Mintlyfe Patch for weight loss postpartum – how it works

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Congrats! The baby is out. 

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So, I know you are trying to get back in shape. Mintlyfe Patch can help, let’s find out how.

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There are a lot of fears for moms after having a baby. One of them is not being able to get back in shape, or taking a slimming product that will have an adverse effect on the health of their babies. 

These are serious concerns, and though Mintlyfe patch has been found to help people lose weight around the waist region, let see how it applies to you as a mom postpartum.

There are many questions moms ask related to Mintlyfe Patches. What is their mechanism of action? Do they just make the fat disappear miraculously from your body like some misleading adverts make it seem?

What should you consider before getting them, and what brands should you choose?

These and more are the questions I will be answering in this blog article about the Mintlyfe patch. 

What is Mintlyfe Patch, and how does it work?

Mintlyfe Patch is a thin treatment patch that is usually placed on the abdomen to aid weight loss. 

Photo of Mintlyfe Patch for weight loss

People call it the quick weight loss option and make it sound magical, but it is not. There are some mechanisms that the patch carries out.

Mintlyfe patch is made with ingredients that can penetrate your skin into the inner cells where fat is stored and helps you burn it down.

But it does not just burn down fat directly; it does so by increasing the rate of metabolism in the body. The body burns more fat than before when metabolism is increased.

It also lessens the absorption of fat and sugar in the body. This causes a significant weight loss and also increases the circulation of blood in the body,

This increased blood circulation helps you remove toxins and lose weight within a few weeks.

It works just like weight loss pills; the only difference is the route through which it is absorbed into the body.

Photo of Mint leaves; part of Mintlyfe Patch for weight loss

What are Mintlyfe Patches made up of?

Mintlyfe Patches are made from all-natural ingredients that are primarily sourced from Asia. They are:

  • Hokuto mint

Hokuto mint is the key ingredient in Mintlyfe. It is a rare Japanese mint plant that is known to be very potent in weight loss.

This japan located mint plant is rich in methanol which helps in improving food digestion and metabolism rates.

The methanol from this plant is extracted and infused into the patch so that when you place it on your skin, your body will absorb the methanol and quickly break down the fat cells. This way, you quickly lose weight without noticing.

  • Capsaicin

Another substance that is also known to fasten the rate of metabolism is Capsaicin, and it is also infused into the Mintlyfe patch.

It is gotten from pepper and helps in triggering your body to burn down fat quickly. This ingredient works handily with the Hokuto mint to make your weight loss desire possible.

  • Korean Ginseng

When your rate of metabolism is increased, your body will naturally trigger you to take in more food, which can make it difficult to lose the weight you want. The producers of Mintlyfe patch noticed this problem, and they made Korean Ginseng one of its key components.

Korean Ginseng contains a high amount of antioxidants and will suppress your appetite.

The amalgamation of these three components makes it possible to achieve significant weight loss with Mintlyfe Patches.

What to consider before buying Mintlyfe Patch

Mintlyfe Patches are lifesavers. They are there for you when other weight loss processes do not work. 

Photo of a trim lady ;Mintlyfe Patch for weight loss helps burn fat

However, before you jump right into trying to achieve your pre-preg bod, find out if Mintlyfe patch is suitable for you. Some things to consider are:

  • Your skin sensitivity

Mintlyfe Patches will not be the best for you if you have sensitive skin. It can cause discomfort for you, and you may not even be able to use it for long.

Even if your skin is not sensitive, you should know that you may have some discomfort from the adhesives of the patches.

  • Your general health

You must be healthy to use the Mintlyfe patch. People with underlying heart conditions are strongly advised against using this weight loss therapy.

If you need to lose weight, talk to your doctor, and they may recommend some pills for you or other weight loss options which may be more suitable for you.

  • The brand you need

Mintlyfe patch is a brand, and it has 50 patches in a pack. But it is not the only weight loss sticker out there. There are many others, and we will discuss them in a subsequent section. 

Pros and cons of Mintlyfe patches


Mintlyfe Patches are great for the following reasons:

  • They help you lose weight when other alternatives have failed
  • They increase your metabolism
  • Also, they naturally reduce your appetite to make your weight loss goal more achievable


  • The adhesive could irritate the skin, making it less suitable for people with sensitive skin
  • It increases heart rate, and this can be dangerous for people with heart conditions
  • There are no enough research to back up its claims

What are the best brands of weight loss patches out there?

Mintlyfe is a brand of weight loss stickers. They are very popular, but that does not mean there are no other great weight loss stickers out there. Here are some weight loss sticker that can comfortably replace Mintlyfe

Photo of Neomen weight loss sticker

The Neomen weight loss sticker is great for anyone that needs more benefits than the ones offered by Mintlyfe.

They have aloe vera, rhubarb, and cassia seed for added weight loss benefits and also come with a magnetic ring in its middle. 

However, it is not suitable for pregnant women and children, but any other healthy person can use it.

Benefits of Neomen over Mintlyfe

  • Neomen patches cost $16  compared to the $33 of Mintlyfe

It has a magnetic ring in the center of the patch, while Mintlyfe does not.

  • Neomen is made from Aloe Vera, Argy wormwood leaf, cassia seeds, rhubarb, and others, while Mintlyfe is only made from Hokuto mint, Capsaicin, and Korean ginseng.

Reejoys weight loss sticker

Photo of Reejoys weight loss sticker

The benefits of Mintlyfe and Reejoys are the same, but their ingredients differ. And like Neomen, this sticker is not suitable for children and pregnant women.

Reejoys weight loss sticker is made from cassia seeds, Oriental water plantain, Poria cocos, etc.

Benefits of Reejoys over Mintlyfe

  • Reejoys cost $14 instead of the $33 for Mintlyfe
  • The stickers come with a magnetic center like Neomen, but Mintlyfe doesn’t

Ubittek weight loss sticker

Photo of Ubbittek Weight loss sticker

This weight loss sticker is targeted to reduce fat from the waistline just like Mintlyfe, but the constituents of Ubittek are more extensive compared to that of Mintlyfe.

Also, Ubittek stickers can be used by anybody without restrictions.

Benefits of Ubittek over Mintlyfe

  • There is a magnetic ring at the center of the Ubittek weight loss sticker, unlike Mintlyfe
  • Ubittek patches have more extensive components compared to Mintlyfe.

Are Mintlyfe patches and other weight loss stickers safe?

Mintlyfe Patches are safe since they are made from a combination of natural components. However, the product may not be suitable for moms with sensitivity issues.

As stated before, this product is not suitable for people with underlying heart conditions.

Though the side effects of these products are not reported, I do not advise using them during pregnancy or breastfeeding. 

If you must, talk to your doctor to get a medical point of view.

Alternatives to weight loss stickers

Weight loss stickers may not be suitable for you because of your sensitive skin or, probably, an underlying heart condition. But that does not mean that you can’t still try other weight loss options.

There are other alternatives to weight loss stickers that may be suitable for you. But ensure you discuss with your doctor before using them in case you have an underlying health condition.

Photo of Okey detox Tea; an alternative to Mintlyfe Patch for weight loss

This slimming tea comes with more benefits than the Mintlyfe Patches. This is because it is made from a blend of 13 natural ingredients, including Oolong, Milk Thistly, Matcha, and other berries and herbs from plants. 

This product is non-GMO (i.e. not made from genetically modified organisms) and contains no laxatives or artificial flavors. It is entirely natural.

Though this tea is mainly for weight loss, it offers even more magical benefits like calming inflammation and tummy bloat. It is also great at boosting the mood and reducing your food cravings. 

Its primary mechanism of action is increasing your metabolism rate, thereby reducing your weight.

You can use this tea in two ways:

  • Prepare it at night and allow to cool in the refrigerator, and drink it cold in the morning
  • Drink it hot in the morning before beginning your day.

It is a delicious drink if you prepare it right.

Photo of Garcinia Cambogia; an alternative to Mintlyfe Patch for weight loss

This product is made from Garcinia Cambogia, which is a fruit from the subtropical region of central and West Africa. It has a high amount of hydroxycitric acid, which is very important for reducing fat in the tummy.

This hydroxycitric acid prevents fat from being stored in different tissues and increases the rate at which fat is broken down. It also makes you very active and prevents fatigue.

The formula also contains pure coffee extracts, which provide about 45% of chlorogenic acid. This acid is scientifically proven to aid weight loss.

It also contains apple cider vinegar which reduces your appetite and makes you feel full. This helps you reduce the number of calories you take in and aid your weight loss goal.

Taking this product enhances blood circulation and reduces bloating. It also gives you the energy you need to run your daily activities.

It works, but if you want a faster and more magical result, you can combine it with an exercise and balanced diet program.


Losing weight postpartum can seem impossible for some people; however, products like Mintlyfe Patches can make the journey easier. 

Since this product may not be suitable for nursing mothers, it is essential to wait until you are done breastfeeding before you take it. 

During the wait, you can find other ways of achieving your dream weight with other recommended mild exercises.

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