40+ Wonderful Names That Mean Savior

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Every parent wants their child to be both their savior and that of people around them. The list of names that mean savior provided here will help you to make a good choice and imbibe a sense of responsibility in your little one to be beneficial to the society.

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Boy Names Meaning Savior

If you are expecting a baby boy, one of these names that mean savior will be a good option for him.

  1. Chadd

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This is an English name that is popular among the names for boys and it means “protector”. 

  1. Dinanatha

This is a lovely name your son will love when he grows up. It may be difficult to pronounce but it has a great meaning. It means “savior of the poor” and comes from Indian origin.

  1. Jesus

The name Jesus was derived from the name Yeshua which is of Hebrew origin meaning “my savior is God”.

  1. Elisa

Elisa is a boy’s name that comes from Hebrew origin meaning “my savior is God”.

  1. Harry

Harry is a sweet name that originated from the German word “Heinrich” meaning”estate ruler”. It is a name variation of Harrison as well as Harold.

  1. Sal

Sal comes from Hebrew and American origins with the meaning “savior” and is very lovely as a masculine first name.

  1. Xavier

You will love this rare baby boy name that comes from Latin and means “savior”.

  1. Blaz

This is a German name that is suitable for a baby boy and means “unwavering protector”. 

  1. Eumann

This Scottish name is an attractive one your son will love when he grows up. It is cute and means “rich protector”.

  1. Ned

Ned is sometimes used as a pet name for Edward, Edwin, Edmund, and Edgar but it is also given as a first name for males. It is of English origin and means “guardian of the wealthy”.

  1. Soterios

This is a strong name that comes from Greek origin and is suitable for an active baby boy. It means “powerful and savior”. 

  1. Skoldofr

This Icelandic boy’s name is a cute name option for a cute baby and it means “a savior wolf”. 

  1. Nagpal

Nagpal is an Indian name that is given as a first name to males and has the meaning “savior of snakes”.

  1. Salvino

Salvino is a Latin name for boys meaning “protector or savior”.

  1. Joshua

Joshua is a popular name among those of the Christain faith and is often given as a first name to male children. It is of Hebrew origin and means ‘my savior is God’.

  1. Xalvador

This masculine name is sometimes written as Salvador. It is of Spanish origin with the meaning “savior”.

  1. Ansel

This Hebrew name is popular among the names given to male children and you can as well consider it for your son. It means “a protector”.

  1. Aimon

Aimon originated from Irish origin, a very befitting one for a prince hence making it a perfect choice for your little one. It means “a rich protector”. 

  1. Ehno

Ehno is a lovely name that has its roots in Italy, a nice one for a male child with the meaning “protector”. 

  1. Amanpal

This boy’s name has its roots in India and it means “one who protects peace”. 

  1. Sasha

Sasha is a unique boy name that originated from Russia and means “a savior”. 

  1. Wanikiy

Wanikiy is an American name for boys that you may choose for your son. It has the meaning “savior”.

  1. Ray

Ray is a masculine name that was derived from the name Raymond which originated from German with the meaning “wise protector”.

  1. Liam

Liam is a short version of the name Uilliam and also a modernized alternative to the name William. It comes from Irish origin meaning “protector” and “warrior”.

Girl Names Meaning Savior

Photo of a woman stretching out her hand to someone who wants to help her up. Names that mean savior are unique and great
  1. Ajita

I love the name Ajita for its cuteness and strong meaning. It has its roots in Hindi and is a common name given to girls with the meaning “unconquerable”

  1. Rosetta

Rosetta is a variation of the name Rosa. It comes of German origin and means “noted protector.”.

  1. Imala

Are you in search of a cute name for your cute angel? Imala which has its roots in America is one to consider. It means “strong-minded” – an attribute that makes a savior different.

  1. Tesha

Tesha is a modern name for girls. It is from Greek with the meaning “guardian” and tops among feminine names.

  1. Malin

This is another form of Magdalene and a good one for a sweet baby girl. It is of Finnish, Scandinavian, and, Swedish origins and means “strong little warrior.”

  1. Delmira

This cute name for girls comes from German with the meaning “noble protector.”

  1. Sasha

The name Sasha means “to defend” in Greek origin and is a unique name option for a strong baby girl. 

  1. Louella

Louella is a rare name from German origin with the meaning “famous warrior”. 

  1. Victoria

This beautiful name speaks a lot of its meaning at first sight. It is a perfect name to prove that no battle will be lost by people who bear it. Those associated with this name are also addressed as Vikky or Vic. It is the feminine of the name “Victor”, originates from Latin and means “victory.”  

  1. Hilda

This is a German name for females which means “battle woman”.  

  1. Audrey

Audrey is commonly given as a girl’s name. It is a popular one that comes from Anglo-Norman origins and means “noble strength.”  

  1. Sandra

This is a popular girl name that has a Greek background meaning “protector of mankind.”  

  1. Deandra

This is an unusual but fine name that comes from American origin and means “defender of mankind”. 

  1. Matilda

Matilda is a name that shows the great strength of those who bear it and a fine name that should be one of your favorites. It has its root in German with the meaning “strength, mighty in battle”. 

  1. Amyntas

This name sounds exciting and it is an attractive one for a baby girl. It originated from Greek origin and means “defender”. 

  1. Kendria

For a perfect name that defines a savior, this sweet name should be one to check out. It is the feminine version of the name Kendra and means “greatest champion”.

  1. Adira

Adira is a Hebrew girl name that means “strong, powerful, noble.” It is a rare name and your daughter will enjoy its uniqueness. 

  1. Rosabella

This is another inspiring name for girls you could choose for your damsel. It is a girl’s name that comes of German origin and means “a noted savior”.

  1. Olakeakua

This is a Hawaiian girl’s name that may be difficult to pronounce but meaningful. It means “savior god”. 

Names Of People Who Were Saviors To Others

Photo of a woman stretching out her hand to someone who wants to help her up. Names that mean savior are unique and great

The names listed here may not mean “savior” but the acts of people who bear the names reflect it.

  1. Ignacio  

This is a male Galician and Spanish name which means “fire”. It is associated with skateboard hero Ignacio Ecchevaría, a 39-year-old bank employee who confronted one of the terrorists in the 2017 London Bridge attack. Although he was killed when two other terrorists stabbed him in his back but he was able to save the several people that managed to escape and today he is remembered for giving his life to others.

  1. Sudha 

Sister Sudha Varghese as she was popularly called, stopped the constant abuse children and women faced at the hands of the dominant classes in Bihar state. Girls were married off as early as age 10 and were not given access to education. 

She created a network of education centers for the young Musher girls, several of whom were single mothers. Her name originated from Hinduism with the meaning “nectar”.

  1. Marta 

Marta Mya Thwe who is referred to as the “Mother Teresa of Burma”, dedicated her life to orphans and AIDS victims in her country by establishing the health center “Mirror of Charity,” to provide accommodation, medicines, food, education, and professional formation to AIDS victims and orphans. This Aramaic name is the feminine version of the name “Martinus” which means “lady”. 

  1. Henri 

Henri Burin des Roziers was known as the lawyer for the “landless” in Brazil because he gave himself to save the many land workers who were victims of injustices. His name is a variant of the names “Haimrich” as well as “Henry”, comes from French origin and means “home ruler”.

  1. Christopher 

Father Christopher Hartley worked for years with Mother Teresa of Calcutta to fight for the health, restoration of dignity, and life expectancy of thousands of people in lands that had never come across a Christian missionary.

He created a water filtering system for the Wabi Shebelle river when he observed how the people in the Gode region were dying of infections. This in turn was able to save the lives of thousands of people.

Christopher is an English name that was derived from Christophoros which means “to bear”. 

  1. Rafaela

During the Six-Day war between the Arab countries and Israel, Sister Rafaela Wlodarczak with the help of other religious sisters built the “House of Peace” on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem for needy children in Bethlehem. Her beautiful name is of Hebrew origin meaning “God has healed’.

  1. Robinson  

Marco Robinson understood what it means to be homeless because he was homeless in Derbyshire and London when his mother couldn’t pay rent.  He became a self-made millionaire and chose to help the poor. So he gave out a flat which cost £120,000 in Preston. 

His name “Robinson” originated from England and it means “son of Robin”.

  1. Miley Cyrus

After the Woolsey wildfire had destroyed her $2.5 million, a four-bedroom Malibu home, and several other properties, Miley Cyrus along with her fiance donated $500,000 through her Happy Hippie charity to the Malibu Foundation. This feminine name is of American origin and it means “smiley”.

  1. Watts 

After the Sante Fe High School shooting, where eight students and two teachers lost their lives, the Houston Texans player offered to cover the bill for the funerals of the victims. He also raised over $37 million for victims of Hurricane Harvey, out of which he personally donated $100,000 and gave supplies to those in need. This cute English name is a pet version of the name Walter.

  1. Ludacris

The Atlanta-based rapper popularly known as“Ludacris”(although his real name is Christopher) buys groceries for local strangers either when they are unable to afford them or they don’t have sufficient money to purchase what they need. Ludacris is of English origin and it means “fallen hope” while Christopher is an English name that means “Christ bearer”.

  1. Tom

Tom Cruise was passing by when he saw actress Heloisa Vinhas struck by a car in a hit-and-run, so he stopped by to help. He called 911 and stayed with her while the paramedics arrived, and he paid $7,000 for her medical bill after realizing that she was uninsured.

The name Tom is from Aramaic origin and it is the short version of the name “Thomas” with the meaning “twin”.

  1. Joe

Joe Montana with his wife saved their 9-month old grandchild from a kidnapper. The female intruder entered their home but Joe’s wife, Jennifer successfully pulled the child out of her arms while Joe contacted the local authorities on patrol who arrested the woman.

This Hebrew name for boys is a short version of the name Joseph and it means “God will add”.

  1. Hannah

Hannah Brown helped to save her boyfriend from drowning when their raft flipped over on the Ocoee River. The name originated from Hebrew with the meaning “grace” or “favour”.

  1. Errico

Melissa Errico was on her way when she heard cries for help from the subway, so she and along with two other Samaritans were able to pull the man, who already had a broken foot and had bruises all over his arms.

This lovely old German name means “noble”.

  1. Trejo

Danny Trejo was driving when he witnessed a collision that caused a car to roll upside down. He stopped to help and was able to save a baby from the vehicle that was strapped into a car seat.

This name can be given to both male and female, comes from Spanish origin and means “brave”.

Final Thoughts

I hope you love these names that mean savior and also hope you found the perfect one that suits your little one.   

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