99+ Intriguing & Adorable French Boy Names

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Are you expecting a baby boy and you desire your little angel has one of those beautiful French boy names? Then the following compilation of French male names will look good on your baby boy.

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French names are increasingly becoming popular just as the French culture, art, literature, and language are also gaining wide popularity around the globe. French boy names could be inspired by the beautiful ancestral origin of France, fashion, tourist destination, or perhaps – you are just a lover of French boy names.

Therefore, if you want a unique French boy name that is both modern and classical – these French boy names are worth adopting for your little boy. So, the following is a collection of French boy names that you can give your baby boy.

French Names For Boys


Meaning: Noble one, bear

It was popular in the US in 1900 and was ranked in the first 100 names till 1970. Its variations include; Authur, Aurthur, Aurther, Arturo, Artur, and Arther.

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Meaning: Priceless one

It is the French version of Anthony.


Meaning: Earth, man


Meaning: A free man or a man from France 

It has variations like Francisco, Frankie, Frank, Francis, and Frans. It’s a popular name in France and a cute name in the US


Meaning: Devoted to the wine god

Denis has not been ranked among the first 1000 names in the US since 1992. Its highest ranking was in 1952 when it occupied the 277th position. Variations include; Dennes, Dennys, Deniss, Denys, and Denny


Meaning: Son of a nobleman, speckled

Variants include; Bryce, Brye, Bricius, and Bri. Brice has consistently been ranked among the first 1000 names in the US between 1959 to 2018


Meaning: Leader, guide

Its variants are; Gai, Vitus, Gye, Gui, Guido, Guye, and Guyon. It has not ranked among the top 1000 names in the US since 2005


Meaning: Something that comes after or one who replaces

It’s a more traditional name in France. It comes with variants such as Jack, Jacot, Jacob, Jacque, Jaq, Jock, and Jack. Its highest ranking was in 1969 when it ranked among the first 1000 names in the US


Meaning: Brave warriors

Variants include; Lou, Aloysius, Lew, Lewis, Lude, Lasho, Lou, Luigi, Luis, Luiz, Lue, Luki, Lutek, and Louie. Though not a very popular name in the US – it has consistently maintained a top spot in France since 2005.


Meaning: Born around Christmas or on Christmas day

It has maintained the top spot among the top 1000 first names in the US since 1938. Variants are Noell, Natal, Natale, Nole, Noli, Nowelle, Nowell, and Novelo. It has ranked among the top 1000 French boy names in the United States since 1938.


Meaning: One who befriends and loves horses

It is not ranked in the top 1000 names in the US. Variants are Filipe, Philip, Phil, Felipe, Felippe, Filipe, Phillepe, Phillippee, and Phellipe.


Meaning: Fox-colored or having a red hair

Rusell has maintained the top spot among the first 1000 French boy names in the US since 1900. Its variants are Russelle, Russel, Ruscell, Rousell, Russon, Russie, and Rustyn.


Meaning: To cross over at a crossroads or the crossing

It has variations like Travais, Travees, Traver, Trevis, Trevais, Treviz, and Treveze. Besides, the name ‘Travis’ has constantly been ranked among the first 1000 French boy names in the US within the last 100 years.


Meaning: Defending warrior, defender of humankind

Though ‘Sacha’ is not a top-ranked name in the US within the last 120 years; however, it’s a popular name in France. Variants are; Sache, Sancha, Sasha, Socha, Soche, and Sosha


Meaning: Reborn or born again

René has other variations such as Ranae, Ranay, Renee, Renn, Rennee, Renny, Renault, Ren, and Reni. However, René has been among the top French boy names in the US within the last 100 years

Traditional French Names

These traditional French names are still very much in vogue and will look great on your little prince. Therefore, the following are cute and adorable French male names;

Audric – Wise, old, and all-knowing one

Casper – The treasurer

Edgar (Edgard) – Power and fortune

Freman ( variations are Frieman and Freemann) – Suggests the free man

Christophe (Christopher) – You carry Christ in you

Damien – The one who tames

Gary – One who is watchful and guides

Henry (Henri) – A ruler over a household

Marcel (variations are Marcellino, Marcello, and Marcellus) – The French God of war

Robert (Robb, Robby, and Robbie) – The bright one

Lamar (Lamarr) – Of the sea

Javier – Born on January

Pascal (Pasquel) – A baby that is born on Easter Day

Valeray (Val, Valerie, and Valerian) – A brave boy

Wyatt – Water

Ignace – One who is fiery and unstoppable

Gautier – A powerful ruler

Andre (Variations include Andree, Andrei, Andres, and Andreas) – The courageous valiant man

Sébastien (Variations are Bas, Sabastian, Sebashun, Sebasten, Sebastian, Sebastiano, Sébastien, Sebastuan, and Servastien) – Adored, respected, and revered

Sinclair (Variations are Sinclaire, Sinclare, Synclair, Synclarie, Clare, and Clair) – From Saint Claire

Théo (Variations are Teddy, Ted, Theeo, Theodor, Theodore, Theodoros, and Theos) – A gift and blessing from God

Yves (Variations include; Eve, Ives, Evo, Yve, Yvo, and Yvon) – An archer

Pierre (Variations are Peiree, Pier, Pierce, Piere, Piero, Pierrot, Piers, and Pyerre) – Solid and strong like a rock

Nicolas (Variations are Nic, Nichol, Nicholas, Nicholaus, Nick, Nico, Nikolas, and Niko) – A victory of the people

Gilbert (Variations are Bert, Gibbon, Gilberto, Gilburt, Gilly, Guilbert, and Gilber) – A promise or pledge

François (Variations are Francis, Francisco, Franc, Frank, Frankie, and Fransawawa) – A free man or a man from France

Armand (Variations include; Arman, Armande, Armando, Armani, Armon, Armond, ormand, and Armanie) – An army soldier

Frederic (Variations are Fred, Freddy, Frederick, Fredric, Fredrick, and Ric) – A peaceful ruler

Abdou (Variation includes; Abdo) – A great ability to focus on each work

Girly Boy Names

The following are cute girl names that will also look good on your baby boy – yes, girly boy names!

Avery – A ruler of the elves

Aubrey – elf ruler

Blair – Dweller on the plain

Cassidy – Curly headed

Harper – Harp player

Leslie – Garden of holly

Addison – Son of Adam

Bailey – A law enforcer

Marley/Marlow – Driftwood

Asa – A little star

Lark – Cheerful, outgoing

Ariel – Lion of God

Rory – Someone with red hair

Cary – From the fortress

Sparrow – Freedom

French Last Names Starting With B

The following are classical and popular French last names that start with b. 

Boisseau – Measure or Bushel

Boisclair – Clear wood or light

Bois – Undergrowth, bush, or shrub

Boire – To drink

Bohen – To be victorious

Boileau – To drink or water

Blondin – Blonde

Bellamy – Beautiful Mountain

Blouin – A pale complexion or blue color

Bobier – A stammerer or stutterer

Boche – A square head or cabbage head

Bloyer – Someone who separates the fibers of hemp or flax

Baudelaire – A small sword or dagger

Barbier – A barber

Bassett – Of lowly origin

Bastien – Revered, venerable

Beaumont – A fair mountain

Beaufort – A beautiful or fair fortress

Bonnet – A person who wears hats or who makes hats

Boucher – A butcher

Blanchet – A fair-haired person or a blanket

Barret – To be cunning

Bagot – A stay or walking staff


Photo of a cute boy; french boy names are great for your baby boy

Popular French Boy Names

Gabriel (It has variation like Gabbi, Gabbie, Gabelle, Gabin, Gabiel, Gabirel, Gabrielli, Gabriello, and Gaby) – God is the strength and hero

Jules (it comes with variations such as Jewel, Joles, Jule, Julian, Julien, Julio, and Julius) – Forever young

Leo (Variations like Lee, Leon, Lyon, Leonardo, Leonn, Lio, LevLeao, and Leontios) – To be bold like a lion

Hugo (Variations are Hugh, Hughes, Hew, Hughie, Hewy, Hue, and Hewgo) – Mind or intellect

Paul (With variations like Paolo, Pauley, Paulo, Pauly, Paley, Pall, Pawl, and Pol) – Small or a little one

Raphael (Variations include; Rafael, Rafal, Rafel, Ray, Rephael, Rafaele, Rafaelle, Raphale, and Raphel) – Healed by God

Thomas (Variations are Thom, Thomaz, Thomes, Tom, Tommy, Thompson, Thomson, Thomy, and Tomaro) – Twin

Richard (Variations are Ricardo, Richie, Raechard, Ricard, Ric, Rich, Richardo, Rico, and Rickey) – A powerful and strong ruler

Charles (Charlie, Charley, Charlot, Chas, and Charlton) – A farmer, free man or to be strong and manly

Roy (Variations are Royle, Rey, Roi, Royal, Royalton, Royce, and Ruy) – A king, royalty, or red-haired

Common French Male Names

If you are in search of cute French boy names, the following common French male names will not only make your little boy stand-out but are also adorable.

Reinald – A wise ruler

Donatien – Given by God

Constantin – Steadfast

Salomon – To be peaceful

Didier – To long after something

Edmond – The protector of prosperity

Martin – Of the sea

Lucien – Light

Clovis – A famous warrior

Mercelon – The little one of the sea

Denis – The follower of Dionysos

Waltier – The ruler of the army

Chandler – A candle merchant

William – A protector

Julian – A child that is born of love

Geoffrey – Peaceful

Gil – To be youthful

Thierri – The king of nations

French First Names For Boys

These French boy names will sound amazing as first names for your little boy. So, check out the following French first names for boys;

Aleron – The winged one

Aramis (Variations are Airamis and Aramys) – The fictional swordsman

Byron – Barn of cows

Canon – A young wolf

Carvell – Swamp dwellers

Etienne – A crown or garland

Ferrand – Gray-haired

Frasier – Strawberry

Gareth – To be gentle

Destin – Destiny

Dior – Golden

Chevy – A knight, horseman

Garen – Guardian, guards

Demont – I am king

Coyne – Wild goose

Garrison – Protection, stronghold, spear-fortified town

Final Thoughts

Names are means of identification and could also help mold the life of your little one. However, if you want a male French name for your baby boy – then these French boy names will be the best fit.

So, you could consider the names under French names for boys, traditional French names, and French last names starting with B. Others are popular French boy names, common French male names, and French first names for boys.

Therefore, choose what’s best for your little one!

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