60 Top Names That Mean Prince

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Giving your little boy a name that means prince is just perfect. Everyone wants to be associated with royalty and your son will grow to love his name.

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The names listed here have been inspired by different cultures and have a rich history associated with them. Choose the one that resonates best with you.

Top Names That Means Prince

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  1. Amir 

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Amir means “prince” and it was derived from a popular Arabic word Emir which means “to command or rule”. It is the title given to elevated officials like Caliphs. One of the persons that bears this name is Amir Khan – a popular Bollywood actor.  

  1. Kumar

Kumar is a modern version of Kumara. It is a popular India name that is given as either a first or family name and it means “Prince”

  1. Adar

Adar is a Syrian name that means prince. It is the twelfth month of the religious year in the Hebrew calendar and it is also the sixth month of the civil year. 

  1. Brendan

Brendan is an Irish name that means “prince” and it is often confused with the surname Brandon.

Saint Brendan was the first European to come into America and his name has since been in use for decades. 

  1. Cynfael

Cynfael is a Welsh name that means “chief prince”. Cynfal is a variant of this name. 

  1. Griffith

Griffith is a unique Welsh name whose Irish variant is Griffin. The name Griffith means “strong chief” and it can be used as either a first name or surname. Gruffydd and Gruffudd are variations of this name.

  1. Garibaldo

Garibaldo is a unique baby boy name from German origin and it means “prince”. It is a beautiful name to consider for your little one.

  1. Mehtar

Mehtar was the title of the ruler of Chitral, a state in India. It means “prince” and it can be given as a first name but often used as a surname.The variant of this name is “Mehta”. 

  1. Vladimir

The name Vladimir is associated with Vladimir Putin-a political strongman,Vladimir Nabokov-author of Lolita, Vladimir Horowitz-piano virtuoso. It is of Slavic origin and it means “great ruler”

  1. Mael

Mael is a popular name for boys that originated from France and it means “prince” or “chief”.

  1. Brioc

Brioc is of Welsh origin and it means “mighty prince”. It is the variant of Briafael.  

  1. Regulus

Regulus is a unique name to consider for your little one. It is of Latin origin and it means”prince”.

  1. Adelio

Adelio is also listed among the names that means prince. It is of German origin and it means “the father of the noble prince”

  1. Fubuki

This is a masculine Japanese name that means “prince.”

  1. Armel

Armel has a pleasant sound and it is often used outside of France and Wales. It is of Welsh origin and it means “bear prince”. It is the name of the saint who established abbeys in Brittany.

  1. Rajah

This is an exciting Indian princely title that means “prince, chief” and it is of Hindi origin.

  1. Adhit

This is a strong Indonesian name that can be easily translated to the English-speaking world. It means “prince”.

  1. Branderic 

Branderic is a German name that originated from the elements for “king”, ”“sword,””powerful,”.

  1. Adiputra

Adiputra is a Malaysian masculine name that means “warrior prince.”

  1. Amirindo 

Amirindo is a popular name for men in Persia. It originated from the Arabic word for “prince.”

Names Inspired By Ancient Kings And Princes

Photo of a Pharoah statue; some names that mean prince are gotten from ancient kings
  1. Aeneas

Aeneas was considered an important Trojan hero, being the son of Prince Anchises and the goddess Venus.  Aeneas is of Greek origin and it means “the praised one”.

  1. Emmanuel

Emmanuel is a Hebrew name that means ‘God with us’. According to the Bible, the name was given to the promised Messiah.

  1. Egon

Egon is associated with Prince Egon Von Furstenburg-husband of the fashion designer Diane and it means ‘edge of sword’.

  1. Albert

This is a German name that means famous, noble, bright. Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was the husband of Britain’s Queen Victoria. The name was  also given to the son of Grace Kelly, Albert II of Monaco.  

  1. Charles

Charles was derived from the old German name Karl and it means ‘free man’. “Charles the Great’- Carolus Magnus was a powerful German leader. Also King Charles I and II were 17th century monarchs while Prince Charles of Wales is the longest-serving heir in British history.

  1. Ferdinand

Ferdinand is a sweet German name that means ‘bold voyager’. It is a unique name to consider for your little prince.

  1. Alexander

Alexander the Great conquered a greater part of Asia and it has been accepted as a royal name in Belgium and Scotland. It is a popular name for boys and it means ‘defending warrior’.

  1. Caspian

Caspian was the Emperor of The Lone Island and King of Narnia in the Chronicles of Narnia. It is a popular boy name that means “white”.

  1. Claudius

The first Roman emperor that was born outside of Italy was Claudius. He was also an uncle to Hamlet in the Shakespeare play.

This name has a rather unfortunate meaning which is ‘lame, crippled’. 

  1. Theodred

The short form of Théodred is written as Theo. He is the only heir of King Théoden of Rohan and it means ‘God’s gift’.

  1. Felipe

Felipe was Prince of Asturias but now King Felipe VI of Spain, after his father. It means ‘lover of horses’. 

  1. Frederick

This German name can also be spelt as Fredrik and it means ‘peaceful ruler’. Frederick the Great was the King of Prussia who changed it into the powerful Prussian empire. Variation of the name is Fred or Freddie.

  1. Magnus

This Latin name is one of the popular names amongst the royals in Scandinavia. It was also the name of four Kings in Sweden and six early kings of Norway.  It means ‘greatest’

  1. George

This Greek name means ‘farmer’ or ‘earthworker’. The eldest child and son of Prince William and Kate Middleton was Prince George-the third in line to the British throne. 

  1. Guillaume

This is the French version of William, and it means ‘resolute protection’. Prince Guillaume is the last child of the Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg. 

  1. Rainier

This German name means “deciding warrior”. It is a variant of the name Raynor and Ragnar.

Prince Rainier III of Monaco is husband to Grace Kelly, and his son is the current ruler – Albert II.

  1. Harry

Harry means ‘home ruler’ from German origin. It is a unique and popular name to choose for your prince.  

  1. Leopold

Leopold is a German name that means ‘brave people’. Its variations are Leo, Leon and Leonard.

  1. Henry

This is a German name that means ‘estate ruler’. This is the name of the infamous Henry the Eighth. The Grand Duke of Luxembourg is also named Henri- a variant of the name.

  1. Louis

Louis is the French version of “Ludwig”. It is a classic royal name that means ‘renowned warrior’

King Louis XVI, the husband of Marie Antoinette, ruled as King of France for 18 years. Prince Louis of Cambridge is also the last child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and fifth in line to the British throne.

  1. Nicholas

This Greek name means ‘people of victory’. It originated from Nike, the goddess of Victory. Nicholas II Alexandrovich Romanov was the last Emperor of All Russia. Nick is a shortened form of the name.

  1. Romeo

Romeo is an Italian name that means ‘citizen of Rome’. Romeo was one of the title characters in Shakespeare’s tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. It is also the name of David and Victoria Beckham’s sons.

  1. Fjord

The prince in Han Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid.” is named Fjord which means “passage in the sea”.

Royal Names For Boys

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These royal names are noble and you can find one that fits your son. 

  1. Adrian

This strong name was derived from the Roman emperor Hadrian, who made his army to build a huge wall in Britain.  It is of Greek origin and It means “rich”. It’s feminine version is Adriana.

  1. Christopher

This Greek name means “bearing Christ”. It has been the names of three kings of Denmark and has gained popularity in the United States, Wales, and England.

  1. Henry

Seven kings of Germany, eight kings of England, and four kings of France bore this name which is of German origin and means “home ruler “. 

  1. David

David is a Hebrew name that means “beloved”. It was the name of the second King of Israel, who killed Goliath as recorded in the Old Testament. Two Scottish kings bore this name and it has maintained its popularity in Great Britain throughout the Middle Ages and in several countries.

  1. Andrew

Andrew is a popular name that was borne by several Hungarian kings and saints. It is of Greek origin and it means”manly”. It’s also one of the names of the British sovereign Edward VIII. 

  1. Leopold

This German name means “bold”, and it is common among the royal houses of Habsburgs and Babenbergs. Leopold can be written in short form as Leo, which means Lion in Latin.

  1. Archie

Archie originated from the German name Archibald, which means “genuine and bold”. It is a popular name among several British noblemen.

  1. Augustus 

This was the first emperor of the Roman Empire who was succeeded by Julius Caesar. This Latin name means “exalted”.

  1. Edward

This is a classic royal name that is common in the history of English royals. It means “rich guard”  and eight kings have borne the name. 

  1. Umberto

This elegant and dignified name is the Italian version of the name Humbert, which means “bright warrior”. Two kings of Italy have held this name, including the last reigning king of Italy before the monarchy was abolished in 1946.

  1. Philip

Philip is of Greek origin and it means “lover of horses”. Kings of France, Macedon, and Spain bore this traditional name.

  1. Malcolm

Malcolm is a unique and strong royal name that was borne by four kings of Scotland as well as the king who killed Macbeth. It is of Scottish origin and it means “devotee of saint columba”.

  1. Muhammad

This name In Arabic means “commendable or praised”. It is the name of the founder of the Islamic religion- Prophet Muhammad. Sultans of the Ottoman Empire as well as several African kings have bore this name.

  1. Stephen 

King Stephen was the first Christian king in the Hungarian nation. The name was also borne by several kings of Serbia, England, Poland, and more. 

It is of Greek origin and it means “crown”.

  1. James

The popular James in royal circles is King James I and VI. He was the initial king of Scotland before becoming the first King of Ireland and England which formed the Kingdom of Great Britain. 

It originated from the Hebrew name Jacob which means “supplanter”

  1. Richard

If you desire that your son will have a lion’s heart, then Richard is a name to consider. Just like King Richard I of England, who was referred to as Lion Heart. It is a strong royal name that originated in Old French and it means “brave ruler”.

  1. Prince 

Yep. This seems quite obvious but what better name to give your little prince than the word “prince” itself. Using it as a first name before a middle name has a nice ring to it. Get ready though, people might actually start to ask or wonder if he is an actual prince, but of course isn’t he?

Final Thoughts

Your baby boy will always reign in your heart, so why not pick a name that befits his royalty. Also, princes are usually perfect examples of graciousness, so giving your little one a name that mean prince will help to imbibe that consciousness in him as he grows into a perfect gentleman.

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