50+ Cute White Baby Girl Names

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Do you need a white name for your baby girl? If yes, then you are at the right place because in this post, I have compiled a list of white baby girl names that are attractive and have great meanings. Some of them are associated with wealthy and powerful white women. This will help to inspire and groom your little one into the woman you want her to become.

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White Baby Names Inspired By Rich Women

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Giving your baby girl the name of someone who has made it in life, will inspire her to become one.

  1.  Alice

Alice Walton is the name of one of the notable America rich women who by early 2021 turned out to be the richest woman in the world. It is an Old French name that means “kind”.

  1. Meghan

Meghan Duchess of Sussex is another notable personality with a successful career both before and after her marriage. This Welsh name means “pearl”.

  1. Priscilla

Priscilla Chan is one of the most popular wealthy women in the tech industry who named her daughters August and Maxima. It is an English name that originated from the name ‘Prisca” and means ‘venerable”

  1. Elizabeth

This name is one of the special names to consider for your baby girl because it is connected to Queen Elizabeth II- the British monarch who reigned the longest in history. Her name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. This Hebrew name means “God is my abundance”.

  1. Kim

Kim Kardashian is also a wealthy and famous businesswoman who named her daughters Chicago and North. This British name is the short form of Kimberly and means “Cyneburg’s meadow”.  

  1. Melinda

Melinda Gates is a wealthy and notable American philanthropist whose middle name is Ann. The name means “sweet” in Latin origin.

  1. Gwen

You can also consider Gwen for your baby girl. It is the name of the successful entertainment professional Gwen Stefani. She released the popular song “Rich Girl” that featured Eve in 2004. This Welsh name means “holy”.

  1. Joanne

Joanne Kathleen Rowling is assumed as the world’s first billionaire author. It is of Latin origin, the feminine version of John and it means “God is gracious”.

  1. Scott

Mackenzie Scott changed her name from Bezos to separate herself from her ex-husband’s to trend the path of a philanthropist. From the Scottish origin and means “Scotsman”. 

  1. Julia  

Julia Koch inherited a 42% stake in manufacturing and fossil fuel conglomerate Koch Industries after the death of her husband,-David Koch. The Latin name means “youthful”.  

  1. Mars

Jacqueline Mars owns about one-third of Mars Inc.- the private confectionery company that produces candy staples like M&Ms. Mars is a Latin name meaning “God of war” 

  1. Abigail 

Abigail Johnson owns about a quarter of her grandfather’s Fidelity investments. Her grandfather is the chairman and CEO of Fidelity Investments. This Hebrew girl’s name means “my father’s joy”.

  1. Kroenke

Ann Walton Kroenke is the oldest daughter of Bud Walton-brother to Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart. After her father died, she inherited her stake in the mega-retailer and. She is also married to Stanley Kroenke who is worth $8.3 billion. Kroenke means German of German origin.  

  1. Parry

Parry-Okeden inherited a 25% stake in Cox Enterprises after the death of her mother -Barbara Cox Kennedy. Parry means “son of Harry” of Welsh origin.

  1. Miriam 

Miriam is the wife of casino magnate and Republican kingmaker Sheldon Adelson, who owns about 50% stake in Las Vegas Sands. Miriam is a Hebrew name that means “wished for a child”.

  1. Susanne

Susanne Klatten owns over 18% of German automaker BMW, which she inherited from her parents-Johanna Quandt and Herbert Quandt. Susanne is an Egyptian name that has Susann and Suzanne as variants. It means “lotus flower”.

  1. Fontbona

Fontbona is the widow of Chilean magnate Andrónico Luksic. Her husband died of cancer after building a fortune in mining and beverages. Therefore she and her family owned copper mines in Chile through Antofagasta Plc. Unfortunately, the origin and meaning of this name is yet to be known.

Uncommon White Baby Girl Names

  1. Imogen

Imogen was derived from Shakespearean printer’s misspelling of the name Innogen which he used for a character in one of his plays, The name is of the Celtic origin and it means”maiden”.

  1. Claudia

This classic name is the feminine variation of Claude. It originated from Roman and means “lame; enclosure”.

  1. Ida

Ida is a rare name that is gradually replacing Ava. It originated from German and means “industrious one”

  1. Agnes

The name variation of Hagne is Agnes and it is associated with St. Agnes, a very popular saint. Agnes is from Greek origin and it means”pure”. 

  1. Orla

Orla is an Irish name that is connected with the high king Brian Boru who had his sister, niece, and daughter bearing this name. It means “golden princess” and is usually spelled as Orlaith or Orlagh.

  1. Inaya

Inaya is a soft Arabic name that means “care”. It is a beautiful name that is perfect for your baby girl and it can also be spelled as “Anaya”.  

  1. Aoife

Aoife originated from the Irish word aoibh which means “beauty.” This unique name is borne by several heroines of ancient Irish legend, one of which is the fiercest woman warrior who was an enemy of her twin sister-Scathach.

  1. Kiki

Kiki has both Japanese and French roots and means “double happiness” The name is associated with Artist Kiki Smith-a popular contemporary representative who was an inspiring heroine of Zadie Smith’s novel titled “On Beauty”.

  1. Alba

The Latin name “Alba” which means”white” has gained popularity through Jessica Alba-an actress who became a baby-product mogul.

  1. Romy

Romy is a name variation for Romana, Rosemary, Romilly, and Roma. It is of origin and associated with Romy Schneider-an Austrian actress  

  1. Constance

Constance is a strong English name that means “steadfastness” and a variation of the name Constantia.

  1. Niamh

Niamh is an Irish name that originated from the name “Niam”. It means “bright” and was borne by the daughter of the sea god who fell in love with Finn’s son Oisin and took him to the Land of Promise, where they remained for three hundred years. Niamh has other versions which are Neve, Nieve, and Neave.

  1.  Ines 

Ines gained its popularity from the true story of the thwarted lovers King Peter of Portugal and Queen Ines of Castro. The Italian name means “pure” and also a variation of “Agnes”.

  1. Caoimhe

Caoimhe is of Irish and Scottish roots which means “beautiful”.

  1. Gaia

This Greek name is an attractive one that sounds sweet and beautiful as it’s meaning; “rejoicing”.

  1.  Eilidh

Eilidh is of Gaelic origin, the name version of Eleanor. It is a rare girl name that means “radiant one”.

  1. Pippa

This English name means “lover of horses”. It is a name variation of Philippa and has become popular in Robert Browning’s dramatic poem-“Pippa Passes”. 

  1. Billie

Billie is a name that sounds boyish whereas it is a popular English name for girls that means “resolute protection”. It is associated with the notable Billie Eilish..

  1. Viola

Viola is a Latin name with a lovely meaning “violet” which is associated with a flower.  

Unique Names For White Girls

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  1. Belle

This is a soft-sounding white baby girl’s name of French origin that means “beautiful”. It is the short version for Isabella. 

  1. Carmel

This Hebrew name means ‘garden’ and is perfect for your baby girl. 

  1. Dahlia

Dahlia is an Old English word derived from a flower known as “Daisy” and it means ‘Dweller in the valley’. 

  1. Eden

Eden is a Hebrew word that means “Delight”. This is a beautiful name with a sweet meaning that can add sweetness to the life of your little one.

  1. Fern

Fern represents a green plant that loves shade. It means “white shoulder” and originates from English. 

  1. Gardenia

This is another unique white baby girl name you can consider for your damsel. It originated from English and means ‘the flower’  

  1.  Ireland

This white girl’s baby name originates from the word Eriu-the Gaelic goddess of sovereignty. It is an Irish word that means “fertile land”.

  1.  Jade

This cute girl’s name is of Spanish origin and means ‘Stone of the colic’ . It is believed that the green stone has the capacity to cure colic in babies when placed on their stomachs.

  1. Jasmine

Jasmine is a sweet white baby girl’s name that originates from Persian and means “gift from God”. 

  1. Katherine

This Latin name means “pure”. If you desire a life of purity for your little one, then this is a good name option you should consider.

  1. Layla

Layla has Arabic and Hebrew origins that both share the same meanings which are “dark” or “night”. It is a cute baby girl name every parent would love.

  1. Nora

This Hebrew feminine name is a variation of the name Norah which means “light.”. Its other variations are Nur, Nura, Noor, Noora, and Nour. It is also used as a nickname for Eleanora and Eleanor.

  1. Lily

Lily is a Latin girl’s name that means “pure”. It is a beautiful name that can be used to form compound names such as TigerLily, or Lily-Rose. Lillie and Lilly are variations of this name.

Photo of a cute girl;  white baby girl names are awesome
  1. Saffron

The Arabic name is a unique feminine name that means “yellow flower”. The name is connected to a popular flower that is often used as a dye or spice for making bright orange-yellow coloring on fabrics and dishes.

  1. Violet

This amazing girl’s name is of Latin origin and means “purple”.  It is associated with strength, grace, and regality.

  1. Ruby

The Latin name Ruby means “precious red stone”. It sounds unique and it is a  beautiful name for a baby girl.

  1. Rosemary

Rosemary is a combination of the Latin name “Rose” and the English name “Mary”. It means “dew of the sea” and is commonly used as a white girl’s name.

  1. Savanna

Savanna is of Spanish origin and means “open plain”. It is an angelic girl name to consider for your little one.

  1. Valentina

Valentina is the feminine version of Valentinus. It is a Latin word that means “strong” or “healthy”.

  1. Willa

Willa is a popular German name that means “protection”. It is the feminine version of the name Willow or William.

Final Thoughts

White baby girl names are beautiful, with lovely meanings. I hope our list was helpful and you found a perfect one for your damsel. 

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