7 Best Adult Wet Wipes (For That Clean Feel)

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For moms, wipes are everything. They wipe your body, remove makeup, and clean the tabletop. They are also a great care item for the elderly too. You can never go wrong with them.

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Dry tissues do not measure up to wet wipes in any way. they are coarse, and fragile, and won’t save you the stain on your dress when you spill a drink. 

Consider the following wipes to add them to your list of hygiene products. 

Our Best Picks

  1. Cottonelle Freshfeel Flushable Wet Adult Wipes – Overall Best Adult Wet Wipes
  2. Mckesson Stay Dry Personal Wet Wipes For Adults – Best Adult Wipes For Budget
  3. Booty Wipes For Women – Best Wipes For Women
  4. Dude Wipes – Best Wipes For Men
  5. Inspire Wipe Clothes – Best Wipes For Adults With Incontinence
  6. Nice N Clean Flushable Wipes – Best Wipes For Adults With Sensitive Skin
  7. Surviveware Rinse-Free Biodegradable Wet Wipes – Best Workout Wipes

Should Adults Use Wet Wipes?

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Wet wipes are classic hygiene products for everyone regardless of their age. Besides, they are versatile and cost-effective, compared to other personal care products. 

Below are some reasons adults, especially elders, should use wet wipes.

  1. Toilet papers increase the risk of infection, wet wipes don’t

Toilet paper may be thin, smooth, and soft, but the cheaper ones can be coarse and make micro-cuts on the perineal area. These cuts, though little, can cause irritation which increases your risk for infection.

Women can easily develop urinary tract infections, bacterial overgrowth, and yeast infections from toilet paper. And the sensitive areas of needy elders may be puffed or irritated by the dyes, chemicals, and perfumes in toilet paper.

It is easy to find coarse toilet paper in public places like public restrooms, malls, offices, etc.

  1. Wet wipes are more effective for removing stool

Toilet paper and do not remove fecal matter effectively. That is why you need wet wipes. Wet wipes contain mild surfactants which help them to remove water- and fat-soluble residues better.

You cannot remove such residues with water, cotton, or cloth. 

  1. Wet wipes maintain the pH level of the skin

Water makes up 90% of the ingredients in wet wipes, and these wipes have a pH value between 4.5 and 5.5. The skin on the other hand has a natural mild acidity of 4 to 5.5. This acidity helps it ward off bacteria. 

Using wet wipes will only clean off dirt and not tamper with the natural pH level. However, there is a risk of disrupting this natural pH level when you use distilled water. 

Distilled water can cause the skin’s pH to reach about 8.5

  1. Wet wipes clean your skin gently

Wipes are gentle and most of them are formulated to go easy on babies and children. so, there is only a slim chance that these wipes will irritate your sensitivities. 

You can use them to clean your face and take off makeup if you run out of makeup remover. They will also nourish your skin since some of them contain vitamins, aloe, and other healthy ingredients.

  1. They are useful for cleaning surfaces

Surfaces like desks, toilet seats, and doorknobs in public places carry too many germs. Using your wipes to clean those surfaces before use will kill the germs and prevent disease for you. You can even use them to remove smudges without stress.

So, wipes are cheap and easy-to-carry personal hygiene products that every adult should have. 

How to choose the best adult wet wipes 

Consider the following factors when choosing an adult wet wipe for use:

  1. Are they flushable?

Not all wipes that have the description “flushable” can actually flush. Some may go down the drain and stop halfway. damaging your sewer and the environment.

Wipes made from plant-based fibers flush better and will disintegrate when they get into your sewer. So, read the instructions on the wipes packaging before making any purchase.

  1. Are they hypoallergenic?

If you have sensitive skin, you will need wipes that are free from fragrances, and chemicals. You will also need wipes that won’t trigger your allergies. 

It is best to go for hypoallergenic wipes when you are buying for the whole family. They are safe for everyone.

  1. What is their packaging like?

The packaging of your wipes determines how easy it will be to remove the wipe and close it back. Some wipes are not completely resealable, and the moisture may evaporate when air gets in. snap lids cover well.

Again, some wipes come with sub-packaging which makes it easy to carry a few pieces around. They are also hygienic and suitable for travel.

  1. Are they biodegradable?

You will definitely dispose of your wet wipes. That is why you should consider whether they will decompose or keep filling landfills. These will eventually cause pollution to the ecosystem.

What Are The Best Adult Wet Wipes?

  1. Cottonelle Freshfeel Flushable Wet Adult Wipes – Overall Best Adult Wet Wipes
Photo of Cottonelle Freshfeel Flushable Adult Wet Wipes

Check price on Amazon

We just had to give it all to Cottonelle FreshFeel wipes. They have all you need from adult wet wipes. 

They are extra large and will clean all the impurities with ease. They will also cover your hands when wiping so that your hands don’t touch some parts of the grime. 

These wipes are also designed with cleaning ripples which enables them to pack dirt from hidden crevices. You can use these wipes for potty training. The large wipes will cover your child’s hand and clean their butt without stress. 

We love this brand because they are also moister than other brands. This makes them work well for wiping your body or a dry surface. 

Parents on a budget will also love these wipes because they give you great value for your money. Each pack of Cottonelle FreshFeel wipes you buy contains 8 sub-packets with 336 wipes in total. 

Are you concerned about the environment? You will love these wipes because they are sustainably sourced. Besides being made from plant-based fiber, they are also paraben free and hypoallergenic, and soothing for sensitive skin. 

Based on strength testing, Cottonelle wipes break down 4x faster than other national adult wet wipes brands. They break down like toilet paper and lose the majority of their strength within 30 minutes of flushing. 


  • They are paraben free and hypoallergenic; hence, suitable for sensitive skin 
  • They are extra large and suitable for potty training 
  • They are made from sustainably sourced plant-based fibers
  • They have more moisture than other brands
  • You won’t run out of wipes unknowingly because it has 8 sub-packets. You will know it is time to get a new one when you open the last sub-packet
  • It is flushable and dissolves like tissue paper
  • It offers great value for money


  • Some customers complain that these wipes rip when in use

Sarah Joseph loves these wipes

Sarah from Parentalqueries.com is a mother of two. She said:

“Cottonelle’s flushable wet wipes are my absolute favorite. They’re thick and soft, yet strong enough to handle even the most stubborn messes. They also have a nice aloe vera scent that’s not too overwhelming. I have been using them for years and highly recommend them to other parents.

They come in a handy resealable pouch that’s perfect for taking on the go, and they’re also available in bulk packages if you want to stock up. The best part is that they are flushable, so you don’t have to worry about clogging your toilet.”

  1. Mckesson Stay Dry Personal Wet Wipes For Adults – Best Adult Wipes For Budget
Photo of Mckesson Stay Dry Personal Adult Wet Wipes

Check price on Amazon

These wipes have 600 counts in a pack and are more economical than getting smaller packs from other brands. These wipes are stop but strong, and wet enough to give you a good wipe

They contain vitamin E and aloe to nourish your skin. They are also alcohol-free, meaning that they won’t dry out your skin.

Though each wipe doesn’t come in an individual packet. The entire pack has a snap lid which makes it easy to close the packet securely after taking out a piece. 

These wipes clean well and do not need an extra rinse when you are done. They work well on the body, face, and butt. Their pleasant fragrance will keep your skin smelling fresh after you are done wiping. 

McKesson Stay Dry wipes come in counts of 50, 100, and 600. But you will get more value for your money when you buy the 600 pack.


  • The wipes are free from alcohol and won’t dry your skin
  • They are gentle and mild on the skin
  • It is easy to take out a piece from the pack and close it because of the snap lid
  • The wipes are soft but strong
  • Each wipe is pre-moistened
  • They have a pleasant fragrance


  • They may clog a small toilet drain
  • The wipes stick together and it may be challenging to take out one piece at a time
  1. Booty Wipes For Women – Best Wipes For Women
Photo of Booty Adult Wet Wipes

Check price on Amazon

These wipes are specially designed to suit the subtle nature of women. They have feminine fragrances and are suitable for use on the face, neck, body, and butt. 

Your skin will benefit greatly from these wipes. They are very wet, very soft, and infused with aloe and vitamin E.

They will balance the pH of your skin and also wipe your butts well. These wipes suit every woman’s needs. Since it is flushable, it will not clog your toilet drainage system.

The only challenge with these wipes is that the pack is too big. It would be challenging to fit it into an already full travel bag. 

Also, some customers complained that it is a bit too pricey, so they buy more to save cost.


  • It is specially designed for women
  • It is very wet, soft, and infused with aloe vera and vitamin E
  • You can use it as a face, neck, and full-body wipe
  • It is flushable and wipes the butt well
  • It has a mild feminine fragrance


  • The pack is too bulky and it may be difficult to carry around
  • It may be too pricey for people on a budget
  1. Dude Wipes – Best Wipes For Men
Photo of Dude Adult Wet Wipes

Check price on Amazon

These wipes are flushable unscented wipes that men will feel comfy using. They are easy to carry around. Each of them is stored in its individual packets which they can put in their bags or pockets and go their way. 

Some people say that these wipes are the softest flushable wipes they have met as men, but you will have to confirm that for yourself. 

It was specially designed with adults in mind, which is why it comes in a large size. The wipes can soothe and nourish adult skin because it contains aloe vera and vitamin E. 

Though we chose these wipes as the best for men, both men and women can use them. Even environmentally conscious people will love it because they are made from plant-sourced fibers. 

You and your spouse will enjoy using these wipes to clean your butt. They wipe really nicely. 


  • They smell and feel good on the skin
  • They are made with plant source fibers and are flushable
  • They contain aloe vera and vitamin E which soothe the skin
  • They come in their individual packaging which makes them easy and hygienic to carry around
  • They have a masculine branding


  • They are quite pricey per wipe
  • Some women don’t consider using them at the first sight because of the masculine branding
  • Some users complained that they feel thinner than other adult wipes
  1. Inspire Wipe Clothes – Best Wipes For Adults With Incontinence
Photo of Inspire Adult Wet Wipes

check price on Amazon

About 4,700 customers like this product on Amazon. they said it worked well for their elderly loved ones with incontinence. 

These wipes are moist, soft, stretchy, and unscented. Customers say that they do not rip and offer great value for your money. That is great because adults with incontinence need a lot of wipes, and it can be expensive to buy more packs.

The only issue with these wipes is that they are not so large and are pretty thin.


  • They are not expensive and offer more value
  • They are moist, soft, and stretchy
  • They are specially designed for adults with incontinence


  • Some customers complained that they are too thin and small
  1. Nice N Clean Flushable Wipes – Best Wipes For Adults With Sensitive Skin
Photo of Nice n clean Flushable Adult Wet Wipes

Check price on Amazon

Nice N Clean flushable wipes are wipes that we love so much. It has everything in moderation. It is moist, cleans well, contains aloe and vitamin E, and is still moderately priced. 

These wipes are specially designed to care for your privates. They sanitize and deodorize your nether region.

We choose these wipes as best for sensitive skin because it contains no chemicals or alcohol. It is also hypoallergenic. 

The easy flip top makes it easy to access the wipes when you are in an emergency. They also have 3 sub-packets to help you carry them around in bits. You won’t also run out of wipes without knowing.

You can try these wipes even if you doubt their effectiveness. The company offers a money-back guarantee and will refund your money if anything happens.


  • It is hypoallergenic, chemical-free, and alcohol-free; hence, won’t irritate sensitive skin
  • The wipes are very moist and won’t irritate the most sensitive skin
  • It deodorizes your butts
  • It is easy to access the wipes because of the easy flip top
  • It is flushable
  • The company offers a money-back guarantee


  • Though these wipes are flushable, they can clog small drained toilets.

Sarah Joseph loves these wipes

Sarah from Parentalqueries.com, the mother of two said:

“Another wet wipe that I love is the Nice n Clean flushable moist wipes. These are also thick and soft but don’t have the same aloe vera scent as the Cottonelles. They’re unscented, which some people prefer. I like that they’re hypoallergenic and alcohol-free, so they’re gentle on my skin.

These wet wipes are also flushable and come in a resealable pouch. They’re a great option for people looking for an unscented wet wipe. They are more affordable than the Cottonelles, so they’re a great budget-friendly option.”

  1. Surviveware Rinse-Free Biodegradable Wet Wipes – Best Workout Wipes
Photo of Surviveware Rinse-Free Biodegradable Wet Wipes

Check price on Amazon

If you love to camp and hike, you will need a good shower wipe to clean with when you can’t take a bath. These wipes from Surviveware work great.

They contain natural aloe and vitamin E. They also help balance the pH level of your skin, leaving it fresh and well-nourished. 

You can also use these wipes for babies. They don’t contain chemicals or fragrances. Their balanced pH level will make them gentle on sensitive skin. 

These wipes are not scented and versatile. You can use them to clean every part of your body and surfaces. 

Surviveware wipes don’t harm the environment. They are biodegradable and start to decompose after 28 days. That is why they are suitable outdoors, where you can’t flush them down. 

These wipes are so large, and the manufacturers say that you can use it to clean your body and feel fresh without taking a bath. 

Well, that’s not a lie. It worked for one of our respondents.


  • They are large enough to wipe your body with ease
  • They have a balanced pH and contain natural aloe and vitamin E
  • They are hypoallergenic and suitable and people with sensitive skin
  • These are rinse-free shower wipes and you can use them when you can’t take a bath
  • They do not contain fragrances or chemicals
  • They are suitable for outdoor use


  • These wipes weigh a bit more and could add up to your camping luggage
  • The manufacturers say that these wipes are not suitable for babies
  • The packet doesn’t reseal well

Max Shak loves these wipes

Max from nerdigital.com said:

“Surviveware Rinse-Free Biodegradable Shower Wet Wipes For Adults

As an adventurous person, Whenever I camp, hike, or work out, I use these wipes to stay clean without showering.”


Can I truly flush flushable wipes?

Many manufacturers use plant-based fiber to produce their wet wipes. This means that you can flush these wipes without clogging your toilet. However, you should only flush down one piece of wet wipes per time. Flushing many wipes at once can block the toilet.

Are flushable wipes 1 ply or 2 plies?

Wipes come in ply, like toilet paper. single-ply wipes can tear when you stretch or wipe your nether region. However, double-ply wipes are more durable, but may not break down as quickly as the single-ply.


Adult wet wipes are a must-have for every home, especially if you are caring for an elderly. They are more hygienic than toilet paper and versatile too. You will be glad you spent the extra cash to purchase them.

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