Pampers Swaddlers Vs Baby Dry (which works better?)

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Many moms love Pampers diapers. They are efficient, absorbent, and popular. But it can be quite challenging to choose from their two most popular diaper types: Swaddlers and Baby Dry.

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These diapers are great but have different features, and it can be confusing to choose the best one for your baby. 

We will consider the pros and cons of each diaper, and recommend the best for your baby depending on his or her unique needs. 

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Our Comparison Chart

FeaturesPampers SwaddlersPampers Baby Dry
Best useBest for newborns and babies with sensitive skinBest for older babies and heavy wetters. They also work well as overnight diapers
Number of absorbent layersOne absorbent layer3 absorbent layers
Longest wear timeOffers up to 12 hours protectionOffers up to 12 hours protection
Degree of softnessSoft and cozyNot as soft as Swaddlers
Sizes availableSizes N to 7Preemie size to size 7
Highest weight capacity35+ pounds41+ pounds
Umbilical cord notchYesNo
Wetness indicator Present in all sizesOnly present to size 3

Pampers Swaddlers

Photo of Pampers Swaddlers

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These diapers are super comfortable. They have a soft and unique BreatheFree Liner that dries up moisture from your baby’s sensitive skin without irritating it. 

It has air dry channels that promote air circulation on your baby’s skin and an absorbent core. These diapers do not cause rashes and have a comfortable fit.

The fit is more flexible because it uses a propylene closure system with disposal tape. The sides are also stretchable and will snugly hold your baby’s legs.

These diapers are also hypoallergenic and dermatologist-approved.  This makes them safe for babies with sensitive skin.

Pampers Swaddlers size N to 2 have a special umbilical cord notch to allow your newborn baby to wear without the waistband irritating their cord stump.  You can use them for your preemie, or mature baby up to size 7.

Every Pampers Swaddlers’ size comes with a wetness indicator that tells you when it is time to change your baby’s diapers. This indicator is a strip that is sensitive to a change in pH and changes color when your baby’s diaper is wet and ready for a change.

One downside to this diaper is that the disposal tape used for its closure system is slight and has a little risk of tearing off. The closure system for Baby Dry is stronger.


  • It has a wetness indicator in all its sizes
  • It is suitable for babies with sensitive skin and allergies
  • It uses a soft and quilted BreatheFree liner
  • The sizes N to 2 have umbilical cord notch to accommodate your baby’s umbilical cord stump
  • They are soft and comfortable for younger babies


  • They cannot hold as much liquid as Pampers Baby Dry
  • Their closure strip can tear 
  • It is more expensive

Pampers Baby Dry

Photo of Pampers Baby dry

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Your baby can wear these diapers for up to 12 hours because it holds more liquid and stays dry all the while. It will save you money because it reduces the number of diapers you will use daily. 

You can use these diapers at night when you don’t want to disturb your baby’s beauty sleep. The in-built air dry channels promote the dryness of these diapers, leaving your baby’s skin fresh and dry.

Baby Dry diapers also have a lotion that protects your baby’s skin. This lotion is present in the closest layer to your baby’s skin to gently cleanse the skin. The lotion is mild and won’t irritate them since they contain the same ingredients as lip balms. 

The closure system for Baby Dry uses a stretch film and fasteners. That makes them stronger than what is used in Swaddlers. Despite the strength, the closures are still very flexible to bend when your baby moves their legs.

The downside to these diapers is that they are not as soft and comfy as Pampers Swaddlers. Also, their wetness indicator is only present in sizes N to 3.


  • They hold more liquid than Pampers Swaddlers because it has 3 absorbency layers
  • They are breathable and have unique air dry channels
  • It has stronger yet flexible closure tabs


  • They are not as soft as Swaddlers
  • They do not have umbilical cord notch
  • Wetness indicator is only present in sizes N to 3

Differences Between Pampers Swaddlers And Baby Dry Features

The following are ways Pampers Swaddlers compares with Baby Dry

  • Absorbency

Pampers Swaddlers has one absorbent layer that soaks away moisture from your baby’s skin. Meanwhile, Baby Dry has three absorbent layers that absorb 21% more moisture than Swaddlers.

However, parents have different opinions about which diaper absorbs more. In our opinion, we believe that it depends on how much pee your child passes and how you fasten the diaper. Heavy wetters may need Baby Dry.

  • Fit

Both Pampers Swaddlers and Baby Dry have elastic and polypropylene cuffs and waistbands which makes them hold your baby well. However, Hence, both diapers fit well and come in accurate sizing. 

Though some parents say that Swaddlers fit more snugly while Baby Dry is saggy, other parents say that the two diapers are snug-fitting. 

In our opinion, we think that it depends on your baby’s body shape and weight 

For instance, the correct size for a moderately built baby may be too tight for a more chubby baby, or too loose for a thinner baby. So, instead of only considering your child’s weight, think of their body size and choose the size that will snugly hold their legs and waist.

These factors are more than the singular fit of the diaper.

  • Softness

Pampers Swaddlers are softer than Pampers Baby Dry. The liner and absorbent top of Swaddlers are made from polyester, polypropylene, and polyethylene. The interior liner of Swaddlers are also quilted to make them softer to the touch.

Baby Dry on the other hand does not have a quilted liner. The absorbent surface is made from polyester and polypropylene only. This does not mean that Baby Dry is coarse. No. It is still soft, but not as cozy to touch as Swaddlers. 

The softness of Swaddlers makes them suitable for babies with skin sensitivity. 

  • Smell

Pampers Swaddlers and baby dry have a light baby powder fragrance. Also, the absorbent core of both diapers is made from fluff pulp which is free from elemental chlorine, and a very absorbent polymer.

The liners of the two diapers are also made with aloe barbadensis leaf extract, stearyl alcohol, and petroleum.

Hence, the fragrance is not affected because the ingredients are the same. 

  • Breathability

Both Pampers Swaddlers and Baby Dry have air dry channels that keep the baby dry all night. However, the absorbent layers of Pampers Baby Dry have a trio of air channels which make it dry more moisture than Swaddlers. 

If you want a more breathable diaper, you will love Baby Dry, but if it is soft you want, It is Swaddlers all the way.

  • Wetness indicator

Pampers Swaddlers have a wetness indicator in all sizes. Meanwhile, Pampers Baby Dry only has a wetness indicator in sizes N to 3.

But that may not be much of a problem because of the level of importance of a wetness indicator for older babies. Let’s consider this:

Younger babies pass a small amount of urine and it may be difficult to know when their diaper is full from just looking at or touching it. Hence, you need an indicator to know whether the diaper is wet.

Older babies on the other hand pass more pee, and you can know that their diaper is wet by just looking at it. Hence, you do not need a wetness indicator to tell that it is time to change the diaper. 

Moreover, you need to undress your baby before seeing the wetness indicator. You will only need to look through your older baby’s cloth to see their diaper and know whether they need a change. 

  • Umbilical cord notch

Pampers Swaddlers have umbilical cord notches in their newborn sizes which makes them more comfortable for newborns. However, Pampers Baby Dry diapers do not have these notches and may likely irritate your newborn’s umbilical cord stump.

Babies with sensitive skin and other skin issues will also benefit greatly from Pampers Swaddlers because they are hypoallergenic. Pampers Baby Dry is not.

Pampers Swaddlers Vs Pampers Baby Dry: Who Wins?

Photo of Pampers Swaddlers

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Both diapers are created for different needs, which makes them both important. However, we recommend Pampers Swaddlers for newborns, babies in their first few months and those with sensitive skin.

These babies have more sensitive skin and will benefit from the soft feel of Pampers Swaddlers. The umbilical cord notches will also add to the comfort. The capacity won’t be a problem here because kids of this age do not pass much pee.

Photo of Pampers Baby dry

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Pampers Baby Dry on the other hand is more suitable for older kids who pass more pee. These diapers have more capacity to keep your baby dry for up to 12 hours. 

Their closure system is also strong enough to hold an actively growing child with rigorous movements. 

Pampers Swaddlers vs. Pampers Baby Dry: What Real-life Parents chose

Brianna prefers Swaddlers for younger babies

Brianna Leonhard is the founder of Third Row Adventures. She is a mom of a 2. She said:

“We are very partial to Pampers Swaddlers rather than Pampers Baby Dry, especially for a younger baby. Pampers Swaddlers are significantly softer than Pampers Baby-Dry though they are not as absorbent. This makes Swaddlers perfect for smaller babies (0-6 months) who are not yet making large messes in their diapers. Young babies are also more sensitive to diapers and diaper rashes before 6 months of age. Swaddlers help prevent diaper rash and irritation due to their extremely soft interior.

Pampers Baby Dry diapers are better for older babies (6-12 months) who are beginngin to create larger messes and also beginning to move. These very absorbent diapers can absorb messes quickly to prevent leaks while babies are crawling or beginning to walk.”

Katleen also loves Swaddlers

Kathleen Flectcher is the CEO of Kitty Baby Love. She said: 

“Personally, I am a huge fan of Pampers Swaddlers. While the Baby Dry range does last an incredibly long time, and they are considered to be more absorbent than the Swaddlers over this long period of time, I prefer how soft and comfortable the Swaddlers range is. I don’t mind changing the diapers more frequently if it means that my kids are more comfortable and happier in that diaper. Additionally, the Swaddlers also have a larger range of sizes for kids, which makes them more inclusive for all children!”

Kristen chooses Swaddlers

Kristen is a mom, neonatal provider and owner of The New Mommy Guru™️. She said:

“As a mother and a neonatal provider I prefer Pampers Swaddlers because I feel they are softer and have nice protective padding, they don’t leak, and the urine is drawn away from the baby’s skin this preventing skin rashes. I also feel that the baby continues to get great leakage prevention 

but also has flexibility while wearing the Swaddlers diapers and the ability to move, crawl, jump and the diaper stayed in place. 

I also had one baby with very sensitive skin, food allergies, and reflux. I felt that the Pamper Swaddlers are more  gentle on his skin, thus reducing diaper rash or helping to shorten the length of time before healing. 

I have used the Baby Dry before and I felt the diaper was too rough and scratchy and my children seemed irritated by this. 

Swaddlers are about 5 cents more expensive per diaper than Baby Dry but I feel it’s worth it.”

Amy is another lover of Swaddlers

Amy A. Vincent is a mother of three and an author of Amy Baby Review. She said:

I prefer Pampers Swaddlers diapers for my baby because they seem to provide better leak protection and are more comfortable for her. I also like that they have a color-changing wetness indicator so I can tell at a glance if she needs to be changed.”

Dr. Staci still prefers Swaddlers

Dr. Staci Holweger is the Founder and Dr. of Regenerative medicine at Lifepatches  She said:

“I personally prefer to use Pampers Swaddlers over Baby Dry diapers for my baby boy. This is because I have found Pampers to be softer on his skin. When paying for diapers, I also like to make sure that I’m getting a deal. I have found that Pampers Swaddlers are usually around $1 cheaper per pack than Baby Dry diapers. So, in my opinion, the cheaper price and softer material make these the diapers worth buying!”

Finally, a lover of Baby Dry

Kristi Smith is a nutritionist and biotechnologist at Honest Brand Reviews. She said:

“I would use baby dry diapers for my baby because they have plenty of stretch for leg movement. They are leak free and rash free. They are super absorbent to keep the baby clean. . They are ultra soft and thin to make the baby feel comfortable. What I like most about them is that they are chemical free best for my kid’s sensitive skin and eco-friendly as well.”


Can newborns use Pampers Baby Dry

Newborns can use Pampers Baby Dry, that is why the company designed sizes that fit them. However, Swaddlers may be more comfortable for them, because it is softer and hypoallergenic. Swaddlers also have umbilical cord notches which makes them more comfortable for preemies and newborns. There are no such notches in Baby Dry.

Can I use Pampers Baby Dry as an overnight diaper?

You can use Pampers Baby Dry as an overnight diaper. They work great. They have more capacity to hold your child’s pee and poop all night. 

Are Pampers Swaddlers and Baby Dry BPA-free?

Yes, the materials used for making Pampers Swaddlers and Baby Dry are all BPA-free and safe for human use.

Does Pampers Baby Dry have a synthetic fragrance?

Yes, Pampers Baby Dry contains synthetic fragrances, but the company does not reveal which. They consider it a trade secret.

Is Pampers Baby Dry hypoallergenic?

No, Pampers Baby Dry is not hypoallergenic. However, Pampers Swaddlers is.


Pampers is a great diaper brand and will keep its promises to you and your baby. Swaddlers will soothe your newborn’s sensitive skin and Baby Dry will defend your older baby (especially 6 months+) against wetness.

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