40+ Unique Nepali Baby Boy Names

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Do you need an adorable Nepali baby boy name for your son? You are at the right place. People will easily tell that your baby is Nepali when you give them Nepali names.

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But not all Nepali names scream “Nepali.” Some are so modern that people will barely know. Also, you can use them for your son, even when he is not Nepali.

We have some great names here with mind-blowing meanings. We believe that you will find a name that you love.

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Nepali Sanskrit Baby Boy Names

  1. Aanga

This lovely Nepali baby boy’s name of Sanskrit origin means “yard”. This name is believed to create a versatile, expressive, and happy nature for your child. It is also believed that children with this name will act responsibly and have good business judgment.

  1. Aabesh

You may not like the meaning of this name, but what’s the trouble in adding it? This name means “anger, short-tempered.” It may not be what you want, but it could remind your son to be more patient in life.

  1. Aabishkar

This is still another lovely one from Sanskrit. It means “one with creative abilities.” This is more like a prophetic name for your baby because it will inspire your baby to learn creativity and apply it in his life.

  1. Aadesh

This one sounds like a name for a prophet. It means “command, message, instruction, or counsel.” It is excellent for a boy whose birth inspires a message to your family. 

  1. Chhetri

This Nepali Sanskrit name means “member of the warrior class or dominion power rule.” It is the name given to the caste of military elites and government officials. 

  1. Indra

This one is unique and means “possesses rain.” It is a common name in India, having a Sanskrit origin. This name is used to describe the ancient Vedic deity in Hinduism. They believe that this deity is linked to lightning, the sky, and rain.

This name is unisex and was even the name of a crown Nepalese princess who reigned from 1926 to 1950.

  1. Dhonu

This one connotes royalty. It means “king” This Nepali Sanskrit name is usually associated with good-looking people.

  1. Deviance

This one originated from Sanskrit and Nepali. It means “presence of god, part of god, or a part of lord Krishna”. It is commonly used by people of the Hindu religion.

  1. Tyag

This one means “sacrifice or one who doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice.” This name has a Nepali Sanskrit origin and is commonly used by people of the Hindu religion.

  1. Unnat

This one means “progress, development.” It is an adorable boy name that is used by people of the Hindu religion. 

People that have this name are believed to be focused, intelligent, studious, introspective, intuitive, preserving, refined and gracious. 

  1. Unnabh

This one means “the peak, the highest.” It is a great name that will inspire your son to achieve his greatest potential.

This name is commonly used by people of the Hindu religion. 

  1. Yadav

This one is “the name of Lord Krishna.”  It is believed that Lord Krishna is a descendant of Yadu. This name is commonly used by people of the Hindu religion.

  1. Yatindra

This Nepali Sanskrit name is “the name of lord Indra.” It is commonly used by people of the Hindu religion. People with this name are believed to be idealists, visionaries, and great dreamers.

Unique Nepali Baby Boy Names

Photo of a baby boy. Nepali baby boy names are unique
  1. Deepson

This one doesn’t only sound great, it has great meanings too. It means “best person ever, bright, or son of a light.” The name can also be spelled Dipson.

This name works both as a first name and surname. It is also very unique, ranking as the 7,593,402nd most popular surname in the world.

I wonder how people just let such a sweet name slip. The name really got my attention.

  1. Dennis

This name in Nepalese means “happy, joyful.” It is also a greek name, meaning “follower of Dionysius.” Dionysius is the ancient Greek god of wine. 

The Nepalese meaning brings a sigh of relief to this name. If you loved the name, but didn’t feel comfortable because of the Greek meaning, use it for the Nepalese.

  1. Drupadh

This is another lovely Nepali Sanskrit name with a great meaning. It means “the great king.” This name is commonly used by people of the Hindu religion.

According to its numerology, people with this name will be aristocratic, compassionate, generous, sophisticated, creative, and self-sacrificing. But they should beware that they don’t become discontent, self-pitying, arrogant, and ego-centric.

Since it is a two-syllable name, it will be easy to find a suitable middle name.

  1. Dharma

The first thing that came to my mind immediately I saw this name was ‘Karma.’ but it is not so farfetched. Dharma means “ultimate law of all things.” It also means “religious law.”

Karma on the other hand means “following as an effect from cause.”

Dharma is such a beautiful name that you wouldn’t love to miss. If you already have a name for your boy, give it to your baby girl. It is a gender-neutral name. 

  1. Faneel

This one sounds special, meaning “sea waves.” This name is so unique that you can barely find the meaning on the first page of Google after a search.

This name is Nepalese and commonly used by people of the Hindu religion.

This name has Pythagorean numerology of 7, according to western numerology. Hence, there is a tendency that your baby will always be thirsty for knowledge. This can drive him to become an academician. 

  1. Gagan

This one is also adorable, meaning “heavenly, sky.” This name has a Nepali Hindu origin. 

  1. Ganesh

This name is a diminutive of the name “Ganesha.” Ganesha is the Hindu god of wisdom. The name means “lord of the throngs.”

This name will inspire your baby to overcome every life obstacle no matter how many they are.

Ganesh is a common name used by Indians. It is the name of the Indian actor and TV presenter, Ganesh Kishan.

  1. Girish

This Hindu name has a Sanskrit origin, meaning “lord of the mountain.” It is a common male name in India, which can also be spelled “Gireesh.”

It is the name of the Indian cinematographer, Girish Gangadharan, and television actor, Gireesh Sahedev.

  1. Hem

This one means “golden son or gold.” It is a rare Indian name that is mainly used for boys. This name can be used as a first name or surname.

Nepali Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Photo of a boy. Nepali baby boy names are unique
  1. Abiral

This is a Hindu name for boys that mean “never-ending.” It is believed that those with this name are great at generating ideas. They tend to be attractive, charismatic, and influential. However, these people may be talkative.

  1. Ahupathi

This one means “a devotee, follower of the prayer.” This name is numerology of 3 with many positive attributes attached to it. It will inspire your boy to be youthful, jovial, optimistic, artistic, joyful and inspiring.  

This name will also inspire your child to be friendly and social. They will not have difficulties having a mental and emotional balance. 

Nepali Baby Boy Names Starting With B

  1. Babik

This one means “revolution.” It is a Nepali name of Hindi origin.

It is commonly used as a surname in Russia and Poland. For these countries, the name means “son of an old woman.” They also use this name as a nickname.

  1. Badal

This one is a Sikh name that is commonly used in India. This name means “rain or cloud.”

It is a short name with only two syllables. It shouldn’t be difficult to find a suitable middle name for it. Also, it will match many surnames, despite the length. 

  1. Baburam

This one sounds like a good name for a pacesetter. It means “head of an uprising, leader of a rebellion.” It was used to describe lord ram as a leader.

This name will inspire confidence in a child. The bearers will not be afraid to tow a different path because that is what leaders do.

  1. Batsa

This one is short and direct. It means “son.” This name is the Nepali variation of the name Vatsa. It has a Hindu origin.

  1. Bhintuna

Imagine giving your boy a name that is limitless. This name is indeed limitless as it means “wishes.” 

That means your son is your deep heart’s desire. It also means that you have a greater chance of your son making your wishes a reality as they grow.

  1. Bappa

This name is commonly used by Indians because of its relation to their god, Lord Ganesha. It means “universal father, brave.”

  1. Bibidh

This one means “miscellaneous”. Funny, right? But that’s not all. The name also means “different.” So, when they want to classify your child under the “miscellaneous” class, the name reminds them that he is different, unique, and deserves a special mention.

  1. Bishwaraj

This one means “ruler of the world.” It has a Hindu origin.

Nepali Baby Boy Names Starting With C

Photo of a baby boy. Nepali baby boy names are unique
  1. Chitavake

This one means “the eye of lord Shiva.” This name has a Nepali Hindu origin and offers a strong aura of prudence and keenness to detail.

  1. Chetan

This one means “full of consciousness, or spirit full.” Chetan is a word of Hindi origin. It was derived from the Sanskrit word chaitanya. It is commonly used for boys.

Nepali Baby Boy Names Starting With K

  1. Kabir

This lovely masculine name has two origins, Hindu and Arabic. It means “great, very great.” This name is the 37th name of God in Islam and is common among the Muslim community.

  1. Kamal

This one means “lotus, pale red” in Sanskrit. The name also originated from Arabic, Persian, and Turkish. 

The Arabic meaning is “superiority, perfection, distinction.” The Persian meaning is “excellence, perfection, beauty, utmost level, competition.” Turkish on the other hand means “encirclement, siege, blockade.” This name is common among the Muslim community. 

One outstanding people with known by this name is Director Kamaluddin Mohammad, who directed the film Malayalam.

  1. Kanchan

This one means “gold.” That sounds like a great name for your precious boy. This name evokes a sense of worth. And the people that have the name will likely be intuitive, intelligent, and graceful and even have some tendencies of being psychic.

  1. Karun

This Nepali boy’s name conveys tenderness. It means “compassion, tenderness, mercy.” This name is commonly used as a first name and surname. It is not a common name.

  1. Kovid

Sounds like covid, right? Yea, it actually relates to it.  This name means “scholar, wise, coronavirus.”

This is a rare name of Hindu and Sanskrit origin. It may remind people of the pandemic that took away their loved ones in 2020, but that doesn’t make the name bad. 

Nepali Baby Boy Names Starting With M

Photo of a boy. Nepali baby boy names are unique
  1. Madan

This name means “God of love, cupid, Lord Krishna.” It is a Hindu Nepali name. 

According to this name’s numerology, this name is believed to inspire a child to be protective, balanced, responsible, nurturing, friendly, sincere, generous, and compassionate.

  1. Madhav

This one means “sweet like honey, lord Krishna.” Not many boy names have this meaning, which is why you should cherish this one. 

This name has many origins, including Assamese, Hindu, Nepali, Marathi, and Oriya. However, they still have the same meaning.

  1. Mahindra

This one means “a king, lord of the earth.” You can also spell this name, Mahendra. This is a highly respected name in Nepal because it was the name of their king, Mahendra of Nepal, who ruled from March 13, 1955, to 1972 when he died.

  1. Milan

This one means “gracious, dear, kind.” The name also means “union” and has a Hindu origin.

This name is quite popular across the globe. It is used in Serbia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, and many other places.

Nepali Baby Boy Names Starting With N

Photo of a boy. Nepali baby boy names are unique
  1. Neel

This one is a color-related name, meaning “blue vitriol, indigo-dye, and a sapphire.” It has a Sanskrit origin and is used by Indians.  This name is also used in Latin-speaking countries. In Latin, it means “horn, champion.”

It is even the name Neel Jani, a Swiss professional Porsche factory driver.

  1. Nigam

This one means “path, market, determination.” It has a Hindi origin.


Most Nepali boy names are unique. Your boy may be the only one with that name in his class or school. Isn’t that great?

We hope that you found a suitable name from our list.

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