70+ Classic & Retro-cool Old Man Names (for boys)

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Just like the old-fashioned girl names, the old man names are gradually becoming famous and popular. These names are timeless and have a vintage appeal. So, if you want the perfect old-fashioned male name for your baby boy – then this compilation of old man names will certainly help create that nostalgic feeling.

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These names that were the rave back then are now gradually making their way into the new generation. As a parent, you can decide to give your boy-child one of these classic names that are not common.

Therefore, if you want the best and perfect old man names for your baby boy, read on!

Old Fashioned Names For Boys


Origin: English

Meaning: Wise counsel or elf counsel

Overview: Alfred can be shortened to Freddy, Freddie, Alfie, Fred, or Al. Besides, among those who have this cool name is the King of England Alfred the Great.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Wealthy

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Overview: another old fashioned name for boys with singer Otis Redding as a popular namesake.


Origin: English/Scandinavian

Meaning: Army ruler

Overview: People with this name could be nicknamed Harry or Hal. Examples of people with this name are Harry Potter, Harry Styles, and President Harry Truman


Origin: Scottish

Meaning: Great hill or fort

Overview: Basketball player Gordon Hayward and Chef Gordon Ramsey are among the famous namesakes for this old man name.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Lucky

Overview: The female variant is Felicity and with Australian actor Felix Mallard as one of the famous namesakes of this old man name.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Earth worker, farmer 

Overview: A variant of the name is Georgie and people like Beatle George Harrison, composer George Gershwin are among the celebrities with the name George.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: The name originates from the ancient Roman town of Laurentum

Overview: Lawrence can be shortened to Laz or Larry. Besides, it can be spelled as Laurence as seen in the actor’s name Laurence Fishburne. Popular namesakes are screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan and the United States footballer Lawrence Taylor


Origin: English

Meaning: Bear

Overview: The variant of the name include; Artie and Art. Popular namesakes for this old man name are playwright Arthur Miller, astronomer Arthur Clarke, and King Arthur


Origin: German

Meaning: Peaceful ruler

Overview: It could be shortened to Freddie or Fred. Dancer Fred Astaire and Prussian King Frederick the Great are among the popular namesakes for this old man name.


Origin: English

Meaning: Foreign or stranger

Overview: Wallace is a unisex name and can be shortened to Wally. Here, actors Wallace Langham and Wallace Shawn are popular personalities with this name.


Origin: Irish

Meaning: From the Irish town of Munster

Overview: It can be shortened to Desi or Des. Also, popular namesakes here are zoologist Desmond Morris and South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu


Origin: English

Meaning: A free landholder

Overview: President Franklin Roosevelt and President Franklin Pierce are two famous namesakes with this old man name.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: well-born, noble

Overview: It can be shortened to Gene and the feminine variant is Eugenia. Artist Eugene Delacroix, playwright Eugene O’Neill, and actor Eugene Levy are popular namesakes with this cool old fashioned male name.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Lord of Lordly

Overview: This is categorized as a religious name being the name of several saints before now. One famous person with this name is the Magician Cyril Takayama


Origin: Welsh or Latin

Meaning: In Wales, it’s the name for the sixth child whereas in Latin it means blind.

Overview: Baseball player Cecil Fielder and filmmaker Cecil Demille are notable people with this old fashioned name for boys.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: To conquer

Overview: The female version for this name is Victoria and is shortened to Vic. In Italy – it’s Vittorio. One popular person with the name Victor is French author Victor Hugo


Origin: German

Meaning: A trusted advisor

Overview: It can be shortened to Ray – novelist Raymond Chandler and actor Raymond Massey are the famous namesakes for this elderly man name.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Army ruler

Overview: As seen in the name of the famous Walt Disney – it can be shortened to Walt. Besides, it is famous with people such as TV reporter Walter Cronkite and Walter White of Breaking Bad


Origin: English

Meaning: Wagon maker

Overview: English football player Wayne Rooney and comedian Wayne Brady are the popular namesakes of this name.


Origin: German

Meaning: A famous warrior

Overview: The shirt form is Lou and it has people like designer Louis Vuitton and trumpeter Louis Armstrong as popular people with the name


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Downy-bearded, youthful

Overview: A variant of the name is Julian. Popular namesake is Julius Caesar and footballer Julius Peppers


Origin: Latin

Meaning:  To be bright

Overview: Another classic old man name. Example of popular namesake include Dutch football Clarence Seedorf, and the late Steve Irwin’s son – Robert Clarence Irwin 


Origin: German

Meaning: Brave like a lion

Overview: It has an Italian version – Leonardo. Also, Leo is the short form of Lenny. Some notable namesakes include singer Leonard Cohen, and composer Leonard Bernstein.

Old English Male Names

Photo of santa with a baby boy


Origin: English

Meaning: Of a noble friend


Origin: English

Meaning: From the old town


Origin: English

Meaning: One who is a Christ-bearer


Origin: English

Meaning: The steep edge of a ford


Origin: English

Meaning: A town near a hill


Origin: English

Meaning: God’s friend


Origin: English

Meaning: Famous within the army


Origin: English

Meaning: A carpenter, or a craftsman


Origin: English

Meaning: From the rocky crossing


Origin: English

Meaning: Red-faced


Origin: English

Meaning: Divinely powerful


Origin: English

Meaning: Son of a champion


Origin: English

Meaning: From the mill by the farm


Origin: English

Meaning: Good son


Origin: English

Meaning: From the linden tree


Origin: English

Meaning: Son of Lawrence

Black Guy Names

Black guy names are gradually becoming trendy, so, here are some funniest black guy names that will look good on your little son.


Origin: Scandinavian

Meaning: From the deer forest


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Warlike


Origin: French

Meaning: Of the Lord


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Good, gracious, tender


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Dark-skinned


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Physician, healer, wise

Akeem is a variation of this black guy name


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Follower of Demetria – the goddess of fertility


Origin: English

Meaning: To rejoice


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Light


Origin: Greek

Meaning: A young soldier, land of Owen


Origin: Irish

Meaning: God is gracious

This name is an extension of the name Shawn


Origin: Anglo-Saxon

Meaning: Beloved, dear


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Flower, priceless

This old man name has variations like Antonne and Antwone


Origin: Latin or French

Meaning: The three divine – signifying the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

The name is a combination of two names: Trey and Devin. Trey means “three” and Devin means “divine”

Sexy Older Men Names

Photo of a cute baby boy


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Land or earth


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Manly beauty


Origin: Scottish

Meaning: A combination of hot and cool


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Crow


Origin: Danish

Meaning: From Denmark

This sexy old man name has a variation like Dana


Origin: British

Meaning: Warrior


Origin: German

Meaning: Brave


Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Healthy


Origin: English

Meaning: Marshy land near the sea


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Small


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God has remembered

It’s the short form of Zachariah


Origin: Celtic

Meaning: Sorrowful or noise


Origin: French

Meaning: Oarsman


Origin: Latin

Meaning: God has healed


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Given


Origin: Italian

Meaning: Gift of God

This is the Italian version of Mathew


Origin: German

Meaning: Greatest

Weird Old Man Names


Origin: Italian or British

Meaning: Beauty, decency

The Greek version for this name is Kosmos


Origin: English

Meaning: Forest Guardian


Origin: French

Meaning: Guide or lead in French, ‘Goy’ – Hebrew meaning valley and ‘life’ in Latin


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Carrier of Christ in Greek and ‘from the Roman camp’ in Latin or English


Origin: American

Meaning: Non-conformist or being independence


Origin: French

Meaning: The estate of the fifth son


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Beloved


Origin: English

Meaning: Son of the king


Origin: English

Meaning: Greatest

This weird old man name can have nicknames such as Max, Mac, or Mack

Final Thoughts

Names play an important role in the life-journey of your child. So, these meaningful old man names that have been carefully compiled will help you to give a classic name to your little boy. Though they are called old fashioned – they are gradually being reintroduced by parents.

So, whichever class of name you settle for, whether the old-fashioned names for boys, sexy older men names, weird old men names, old English male names or the black guy names – they will surely look good on your little boy. Also check out this compilation of strong & powerful names for boys.

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