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80 Most Popular Italian Baby Girl Names

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When you are thinking of awesome, warm, beautiful and romantic baby names for your baby girl, a list of baby names should come to your mind. That list of girl names is the Italian baby names.

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Also think of the people of great history that have made remarkable impact in the globe, among them are people bearing Italian names.

So, either you are from the Italian race or just that parent thinking of an awesome and lovely baby name to give your baby, you may have to check the list of the names we have on this article.

Italian Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter A

Name: Alba

Meaning: Dawn

Origin: Latin as Albus “Bright,” “White”

Name variation: Minna, Alma, Elva, Amandine, Antigone, Bea

Notable People with Alba: Alba August (1993), Danish-Swedish actress. Alba Calderón (1908–1992), Ecuadorian painter. Alba Flores (1986), Spanish actress. Alba Gaïa Bellugi (born 1995), a French actress. Alba Milana (born 1959), an Italian long-distance runner.

Popularity: #150 in 2018

Comment: Alba is the gaelic name for ancient Scotland. Also as name of a place in Roman Italy; Alba in Piemonte, Alba Fucens in Abruzzo.

Name: Alberta

Meaning: bright nobility.

Origin: German

Name variation: Albertina, Albertine, Elberta, Elbertina, Elbertine. Short: Berta

Notable people with Alessandra: Alberta Watson (1955-), notable actress.

Popularity: Very popular in the 1900s

Comment: Feminine form of ALBERT. This is the name of a Canadian province, which was named in honour of a daughter of Queen Victoria. Alberta Williams King (1904–1974), mother of Martin Luther King Jr.

Name: Alessandra

Meaning: Defender of mankind

Origin: Greek as Alexandra

Name variation: Alessa, Sandra, Alexandra

Notable people with Alessandra: Alessandra Rosaldo (born 1971), Mexican singer and actress. Alessandra Silvestri-Levy (born 1972), Brazilian art curator and writer. Alessandra Stanley, American journalist. Alessandra Torresani (born 1987), American actress

Popularity: #35 in 2010

Comment: The Roman Empress, St. Alexandra was a noblewoman and the wife of Emperor Diocletian, who was secretly converted to a Christian and he died as a martyr in 303. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor – the real name of Queen Elizabeth II. Alexandra of Denmark (1844–1925), Queen consort of the United Kingdom, Empress consort of India as the wife of King-Emperor Edward VII

Name: Allegra

Meaning: Cheerful and lively (Joyful)

Origin: Italian

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Name variation: Allegria

Notable people with Alessandra: Allegra Collins (born 1972), American attorney, educator and judge. Allegra Curtis (born 1966), American actress. Allegra Fuller Snyder, American film director and dance ethnographer; daughter of R. Buckminster Fuller. Allegra Goodman, American author


Comment: Allegra is derived from the latin word “allegro” which is often used in music to instruct the musician to perform with an upbeat and lively sound

Name: Alice

Meaning: Noble type (German Adalheidis)

Origin: Old French, which was derived from German

Name variations: Alecia, Alicia, Alise, Alisha, Alyce, Alys.

Notable people with Alice: St. Alice of Schaerbeek (feast day June 15 in her honor), Writer Alice Walker, actress Alice Ghostley,

Popularity: #4 in 2018

Comment: Saint Alice was a nun who experienced visions and ecstasies. Her saint’s day is 15 June.

Name: Arabella

Meaning: Answered prayer or beautiful altar.

Origin: Latin

Name variation: Arbela

Notable people with Alessandra: Arabella Arbenz (1940–1965), Guatemalan model and actor. Arabella Buckley (1840–1929), English writer and science educator. Arabella Churchill (charity founder) (born 1949), English charity founder, festival organiser, and fundraiser. Arabella Churchill (royal mistress) (1648–1730), mistress of King James II.

Popularity: #95 in England and Wales in 2015

Comment: Arabella was first attested usage of the name was Arabella de Leuchars (c.1135-1203), a granddaughter of the Scottish king William the Lion

Name: Angelica

Meaning: Angelic

Origin: Latin

Name variations: Angela, Angelina, Anjelica, Angelique.

Notable people with Angelica: Actress Anjelica Huston, singer Angelica Hale

Popularity: among top 100 in the 1090s.

Comment: Angela Merici, an educator, was honored a St. by the Catholic church, also Blessed Angelica of Milazzo and Blessed María Angélica Pérez.

Name: Arianna

Meaning: Most holy, utterly pure.

Origin: Latin

Name variations: Ariadna, Ariana, Ariadne

Notable people with Ariadna: singer Ariana Grande, Journalist and author Arianna Huffington.

Popularity: top 25 over the past decades. #40 in 2014.

Comment: Arianna comes from Ariadne of Greek mythology. She was the daughter of King Minos who fell in love with Theseus and helped him escape the labyrinth. Later abandoned by Theseus and left alone to die, she was rescued by the god of wine, revelry, and dance, Dionysus, whom she married and became immortal.

Name: Amedea

Meaning: lover of God.

Origin: Italian

Name variation: Primina, Joela, Geela, Caroun, Shari, Lessie

Notable people with Alessandra: Amadea Palaiologina of Monferrato (1418–1440), was a queen consort of Cyprus, wife of king John II of Cyprus.

Popularity: #90 in the past 100 years

Comment: Amedea is the feminine form of Italian Amadeo or Amadeus.

Name: Aurora

Meaning: Dawn, luminous, dazzling

Origin: Latin

Name Variations: Aurore

Notable people with Aurora: Harry Potter character Aurora Sinistra, Professional race car driver Aurora Straus, and the late poet Aurora de Albornoz

Popularity: #44 since 2009 – 2018.

Comment: Aurora was the Roman goddess of morning.

Italian Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter B

Name: Beatrice

Meaning: She who makes happy

Origin: Latin

Name variations: Beatrix, Trixie, Beatriz, Bea

Notable people with Beatrice: Princess Beatrice of York, Author Beatrix Potter, actress Beatrice Straight.

Popularity: Beatrice #573 in 2018.

Comment: The Italian poet Dante Alighieri (known simply as Dante) portrays Beatrice Portinari as his guide through paradise in “Divine Comedy,” which was completed in 1320—a year before his death. Beatrice is also a main character in Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.”

Name: Bianca

Origin: Italian

Meaning: White, pure

Name variations: Blanca, Blanche

Notable people with Bianca: Tennis player Bianca Andreescu. Human rights advocate and former actress Bianca Jagger. Singer Bianca Ryan

Popularity: #400 in the U.S. in 2018. #17 in Italy in 2018.

Comment: Bianca appeared as characters in both “Othello” and “Taming of the Shrew.” Novels by Shakespeare.

Name: Benedetta

Meaning: Blessed

Origin: Latin

Name variations: Bettina

Notable people with Benedetta: Actress and model Benedetta Barzini, Blessed Benedetta Cambiagio Frassinello

Popularity: Ranked top 50 Italy & top 1,000 in the U.S.

Comment: Benedetta is the female version of Benedictus, after St. Benedict who was the founder of the Benedictine monastery at Monte Cassino in the sixth century and is known as the father of monasticism in the West.

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Italian Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter C

Name: Carlotta

Meaning: Free man (from Charles)

Origin: Italian

Name variations: Carla, Carlota

Notable people with Carlotta: Journalist Carlotta Gall, actress Carlotta Monti, Empress Carlota of Mexico

Popularity: Among the top 50 names in Italy, but hardly among the top 1,000 in the U.S.

Comment: Carlotta is the Italian version of Charlotte, which itself is the feminine version of Charles.

Name: Camilla

Meaning: Temple servant, free-born, noble

Origin: Latin and possibly Etruscan

Name variations: Camila, Camille, Milly, Millie

Notable people with Camilla: Actress Camilla Luddington. British Royal Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Popularity: #19 in Italy in 2018 and #302 in 2018 in the U.S.

Comment: A legendary warrior maiden named Camilla was featured in the “Aeneid” by the Roman poet Virgil. Camillus was an ancient Roman first name, used by females.

Name: Chiara

Meaning: Clear, luminous

Origin: Latin

Name variations: Clair, Claire, Clara, Clare

Notable people with Chiara: Actress Chiara Zanni. St. Chiara of Assisi (name day is August 11 in her honor). Physicist Chiara Nappi

Popularity: #10 girl names in Italy for the past 20 years and the second most popular in 2000 and 2001.

Comment: In Italian, Chiara is pronounced KYA-ra.

Name: Colombina

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Dove

Name variations: Columba

Notable people with Colombiana:


Comment: Colombina is a feminine form of Italian Colombano.

Name: Claudia

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Patrician Roman family name meaning lame or crippled

Name variations: Gladys, Claude

Notable people with Claudia: First Lady Claudia “Lady Bird” Johnson, actress Claudia Cardinale, model Claudia Schiffer

Popularity: #26 in 1999 in Italy and #111 in 1952 in the U.S.

Comment: Women of the noble Roman family Claudius would bear the name Claudia, including two mentioned in the New Testament. One was the wife of Pontius Pilate and the other was St. Claudia, an early convert to Christianity.

Name: Caterina

Meaning: Pure

Origin: Greek, Italian, Portuguese

Name variations: Catherine, Tina, Katrina, Katarina,

Notable people with Caterina: Businesswoman Caterina Fake. Catherine (Caterina) de’ Medici, queen of France. St. Catherine of Bologna.

Popularity: the #50 female names in Italy for the past 20 years.

Comment: The English versions of Catherine is Katherine and it has always been preferred. Catherine (Caterina) de’ Medici was known as the “mother of kings.” An Italian noblewoman, she was the queen of France by marriage to King Henry II. Her sons became King Francis II, Charles IX, and Henry III. She ruled France as regent from 1560 to 1574

Name: Carmen

Meaning: Ode, poem, or charm

Origin: Latin, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

Name variations: Carmel, Carmenta

Notable people with Carmen: Singer Carmen Miranda and actress, and model Carmen Electra

Popularity: Very popular in the U.S. in the 1960s.

Comment: Carmen can be a unisex name, although it has less popularity as a boy name than as a girl name.

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Italian Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter D

Name: Donatella

Meaning: Given (by God)

Origin: Italian

Name variation: Dona, Donna, Donatus

Notable people with Donatella: Donatella Agostinelli (born 1974), Italian politician. Donatella Arpaia (born 1971), American restaurateur and television chef. Donatella Finocchiaro (born 1970), Italian actress. Donatella Flick, former wife of Gert Rudolph Flick. Donatella Flick Conducting Competition, an international music competition for young conductors.


Comment: Donatella is a Pet form of Italian Donata. In the year 1956, a Italian movie “Donatella” was made.

Name: Dorotea

Meaning: Gift of God

Origin: Latin

Name variation: Dorothea, Dorothy, Dora, Dori, Tea

Notable people with Dorotea: Dorothea Jordan (1761–1816), Irish actress and mistress of the future King William IV of the United Kingdom. Dorothea Dunckel (1799–1878), Swedish playwright. Dorothea Erxleben (1715–1762), first woman doctor in Germany. Dorothea Fairbridge (1860–1931), South African novelist.

Comment: Dorotea is the Italian and Spanish form of the Latin Dorothea. Dorotea and Teodora are anagrams of each other; they contain the same letters.

Name: Debora

Meaning: Bee

Origin: Hebrew

Name variation: Deborah, Debby, Debbie, Deebs

Notable people with Debora:

Popularity: Ranked #370 in 1950.

Comment: Debora is the Italian form of Hebrew Deborah.

Name: Daniela

Meaning: God is the judge

Origin: French, Hebrew

Name variations: Daniela, Danyelle, Danella, Danelle, Danette, Dani Danyel, Daniyelle, Daniell, Daniele, Danialle, Danal

Notable People with Danielle: American actress Danielle Andrea Harris, American actress Danielle Nicole Panabaker, American actress Danielle Christine Fishel, American actress (and Elvis Presley’s granddaughter) Danielle Riley Keough

Popularity: Ranked 14 in 1987.

Comment: Danielle was extremely popular and a top 100 name in the U.S. from 1971 until 2004. Danielle Steel is a well-known romance writer and one of the best-selling authors of all time.

Name: Drusilla

Meaning: Dew

Origin: Latin

Name variations: Dru, Druscilla, Cilla, Drusa

Notable people with Drusilla: Drusilla (daughter of Herod Agrippa).  Writer Drusilla Modjeska

Popularity: #612 in 1886, and now in the top 1,000 today in the U.S.

Comment: Drusilla was used as a given name by members of the Claudia family in ancient Rome.

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Italian Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter E

Name: Elena

Meaning: Torch or moon

Origin: Greek

Name variations: Ellen, Lena, Helen

Notable people with Elena: Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan and tennis player Elena Vesnina

Popularity: was among the top 20 girl names in Italy from 1999 to 2011, and #29 in 2016. Very popular in the U.S., as #66 in 2018.

Comment: Elena is the Italian version of Helen, who was the beautiful mythological daughter of Zeus and Leda. She was “the face that launched a thousand ships” and the cause of the Trojan War.

Name: Eleonora

Meaning: Italian version of Eleanor, no meaning given

Origin: Old French

Name variations: Elinor, Ella, Nell, Lenora, Nora, Eleanor, Eleanora

Notable people with Eleonora: Actress Eleonora Duse and holy Roman Empress Eleonora Gonzaga

Popularity: #18 for girl names in Italy in 2002. The English variant Eleanor is making a huge surge with a new high at 32 in 2018.

Comment: Eleanor of Aquitaine was first the queen of France by marriage to Louis VII and then queen of England by marriage to Henry II. She was the mother of King Richard the Lionheart and King John and ruled as regent when Richard went on the Third Crusade. Eleanor and its variants became popular throughout Europe in the 12th century.

Name: Elisa

Meaning: My God is an oath

Origin: Greek

Name variations: Eliza, Elsa, Lisa

Notable people with Elisa: Actress Elisa Donovan. Designer Elisa Jimenez

Popularity: #9th in 2004 in Italy. Ranks #500 in the U.S

Comment: Elisa is an Italian form of Elisabeth and Elizabeth.

Name: Emilia

Origin: Latin

Meaning: A rival

Name variations: Emily

Notable people with: Actress Emilia Clarke

Popularity: Emilia is ranking in the top 150 in Italy. In the U.S., it is at #58 in 2018. Emily the variant is at #12.

Comment: Emilia comes from the ancient Roman cognomen Aemilius. Shakespeare liked the name Emilia so much that it is a character name in “Othello,” “The Comedy of Errors,” and “The Winter’s Tale.

Name: Emma

Meaning: Whole, universal, nourisher

Origin: German

Name variations: Ema

Notable people with Emma: St. Emma of Gurk (name day April 19 in her honor). Actress Emma Stone.

Popularity: Emma was found among the top 10 in Italy since 2010, peaking in fourth place in 2016. And was the top girl name in the U.S. from 2014 to 2018.

Comment: Emma is a highly popular baby girl name in countries throughout Europe, North America, and South America.

Italian Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter F

Name: Felìcita  

Meaning: Fortune; good luck, hope, happiness

Origin: Latin

Name variations: Felicitas, Felicia, Felix

Notable people with Felìcita:

Popularity: The variant Felicity was the 236th most popular name for girls born in England and Wales in 2007. #706 most popular name for girls born in the United States in 2007.

Comment: Felicitas, taken from the name of the Ancient Roman goddess Fortuna. It was also the name of Saint Felicity of Rome, a 2nd-century saint venerated by the Roman Catholic Church. Felìcita Italian form of Roman Latin Felicitas.

Name: Fabrizia

Meaning: Craftsman or works with the hands

Origin: Italian

Similar Names: Fabrizia, Fabricia, Fabritzia,

Notable people with Fabrizio: Fabrizia Pons (born 1955), Italian rally driver. Fabrizia Ramondino (1936–2008), Italian writer. Fabrizia Sacchi (born 1971), Italian actress

Popularity: #

Comment: Feminine form of Italian Fabrizio.

Name: Federica

Meaning: Peaceful ruler

Origin: Germanic

Name variations: Frederica, Fred, Freddie, Erica, Rica, Fefa

Notable people with Federica: Federica Fontanna: Italian television sports announcer (especially for soccer games) and TV program hostess, who also does various kinds of modeling on the side. Federica Felini: Italian model. Federica Pellegrini: Italian swimmer.

Popularity: Never been ranked in the top 1000 baby girl names.

Comment: Federica is a very rare female first name. Federica is largely used in the Italian language. Federica is the Italian feminine form of Italian/Spanish Federico.

Name: Ferdinanda

Meaning: Ardent for peace or bold voyager

Name variations: Fernanda

Origin: Spanish/Germanic; Feminine variation of Fernando, Spanish and Portuguese version of German Ferdinand

Notable people with Ferdinanda: Maria Antonia Ferdinanda of Spain (María Antonia Fernanda; 17 November 1729 – 19 September 1785) was a Queen consort of Sardinia by marriage to Victor.

Popularity: unknown

Comment: Feminine form of Italian Ferdinando.

Name: Fiammetta

Meaning: Little fire

Origin: Italian

Name variations: Fifi, Fia, Feafers

Notable people with Fiammetta: Italian actress and TV host Fiammetta Cicogna.

Popularity: Never been ranked among the top 1000 baby girl names in America.

Comment: Fiammetta is an Italian name composed of two words; fiamma which means “fire” and a diminutive suffix. Maria d’Aquino (redirect from Fiammetta) festivities in 1310, but was given the family name of her mother’s husband. Her putative father placed her in a convent Fiammetta appears in the following

Name: Fina

Meaning: Burning one or serpent, “white, fair,” Jehovah increases, “ardent; fiery”

Origin: Italian

Name variations: Josephine or Serafina, fiona

Notable people with Fina: Saint Fina (1238–1253), or Saint Serafina, was an Italian Christian girl who is venerated in the Tuscan town of San Gimignano. She developed a paralytic.

Popularity: Never made it to the top 1000 in America.

Comment: The masculine form of Fina is Fino. Fina is a short form of Italian Serafina, it means “burning one” or “serpent.” It is also used as a short form of other names ending with -fina. Fina is a unique name in the same style family as Gina, Dina, Tina, Mina and Nina.

Name: Filomena

Meaning: Friend of ease, friend of strength

Origin: Greek

Name variations: Filumena, Filo, Mena, Fifi, Lola

Notable people with Filomena: century Danish mathematician also called Philomena Philomena, a 2013 film, and its title character Philomena Lee (born 1933), an Irish nurse Filomena.

Popularity: #71 in 1910

Comment: Filomena is a form of the Greek female given name Philomena. It means “friend of strength” (φιλος (philos) “friend, lover” and μενος (menos) “mind, purpose. Filomena Variant spelling of Italian Filumena.

Name: Fioralba

Meaning: flower of the dawn

Origin: Italian

Name variations: Flbe, Fiora

Notable people with Fioralba: Fioralba Cakoni, American-Albanian mathematician Fioralba Disdari, 2013 Miss Universe Albania Fioralba.

Popularity: #159,070 in the U.S.

Comment: Fioralba is an Italian name composed of the elements fiore “flower” and alba “dawn,” meaning “flower of dawn.”

Name: Francesca

Meaning: Frenchman

Origin: Latin

Name variations: Franny, Franca, Fran

Notable people with Francesca: Tennis player Francesca Schiavone. Author Francesca Simon. Photographer Francesca Woodman

Popularity: Ranking the top 20 as one of the most popular girl names in Italy. In the U.S. it ranked 467 in 2018.

Comment: Francesca appears as a character in Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure” and in Dante’s “Inferno.”

Name: Fiorella

Meaning: little flower

Origin: Italian

Notable people with Fioraella: Fiorella Aíta (born 1977), Peruvian volleyball player. Fiorella Chiappe (born 1996), Argentine hurdler. Fiorella Cueva (born 1998), Peruvian weightlifter. Fiorella D’Croz Brusatin (born 1979), Colombian triathlete.

Popularity: Fiorella is currently not ranked in U.S. births

Comment: Feminine is a diminutive form of Italian unisex, Fiore (“flower”), meaning “little flower.” Fiorello is the masculine form.

Name: Florentina

Meaning: Blossoming

Origin: Latin/Italian

Name variations: Fiorentina, Florence, Tina, Flo, Florry, Lori, Flora, Ren, Lettie, Lennie, Rina, Reni

Notable people with Fioralba: St. Florentina, Spanish abbess lived in the 6th century.

Popularity: Has never ranked among the top 1000 in America.

Comment: Florentina is the feminine is the form of Italian Florentino also meaning “blossoming.” Iris florentina is the white flowered variant of Iris germanica now classified as Iris germanica nothovar. It is cultivated as an ornamental plant in temperate regions almost worldwide.

Italian Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter G

Name: Gaia

Meaning: Earth

Origin: Greek

Name variations: Gaea

Notable people with Gaia: Gaia in Greek mythology

Popularity: Gaia is very popular in Italy, ranking in the top 15 over the past two decades. Not in the top 1,000 in the U.S.

Comment: Gaia is the personification of the planet Earth in Greek mythology, the mother of the sky god Uranus, the sea god Pontus, the Titans, and the Giants.

Name: Gioia

Meaning: Joy

Origin: Italian

Name variations: Joy

Notable people with Gioia: Singer Gioia Bruno, philanthropist Gioia Marconi Braga

Popularity: #33 in 2015 and 2016 in Italy.

Comment: Gioia is also the name of a weekly women’s fashion magazine in Italy.

Name: Giada

Meaning: Jade

Origin: Italian

Name variations: Jada

Notable people with Giada: Author Giada Trebeschi. TV chef Giada de Laurentiis.

Popularity: #10th in 2006 in Italy. Ranked among the top 1,000 in 2007 and 700s to 900s in the U.S.

Comment: Giada is a departure from the Italian tradition of using saint names.

Name: Gabriella

Meaning: Strong man of God

Origin: Hebrew (from Gabriel)

Name variations: Gabriele, Gabriel, Gabby, Gabi

Notable people with Gabriella: Tennis player Gabriela Sabatini.  Politician Gabrielle (Gabby) Giffords. Actress Gabriella Wilde.

Popularity: #33 in 2009 and 2010 in the U.S.

Comment: Gabriella is the feminine version of Gabriel, an angel of God who appears in the Old Testament, New Testament, and Quran.

Name: Ginevra

Meaning: phantom, Fair

Origin: Welsh

Name variations: Guinevere, Ginny, Jennifer, Jenny

Notable people with Ginevra: Fictional character Ginevra Weasley in the Harry Potter series

Popularity: #9th most popular girl name in Italy in 2016.

Comment: Ginevra is the Italian version of Guinevere, the wife of the legendary King Arthur. The English version Jennifer is far more common.

Name: Giulia

Meaning: From the Roman god Jupiter, or downy-bearded

Origin: Latin

Name variations: Julia, Guiliana

Notable people with Giulia: Olympic gymnast Giulia Steingruber. Television entertainment reporter Giuliana Rancic.

Popularity: Often the top girl name in Italy as #5 since 1999.

Comment: The name day for Giulia is May 21, in memory of St. Julia the Virgin, martyred in Corsica in 450 for refusing to participate in a pagan ritual.

Name: Giorgia

Meaning: Farmer

Origin: Latin, from Greek

Name variations: Giorgina, Gina, Georgia

Notable people with Giorgia: Singer Giorgia Todrani. Artist Georgia O’Keefe

Popularity: Ranked in the top 10 girl names in Italy for the past 20 years, and #4 in 2015.

Comment: The name day for Giorgia is April 23, in memory of San Giorgio di Lydda, martyred for failing to refuse his Christian faith.

Name: Giovanna

Meaning: God is gracious

Origin: Italian

Name variations: Gia, Gianna, Giovannetta, Giannina, Nina, Vanna

Notable people with Giovanna: Actress Gianna Maria Canale, pediatrician and St. Gianna Beretta Molla

Popularity: #100 in Italy.

Comment: Giovanna was a popular name during the Italian Renaissance, ranking at 347 in 1427.

Italian Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter I

Name: Isabella

Meaning: God is an oath

Origin: Latin version of Isabel

Name variations: Isabel, Isabela, Isabelle, Izabella, Bella

Notable people with Isabella: Actress Isabella Rossellini. Queen Isabel of Castile.

Popularity: Isabella is perennially popular in Italy.

Comment: Bella was originally derived from a Hebrew name meaning “my God is an oath.” Bella and Isabella became popular names in the U.S. with the success of the Twilight young adult novels.

Name: Ilaria

Meaning: Cheerful

Origin: Latin

Name variations: Hilaria, Hilary, Hillary

Notable people with Ilaria: Fencer Ilaria Salvatori, journalist Ilaria Alpi, virologist Ilaria Capua

Popularity: The #17th most popular girl name in Italy in 2000. Ilaria is rarely in the top 1,000 in the U.S.

Comment: St. Hilarius was a theologian in the fourth century. Hilary and Hillary are more common in the U.S.

Name: Immacolata

Meaning: immaculate

Origin: Latin

Name variations: Imma, Immacolata, Immaculata, Imacolata, Inocencia

Notable people with Immacolata: Immacolata “Imma” Sirressi, Italian volleyball player. Immacolata Cerasuolo, Italian Paralympic swimmer. Immacolata “Imma” Battaglia, Italian politician and activist.


Comment: Immacolata is an Italian name meaning “immaculate.” It is used to commemorate the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. Maria Immacolata Clementina, birth name of Maria Immaculata, Princess of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, daughter of Ferdinand II of the Two Sicilies

Italian Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter L

Name: Livia

Meaning: Envious, blue

Origin: Latin

Name variations: Liv

Notable people with Livia: Author Livia Bitton-Jackson.  Livia (wife of Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar)

Popularity: #676 in 2018 in the U.S.

Comment: Livius was a family name in ancient Rome, and women of the family would often be called Livia.

Name: Ludovica

Meaning: Famous battle

Origin: Germanic

Notable people with Ludovica: Blessed Ludovica Albertoni. artist Ludovica Thornam.

Popularity: It has never been in the top 1,000 in the U.S., but it’s the #21st most popular girl name in Italy in 2016.

Comment: Ludovica was Derived from Ludwig which means famous battle. Blessed Ludovica was known for her religious ecstasies and her service to the poor. Bernini created a memorable sculpture of her.

Name: Lara

Meaning: Talkative, chattering

Origin: Latin

Name variations: Larunda

Notable people with Lara: Lara Flynn Boyle-Actress. Journalist Lara Logan. Fictional character Lara Croft

Popularity: Lara is a popular name in Italy, and #235 in 1970 in the U.S.

Comment: Lara comes from the name of a Roman mythological water nymph who was overly talkative. She revealed Jupiter’s affair to his wife Juno and he had her tongue removed. She had two children by the god Mercury.

Name: Laura

Meaning: Laurel

Origin: Latin

Name variations: Lora, Lauretta, Lorita, Loretta

Notable people with Laura: First Lady Laura Bush. Author Laura Ingalls Wilder. Actress Laura Linney.

Popularity: #25 to 50 in recent years in Italy. Was #10, but dropped to #340 in 2018 in the U.S.

Comment: The Italian poet Petrarch penned sonnets of platonic love to Laura de Noves, the daughter of a knight.

Name: Luciana

Meaning: Light

Origin: Latin

Name variations: Lucienne, Lucy, Lucia, Luce

Notable people with Luciana: Actress Luciana Paluzzi. Shakespearian character Luciana in “The Comedy of Errors”

Popularity: Luciana was a rare name in the U.S., only appeared in the top 1,000 in the 1970s. Resurged in recent years at #349 in 2018.

Comment: This feminine name comes from Lucius, which was the most common Roman given name until the second century.

Name: Luisa

Meaning: Famous battle

Origin: Italian

Name variations: Louisa, Luisella

Notable people with Luisa: Journalist Luisa Baldini. Actress Luisa Bradshaw-White

Popularity: #101 in 1999 in Italy. Hardly breaks into the top 1,000.

Comment: Luisa is derived from Ludwig, which means famous battle. “Luisa Miller” is an opera by Italian composer Guiseppe Verdi.

Name: Lelia

Meaning: Unknown (would be updated when found)

Origin: Latin

Name variations: Laelia

Notable people with Lelia: First female attorney in Massachusetts Lelia J. Robinson. St. Lelia of Limerick.

Popularity: Lelia was very popular in the U.S. the late 1800s and fell out of the top 1,000 in 1958.

Comment: Laelius was an ancient Roman family name.

Italian Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter M

Name: Manon

Meaning: Bitter or child of wishes

Origin: French

Name variations: Mannon, Marion, Manen, Manin,

Notable People with Manon: German fashion model Manon Von Gerkan, Italian lover of Casanova Manon Balletti, Belgian actress Manon Capelle, Canadian ice hockey player Manon Rhéaume, of drummer Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) – Manon Smith

Popularity: Ranked among the top 10 baby girl names in France for the past 20 years.

Comment: Manon is an iconic French Opera and one of the most celebrated works by composer Jules Massenet.

Name: Margherita

Meaning: Daisy

Origin: Italian

Name variations: Greta, Rita

Notable people with Margherita: Actress Greta Garbo, astrophysicist and author Margherita Hack

Popularity: Among the top 50 names in Italy in 2015.

Comment: St. Margherita the Barefooted lived in 14th-century Italy and walked barefooted to fit in with the poor and sick people she ministered to.

Name: Martina

Meaning: Dedicated to the Roman god Mars

Origin: Latin

Name variations: Martine, Tina

Notable people with Martina: Tennis player Martina Navratilova, singer-songwriter Martina McBride

Popularity: Among the top 1,000 in 2001 the U.S.

Comment: Martina was the top girl name in Italy in 1999 and 2002 and is usually in the top five. St. Martina is a patron saint of Rome. She was martyred in 228.

Name: Mia

Meaning: Bitterness, rebellion

Origin: Hebrew

Name variations: Mary, Maria.

Notable people with Mia: Actress Mia Farrow, soccer player Mia Hamm, choreographer Mia Michaels

Popularity: It ranked as the #7th most popular girl name in the U.S. in 2018.

Comment: While Mia is regarded as a variation of Maria, the name also means “mine” in Italian.

Italian Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter N

Name: Nora

Meaning: Non given

Origin: Italian

Name variations: Ella, Nell, Lenora, Elinor, Eleanor, Eleanora, Nor, Norsie, Nors, Naya, Norsa, No-ha.

Notable people with Nora: Nora Ephron – American film director/producer. Eleanor “Nora” Roberts – American novelist. Nora Louise Kuzma – birth name of American actress Traci Lords. Norah Jones – American singer.

Popularity: #2,283 in the 1880s.

Comment: Nora is the short form of Italian names ending with -nora, such as Eleonora and Leonora.

Name: Nicole

Meaning: A victory of the people

Origin: French, Greek

Name variations: Nicolett, Nicollette, Nikkolette, Nikolet, Nikolett, Nikolette, Colette, Nicholette, Nicki, Nicoletta, Nicollett,

Notable People with Nicolette: Mother of actress Lindsay Lohan – Dina Lohan (Donata Melina Nicolette Sullivan), American actress Nicolette Savalas Sheridan, American country music singer Nicolette Larson, Canadian-American actress Nicolette Goulet

Popularity: Nicolette Ranked #327 in 1993.

Comment: Nicole is the Italian form of the French Nicolette. Aucassinet Nicolette is an old French tale told in alternating verses of singing words and speaking words. 

Italian Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter P

Name: Palmira

Meaning: Pilgrim

Origin: Italian

Name variation: Mira, Palma, pal, pali

Notable people with Palmira: Palmira Michel and Palmira Rambelli, opera singers. Palmira Bastos, Palmira Ferreira, and Palmira Torres, actresses.

Popularity: Unknown

Comment: Palmira Feminine form of Italian Palmiro. This name is sometimes given to babies born on Palm Sunday. Palmira was an important city of central Syria. The oasis was a vital caravan city for travelers due to its location between the Mediterranean and the Euphrates. Queen Zenobia ruled Palmira in the 3rd century.

Name: Paola

Meaning: Small, humble

Origin: Latin

Name variations: Paula

Notable people with Paola: Queen Paola of Belgium, tennis player Paola Suarez

Popularity: Paola is usually among the top 100 girl names in Italy, it’s #302 in 2006 in the U.S.

Comment: Paola is the Italian female version of Paul.

Name: Priscilla

Meaning: Ancient

Origin: Latin

Names variations: Prisca

Notable people with Priscilla: Philanthropist Priscilla Chan, actress Priscilla Presley, singer Priscilla Lane,

Popularity: Priscilla was most popular in the U.S. in the 1980s.

Comment: Priscus was an ancient Roman family name, and women in the family would often be called Priscilla.

Italian Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter R

Name: Romhilda

Meaning: Famous battle

Origin: Germanic

Name variation: Rom, Romilda, Milda

Notable people with Romhilda:

Popularity:  Unknown

Comment: Romhilda is Lombardic Italian name composed of the Germanic elements hrom “fame” and hild “battle,” hence “famous battle.”

Name: Rosabella

Meaning: Beautiful rose

Origin: Latin (Rose and Bella)

Name variation: Rosa, Rose, Bella, Rosabela, Ro, Ro-bell, Bellarose

Notable people with Rosabella:

Popularity: 69 American baby girls were named Rosabella in 2016.

Comment: Rosabella is the Italian compound name composed of Latin Rosa “rose” and Bella “beautiful,” hence “beautiful rose.”

Name: Roberta

Meaning: Bright fame

Origin: Latin – Robertus

Name Variations: Robertus, Robertina, Bobbi, Robbie, Berta, Bertie, Bert, Ruby, Ro.

Notable people with Roberta: Roberta Anastase (born 1976), Romanian politician. Roberta Bonanomi (born 1966), Italian road racing cyclist. Roberta Bondar (born 1945), Canadian astronaut. Roberta Martin (1907–1969), American gospel composer, singer, pianist, arranger and choral organizer.

Popularity: #64 in 1936.

Comment: Roberta is the feminine form of Latin Robertus, Roberta is also the female form of the masculine name Robert which is Germanic in origin and means, “bright and shining with fame.” Roberta is a name used mainly by the Italians, Portuguese and Spanish.

Italian Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter S

Name: Susana

Meaning: Lily

Origin: Hebrew, English

Name variations: Susane, Susanna, Sue, Susa, Susi, Susie, Suze, Sukey, Zuzu

Notable people with Susana: Susana Martínez, American politician, 31st governor of New Mexico. Susana Rinaldi, Argentine tango singer. Siouzana Melikian, Mexican actress. Susana Giménez, Argentine TV host. Susana Baca, Peruvian singer-songwriter.

Popularity: Ranked #475 in 1993

Comment: Susana is a variant spelling of Latin Susanna, it is mostly used by the Italians, Portuguese and Spanish. From the Hebrew Soshana, a derivative of shōshannāh (a lily, a rose)

Name: Serena

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Tranquil or serene

Name variations: Sarina, Serina

Notable people with Serene: Tennis player Serena Williams, journalist Serena Altschul

Popularity: #50 girl names in Italy and #209 in the top 2000 in the U.S.

Comment: Serena is a saint name due to an early Christian saint who was said to be the martyred wife of Emperor Diocletian. However, that same role is given to Prisca, and so Serena is now regarded to be more of a legend.

Name: Sara

Meaning: Lady, princess

Origin: Hebrew

Name variations: Sarah

Notable people with Sara: Singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles, actress Sara Gilbert, author Sara Paretsky

Popularity: The variant Sarah ranked among the top 10 from 1978 to 2002 in the U.S.

Comment: Sara was the most popular girl name in Italy in 2001. The name day for Sara is October 9, in memory of St. Sara, wife of Abraham in Genesis in the Bible.

Name: Sofia

Meaning: Wisdom

Origin: Greek

Name variations: Sophia, Sofiya

Notable people with Sofia: Actress Sophia Loren (birth name Sofia), model Sofia Richie, Filmmaker Sofia Coppola

Popularity: Sofia ranked #1 among 1000 baby girl names from 2011 to 2013.

Comment: Sophia Loren was one of the most popular actresses in the world in the 1960s. She is notable for winning the Academy Award for Best Actress in a non-English-speaking performance in “Two Women.”

Italian Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter V

Name: Viola

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Purple

Name variations: Vio letta, Violeta, Violet

Notable people with Viola: Actress Viola Davis

Popularity: Ranked #13 in 2012 in Italy.

Comment: Viola was a character in Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night.”

Name: Valentina

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Strong, healthy

Name variations: Tina, Val

Notable people with Valentina: Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, fighter Valentina Shevchenko

Popularity: Valentina ranked #81 in 2018 in the U.S.

Comment: Valentinus is an ancient Roman cognomen, a third name which distinguished different branches of families.

Name: Vittoria

Meaning: Victory

Origin: Latin

Name variations: Vicki, Victoria, Tori

Notable people with Vittoria: Grand Duchess of Tuscany Vittoria della Rovere. Poet Vittoria Colonna.

Popularity: Vittoria has ranked among the top 20 girl names in Italy since 2012.

Comment: English form of Vittoria (Victoria) is preferred in some part of the world. Victoria was the Roman goddess of victory, similar to the Greek Nike.

Name: Veronica

Origin: Latin

Meaning: True image

Name variations: Violetta, Violeta, Violet

Notable people with Veronica: Singer Veronica Ballestrini, actress Veronica Lake

Popularity: Ranked among the top 100 in the U.S. in the 1970s.

Comment: Although not depicted in the Bible, St. Veronica was said to have wiped the face of Jesus as he carried his cross to Golgotha. The image of his face was miraculously transferred to her veil. This is commemorated in the sixth station of the cross in the Catholic tradition, and identified with a marker in Jerusalem.

The above Italian names, just among them is or are the perfect names you can choose for your baby girls. Try them and share with us how beautiful those names are. You can also suggest those names to your relations.

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