150+ Best Middle Names for Benjamin

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Are you expecting a boy soon? Benjamin is a lovely name to consider. This name carries a sense of endearment. Hence, it is usually given to the dearest child.

benjamin middle names

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However, Benjamin is a three syllable name, and it may be tricky to find a suitable middle name. The case is even trickier if your baby has a long surname. 

Not to worry, this post has a list of potential middle names that will effortlessly fit with Benjamin. Read on to find the one you love the most.

Benjamin Name Meaning

Benjamin is a male name of Hebrew origin. It means “son of the right hand or son of the south.” it is a Biblical name derived from the Hebrew word Benyamin which means “son of the right hand.”

In the bible, Benjamin was the name of Jacob’s last son, the direct brother of Joseph in the Old Testament.

According to the Biblical story, Jacob so loved Benjamin because he was the son of his second and dearest wife, Rachel. Joseph was the first son of Rachel who Jacob also loved. Jacob only had Benjamin to adore after Joseph was sold to slave masters. 

Hence, Benjamin is believed to be the name given to dearly beloved children, especially the last child. 

Benjamin is also used as a slang in the US to refer to the $100 bill.

This name is pronounced as BEN-jah-min.

The feminine version of Benjamin may be Benjamina or Benjamine. However, these names are not usually used.

Alternative Spellings For Benjamin

Photo of a boy running.

Benjamin has different spellings according to culture. They are:

  • Beniamino – Italian
  • Benjaminas – Lithuanian
  • Běnjiémíng – Chinese
  • Binyamin – Arabic
  • Bünyamin – Turkish
  • Peni – Hawaiian
  • Venyamin – Russian

Nicknames For Benjamin

  • Ben 
  • Benj
  • Benj
  • Benji
  • Benjie
  • Benno
  • Benno
  • Benny
  • Benny
  • Benson
  • Benzino
  • Jam
  • Jamie
  • Jamin
  • Min

Famous People Named Benjamin

Your baby will have many famous namesakes, including:

  1. Ben Carson

We know him as Ben Carson, but his full name was Benjamin Solomon Carson. He is a popular neurosurgeon who first separated conjoined twins, who were joined at the back of their heads.

  1. Pope Benjamin II Of Alexandria

This was the Coptic pope between 1327 and 1339.

  1. Benjamin Bratt

This is an American actor and producer. He was born in 1963.

  1. Benjamin Netanyahu

This one is an Israeli prime minister that was born in 1949.

  1. Benjamin Wildman-Tobriner

This one is a professional Olympic swimmer and former world record holder.

How To Choose A Suitable Middle Name For Benjamin

Photo of a cute boy. Benjamin middle names are cool

Here are some great but simple steps for choosing a good middle name for Benjamin.

  1. List out the middle names you like

You will find a thousand and one potential middle names you like. Don’t go for the first. Write out a comprehensive list of the names you want and pronounce them alongside the first name you’ve chosen.

Also, practice calling out the potential three names. Keep changing the middle name until you find the one that sounds best. 

  1. Check for the name’s meaning

Names are believed to impact a child’s life; hence, you must find a name with good meaning.

Benjamin is a great name with a lovely meaning. And some middle names will add more meaning to your boy’s name.

  1. Consider your baby’s potential nickname

Benjamin is a long name. So, people will likely call your son Ben, alongside the middle or surname. People have a funny way of creating weird meanings out of nicknames.

For instance, if you call your baby Benjamin Dover, his nickname will likely be Ben Dover. People can change the name to Bend Over…lol. You should be careful with names like that.

You should also consider the initials too. Your son’s classmates can make a funny nickname out of an ill-sounding initial.

  1. Consider your family tradition

Your family traditions may require that you follow some strict rules when naming your baby. It may be for you to honor a family member with middle name.

Consider these rules before choosing a middle name for Benjamin.

One Syllable Middle Names For Benjamin

Photo of a boy
  1. Benjamin Brian 
  2. Benjamin Cale
  3. Benjamin Cole
  4. Benjamin Craig
  5. Benjamin Dean
  6. Benjamin Finn
  7. Benjamin Flint
  8. Benjamin Fox
  9. Benjamin Jake
  10. Benjamin James
  11. Benjamin John
  12. Benjamin Kade
  13. Benjamin Kane
  14. Benjamin Kent
  15. Benjamin Luke
  16. Benjamin Miles
  17. Benjamin Nash
  18. Benjamin Noah
  19. Benjamin Park
  20. Benjamin Roy
  21. Benjamin Ryan
  22. Benjamin Troy
  23. Benjamin Wade
  24. Benjamin Zane

Cute Middle Names For Benjamin

Photo of a boy
  1. Benjamin Aaron
  2. Benjamin Adam
  3. Benjamin Alan
  4. Benjamin Alexander
  5. Benjamin Allen
  6. Benjamin Andrew
  7. Benjamin Bradley
  8. Benjamin Carter
  9. Benjamin Charles
  10. Benjamin Charlie
  11. Benjamin Christopher
  12. Benjamin Daniel
  13. Benjamin David
  14. Benjamin Dover 
  15. Benjamin Edward
  16. Benjamin Eli
  17. Benjamin Emmett
  18. Benjamin Eric
  19. Benjamin Ethan
  20. Benjamin Francis
  21. Benjamin Garret
  22. Benjamin Graham
  23. Benjamin Harrison
  24. Benjamin Henry
  25. Benjamin Jacob
  26. Benjamin Jaxson
  27. Benjamin Jeffery
  28. Benjamin Jeremiah
  29. Benjamin Jonathan
  30. Benjamin Joseph
  31. Benjamin Keaton
  32. Benjamin Kyler
  33. Benjamin Lawrence
  34. Benjamin Lennox
  35. Benjamin Leo
  36. Benjamin Leroy
  37. Benjamin Levi
  38. Benjamin Lewis
  39. Benjamin Louis
  40. Benjamin Lucas
  41. Benjamin Matthew
  42. Benjamin Michael
  43. Benjamin Milan
  44. Benjamin Milo
  45. Benjamin Monroe
  46. Benjamin Morgan
  47. Benjamin Nathan
  48. Benjamin Nathaniel
  49. Benjamin Oliver
  50. Benjamin Owen
  51. Benjamin Odell
  52. Benjamin Parker
  53. Benjamin Patrick
  54. Benjamin Porter
  55. Benjamin Pryce
  56. Benjamin Quinn
  57. Benjamin Raife
  58. Benjamin Ralph
  59. Benjamin Ray
  60. Benjamin Reed
  61. Benjamin Reid
  62. Benjamin Rhys
  63. Benjamin Ricardo
  64. Benjamin Rowan
  65. Benjamin Russell
  66. Benjamin Samuel
  67. Benjamin Seth
  68. Benjamin Slade
  69. Benjamin Stephen
  70. Benjamin Sutton
  71. Benjamin Talbot
  72. Benjamin Theodore 
  73. Benjamin Thomas
  74. Benjamin Wesley
  75. Benjamin William 
  76. Benjamin Wyatt
  77. Benjamin Xander
  78. Benjamin Zachary

Hispanic Middle Names For Benjamin

Photo of a boy on a tricycle. There are many middle names for Benjamin
  1. Benjamin Adrian
  2. Benjamin Agustin
  3. Benjamin Alberto
  4. Benjamin Alejandro
  5. Benjamin Alfredo
  6. Benjamin Alonso
  7. Benjamin Alvaro
  8. Benjamin Andres
  9. Benjamin Antonio
  10. Benjamin Bautista
  11. Benjamin Benicio
  12. Benjamin Camilo
  13. Benjamin Carlos
  14. Benjamin Cesar
  15. Benjamin Cruz
  16. Benjamin Dante
  17. Benjamin Diego
  18. Benjamin Eduardo
  19. Benjamin Elias
  20. Benjamin Emiliano
  21. Benjamin Emilio
  22. Benjamin Enzo
  23. Benjamin Felipe
  24. Benjamin Fernando
  25. Benjamin Franco
  26. Benjamin Gilberto
  27. Benjamin Homero
  28. Benjamin Hugo
  29. Benjamin Ignacio
  30. Benjamin Izan
  31. Benjamin Javier
  32. Benjamin Jeronimo
  33. Benjamin Joaquin
  34. Benjamin Jose
  35. Benjamin Leonardo
  36. Benjamin Leopoldo
  37. Benjamin Lorenzo
  38. Benjamin Lucas
  39. Benjamin Luciano
  40. Benjamin Marco
  41. Benjamin Martin
  42. Benjamin Matias
  43. Benjamin Miguel
  44. Benjamin Natalie
  45. Benjamin Nicolas
  46. Benjamin Rolando
  47. Benjamin Salomon
  48. Benjamin Tomas
  49. Benjamin Xavier

First Names For Middle Name Benjamin

Photo of a boy running. There are many middle names for Benjamin
  1. Andrew Benjamin
  2. Christopher Benjamin
  3. Cole Benjamin
  4. Cyrus Benjamin
  5. Daniel Benjamin
  6. Eli Benjamin
  7. Elliot Benjamin
  8. Everett Benjamin
  9. Felix Benjamin
  10. Gavin Benjamin
  11. Grant Benjamin
  12. Joel Benjamin
  13. Jonah Benjamin
  14. Jonah Benjamin
  15. Joshua Benjamin
  16. Keith Benjamin
  17. Kyle Benjamin
  18. Lucas Benjamin
  19. Luke Benjamin
  20. Lyle Benjamin
  21. Malcolm Benjamin
  22. Oliver Benjamin
  23. Owen Benjamin
  24. Reid Benjamin
  25. Reid Benjamin
  26. Rhys Benjamin
  27. Rory Benjamin
  28. Ross Benjamin
  29. Samuel Benjamin
  30. Sean Benjamin
  31. Taylor Benjamin
  32. Tyler Benjamin
  33. Walker Benjamin
  34. Wesley Benjamin

Sibling Names For Benjamin

You may already have a Benjamin and are looking for the perfect sibling name for his brother or sister. The names below sound great.

Photo of siblings

Brother Names For Benjamin

  • Arthur
  • Asher
  • Christopher
  • Daniel
  • David
  • Devon
  • Edward
  • Emir
  • Gabriel
  • Henry
  • Issachar
  • Jameson
  • Jesse
  • Joseph
  • Judah
  • Kelvin
  • Lane
  • Lane
  • Lawrence
  • Levi
  • Maxwell
  • Naphtali
  • Nathaniel 
  • Reuben
  • Rio
  • Roland
  • Samuel
  • Simeon
  • Wesley
  • William 
  • Zachary
  • Zebulun

Girl Names That Go With Benjamin

These names will sound great for Benjamin’s sister.

  • Adalyn
  • Alaina
  • Annie
  • Dorcas
  • Elizabeth
  • Elaina
  • Everlee
  • Helen
  • Jane
  • Judith
  • Leila
  • Mary
  • Paris
  • Prisca
  • Priscilla
  • Summer
  • Summer
  • Zoe


Benjamin is a sweet classic name that is popular amongst parents. It is also a strong biblical name commonly used by Christians. We hope you found a suitable middle name for your Benjamin on our list.

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