90 Deep Names That Mean Loneliness

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Only powerful people can stand being alone. That is why names meaning solitude or loneliness reflect a unique level of strength. 

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Also, names that mean “alone, loneliness, lost, or solitude” are deeply meaningful and you can tie them to a story, maybe your story. 

Choose any of the names meaning “alone, loneliness, solitude, lost or forgotten” in our list for your precious baby or character for your book.

Girl Names That Mean Loneliness

  1. Aakifa: This name originates from Islam, meaning “one who worships Allah alone.”
  2. Abique: This is the only Ojibwe name we have on the list. it means “she lives alone.”
  3. Aikya: This cute name has an Indian origin and it means “one who is alone.”
  4. Aino: This name is Finnish, meaning “the only one.”
  5. Ainsley: Who knew that Ainsley meant “alone?” This name originated from the Old English words, Anne and Leah. Anne means “solitary, alone,” while Leah means “woodland.” 
  6. Aline: The only difference between Aline and alone is the “i” in place of “o.” It means “alone,” and is short, simple, and sweet. Though it looks like the previous name of Greek origin, Aline is a Dutch name. 
  7. Almana: This adorable name has a Hebrew origin. It means “lonely” or “widow.” 
  8. Bakarne: This is a Basque name, meaning “alone.” It is the feminine version of the name Bakar.
  9. Bakarne: You will hardly hear people bear this name, which is why it is very unique. It means “alone” and is gotten from the Basque word meaning the same.
  10. Buboupakumo: This name originated from Nigeria, meaning “don’t grow alone.”
  11. Chardy: we love how this name sounds. It originated from India, which means “one that desires love but is alone.”
  12. Dubiwe: The Ngoni language owns this name, meaning “left alone.”
  13. Eindis: With an Icelandic origin, this name means “one” or “alone.”
  14. Enola: This is the backward spelling of alone. Mary Young Ridenbaugh first used this name for her novel, Enola, which she published in 1886. In Cherokee, this name means silver fox.
  15. Erendis: This adorable girl’s name is gotten from J.R.R Tolkien’s Elvish language. It is believed to mean “lonely bride.”
  16. Ezhno: Meaning “solitary, lone or only,” this name is a word from the Omaha-Ponca language which is common to Native Americans. This word is only a part of a name, but you can also use it alone.
  17. Farad: This beautiful name means “solitary or lone,” and has an Uzbek origin.
  18. Isel: This is a short name I love. It is a word in the Nahuatl language, meaning “unique, alone, or only.”
Photo of a baby girl; names that mean loneliness are deep and soulful
  1. Isolabella: Don’t be fooled by how this name is coined, your instincts are right. This name is a variation of the name “Isabella.” The difference is in the first syllable which has been converted to Isola, meaning alone. Isola is also gotten from the word, isolation.
  2. Kaivalya: You can use this name for your girl or boy child because it is unisex. It has a Sanskrit origin, meaning “detachment, solitude, or isolation.”
  3. Khalwat: This one is popular in the Muslim community. It means “solitude.”
  4. Loni: This adorable name has an English origin, meaning “solitary.”
  5. Lonlee: This one is still of English origin, meaning two things: “lioness and solitary.”
  6. Lorna: This one is common to the Celtic people. It means “solitude” or “alone.”
  7. Marisol: If you have watched Devious Maids, the Lifetime mystery drama, then you will be familiar with this name. It is the short form of the Spanish phrase, “Maria de Soledad,” meaning “Mary of Solitude.”
  8. Mona: This one has a Greek origin. It means “alone.” It is gotten from the Greek word, alone which directly translates to “alone.”
  9. Monae: This is one beautiful name that comes from American roots. It means “solitary advisor.”
  10. Moncha: This beautiful name has an Irish origin, meaning “alone.”
  11. Monica: This one is quite popular. It also has a Greek origin, meaning “alone.”
  12. Monita: This name originated from India, meaning “solitude, lonely, or unique.”
  13. Reia: Japanese names are always very spectacular; this one is not an exception. It means “lonely.”
  14. Safara: This one is from Spain, meaning “lonely or alone.”
  15. Samboja: this is a great name from Polish heritage. It means “one who fights alone.”
  16. Sola: Still from Spanish ancestry, this name translated as “one who is alone.”
  17. Solavita: Sounds Italian right? Yes, this name has an Italian origin, meaning “life alone.”
  18. Soleda: As you imagined, it is a Spanish name. It means “our lady of solitude.”
  19. Soledad: Like the name Marisol, Soledad has a Spanish origin. It means “solitude.”
  20. Solita: This adorable name for girls is gotten from the Latin word, solitas. It means “solitary.”
  21. Sophia: This is one of the most popular names meaning alone. It has many meanings, which is why most parents can choose the name, based on the meaning they have in mind. The name originated from Greek origin, meaning “wisdom, outcast, deserted, lonely, or alone.”
  22. Tanimara: This one has a Dutch origin. It means “lonely north wind.”

Boy Names That Mean Loneliness

Photo of a baby boy; names that mean loneliness are deep and great for boys
  1. Aarick: This name has many meanings, but one of them is “one who rules alone.” Its other meanings include “sacred ruler,” “rule with mercy,” and “noble ruler.”
  2. Akir: The name is of Scottish origin. It translates to many things, including “anchor and alone.”
  3. Akol: This one has a Ugandan origin, meaning “one who fights alone.”
  4. Al-Farid: The Arabic own this name and it is usually given to a solo trailblazer or a torch bearer.
  5. Alph: This one belongs to the English family, meaning “one who is a loner, or lonely.”
  6. Arek: The name is of Hebrew origin, meaning “mountains of strength.”
  7. Bakar: Remember the female name Bakarne? Bakar is its male version and it means “alone.” It has a Basque origin. It is gotten from the Basque word bakarrik which means alone.
  8. Bijendu: This one is quite unique. It is of Indian origin, meaning “solitary moon.”
  9.  Cassiel: This unique name has a Hebrew origin. It is the name of the archangel that protects the Capricorns.
  10. Ceowald: This is a beautiful name with an English origin. It means “a lonely and diligent human being.”
  11. Devlin: This one looks and sounds spectacular. It is of Gaelic origin, meaning “courageous” and “fierce.”
  12. Eakant: The spelling makes this one stand out. It is of Hindi origin, meaning “alone.”
  13. Eilif: This one originated from Norway, meaning “always alive, immortal, or alone.”
  14. Eilifr: Though this name has almost the exact spelling as the previous one, it has a different origin and meaning. This one has an Ancient Scandinavian origin, meaning “one who lives alone.”
  15. Einar: This one means “one who stands alone” in the Norse language. It also means “warrior.”
  16. Eindride: This one comes from Old Norwegian ancestry. It means “alone.”
  17. Einherjar: In Valhalla, this name is usually given to their slain warriors. It means “alone.”
  18. Ekak: is a Sanskrit name, meaning “alone” or “once.”
  19. Emund: This name is common to the Swedish and Norwegian. It means “alone.”
  20. Enzo: this is one of the Italian names that I love. It means “one who stands alone” or “leader.”
  21. Eru: This macho name is short and sweet. It means “he that is alone,” and comes from the J.R.R. Tolkien’s Elvish language.
  22. Iiarik: This one has Greenlandic roots with many meanings including “one who rules alone.” 
  23. Jerker: This one originated from Old Norse, meaning “one who rules alone.”
  24. Kamehameha: With Hawaiian origin, this name means “for the very lonely one.”
  25. Monomachos: Like the names for girls, Mona and Monica, this one is also of Greek origin. It means “he who fights alone.”
  26. Naamjeevan: It looks Indian, right? Yes, it is of Indian origin and means “one whose life is lived alone.”
  27. Payekha: This name comes from Tumbuka origin, meaning “he who is alone.” 
  28. Rento: This masculine name has a Japanese origin. It means “lonely person.”
  29. Samogost: This is still another Polish name that means “alone, lonely, or solitary.” It is coined from the Polish words sam and gost.
  30. Samomsyl: This masculine name is gotten from the Polish word, sam. It means “alone.”
  31. Somadina: This name originates from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. It means “I should not be alone.”
  32. Waheed: This one has an Arabic origin, meaning “alone” or “unique.” 

Unisex Names That Mean Alone, Lonely, or Solitary

Photo of a boy and girl; names that mean loneliness are great for both boys and girld
  1. Aarick: This beautiful name has an Old Norse origin, meaning “one who rules alone.”
  2. Bedad: This one is also beautiful. It is gotten from the Bible and it means “solitary or alone.”
  3. Brody: This name means “island.” This name is more common than other names on the list.
  4. Dominic: The female version of this name is Dominica. It is from the Roman Catholic, meaning “belonging to God.”
  5. Ekaanta: This one has an Indian origin. It means “solitude or loneliness.”
  6. Enkoodabooaoo: I wonder how a name meaning “alone would be so long. But it’s fun, right? It has a Native American origin, meaning “one who lives alone.”
  7. Hitori: As you guessed, this name is of Japanese origin, meaning “alone.”
  8. Honja: This one is a Korean word meaning “alone.”
  9. Kissimmi: This indigenous American name that means “alone.”
  10. Tanamra: This one is from the Native Americans. It means “lonely wind.”
  11. Wei-jun: This is another Chinese name that I love. It means “independent, self-confident, or ambitious.”
  12. Weimin: Still of Chinese origin, this name means “innovator.” An innovator is a person that creates something new, they best work alone.

Names Meaning Lost Or Forgotten

  1. Degare: This adorable name has a French origin, and is gotten from the word egare. Egare means “lost, missing, or astray.”
  2.  Diggory: This is another striking French name, meaning “lost one.” 
  3. Gatlin: This one has an English root, meaning “lost, alone, or distant.”
  4. Leto: This one has a Greek origin, meaning “forgotten  or hidden.” 
  5. Perdido: This is a Spanish male name meaning “lost.” The female variation of this name is Perdita and means the same thing. 
  6. Qazaq: This name comes from the Turkish word, qaz,  and means“free, alone, wanderer, and independent.”


Baby names that mean “solitary, alone, or lonely” are solemn and deeply meaningful. Though they may not be popular, they are still beautiful.

We hope you found a suitable one from our list.

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