6 Best and Portable Folding High Chair

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Folding high chairs might not be a priority as your baby is welcomed into the family but as they approach between 4 to 6 months – where you begin to introduce solid meals, then the need for a folding high chair becomes important and essential.

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So, having the correct folding high chair would guarantee a better mealtime and help to properly manage the mess that comes with feeding your little one. Besides, if you have the challenge of space and you don’t want your dining area to be cluttered – then the magic you need is to go for one of the best folding high chairs in the marketplace.

Therefore, if you want to feed on the go and be able to manage the messy environment that comes with infant’s feeding – a folding high chair is highly recommended for your use especially as they transition from milk to foods like purees and the rest of them.

What To Consider When Buying A Folding High Chair

It is important to have the following tips handy when buying a folding high chair for your baby;

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Safety Of The Chair

The safety of your baby while using the chair should be your utmost concern. So, you should ensure that it comes with a large plastic tray and the baby is properly strapped to it. Also, ensure that it is very sturdy and comes with support that will assist your child through the growth phases.

Ease Of Cleaning

It is usually recommended to buy something that is made of plastic cushions and wipe-clean fabrics because of the messy situation that comes with their feeding. So, in choosing a folding high chair – you should buy the one where every tiny seams and crease can be easily removed and cleaned.


When buying your folding high chair, you should consider the size, weight, and portability. It should be something that can be easily packed, kept in a carry bag, and used while in transit. So, buy a chair that you can fold up easily

The following are the best folding high chair:

Cosco Flat Folding High Chair

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The Cosco flat folding high chair is built to safely hold a child that is up to 50 pounds, thanks to its 3-point harness which makes it safe for your ward – this is amazing, isn’t it? It can easily fold flat for easy storage.

So, if you are looking for a simple folding high chair that is straightforward to use and clean by anyone – the Cosco flat folding high chair is the right choice.


  • It is affordable
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Ease of cleaning the fabrics
  • Comes in two colors; one for boys and the other for the girls


  • Difficult to remove seat padding for cleaning
  • No removable insert for feeding tray
  • Non-adjustable recline making it unfit for infants

Ciao Baby Folding High Chair

Photo of Ciao Baby folding high chair

The Ciao baby folding chair is portable weighing 8 pounds and can fold up easily – making it suitable to be carried around in a carry bag. It is sturdy and can accommodate kids up to 3 years or up to 35 pounds.

Also, it requires no assembly because it comes packed in a ready-to-use. It comes with a seat belt strap and can be easily wiped down with water. The Ciao baby folding high chair has a wider base which helps in its stability.


  • Comes in 10 different colors and designs
  • It is affordable
  • The tray area has a deep cup hole
  • It requires no assembly
  • Portable and lightweight


  • It can easily fall off if not set up on a flat floor
  • Since the tray tilts towards the child, food can easily fall onto the child’s lap
  • It does not come apart to clean

Graco DuoDiner Folding High Chair

Photo of Graco Duo Diner folding high chair

With the Graco DuoDiner folding high chair – your kid is set to enjoy mealtime. Interestingly, this folding high chair is built to grow with your child, how? It can either be used as an infant high chair, a traditional high chair, or even as a booster seat.

Besides, it can be adjusted to 5 different heights and comes with an extra-large plastic food tray that can accommodate all the mess.


  • It grows with your baby
  • Can be easily adjusted
  • The big tray prevent spillage
  • Three-position footrest
  • Seat two kids at once


  • Might be pretty difficult to assemble

Chicco Folding High Chair

Photo of Chicco folding high chair

The Chicco folding high chair is one of the best folding high chairs that will help you to manage your space with an 11-inches wide fold that stands alone. Also, it comes with an extra-large tray that can help in collecting all the mess at mealtime.

The collecting tray is so big to a point that it won’t go into any smaller dishwasher. Just like the Graco DuoDiner folding chair – the Chicco folding high chair also grows with your baby from the infant’s stage to the toddler phase.

It is built with a 7-position height adjustment level, 3-position reclining seat and footrest, and 5-point adjustable harness. It can accommodate a child of up to 40 bounds.


  • It comes with wheels
  • Extra big tray
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to clean fabrics


  • The tray cannot fit into a smaller dishwasher

Evenflo Folding High Chair

Photo of Evenflo folding high chair

Are you looking for a portable folding high chair that will easily fit into your kitchen and your car? Then consider buying the Evenflo folding high chair because it can fold up to 8-inches. You can get Evenflo folding high chair in two color variants.

The tray is removable and it is dishwasher compatible. Also, with water – it can be easily wiped down. It is safe and adjustable – it is built with a 5-point harness, 2 reclining options, and 3 tray positions.

With the Evenflo folding high chair, cleaning has been made easy because the fabrics and seat pad are machine washable and dishwasher safe tray liner.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Built with wheels
  • The removable tray that can be cleaned in the dishwasher


  • Fabrics offer little support
  • Difficulty in removing the feeding tray
  • Lower quality materials when compared to the price

Graco Slim Folding High Chair

Photo of Graco slim folding high chair

One interesting thing that makes the Graco slim folding high chair unique is that it requires no assembly, just out of the box and ready to use. Also, its 8.5” compact fold width makes it portable and can be easily stored.

It is made with machine washable and stain-resistant seat pads. Besides, its tray is dishwasher safe. It has 6 adjustable height levels and 3 recline levels which makes feeding enjoyable and comfortable for both mother and child.

Also, the serving tray is designed with a different snack tray that can be cleaned in the dishwasher. It is suitable for children that are up to 3 years and above


  • It is designed with a footrest and has three recline positions
  • Comfortable for your baby


  • The strap is white so stains are easily seen
  • It might be difficult to clean it

Safety Tips When Using The Folding High Chair

You must not trade the safety of your kid with anything. So, here are important safety tips that must be obeyed as you keep your baby in the folding high chair.

You must obey weight and height guidelines

Baby should not be left unattached in the folding chair

For chairs with wheels – make sure the wheels are locked

Always put the folding chairs away from tables or other rough edges

Care must be taken when assembling and dismantling the chairs

When assembling the folding high chair – you should ensure they are placed on flat ground so that baby doesn’t trip off

Always ensure that the legs are strong enough to carry the weight of the baby and other attachments.

Final Thoughts

Folding high chairs must be sturdy, portable, and easy to clean. You must ensure that whichever brand you are settling for is safe and at the same time able to care for the messy mealtime.

All the brands highlighted above have been tested and proven to meet all safety standards and specifications.

So, whether you buy Cosco Flat Folding High Chair, Ciao Baby Folding High Chair, Graco DuoDiner Folding High Chair, Chicco Folding High Chair, Evenflo Folding High Chair, or the Graco Slim Folding High Chair – you are sure of getting the best result.

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