80 Charming Baby Boy Names Ending in “N”

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There are many sweet baby boy names ending with N. We have compiled a list of both classic and contemporary boy names ending with N. Whether you just had a baby boy, or you are preparing for a son in the future, you will find the names on this list useful.

image of baby boy names ending in n

Unique Names That End In N

  1. Clayton:  this beautiful name is related to a place, meaning “ a town on a clay land.” It has an English origin.
  2. Emerson:  this one is an English name, meaning “Emery’s son.” Emery on the other hand means “powerful, industrious.” Emerson is a name for boys, but Emery is a unisex name. The name Emerson is among the top 100 boy names in the US. It fits well as a sibling name for Elijah, Ethan, and others.
  3. Florian: this one is also English, meaning “flower, flowering.” It is a beautiful name for an adorable baby boy.
  4. Franklin: this one is quite popular in the US. It means “a free man” and has English ancestry.
  5. Graysen: like the name, it means “grey-headed, son of Gregory, son of the Gray family.” It originated from English ancestry.
  6. Harrison: this one is quite popular and means “son of Harry.” It originated in England.
  7. Ian: this one is Scottish and quite popular. It is an elegant baby name, meaning “God is gracious.”
  8. Joaquin: we particularly love this baby name for boys. It originated from Hebrew ancestry and means “established by God.” You can also call your child Joachim which is the Spanish and German versions of this name. Your child’s nickname can be Juan, Joan, or Jose if you give him this name. 
  9. Kayleon: this is another beautiful one from Israel. It means “loveable.” This name is packed with so much beauty and even sounds great too.
  10. Lochlann: this one is unique, even from the pronunciation. It means “home of the Norse.” It has an Irish origin.
  11. Quentin: this one is a unique French name, meaning “the fifth.” This name may best fit your fifth born, but you can also give it to your son if you love it.
  12. Sullivan: this one will fit a brown or dark-eyed baby boy more. It means “dark-eyed” and originated from Irish ancestry.
  13. Tristan: this one means “outcry, tumult.” The name originated from French ancestry and is derived from Tristam, a Celtic name.

4 Letter Boy Names That End With N

Photo of a cute boy, there are awesome baby boy names ending in n
  1. Dean: this one is quite popular in colleges, and it means just what you think it does; “head or leader of the pack.” This name is popularly used in the UK.
  2. Dion: this four-letter name for baby boy ending with n means “God of wine and revelry.” The term originated from Greek ancestry.
  3. Evan: this one is common to the English and originated there. It means “God is good.”
  4. Finn: this one has Gaelic roots, meaning “small blond soldier.” The name is beautiful and quite popular.
  5. Iman: this name has an Arabic origin, meaning “God is with us. The standard version of this name is Emmanuel which has the same meaning.
  6. Ivan: this one means “God is good” and comes from Slovakian descent.
  7. John:  this one is Hebrew and was the name of a disciple of Jesus, who wrote a book in the bible. This name means “God is Gracious.”
  8. Kian: This one is short, sweet, and has Gaelic ancestry. It means “ancient, archaic.” It is a great name for a child with so much wisdom.
  9. Leon: this one is derived from the name Leonard, meaning “like a lion.” It has a Latin origin and is popular in the US.
  10. Owen: this one is quite popular because of the wrestler, Kevin Owen. The name means “young fighter” and has a Celtic ancestry. The name is gotten from the name Eugene.
  11. Ryan: this one is derived from two Gaelic words, Righ, meaning king, and an, meaning little. This name is quite popular in the US and stayed on the chart of the top 20 boys’ names in the US from 1976 to 2010. 
  12. Sean: this is another heavenly name that you will love. It means “God is gracious” and comes from the Irish lineage.
  13. Zion: this one is Hebrew and commonly used by Christians. The name means “excellent, a sign.” This name is known to inspire spirituality and faith in a child.

5 Letter Boy Names That End With N

Photo of a cute baby, there are awesome baby boy names ending in n
  1. Aaron: this is another Hebrew name that rang so loud in the Bible. It means “enlightened” and was the name of the priest that was appointed by God to minister alongside Moses, Israel’s top leader.
  2. Afton: this one is Irish and means “from the Afton river.” The Afton River is at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the United States.
  3. Aiden: you will love this Scottish and means “fire, fiery.” It is a great name for a radiant baby boy.
  4. Ailin: we love this Irish name. It means “handsome” and is a great name for a handsome man. 
  5. Alvin: this is another one from Germany, meaning “wise and noble friend.” This name is quite classic and is the name of the key character in the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks. Your baby will be happy to hear his name there.
  6. Baron: this one means “nobleman.” It has a German origin.
  7. Colin: this adorable name means “young boy, of a triumphant people.”
  8. Damon: this one is Greek and commands loyalty. It means “loyal, constant.”
  9. Declan: this one is a classic name that became popular in the 5th century. The name has an English origin and is derived from Deaglan, an Irish name. It means “full of goodness, and man of prayer.” It was the name of Declan of Ardmore (Saint Declan), an Irish preacher and missionary.
  10. Dylan: this one is quite popular in the US and works well as a name for boys as well as girls. It has a Welsh origin and was the name of the “god of the sea” from their mythology.
  11. Ethan: this is also from Hebrew ancestry. It means “constancy, strong, firm, famous.” The name is quite popular in the US.
  12. Flynn: this one is Irish and means “son of a red-haired man.”
  13. Gavin: this one originated from Welsh, meaning “hawk of the battle: white hawk.”
  14. Irwin: this one has an English origin, meaning “sea lover.” This name will fit your baby if he loves water. It is an adorable name.
  15. Jason: this baby’s name is very meaningful. It means “the healer, to heal.”
  16. Kenan: this name is unique, meaning “archaic and old fashioned.”
  17. Nolan: this is a classic baby name for boys, meaning “famous, champion.” It has an Irish origin.
  18. Orson: this one is a name we so love. It means “a bear or bear cub” and has a French origin.
  19. Robin: this is another famous name that means famous. It has a German origin and means famous, bright, and shining.” This name became popular, thanks to the movie, Robin Hood.
  20. Rowan: this one is Irish and means “red.” It is a popular baby name in the US.
  21. Rylan: this one means “island meadow” and has an Irish origin.
  22. Simon: this one is a popular biblical name and the name of Jesus’ two disciples. This name has a Hebrew origin, meaning “hearing or listening.” 

6 Letter Boy Names That End With N

Photo of a cute boy, there are awesome baby boy names ending in n
  1. Adrian: this one is of Latin and Greek origins. The Latin one means “son of Adria” while the Greek means “rich.” The feminine version of this name is Adrienne or Adriana. 
  2. Bensen: this 6-letter name is one of a kind. It means “Ben’s son” and is a variant of the name Benson. It has an English origin.
  3. Boston: this is the name of a city in America. It originated in America.
  4. Carson: this is another English name that we love. It means “son of Car” and is quite popular. This is the surname of Dr. Ben Carson, the doctor that successfully separated Siamese twins. Hence, this name is associated with greatness. 
  5. Cayden:  this one means “battle.” It has an Irish origin and ranked #264 in the list of popular names in the US.
  6. Colton: this one has British roots and means “coal town, swarthy person, settlement.” This name is common in the US.
  7. Damian: this is another Greek name to be loved. It means “sweet and harmless.” You can also spell this name “Damien.
  8. Jayden: this is another name for thanksgiving of American origin. It means “God has heard.”
  9. Layton: we love this name. It means “the meadow farm” and originated from English ancestry.
  10. Morgan: this is another popular name that we love. It means “fighter of the sea” and has an Irish origin.
  11. Nathan: this one originated from Israel. It means “gift of God” and is a biblical name. It is the name of the prophet that God sent to King David after he committed sin with Bathsheba, the mother of Solomon.
  12. Paxton: this one originated from Latin-American and means “a town of peace.” It is an adorable baby name for a child you want to bring you peace. 
  13. Preston: you will love this name if you are a spiritual person. It means “spiritual place” and has an English origin.
  14. Reuben: this one also comes from the Hebrews, meaning “behold, a son.” This is also a Biblical name, the name of the first son of Jacob, who was later renamed, Israel.
  15. Samson: this one also originated from Hebrew and means “as bright as the sun.” This is a Biblical name, the name of a judge in Israel that had the greatest physical strength. However, this judge was brought down by a lady, Delilah.
  16. Saxon: this one originated from English descent, meaning “dagger or a short sword.” This name is great if you want it to remind you of an old event, maybe something related to your son’s birth.
  17. Warren: who wouldn’t love this name, especially when it gives a sense of wealth (because of Warren Buffet)? The name originated from the English lineage and means “a defender and loyal one, the gamekeeper.”

Muslim Boy Names Ending With N

Photo of a cute baby boy, there are awesome baby boy names ending in n
  1. Aaban: Arabic-speaking countries truly understand the beauty behind this name. It is the name of the 8th Persian month and also means “angel of iron.” It is a great name for a boy with supernatural strength.
  2. Ahsan: this one is an Arabic name meaning “perfection, excellence.” It means “gratitude” in Sanskrit.
  3. Arzan: this one originated from Indian and means “worth.”
  4. Azlan:  this one means “lion.” People with this name are believed to have great leadership skills and will also do well as celebrities.
  5. Faizan: this is another Arabic, Bengali, and Urdu name adored by Muslims. It means “ruler, beneficence, successful.” The Arabic meaning is the most pronounced, which is “generosity, benefit.” You can use this name as a first name or surname. It is also spelt as Faizon, Faizan, Faizaan, Faydhan, etc.
  6. Irfan: this Muslim name is loved by many. It means “wisdom, thankfulness, knowledge.”
  7. Izaan: this one has an Arabic origin and means “disciplines, obedience.” This name is commonly used in the US.
  8. Izyan:  this one is also of Arabic origin, meaning “one who possesses wisdom.”
  9. Mizan: this one is quite unique and means “scales, balance.” It is a Muslim boy’s name.
  10. Moin: this is another beautiful name that we love. It means “helper, supporter.”
  11. Noman: this is a core Muslim name, meaning “men with all blessings of Allah.”
  12. Shayaan: this one means “intelligent” and is commonly used by Muslims.
  13. Suhaan: this name is familiar to Indians, and it is a Muslim name. It means “pleasure, pride, unique.”
  14. Zaroon: this one sounds unique. It means “visitor.”
  15. Zohan: this one has an Indian origin, meaning “gift, a gift from God/Allah.”


That’s our list of 80+ baby names ending in N. Did you find one that you like? Maybe you have a name in mind that didn’t make it to our list. Please mention it in the comment section below, we would love to hear from you. 

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