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35+ Royal African Names That Mean King

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Are you looking for a rare and beautiful name for your baby boy? Why not consider African names that mean king. 

image of african names that mean king

Africa is the second largest and the second most populated continent in the world after Asia. There are lots of interesting languages in Africa. 

In this post, we have selected beautiful African names that mean king for baby boys. 

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This name is of Yoruba origin and it means “crown”. Even though this name does not mean king exactly, it actually relates to kingship because there can be no king without a crown. 

In Yoruba language, Ade appears as a prefix or a suffix to many names and some of them are: 

  • Adewale means “the crown has come home”. This name is usually for a boy child born into a family with royal connections. 
  • Adebolu means “crown meets mushroom”. When this meaning is fully expanded, it means “crown meets life or crown meets seed”. 
  • Owoade means “crown wealth”. 
  • Adeniyi means “the crown has value”. 
  • Adegoke means “the exalted leader”. It also means “the crown”. 
  • Adeyemi means “fit to be a leader”. 


A name of Ghanaian origin which means “king of the path”. Popular namesake is Addo Akufo-Addo, the current president of Ghana. 


This name originates from the Jukun tribe in Nigeria and it means “king”. It is pronounced AH-ku. 

Ara, Araa, Arah, Arra

A name of Arabic origin which means “king”. 


An Arabic name which means “king or prince”. 


A Swahili name for men. It means “son of a chief, the king to be, a prince”. 


This name is of Igbo origin and it mean “God is the king”. 


A masculine name of Igbo origin which means “powerful ruler”. 


This name is of Benin origin in Southern Nigeria and it means “the king’s word”. 


This name means “king” and it is of Eastern Nigeria origin, from the Igbo tribe. This name is popular among the Igbo tribe both as a first name and also as a surname. 


An Igbo name which means “king of yams”. 


This beautiful name is of Igbo origin and it means “the king rules”. 


An Igbo name for men which translates to “the people’s king”. 

Photo of a handsome boy, african names that mean king are awesome


This name is a title for kings in Eastern Nigeria, of the Igbo tribe. It means “king”. It is a title that is highly revered in this region and it is reserved exclusively for royalty. 


This is a title given to the traditional king of Buganda, a tribe in Southern Uganda. 


This name is of Tswana origin and it means “chief or king”. It is a common name in South Africa and it is used as a surname among families whose lineages are traced to royalty. It can also be used as a first name. 


A male name of African origin and it translates to “the great ruler or the great man”. 


Arabic is a popular language in Africa, especially in Northern Africa and Malik is a male name of Arabic origin which means “king or sovereign”. 

It is a name common among the sub-Saharan people and it is also a title found among the desert tribe of Africa, most especially those influenced heavily by Islamic religion or Arabic culture. 


This name is from the Tswana tribe of South Africa and it is derived from Nkosi which means “king”. 

The name Mandlenkosi means many beautiful things; it means “king, power, and strength”. This name is common among males of noble descent. 


A male name of Mali origin which translates to “king”. It is a title given to rulers of the Mali empire. This name also means “emperor, conqueror” and a famous namesake is Mansa Musa, who was not only a great king but a rich one who crashed the economy of a city he was passing through by buying their stuff. 

He still remains the richest man in history to ever walk the earth and he was estimated to have a worth of $400 billion in today’s currency. This makes Bill Gates’ $80 billion-worth a joke. 


This name is a title for a ruler in Swahili. 


A name of Swahili origin and it means “king”. 


A name of Kenyan origin which means “supreme king or ruler”. 


A male name of Tanzanian origin that means “great king”, it also means “greatest ruler”. 


This name is of Yoruba origin of Western Nigeria and it means “king”. 


A Yoruba name for men and it means “great ruler of the world”. 


A Kenyan title for a ruler or a warrior. 


A name of Southern Nigeria origin, from the Urhobo tribe. It means “king, leader, or chief”. 

Photo of a handsome boy, african names that mean king are awesome


This African name means “Nubian king”. 


This is another name of Arabic origin meaning “ruler”. In the desert tribe of Africa, it is a title reserved for the ruler. There are sultans in Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon, etc. 


This name originates from the Ancient Ethiopian kingdom and it means “he who inspires awe”. This name is a title given to kings in Ethiopia and it was made popular by Haile Selassie II of Ethiopia. 

His birth name was Mekonem Ras Tafari. He became famous when he successfully invaded European armies. Some people of Jamaica still call his name till date “Rastafari” and they call themselves “Rastas”. 

Zoeb, Zoheb, Zohaib 

A male name of Arabic origin which means “king or leader”. 


Names have a significant impact on the personality and upbringing of a child. African names that mean king is a good option if you want your child to become a leader. 

These names also remind the world that Africa should not just be known for slavery and poverty. It was once a continent of thriving empires with stupendous wealth. 

These names carry a sense of self-worth and pride and help to bring back the glory of Africa. 

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