12+ Fun-filled Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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There is no better way to add to the fun and excitement of the holiday season than breaking your baby news to family and friends. So, if you are in search of a creative and fun-filled Christmas pregnancy announcement, then here are some of the best Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas that you can make use of.

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For many families, December is a time of joy and reunion for families – so, the news of a baby will also take the celebration higher.

Therefore, as a first-time-mom, if you are ready for your Christmas pregnancy announcement to family, parents, siblings, and friends but you don’t know how to go about it – here are the best ideas for pregnancy announcement at Christmas time.

A big congratulations on your pregnancy. So, the following ideas will not only make your Christmas pregnancy announcement the bomb but also something that will remain in the memory of people for a long time.

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Shirts Ideas

This is one of the commonest Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas. There are shirts specially designed for mom-to-be, dad-to-be, and older siblings (if available).

So, decide what you want and settle for the one that best suits you. The following are the ideas that you can also make use of;

Wearing a customized shirt having the name of the unborn baby, the family name, and the expected date of delivery (EDD)

Christmas pregnancy announcement shirt for dad – this is used if dad is to make the pregnancy announcement. It adds some humor and creativity to the announcement.

If it’s not your first baby, you could make beautiful t-shirts for sibling(s) and with your expected date of delivery.

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Pictures

So, if you want to use photos for your Christmas pregnancy announcement on social media or through other channels – the following photo ideas will help you do the magic as you break your baby news.

Spell It Out Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Idea

This is an excellent baby announcement idea that is suitable for the holiday season. Usually, this is handled by the parents-to-be. In doing this, the couple holds out and reveals a baby’s name. What an exciting way to announce your pregnancy during the Christmas season. Isn’t it?

Christmas Themed Pregnancy Announcement

There are several baby announcement inspirations that can be used this holiday season to reveal your baby news. Besides, knowing fully well that the Christmas holiday is a time filled with love, magic, and excitement – so, why not light up your Christmas pregnancy announcement with a cup of coffee or make use of a string of twinkle lights or let Santa do the announcement. 

Pregnancy Announcement Christmas Cards

This is a fun way to reveal your baby news to friends and families. So, whatever the method you want to use – whether sending the news via the mail or attaching the cards to a gift and personally delivering the package, the following pregnancy announcement Christmas card ideas will wow everyone.

A simple card without a photo to share your baby news among friends and family members

Besides, you could creatively make use of the “Baby makes three” cards for Christmas pregnancy announcement which can be shared via mail or in-person with friends and family members. It allows for customization by supplying your photo, preferred color, and other necessary information.

However, the “Baby makes three” inscription can change to “Baby makes four” depending on the number you are announcing.

Pregnancy Announcement To Family

Also, you could create something exciting and unique announcing your pregnancy to your loved ones during the Christmas season. Besides, this style can also be used for making your announcement to grandparents. These ideas can be used to send mail to family members staying miles away from you or can be used in person. 

Also, the scratch-off Christmas pregnancy announcement cards can do the magic. This is packed with the Christmas cards and as they search through the package, the baby news is discovered and revealed. It is cheap and not time-consuming.

These cards are fun ways of sharing your news with friends and family who are not resident around your location.

Besides, another great way to announce your pregnancy to family members is through the use of a customized wine label. This you can do when you are visiting a family member’s house for dinner. Here is how to go about it; come along with a bottle of wine as a gift, and cover the normal wine label with your print at home label that will announce your baby news.

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement To Husband

Announcing your baby news to your husband is often a time of fun and excitement. Ideas for a Christmas pregnancy announcement to husband could include the use of coffee mugs, onesies, cards, wine labels, and some other stuff.

One cool way of Christmas pregnancy announcement to the husband is by getting a Christmas gift wrapped and the pregnancy test result included in the gift pack.

Christmas Stocking Pregnancy Announcement 

This is simple, inexpensive, but yet a charming Christmas pregnancy announcement idea that will add some color to your news. So, a happy message with some decorations would easily help to pass the message.

Pregnancy Announcement For Grandparents

There is no other news that would make your parents (and in-laws) elated than sending them a gift notifying them of the new addition to the family. Especially if it’s the first grandchild and at a time like the Christmas season.

So, you could use a onesie, or having the news on a beautifully decorated DIY Christmas tree, or having the sonogram image attached to a piece and with a beautiful message written on it.

Also, you go further by using the Christmas pregnancy announcement egg – this is cool. The eggs are made from unfertilized eggs that have been thoroughly cleaned and have your customized message inside.

Here is the kicker; the eggs are packed in a gift box and with an instruction to crack them. So, once cracked, your beautifully written and customized message will reveal your Christmas pregnancy announcement little secret. Lovely I guess!!

Besides, parents-to-be could add more fun by getting a scratch-it card, wrap it up for Christmas and look out for their joyful outburst.

Pregnancy Announcement Poems

So, whether this is your first baby or not, there is always an excitement in the air. Therefore, making use of pregnancy announcement poems will surprisingly give this baby news to your friends and families.

Also, you could go online to access many emotional and loving pregnancy announcement poems that will make your day loving;

An example of a pregnancy poem is this;

Time so soon!

We are so happy to share our joy with you,

We are happy to announce this wonderful news,

That we are expecting our first bundle of joy,

A very sweet toy,

Want to share the good times with you,

Coz you will also witness the things so new,

Need your love and blessings!

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

There are usually funny and sweet Christmas pregnancy announcement quotes ideal for letting people know about your baby news during the holiday season. So, these quotes are suitable for cards sent to friends and families, and for social media. Besides, you could use these quotes on the letter board used for Facebook or Instagram postings.

Pregnancy Announcement Christmas Ornaments

This is one of the simplest cutest Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas. So, the baby news can be revealed with an adorable Christmas ornament. Therefore, taking a good picture of the ornament the news on it can be shared on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Besides, you could have a DIY pregnancy announcement Christmas ornament and with the ultrasound image attached to make this Christmas even more glamorous and magical.

Pregnancy Announcement Christmas Sweater

This is another amazing Christmas pregnancy announcement idea. You could organize a Christmas sweater party and sparkle the event with battery operated flashing lights to make the baby news a memorable one.

So, as a first-time mom or dad who wants to share the baby news and without necessarily saying it, then the pregnancy announcement Christmas sweater will help you do the talking.


Therefore, whichever of these pregnancy announcement ideas for Christmas you choose to use, be sure to make it memorable and special.

So, whether it is the pregnancy announcement Christmas sweater or the pregnancy announcement Christmas ornaments, or the use of the Christmas pregnancy announcement quotes, or the Christmas pregnancy announcement poem, or Christmas pregnancy announcement shirts ideas, and some other ideas discussed in the article – be sure to enjoy sharing your baby news this Christmas season.

The Christmas season is the most interesting time of the year to announce your baby news.

Once again congratulations on your pregnancy and have an exciting and fun-filled time announcing your Christmas pregnancy!!!

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