55 Great Names That Mean Victory

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Choosing a name that means victory for your baby conveys the message that your little one is well-placed to succeed. These name options are numerous but I have taken the time to select the best of them so you can make your choice. 

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Top Names That Mean Victory

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  1. Victoria

Victoria is a cute name whose meaning can be seen at the first glance. This Latin name is borne by the Latin goddess of victory and means “victory”. It is the feminine version of the name Victor. Variations of these names include Vikki, Tory, Ria, and Vikki.

  1. Jaya

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Jaya is an Indian girl’s name that means “victorious”. A female deity in Buddhism with this name was said to have observed a period of fasting to avert a curse from her husband. This name is perfect for both male and female children.

  1. Nike

This is a Greek name that is used as a surname but also works as a first name for female children. It is the name of the Greek goddess of victory and means ‘victory’ in Greek origin.

  1. Nicholas

The name Nicholas originated from Greek with the meaning ‘victory of the people’. It is a symbol of triumph and victory. 

  1. Ziggy 

This is a unisex name that originated from German with the meaning ‘victory’. 

  1. Veronica

Veronica is a girl’s name that means ’she who brings victory’ and it is of Latin origin. The short versions of this name are Ronnie, Verity, and Nica.

  1. Nicole

This is the feminine version of the name ‘Nicolas’ from Greek origin and it means ‘victory of the people’.  

  1. Bernice

This Greek name is popular among girls’ names that mean victory. It is a sweet name I will recommend for your damsel and it means ‘bringer of victory’. Variations of this name are Bernadette and Berni. 

  1. Colette

Colette is a French name for baby girls. It is associated with Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette-a French author, journalist, and actress with the meaning ‘people of victory’. 

  1. Kai

The name Kia has different origins, one of which is Chinese with the meaning “victory”. Some of the spelling variations of this name are Ky, Cai, and Kian. 

  1. Victor

Victor is the masculine of the name ‘Victoria’. It is of Latin origin with the meaning ‘winner’. 

  1. Sixten

Sixten is a Swedish name that is common among the list of boys’ names that mean victory. Other variations of these names are Sighsten and Sigsten.

  1. Sigmund

Sigmund is a German name that can be spelled as Siegmund with the meaning “protection through victory”  The name is associated with Sigmund Freud-the famous neurologist.

  1. Colin

Colin is a popular name for boys that means ‘triumph over the enemy’. It is used as the short form of the name Nicholas and it is of both French and Gaelic origins. Colle is a variation of this name. 

  1. Alok   

Alok is a popular boy name that comes from India with the meaning ‘victorious cry’ 

  1. Andraste

This name is of Celtic origin with the meaning ‘victory’. It is a beautiful name option for your baby girl.

  1. Bearnas  

Variations of this name include Brangvy, Berna, Bernice, and Bearna. It is of Gaelic origin and it means ‘bringer of victory’. 

  1. Bernita

Bernita is a feminine name of Greek origin meaning ‘victory bringer’. it is similar to the name Bernadette.  

  1. Eunice

This Greek name is one of the top girl names that mean victory with the meaning “good victory.”

  1. Jaimin

The meaning of the name Jaimin is ‘strives to triumph’ or “one who succeeds” from Arabic origin and is a common name among Muslims. 

  1. Ajani

Ajani is a popular boy name among Nigerians that means ‘the victor’ 

  1. Kinsey

This British name works for both males and females with the meaning ‘king’s victory’. If you choose this beautiful name for your little one, the different spelling variations you have are Kinnsey and Kensey. 

Famous People That Were Victorious

Photo of people celebrating. Names that mean victory are great

In one way or another, we have learned how to overcome certain difficulties in life, whether as a toddler who had to fall severally before he could get a firm footing, or in other ways, you must have found yourself coming out strong from a challenge. Below are some people that became victorious despite the challenges that came their way.

  1. Albert 

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This German name is associated with Albert Einstein who couldn’t speak for the first three years of his life yet he had good grades throughout his elementary and primary school. Several people including his teachers did not believe in him. Still, he rose beyond every negativity.

Albert is often used as a masculine name but is also given as a first name for boys. The name means ‘noble and bright .’ 

  1. Jim 

Jim Carrey was born into a poor family who had to live in a van because of the inability of his father to get employed as a musician. He had to drop out of school to support his family but despite all these challenges Carrey maintained his dream of becoming one of the best comedians which he achieved in his time. Jim means “supplanter” in Hebrew origin.   

  1. Oprah 

Oprah Winfrey grew up in Milwaukee where she was constantly abused by her uncle, cousin, and a family friend. She finally escaped from home after getting pregnant at the age of 14 though she lost the baby not long after he was born.

Oprah decided to put her past behind her and forged ahead to achieve her dreams by excelling as an honors student in high school and also won an oratory contest which earned her a full college scholarship. She has become the richest black woman in millions. Her name comes from Hebrew origin meaning ‘fawn’. 

  1. Carr 

Kris Carr had gone for her routine check-up when she was diagnosed with a rare and incurable Stage IV cancer known as epithelioid hemangioendothelioma, present in her liver and lungs.

Instead of breaking down and losing hope, she decided to attack cancer with a new nutritional lifestyle and eventually turned her experience into a series of successful documentaries and self-help books.

Today, she has launched a wellness site that has over 40,000 followers and she is recognized as one of the prominent experts on healthy living. Her cute name is Irish and means ‘short of height’. 

  1. Stallone

Sylvester Stallone’s mother suffered complications during labor for his birth which forced her obstetricians to prescribe two forceps. This unfortunately resulted in a severed nerve that resulted in paralysis on a part of Stallone’s face, tongue, lip, and chin.

Despite this incident, Stallone turned out to become one of the most successful actors. His name is used as both a first name as well a surname and it comes from Italian origin with the meaning ‘cow stable’.

  1. Frederick 

Frederick Douglass was born into slavery and separated from his parents but he taught himself how to read. He was the leader of the abolitionist movement and stood as a living counter-example to slaveholders’ arguments. His German name means ‘power’ or ‘ruler’. 

  1. Thomas 

Thomas Edison showed an extraordinary commitment to his work despite failing up to 10,000 times before he successfully invented the light bulb.  His name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘twin’.

  1. King

If you are considering a name that will motivate your little one into becoming a leader, the name is a unique one to consider. It means “ruler” or “monarch” of British origin.

Stephen King’s first novel-Carrie was rejected by 30 different publishers and he became frustrated that he threw the novel into the waste bin. His wife later found out and encouraged him to finish it. 

The same novel along with other books written by King has sold more than 350 million copies, and Carrie turned out to become an outstanding novel with several films connected to that name.

  1. Benjamin

Benjamin Franklin had dropped out of school when he was only ten due to financial constraints. He decided to figure out a way to help himself by learning to read by himself which was well rewarding for him.

His name comes from Hebrew origin meaning  “son of my days”.

  1. Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton was only thirteen years old when she her left arm was bitten off by a shark during a surfing accident while others would have accepted defeat,  Hamilton returned to her surfboard after a month to continue practicing and just two years after, she won first place in the Explorer Women’s Division of the NSSA National Championships. Her name is of British origin meaning “flat-topped hill”.

  1. Walt  

This German name means” commander of the army” and it is also a short form for Walter.

This name was borne by Walt Disney who was fired from his first job after his newspaper editor told him he wasn’t creative enough, he also made Disney’s animation studio, Laugh-O-Gram become bankrupt. However, Walt never gave up on himself.

He soon began creating cartoons and this was the beginning of his breakthrough.

  1. Juliane

17-year-old Juliane Koepcke was alone in the Peruvian rainforest for more than 10 days, after surviving a horrific plane crash that killed her mother and 90 others. She had a mini-dress on, a single shoe, and having lost her glasses, she managed to safely guide herself until she was rescued and reunited with her father. 

Her name is common among girls’ names of Latin origin and it means ‘youthful’. 

  1. Michelina

Michelina is a Hebrew name that means ‘who resembles God’, a beautiful feminine name that was borne by Michelina Lewandowska whose boyfriend became bored of their relationship and decided to kill her.

He hired a friend to help trap her in a cardboard box which he buried underground but Michelina was saved through the help of her engagement ring which she used to cut her way through.   The name is a female variant of Michael and Michaela is one of its spelling variants. 

  1. Nguyen

In an attempt for Ba Van Nguyen to save himself and his family from an incoming incursion into Saigon by the North Vietnamese, He loaded his wife and three children into Chinook, the largest helicopter belonging to the South Vietnamese Air Force and while they were in the air, he realized he was low on fuel but he was able to quickly recognize a  fleeing Captain whose crew members will help to catch his family members as they jump out of the helicopter while he saved himself by ditching his Chinook at sea. 

Nguyen and his family finally settled in Seattle. This unique name of his remains an amazement to those who witnessed his bravery and it is a good name option for a baby boy from Chinese and means ‘musical instrument’. Spelling variations to this name include Yuen, Nyguyen, Ruan, and Yuan.

Unusual Names That Mean Victory

Photo of children holding a trophy. Names that mean victory are great
  1. Nilsa

Nlisa is a lovely Danish name for your baby girl with the lovely meaning “winner.

  1. Nyla

If you want a stunning Arabic name, Nyla will just be right for you with the meaning “one who achieves” or “winner”.

  1. Kinna

This Welsh name means “greatest champion” and it is a beautiful name option for your angel.  

  1. Latoya

Latoya is of Greek, Latin, and Crete origins with the meaning ‘victorious one’. Toya is sometimes used to address girls that bear this name.

  1. Sia

This name is suitable for a girl that will be a tough competitor. It means ‘victory” in Norse origin.  

  1. Vittoria

Vittoria is a unique name from Italian that serves as a good alternative to the name Victoria. Your little hero will be worthy to bear this name that means ‘triumphant’.

  1. Covy

Covy is a masculine name with variations that includes Covey, Cody, and Cobthach. This sweet Irish name means “victorious.”

  1. Yaroslava

The name Yaroslava is the feminine version of the name ‘Yaroslav’ with the meaning ‘strong and glorious’ and comes from Russian. 

  1. Zafreen

This Arabic name is a common name for girls in the Islamic religion and has the meaning”victorious”.  

  1. Ajay

Ajay originated from Sanskrit with the meaning “unsurpassed” or “unconquered”.  

  1. Chaiya

Chaiya is a gentle name that originates from Thai and has its meaning as “victory”. It is a cute name to consider for your baby boy.  

  1. Kolja

I love this German name which has the meaning “victory of the people.” Another spelling variation is Kolya.

  1. Zafar

Zafar is a beautiful Arabic name that means “victory”.  

  1. Fawaz

For a sweet male Arabic name, Fawaz is a good choice. It is a popular name among those of the Islam religion and it means “winner”.

  1. Garmon

Garmin is a British boy’s name meaning “overcomer or winner”.

  1. Jaikara

This cute Indian name means “victory belongs to me.” You can consider this name for your baby girl.

  1. Katsu

This is a strong Japanese unisex name that means “win* or “victorious”.

  1. Larsen

This Scandinavian name will give you a modern feel with the meaning “one who achieved a great victory” and can be given to both males and females.

This name is related to laurel trees which are symbols of victory and success.

  1. Panya

Panya is a name that works well for both males and females. It has Russian, Swahili, and African origins with the meaning “crowned one”.

Final Thoughts

Having gone through the different categories of names that mean victory including names borne by famous people who overcame their challenges, I hope you have found a name that suits you and will be loved by your little one when they grow up.

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