30+ Fierce Names That Mean Tiger

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You have come to the right place if you are looking for names that mean Tiger. 

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It is a long-held belief that names have meaning and that they also have impact on the bearer’s life. 

Hearing the word “Tiger”, may bring fear and aggression to mind because we all know the Tiger to be a wild animal. But despite this, Tigers have some other good qualities that humans love about them. 

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By bearing names that mean Tiger, people wish to imbibe those qualities in their life or want to see them in the life of their kids. 

Attractive Qualities of Tiger That People Love

Photo of a baby boy; names that mean tiger will be perfect for your little tiger


Tigers are powerful animals with lots of strength. People who identify with Tiger or love them are usually born leaders. They are always leading and they will be the one to motivate their team members. 

Tigers are noble and fearless; they are respected for their courage. 

Tiger people are daring fighters, they stand and fight to the end for what they think is right. 


Tigers are beautiful, magnificent, and difficult to resist. Their natural air of authority gives them a certain prestige. They are magnetic characters. 

They are calm but tempestuous, fearsome yet warmhearted, courageous in the face of danger. 


Tigers are very confident animals. People who are Tiger people are very confident too. They also love adventure. Tigers love being obeyed and not the other way round. 


Tigers are urgent animals, they are always in a hurry to get things done, hence, they are always alone. 


Tigers dynamic. They love to work. They are hardworking and they do their job with enthusiasm and efficiency. 

Love life 

Tigers are sensitive and emotional creatures. They are capable of great love, the only problem is that they become too intense about it. 

They are also possessive and territorial. The only challenge they have when it comes to love is to grasp the true meaning of moderation. 

Male Names That Mean Tiger

Photo of a baby boy; names that mean tiger will be perfect for your little tiger


An Igbo name of Eastern Nigerian origin meaning Tiger. It is a name for men that signifies strength and being a force to reckon with. An example of this name is Agu Casmir, a popular Nigerian-Singaporean football player. 


An Arabic name for boys and it means Tiger


A sweet name of Arabic origin meaning Tiger. 


A masculine name of Sikh origin meaning Tiger and King 


An Arabic name meaning Tiger 


A name of Arabic origin meaning Tiger. 


An Indian name for boys meaning Tiger 


A male name of Egyptian origin meaning “a nature god”. It also means tiger, vigorous. 


A name of Turkish origin meaning Tiger. 


A name of Hungarian origin meaning “resembling a tiger”. 


An Arabic name meaning Tiger 


A beautiful Arabic name meaning Tiger 


A Native American name meaning Jaguar 

Namir / Nimr 

An Arabic name meaning Tiger or Leopard 


An Arabic name meaning Panther or baby Tiger 


A name of many origin (Bengali, Hindu, Punjab, and Sanskrit) meaning A Tiger


A Hindu name that means “valiant, bold”. 


A Thai name for Tiger 


An American name meaning “Resembling a tiger”

Tiga / Tige / Tigga / Tigger 

A Greek name with many variants and it means “Tiger”. 


American/English name for Tiger 


This is an Indian name meaning “Resembling a Tiger”


A name of Japanese origin meaning “resembling a Tiger”. 

Tyga / Tygga / Tyger 

A Greek name with many variants meaning Tiger 


An Arabic name meaning Lion or Tiger 

Female Names That Mean Tiger

Photo of a baby girl; names that mean tiger will be perfect for your little fierce girl


A Nigerian Name from the Southern part of the country meaning Tiger/Leopard 


A beautiful female name of Urdu origin meaning Baby Tiger 

Taika / Tayka 

A Finnish and Tongan name for Tiger respectively 


A beautiful Greek name that means Tiger 


An Irish name meaning Tiger 


A Russian name meaning Tiger 


A name of Japanese origin meaning Tiger 


Japanese name for Tiger  


Tigers are interesting animals and wishing to name your child, pet or anything after a Tiger is a good thing. We hope you find the perfect name from this post. 

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