meaning “humble and modest individual. It has an Indian Origin.

  1. Namban

This is still an Indian way of greeting which involves bowing down in respect. It is used as a boy’s name by the Hindus.

  1. Nivedan

This one means “a humble request, a request, submission, or offering to God.” It is a boy’s name of Hindi origin.

This is the name of an Indian business consultant, Nivedan Nempe.

  1. Paul

This is an Ancient Roman name from the Latin name Paullus or Paulus. It means “least, small, humble, or little.”

Paul was the name of one of the key apostles in the Bible, who wrote many books in the New Testament.

  1. Paulo

This one is a diminutive of the name Paul. It has a Latin origin, meaning “humble or small.” 

  1. Pavils

This one is a Lativan version of the name Paul. It means “humble or little.”

  1. Pavlos

This one has a Greek origin, meaning “small.” This name is mainly for males and is a diminutive of the name Paul.

  1. Pawel

This is still another Paul-related name. It means “small or humble.” This name is the Polish version of the Latin name, Paul. 

It is the name of a Polish boxer, Pawel Wolak.

  1. Tanas

This one is a Hindu name that means “humble.” This name is also a diminutive of the Roman name Anthonius, which means “praiseworthy or highly.”

Tanas is not the same as the Greek girl’s name, Tana. Tana means “thought or sweetheart.”

  1. Vinay

This one is the male version of the name Vinanya. It means “modesty.” This name has an Indd-European origin and is commonly used in the Sanskrit language.

This name also means “guidance, genuity, good behavior, smartness, and politeness.”

Unisex Names That Mean Humble

Photo of a girl and boy. Names that mean humble are great for both sexes
  1. Annas

This lovely baby name means “one who answers, or humble.” It has Latin, Hebrew, and Greek origins. It is a gender-neutral name.

This name is derived from the Hebrew name Hannah. 

  1. Eleasa

This one is a Hebrew name that means “fantastic and humble beings.” 

  1. Juspaul

This is another Roman name that means “a small or humble person, or a just person.” It is an adorable unisex name. 

This name is also used in Sikh/Punjabi as a boy’s name to mean “protector of glory.”

  1. Miquita

This one is a beloved unisex English name that means “an educated and humble individual.” It is the name of a British Television Presenter, Miquita Oliver.

  1. Namritadeep

This one is derived from the female name, Namrita. Namritadeep is a Sikh name that means “the light of humbleness.” It is a long name, but with a touching meaning.

  1. Namritameet

Still, in the light of the name Namrita, Namritameet means “modest friend.” This name has an Indian origin and is used by the Sikh, Punjabi, and Bengali people.

Arabic Name Meaning Humble

  1. Aftar

This masculine name has many origins, including Hindi, Urdu, and Arabic. It means “humble, confident, hard-working and practical being with very high leadership qualities.

This Muslim name could also mean “breakfast the east.” This name is used in many countries including Egypt, Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, etc.

  1. Atikah

This adorable one has a female Arabic origin, meaning “pristine, humble, beautiful, loving and charitable.”

A Malaysian model in New York, Atikah Karim has this name.

  1. Ayani

This is a sweet Arabic girl’s name that means “a polite and humble human being.” 

  1. Boulos

This male name has an Arabic origin, meaning “humble and polite.” This name is the Arabic version of the name Paul.

It is the name of Tiffany Trump’s husband, Michael Boulos.

  1. Fudaili

This one has a masculine Arabic origin, meaning “a person who is trustworthy and humble.”  

  1. Khafid

This one is such a cute masculine Arabic name. It means “comfortable, smooth, and easy.” The Muslims usually add the prefix ‘Abdul’ to it, to make it Abdulkhafid. Abdul means “servant of God.”

This name is commonly used by the Islamic religion.

Photo of a cute boy. Names that mean humble are great for both sexes
  1. Usain

This one has Jamaican and Arabic origins, meaning “beautiful, good, humble, and small.” It is the diminutive of the name Hassan or Hassain.

The most popular person with this name is Usain Bolt, a retired Jamaican sprinter. He is considered the greatest sprinter of all time. 

English Names That Mean Humble

  1. Arthuodu

This unique English name means “the humble one, or one who has bright ideas.” People that have this name will likely have an adventurous spirit but are well disciplined.

  1. Avaline

This lovely one has an English origin. It means “one who is sensitive, rich, and humble.” Avaline is a diminutive of the French name Aveline. Aveline is derived from the Latin word avis, which means “bird.”

It is a beautiful name for girls.

  1. Branui

This lovely name means “a humble, easy-going, and cool-headed person.” It is a unique name of English origin. 

  1. Brictuia

This one is used for girls and means “humble, famous, and easygoing person.”

  1. Caturugus

This one is a male English name that means “a calm good-tempered and simple person.” Christians use it.

  1. Cidrich

This one means “a humble, cooperative, and cunning person.” It is an English name that is used for boys.

  1. Felgid

This English boy’s name means “a challenging, humble, unique, and dynamic person.” This name is quite assertive, it is gentle, yet firm.

It is a unique name for boys.

  1. Mokate

This name for girls has an English origin, meaning “an easygoing and humble being.” It is commonly used by the Judaism religion.

  1. Pecthelm

This is another boy’s name of English origin. It means “a trusting and humble being.” It is commonly used by the Judaism religion.

  1. Rayelle

This English name is used for girls and means “little or small.” Christians use it.

  1. Shevette

This one means “humble, or one who has an intense charm and sting.” It is a girl’s name.

  1. Siarles

This one is for boys, meaning “a trusted, humble and affectionate person.”

Hebrew Names That Mean Humble

  1. Kadison

This sweet name has a Hebrew origin, meaning “a humble gift from God, caring, strong, courageous and faithful.” It is a great name for girls with endless possibilities.


That’s it; our list of baby names that mean humble. We hope you found a name you love among the list.

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