60 Sweet Names That Mean Precious

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The word “precious” signifies something of great value so giving your little one a name that means precious implies that he or she is of great value to you. Your child will also grow up with a sense of being important which will reflect on their performance in life. 

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I have compiled a list of amazing names that mean “precious” which you cannot resist. It includes the popular and not-so-popular yet unique ones. Go through and choose the perfect one for your child.

Popular Names That Mean Precious

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  1. Nidhan

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This Sikh name will be a nice one for a baby boy. It means “a collection of precious things” and is a popular name among those who practice Judaism.

  1. Padak 

This Indian boy name is a simple one that means “one who is precious”. It is also a common name among those that are of Judaism by religion.

  1. Supal 

This is another boy name that is of Indian origin with the meaning “precious time”.

  1. Chichima 

This cute name sounds cool and befits a lovely damsel. It comes from Igbo-Nigerian origin with the meaning “sweet and precious girl”. 

  1. Lanna

Lanna is an English name for girls. It is easy to pronounce and perfect for a cute baby. It is the feminine version of the name “Alana” and it means “precious”. Lanna is a lovely name that will remind your daughter of her worth.

  1. Amber 

Amber has both English and French origins which both mean “a precious jewel”. This unique name also has roots in Sanskrit with a different meaning which is “the sky.” It is a popular girl’s name.

  1. Maggie

Maggie is a cute girl’s name that comes from Greek. The name is sometimes used as a nickname for Margaret and it is a suitable one for a princess like your daughter. It means “pearl.”  

  1. Ophia

This is a Hebrew girl’s name meaning “very precious person”. It is a unique name for an adorable baby.

  1. Kamaya

Kamaya is of Hawaiian origin meaning ‘precious one’. It is a cool name to give to the baby girl that you believe brought you happiness. 

  1. Aasmaa

Aasmaa is a sweet baby name for girls that originated from Arabic origin. It is common among those of the Islamic religion and it means “precious”, or “excellent”.

  1. Adaya

Adaya is a cute baby girl name, a variant of Adaiah, of Hebrew origin with the meaning “precious charm of God”. 

  1. Abrik

Abrik is a sweet boy name with Indian and Sanskrit origins, sounds lovely, with the meaning “precious like gold”.

  1. Eadild                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Won’t you love an English name as “Eadild” which is both cute and sounds lovely for a princess that is believed to bring good fortune? The name means “a fortunate and precious person”. 

  1. Gemma 

Have you heard of this cool-sounding name that originated from Latin with the meaning ‘precious stone’? It is perfect for a girl child. 

  1. Alanin

Alanin is a boy’s name that comes from Arabic origin meaning “ a precious little boy”. You can consider this name if you are expecting a baby boy. 

  1. Nageenah  

This Arabic name is common among the list of girl names and it means ”precious stone”. People who bear this name can also have it written as Nageena and they are mostly Muslims. 

  1. Agan 

Agan is a lovely name for a beautiful soul. It is of both Scottish and Indian origins with the meaning, “a very expensive precious stone”. It is can be given as a first name to either a male or a female. 

  1. Jawahara 

This name is a popular girl name among Muslims. It is a good name option if you are looking for a name for an adorable damsel like yours. From the Arabic origin meaning “jewel”. 

  1. Kaari 

This is an attractive name that comes from Nordic origin and is suitable for a baby girl. It means “precious stone”.

  1. Manikarnika

Manikarnika is a beautiful girl’s name that means “precious jewelry for the ear” and comes from Indian origin. 

  1. Diamonique 

This adorable name is of English origin and a good name option for a darling daughter. It shows off your affection for your little one.

  1. Emuobosa 

This name is used to express excitement. It is of Nigerian origin with the meaning “our own thing is precious”.

  1. Jaydee

This English name is suitable for both males and females with the meaning “precious stone”.

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Unique Names Meaning Precious

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For unique name options, check out this list.

  1. Godiva 

This name has English and Anglo origins with the meaning “God’s gift”. It is a rare but unique name you should consider for your daughter. Godifu is a variant spelling of this name and it is associated with a popular story of Lady Godiva who rode naked through the town of Coventry and was covered only by her long hair.

  1. Sapphire                                                                                                        

Sapphire is a precious blue stone often used as a priceless jewel. These stones represent beauty, inner peace, and prosperity. It is given as a first name for a girl and means “blue.”  

  1. Eben

This is a Hebrew name that was derived from the name Ebenezer and it is suitable for your male child. It has a lovely meaning which is ”precious stone of help”. 

  1.  Mathias                                                                                                                          

This is a popular name among those of the Jewish and Christian faith. It has both Greek and Hebrew origins with the meaning “miracle” and “gift of God” respectively. 

  1. Jonah

If you feel your child is of great value, the name “Jonah” is one to choose for him. It is a masculine name that originated from Hebrew and has a beautiful meaning which is “precious dove”. 

  1.  Anum                                                                                                                             

This is a girl name that is common among those of the Muslim faith. It originated from Egypt and has the meaning “blessing of God” or “the mercy of Allah”. 

  1. Attaullah

Attauliah is an Arabic name that is given as a first name to a baby boy. It means “gift of Allah” and it is also used as a surname.


  1. Divamani 

This is an Indian name that means “precious wisdom of divinity”. It is unique for boys that reflects wisdom and charisma.

  1. Jhulier 

People who bear this name are believed to have the ability to handle every kind of person. The name originated from India and it means “precious”.  

  1. Kito

The name Kito is a boy’s name that originated from Swahili origin with meaning ‘a precious stone’.

  1. Manil

This is an amazing baby boy name that comes from Indian origin meaning “jewel of a son”, is a perfect name for a precious baby boy. People with this name are often Hindu by religion.

  1. Naadir

This is another Arabic name for a handsome boy. The name means “a precious gift”.

  1. Takato

Takato means “precious measure of exaltation” in Japanese origin and is a good name option for a baby boy.

  1. Gem

This is a sweet Latin name. It means “gem or jewel” and it remains a unique baby name.  

  1. Jasmine

The name Jasmine comes from Persian origin with the meaning ”gift from God.” It was derived from the word ” Yasmin,” which refers to a plant and is very lovely for a girl child. 

  1. Emerald

This is a unisex name that comes of English origin. Emerald is a precious rock and it is given as a first name meaning “green gemstone.”  

  1. Preshy

This is a cool nickname for the name “precious”. It is a common name of African origin with the meaning “precious” and works for both males and females. ‎

Names With Precious Meaning   

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Some names do not carry the meaning “precious” but they have meanings that are precious to parents which makes them attractive as well as irresistible and a perfect option for their newborn.

  1. Gianni 

This is the short version of the Italian name “Giovanni”. It is a beautiful masculine name with the meaning “God is gracious”. 

  1. Bozidar

This is a boy’s name of Slavic origin which means “God has been gracious”. It is a cute name suggestion for a lively baby.  

  1. Kedrick

Kedrick is an Old English name that is usually given to a baby boy and means “kind and loved”. 

  1. Charis 

This Greek name for baby girls is connected to the goddesses of fertility, human creativity, charm, nature, and beauty. It means “kindness” and “grace”. 

  1. Adiya 

Those that bear this name are usually males who are Hindu by religion. It originated from the Arabic origin with the meaning “God’s treasure” or “precious possession”.  

  1. Aghigh 

This is another name with a precious meaning that comes of Persian origin and it is popular among Muslims. It means ‘treasured or precious’.  

  1. Aghla 

Aghla is a rare but unique name of Arabic origin that is suitable for a princess and has the meaning ‘most precious’ or “dearer”. 

  1. Bahurai 

You will love this cute name for boys that comes from Hindu origin with the meaning “treasures”. 

  1. Cherish 

This English name is as cute as its meaning. Though it is very popular among the names given to baby girls some parents who admire the name give it to their baby boys. It means “beloved”. 

  1. Dayandhi 

Dayanidhi is a baby boy name that is usually used as a first name by those in the Hindu religion. It has lovely meanings which are “precious treasure”, “treasure house of mercy”, “kind”, and “compassionate Lord”. 

  1. Ermenhilda 

Ermenhilda is a lovely unisex name that has Portuguese and Spanish origins with the meaning “huge treasure”. It is common among those of the Christain faith. 

  1. Harto 

The German and Indonesian meanings of the name Harto are “treasure”. This masculine name will be a good choice if you are expecting a boy. 

  1. Inioluwa 

Inioluwa is a perfect name option for both males and females. It comes from Yoruba origin and means “’acquiring God’s treasure”. Those that bear this name are usually Christians by religion. 

  1. Jasper 

Jasper is a masculine name that has both Persian and Kenyan origins which means ‘one who brings treasure’. 

  1. Kansa 

Kansa is an Arabic name that is usually given to females with the meaning ‘to stay in peace”. 

  1. Lakita 

The name Lakita means ‘treasure that is found’, a good name option for your baby girl and it comes from Arabic origin. 

  1. Corwin

Corwin is a masculine name that has both English and Gaelic origins with the meaning “heart’s friend or companion”.  

  1. Ayne 

Ayne is a common unisex name of German origin that means ‘fountain” or “spring”. It can be seen in different places in the Quran.  

  1. Barkat

Barkat is a sweet girl’s name that comes from Arabic origin and means “miracle”. It is the plural version of the name Barakat which is associated with Adib Barakat- a Syrian footballer.

  1. Amadeus

This is a rare name that originated from the Latin word “Ama”. It can be given to reflect the level of love you have for your son and it means “one who loves God”.

Final Thoughts

Your child is your most treasured possession so why not choose a name from these names that mean precious to express how much they mean to you.

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