5 Easy & Adorable DIY Baby Headbands

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Are you expecting a baby girl and desire to have one of the beautiful and adorable no-sew DIY baby headbands? Or perhaps you are in search of the perfect DIY baby girl shower gift. The ideas that will be shared here will be of great assistance.

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Baby headbands are cute and look adorable on your little princess. So, with the processes that would be discussed in this article – you can make a DIY baby headband yourself right from the comfort of your home.

Besides, some of the materials to be used can be gotten from within the home and would require no sewing to get this done.

So, let’s put your creativity to the test by producing a cute and adorable DIY baby headband and bow and watch your little princess glow to the admiration of everyone.

Baby Headband Sizing Guidelines

AgeHead CircumferenceSize
Newborn12 to 13 Inches12 Inches
0 to 3 months13 to 15 Inches13 Inches
3 to 6 months15 to 17 Inches15 Inches
6 to 12 months16 to 18 Inches16 inches

Making Baby Headbands

Photo of a baby girl; Diy baby headbands are beautiful

The first thing to determine in making baby headbands is the size of the headband – you could make use of 5/8 inches fold-over elastic since it’s stretchy and soft. Also, you could make use of skinny elastic or other glittery or lace elastic.

So, the elastic will help to keep the headband stretchy and make it stay on the head of your baby and not too tight that it will leave a dent on her head. Also, in making your cut – add some extra ½ inches to the elastic and glue it together. If you are making use of lace or glister elastic, then you add ½ or 1 inch to create a tighter headband.

So, here are the basics when making baby headbands

DIY Materials For Making Headband

  • Stretch thread
  • Starch (optional)
  • ¼ yard knit fabrics
  • Fabric flower

Tools Needed For Making DIY Headband

  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • Ballpoint/microtex needle
  • Star trim and daisy trim
  • Hot glue gun

DIY Baby Headbands With Flowers

These headbands are not just cute and beautiful but also bring out your baby’s beauty. These are quite easy to make, check out the process;

Here are the tools and materials needed for the DIY headband;

  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Star trim and daisy trim
  • Elastic
  • Fabric flower

The Procedure:

Measure the baby’s head and cut the elastic that equals the circumference of your baby’s head. Add some extra ½ or 1 inch if you are using lace or glittery elastic material.

Use the daisy trim to make a floral design – the flowers should be together for smaller trim – then glue them on the elastic

You should leave space to accommodate bigger flowers

Glue the large fabrics flower after sticking the star trim or daisy

Connect the ends of the elastic using the glue and allowing it to dry

There you have it – your DIY Baby Headband With Flower is ready. It can’t be simpler than this.

DIY Baby Turban

So, here you are going to learn how to make a baby turban right in your house. This will look cute and adorable on your little princess.

Here are the tools and materials needed for the DIY baby turban;

  • T-shirt or jersey knit
  • Scissors

The Procedure:

Cut the top into 8-inches from the hem

Cut off the hem

Stretch out the piece and form it into figure 8

Twist one more time creating a double-figure 8

Fold in half

After folding the piece in half, slip it over your baby’s head and continue to adjust until it’s flat and all the seams cannot be seen again. You could complete this project with 60 mins to 120 mins

DIY Big Bow Headband

This adorable big bow headband requires no sewing and it’s a perfect dressing accessory for your little princess. You will need about 60 mins to 120 mins to get this done.

Here are the tools and materials needed for the DIY big bow headband;

  • Scissors
  • Nylon headband
  • Glue gun
  • Double fold bias tape

The Procedure:

Put the bias tape through the headband and folding it down

Hold on to the end of the bias tape, wrap it up and pass it back through the headband

Get it through the middle loop where you have your fingers

Adjust it to create your desired bow size

Trim the edges of the tape and glue the folded end together to prevent falling off

DIY Baby Headbands No Sew

This will require no sewing; these DIY baby headbands will be ready in just a few minutes and your baby can adorn them to the admiration of everyone.

Here are the tools and materials needed for the DIY baby headband no sew

  • Scissors
  • Elastic
  • Glue gun
  • Fabric flowers

The Procedure:

The first thing to do is to know the size of your baby’s head before cutting the elastic. You can refer to the baby headband sizing guidelines above to determine the head size of your baby – this will make it not too tight or too loosed

Cut out about 5 to 8 inches and fold over elastic. This can either be the regular elastic, glittery elastic, or the skinny elastic but you should allow about 1 to 2 inches extra length in case you are making use of lace elastic

Allow about 2” more for the overlap and an extra 1.5” for covering it up

Use the glue to connect the ends of the elastic to hold the overlaps in place. Also, you can use glue to hold an extra elastic layer to the overlap

Attach the flower fabric to the seam using the glue

Allow it to dry and that’s it – your DIY baby headband without sewing is ready to be used by your adorable princess.

DIY Baby Girl Headbands

Several baby headband ideas can be created – this depends on your creativity and uniqueness.

Here are the tools and materials needed for the DIY baby girl headbands;

A ribbon or a stretchy lace

Glue gun (could also make use of needle and thread)


So, you can create something for yourself by reading through the directions highlighted above. It does not necessarily have to go through the same process. Create your process.

Final Thoughts

So, it’s now time to start making those adorable DIY baby headbands for your little princess. Also, there is a need for you to get the tools and materials required. 

The beauty and uniqueness of the headbands are dependent on your creativity, so, you need to think outside the box and make something that is amazing, original, and cute.

What are you waiting for? Get started using the ideas that have been shared above. It could be DIY Baby Headbands With Flowers, DIY Baby Turban, DIY Big Bow Headband, or DIY Baby Headbands No Sew.

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