14+ Creative & Cool Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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There is no news as exciting and exhilarating as finding out that you are pregnant. For many parents-to-be, this exciting news is more priceless than even winning a lottery ticket. For first time moms – there is this overwhelming feeling and you might not know how to announce this great news, so the need for these pregnancy announcement ideas.

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For most moms-to-be, they cannot keep the news to themselves – they want to tell friends and family immediately while others might want to take their time before embarking on the pregnancy announcement. However, it is usually exciting to share this big news with friends and family with some creativity and style.

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Usually, parents might come up with different pregnancy announcement ideas depending on who they are sharing the news with. In the early days of pregnancy – the baby bump is usually not noticeable, so sharing the sonogram image with close family members is the most popular method.

But when the news is to be shared among friends and other family members – the mom-to-be might choose to wait till the end of the first trimester (when the bump is slightly visible) as the most suitable time for the pregnancy announcement.

So, the list of the best pregnancy announcement ideas is endless.

The following are fun ways to announce your pregnancy to grandparents, family and friends;

Are You Ready For The Pregnancy Announcement?

This should be done when you are most comfortable – a mom-to-be should not be under any form of compulsion or pressure to get this done, it is purely your call.

In announcing your pregnancy, it is often advisable to first share the news with close family members because finding out along with everyone else might create a feeling of hurt; the same applies to close friends.

Besides, social media can also be used to make the pregnancy announcement instead of personally sharing the news from person to person.

So, the most popular time to announce your pregnancy is at the end of the 20 weeks (4 – 5 months) mark when the ultrasound findings are certified alright and the gender has been confirmed. It is important to wait this long because of the risk of miscarriage which is rampant during the first trimester.

Photo of a woman holding baby shoes to her belly; a pregnancy announcement idea

How To Announce You Are Pregnant

As a first-time-mom, you need to know that there are rules and guidelines that you must first obey before the excitement gets out of hand.

The following are the tips that must be strictly adhered to as you prepare for your pregnancy announcement:

Your partner should be the first to know about this great news if both of you did not find out together – you can make this as cute and exciting as possible.

The next set of people to know are the ones that are the closest to you. It would not be good if the soon-to-be grandpas or grandmas find out on Facebook, they will feel unimportant – just a phone call is all that is needed to change the scenario.

Do not be forced in letting out the news if you are not ready. People can force words out of your mouth when they start noticing certain changes in you.

You must be mindful of your audience as most of the pregnancy announcement ideas are suitable for sharing on social media, mailing a card, or sent via text messaging.

Cute Ways To Announce Pregnancy

The Use Of Baby Onesie

Photo of a couple holding a onesie; a pregnancy announcement idea

This announcement is worth the wait. You could take a personal picture or with your partner holding a personalized baby cloth and sharing all the excitement. Besides, you could have your personalized message on the baby’s clothing. This is sure to linger for a long time in the memory of those who witnessed the pregnancy announcement.

Announce It With A Mug

You could buy a personalized pregnancy announcement mug in telling your friends that you are pregnant. This is one of the cute ways to announce a pregnancy on Facebook.

Little Shoes

With this amazing pregnancy announcement idea, telling your friend you are pregnant just got cute and simple. Take a nice picture showing dad, mom, and beautiful baby shoes.

Pregnancy Announcement Through Balloon Celebration

Photo of a couple with a balloon announcing the pregnancy

Making use of balloons is not only used at birthday parties, or even gender reveal parties – they could also be used as a powerful tool in announcing pregnancy at a family gathering.

Revealing the Sonographic Image

Photo of a couple holding an ultrasound; a pregnancy announcement idea

The use of a sonographic image is one of the cute pregnancy announcement ideas that show that there is a baby on the way. You could also take a picture with a pet if you have one- this would add color to the announcement.

Making Use Of A Baked Item

You do not need to be a baker to get this done. Make any baked goods or order from a local baker, then the next thing is to add the ultrasound to it to pass the message.

The Use Of Sole

This pregnancy announcement idea is a further improvement of the little shoe idea announcement. Here, the birth month and year of both the soon-to-be parent and the expected delivery month of the unborn cutie are used.

Surprise Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Your Partner

Create A Daddy T-Shirt

Make a t-shirt for your partner with the word “Daddy” boldly written on it. Walk across the room having your t-shirt with “Mommy” written on it and break this amazing news to him.

What’s Cooking Treat?

This can be funny and exciting if well coordinated. You can drop your positive pregnancy test result, a beautiful write-up, or a poem inside the fridge – your partner will soon visit the fridge either for a drink or food.

Under Construction Pregnancy Announcement

Before making his way through the door, use caution tape to block off a room in your house and write “Nursery Under Construction; Opening Soon (delivery month)”  

Create A Pet Shirt

You could create a shirt or order one. Let the announcement be boldly written on the shirt, have the pet adorn the shirt, and let your partner get a warm welcome from the pet as they walk through the door.

Create A Bottle Label With Your Announcement

You could cover the bottle of fruit juice with your label having the pregnancy announcement information. So, serve for you and your partner and pretend it’s champagne. Your partner might be confused noticing it’s a non-alcoholic drink – then reveal the label and have him examine it. Your partner might then call for a real drink to celebrate this announcement.

Creative Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy To Your Parents (In-Law)

Coffee Mug

This is simple and direct. Serve up their favorite beverage inside a Grandpa and Grandma mug – and here comes the surprise!!

Create A Pregnancy Announcement Calendar

Design a beautiful calendar for the soon-to-be Grandpas and soon-to-be Grandmas, and then clearly mark the expected delivery date on it and add a beautiful picture. Instruct them to open to your due date – and this will make them have something to look forward to.

Use Baby Onesie

If you have any special family occasion coming up, you could create a cute onesie with the announcement boldly written on it and present it as a gift to them.

A Special Handwritten Note

Handwritten notes to parents could be thrilling but when its content relates to pregnancy announcement, then the excitement is out of this world. You could either use plain stationery or fancy papers. It is the news that thrills them not the type of paper. Try to get it delivered yourself to catch all their beautiful reactions.

Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Siblings

Notice Of Eviction

Have you got an older child? If yes, then snap the child with an eviction notice attached to their crib. This is another best way to announce pregnancy to the world.

The “Only Child” Status Is Expiring

This is a bitter truth that might be difficult to swallow. Have a shirt with this inscription the “Only Child” Status Is Expiring. Take a snapshot and share it with the world.

Hello, Is There Really A Baby In There?

While your child speaks to your baby bump through a can and string, have the picture taken and send it to friends and family members – they will love this cute pregnancy announcement.

Twin Pregnancy Reveal Ideas

Eating For Three

This is one of the most cost-effective, simple, and very effective ways of announcing your twin pregnancy. So, you will snap yourself while eating one of your favorites and inscribe it as “Eating For Three”

Two Are Due

Simple and direct – take a picture of yourself showing your baby bump and put the caption “Two Are Due”

Final Words

Now that you have these cute pregnancy announcement ideas, choose the one that best suits your personality. So, whether you are announcing to your friends, family members, soon-to-be grandparents, or the entire world – you cannot go wrong with any choice you make.

However, as you get ready for this important part of your pregnancy journey – get creative and stylish because it will leave everyone laughing and the memory stays with them for a long time to come. You can kick it up a notch by revealing the gender of your unborn baby, check out these awesome gender reveal ideas.

So, enjoy all the fun and excitement as you go through the pregnancy cycle, have a safe delivery!!!!  

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