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As awesome as having a baby is, it also can be expensive especially for first-time moms who do not have some already used baby stuff by previous babies such as bottles, onesies, blankets, etc. This means having to purchase everything the baby needs.

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These needs are not limited to what the baby will consume, wear or use alone, it also involves creating a comfortable and healthy environment in the home for both mother and child.

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The cost of baby proofing, turning your home into a nursery, high chairs, car seats, strollers, formula, diapers, and much more are part of what makes up the cost incurred in the first year of your little one.

Considering the cost of baby stuff that shoots up from time to time, as an expectant mother – you may be worried about the huge amount that is required for your baby when he or she arrives. Never mind, you are covered because there are free baby stuff that are provided by several companies and made available to mom-to-be to help ease off both pre-birth and post-birth tension.

Knowing how to identify these stress relief companies that provide free baby stuff will not only help you to spend more time taking adequate care of your baby but will also ease off your worries over trying to raise funds.

A USDA report states that an average of not less than $11,500 is spent by middle-income earners in the first year of a baby.

Free Stuff For Pregnant Women

Several companies offer baby freebies that expectant mothers can take advantage of which will help you to prepare adequately for your little one when he/she is born.

With a baby registry, you can store up free baby stuff that is worth hundreds of dollars.

Some of the companies that offer amazing baby freebies are;


Photo of free baby stuff from Walmart

Walmart makes free baby samples available to pregnant mothers who successfully sign up with them.

The baby registry welcome box contains MAM pacifiers, toiletries from Dove, Huggies diapers, Dreft detergent, Palmer’s coconut butter, Zarbee’s gripe water, Evenflo, Enfamil formula, and Dr. Brown’s bottles. You will only be charged $5 which covers the shipping expenses.


Amazon’s baby registry welcome box is valued at $35 and sent to Prime members that have completed the baby registry and have also bought not less than $10 worth of registry gifts from their wishlist.

This box contains not less than ten items which include a bliss facial mask, breast pads, packs of diapers, muslin swaddle blanket, pack of wipes(containing 56 pieces), etc.

A first-time mom cannot be more excited than having a Welcome Box from Amazon containing free stuff for pregnant women.

More so, Prime members receive a fifteen percent discount instantly when they successfully sign up and they can return products at no cost within 365 days.


Photo of free baby stuff from Enfamil

With Enfamil, moms-to-be have access to some different types of formula samples, coupons, and gifts which may include a Belly Badge sticker that can be used on baby’s clothing.

The Enfamil Family Beginnings pack is worth about $250.


Pampers offers a program known as Club Rewards Program, which is quite different from the other companies that offer baby freebies.

This is because they don’t send Welcome Box to new moms instead; you are given access to download their app which you will use in scanning the codes on products you have purchased from them.

With this, you can earn points and coupons which can be used to trade for baby products.

This method is stressful as compared to the others but it also helps to achieve the same result, that is; to save your money.

Medela Breastfeeding Kit

If you are a mom-to-be, you can register to get a kit that contains samples of nursing products. These sample sizes include lanolin nipple cream, milk storage bags, micro-steam bags, and nursing pads.

The Honest Company

Photo of free baby stuff from The Honest company

This company allows you to sign up at no cost except for the $5.95 that will be charged as a shipping fee. The free trial earns you free wipes, diapers, and a baby essentials bundle.

The honest company gives pregnant women all-natural products of baby samples that are worth over $100 which includes healing balm, ten wipes, multi-surface cleaner, 7 diapers, hand soap, healing balm, multi-surface cleaner, face, and body lotion, and shampoo.

Buy Buy Baby Free Goody Bag        

Photo of free baby stuff from buy buy baby store

Registered expectant mothers who make purchases at a Buy Buy Baby Store have the privilege of picking up a Buy Buy Baby Free Goody Bag.

Previous participants say that the Buy Buy Baby Free Goody Bag contains baby wipes, lotion, ‘’Baby On Board’’sign that can be used on your car, coupons, and free baby samples.  

Huggies Free Samples

The Huggies free samples contain three Huggies special delivery diapers, Huggies Natural Care Wipes( 16-count), four personalized Huggies diapers, and a $6 off Huggies coupon.   

When you purchase Huggies products, you earn that qualifies you for baby items such as Douk toys and gift cards like Amazon, Starbucks, and Target.

Free Baby Stuff For Low-Income Earners

Free baby stuff for low-income earners is designed by different organizations and made available for families that are living below the average or better described as struggling families. These organizations are set up by the government, charity bodies, and religious worship centers.

These bodies offer free baby stuff for low-income earners and free items to the needy in their respective areas of need. Also, for this vision not to be abused or taken for granted – interested persons are meant to go through certain criteria such as going through a different screening process to verify the authenticity of the need.

The charity bodies offer assistance to moms-to-be who are having it tough in getting the required baby stuff. They make available free clothing, food, and cash for pregnant women.

Some of the platforms that help to address the needs of the poor first-time moms include;

WIC(Women, Infants, and Children) program

This program is organized by the government to help in providing the basic needs such as food, clothing, medical, and overall well-being of pregnant mothers, mothers, and children.

It covers up for moms to be from the period of pregnancy up to the fifth year of the baby.

This program is run by both state and federal agencies.

Beyond the material needs that they satisfy, they also counsel the less privileged on how to best survive the future.


This is a state government program that is aimed at addressing the medical needs of its participants. This assistance is offered based on the income of the persons involved.   

SNAP Food Stamp Program

The value of what this program gives is dependent on the income level of each participant. EBIT is given to the participants to acquire their monthly groceries but pregnant women enjoy the preferential treatment as they have access to extra nutritional needs.

Food stamps help to cover up the needs accruing after a baby is born.

Catholic Charities

This is an organization under the Catholic Church that is focused on helping the needy and less privileged.

For pregnant mothers, who are finding it difficult to get the basic baby stuff in store for their baby, get assistance with everything required to make them comfortable and also their baby when it is born.

Although most of what is given out to these low-income earners are free, while some are also given to them at a reduced cost.

TANF(Temporary Assistance for Needy Family)

This program offers both cash and job opportunities to qualified candidates.

For you to participate in the different opportunities, these programs, and many others – there is a need to get in touch with the Department of Human Services.

Free Baby Samples By Mail 

There are free baby samples by mail that are available to first-time moms. The list changes from time to time although past findings show that the free baby samples include shampoo, diapers, formula, and rash cream. It also contains useful items such as pregnancy journals, music classes, and toys.

Free baby samples that you can order by mail include;

Books from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. Some of the books are

  • Pretend
  • Violet the Pilot
  • The first strawberries
  • Peace is an offering
  • The bug book

Best Websites For Free Baby Samples

The Best websites for free baby samples include;


Photo of free baby stuff from Tryspree

With Tryspree, expectant mothers have access to free samples of clothing, drink, food, and much more. Interested moms-to-be need to successfully register and open a Trypree account for free. After registering, you can select the product of your choice on the site and you will have it delivered to you.

Freebies Mom

A site that consists of Hot Deals, Amazon Giveaways, freebies, and Sweepstakes Portal, you might want to check this out.


This is a popular site that gives up to 100 percent discount on certain products and some products have lower discounts.


This site covers everything connected to children of all ages. Participants enjoy access to baby freebies and useful items for first-time moms such as baby name finders, ovulation calculators.

Other best websites for free baby samples are;

Final Thoughts

Saving is very important but it must not be done at the detriment of other necessary things required for the care of your baby. This list of places to access free baby stuff discussed above will surely bring great relief and give room for saving towards other needs in raising your baby.

So, as an expectant mom – you can be covered by free stuff for pregnant women, buy buy baby free goody bag, free baby stuff for low-income earners, free baby samples by mail, and best websites for free baby samples.

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