100+ Amazing Korean Boy Names (with striking meanings)

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One of your first tasks as a parent is to give a name to your little bundle of joy. A person’s name defines their identity, therefore you must choose the most suitable from a variety of options when searching for a baby name.

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Korean boy names are not only strong but are simple, beautiful, and have great meanings. Before now, these names had their roots in Chinese characters but have now adapted using the Korean writing standards.

Therefore, in picking a name for your baby boy, you must know the Hanja meaning of the name (Hanja is the traditional system of writing Korean names which have the incorporation of Chinese characters).

So, if you want cute Korean boy names for your baby – the following Korean boy names will serve as a source of inspiration.

Korean Boy Names And Meanings

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Korean names are most of the time made up of two to three components. The first component is usually the family (surname or last name in most cases) name while the other component represents the actual name and usually contains two syllables separated by a hyphen. So, if you are considering a Korean boy name for your baby –  check through the following list;

Beom-Seok – pattern of a rock

Beom means pattern, rule, or model

Seok mean like a rock

Byung-Wook: Byung means authority, together, soldier while Wook means dawn and a rising sun

Bon-Hwa:  One who is glorious

Baek-Hyeon: Worthy and virtuous

Byung-Woo: Byung means authority, together, soldier while Woo means house, caves, and universe

Byung-Joon: Byung means authority, together, soldier while Joon means handsome or talented

Chan-Young: Shining hero or bright light

Chan-Woo: Chan means illuminating, vivid while Woo means to protect, bless, bright, and help

Chang-hoon: Chang means lance, spear, and javelin while Hoon means guidance, teaching, and instruction

Chang-Nam: South spear

Cheol-Min: Cheol means wise, sage while Min means quick, or sharp. So, if you want your baby boy to grow up to be sharp – then this is a good choice.

Chul-Soon: The wise universe or iron world

Chul-Soo: Chul means ear of grain, wise while Soo means flowering, redefined, graceful, or elegant

Dae-Sung: Complete and big

Do-Hun: Law and merit

Eun-Seong: Eun means flourishing or abundant while Seong means true or sincere

Gyeong-Taek: Gyeong means glowing or shining while Taek means pond or pool

Gyeong-Wan: Gyeong means glowing or shining while Wan means complete or pure (pure shining)

Hong-Gi: Hong means immense, vast, flood while Gi means base or foundation

Hyuk: Shining or leather

Hyun-Seok: Hyun means worthy or wise while Seok means strong or stone

Hyun-Woo: Wealth, strength, and good luck

In-Sik: In means benevolence, while Sik means to plant (to plant benevolence)

Korean Boy Names That Start With S

Soo-Geun: Soo means shore or water while Geun means foundation

Seong-Hoon: Seong means to accomplish or succeed while Hoon means to teach or merit

Seung-Gi: The sun rising

Sang-Won: Sang means yet and still while Won means far or distance

Sang-Hyun: Sang means still or yet while Hyun means mysterious and dark

Seong-Il: Seong means finished or completed while ‘Il’ means sun or day

Sang-Work: It means one who is healthy and always in good health

Seung-Keun: Seung means planet or star while Keun means base or root

Sung-Bin: Sung means to accomplish or succeed while Bin means bright (bright accomplishment)

Sung-Jae: Sung means star while Jae means timber talent and material

Sung-Min: Sung means inheritance, inherit, or agreement while Min means agile

Sung-Ki: Sung means saint or holy while Ki means basis or foundation

Sung-Yong: Becoming the dragon

Sung-Won: Sung means saint or holy while ‘Won’ means source or spring

Seuk-Chin: An unshakable rock or someone whose character cannot be compromised

Suk-Won: Suk means pure, good, charming while ‘Won’ means far and distance

Si-Woo: Si means good, great, or excellent while Woo means world, universe, or expand

Seok-Ju: Seok means stone or strong while Ju means stock, share, or something important

Korean Boy Names That Start With J

Jeong-Eun: Jeong means upright, righteous, or straight while Eun means kindness, charity, mercy

Jeong-Gwon: Jeong means righteous, proper, or kind while Gwon stands for power, authority, or right

Ji-hun: Ji means intellect, wisdom, or ambition while hun means meritorious deed. Therefore, Ji-hun means a wise person with great achievement

Joon: A man who is talented and handsome

Jung-Hwa: A righteous person who is rich

Joo-Won: Joo means circumference and Won means first, origin, or beautiful  

Joon-Tae: Great standard

Joong-ki: Joong means standard or handsome and Ki means action

Joo-Heon: Joo means pearl, jewel, or bead while Heon means wealth, silver, or money

Jung-Woo: Right space

Jung-Sik: Jung means  to have a warm feeling while Sik means to rule

Jong-Up: Jong means bells while Up means business, art, or profession

Jin-Hwan: Jin means to advance, enter, or to make progress while Hwan means brilliant, shining 

Korean Boy Names Starting With T

These Korean boy names starting with the letter T have a blend of modern, traditional, and religious feel. So, here are the Korean boy names beginning with the letter T

Tae: A great individual

Tae-Hyeong: Superior, exalted, or big

Tae-Geun: Root or foundation

Tae-Hui: Great, superior

Tae-Woo: Great world or great universe

Tae-Woong: Great hero

Tae-Yong: Happy, strong, beauty

Tae-Sung: Tae means great while Sung means to succeed or accomplish

Tae-Suk: Tae means great while Suk means charming, good, or virtuous

Tae-Hee: Big hope

Tea-Hyun: Great and honor

Top Korean Boy Names

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Korean names are usually strong and have deep meanings. So, if you are in search of the top Korean boy names for your little prince, check out this list;

Jin: Gold, bright, beautiful, and ferry

Ryong: Dragon

Bae: Inspiration

Yong-Sun: Dragon in the first position

Dae-Hyun: Great and honor

Son: Gentle

Myung-Dae: Cleverness and greatness

Kwang-Sun: Light and goodness

Sang: Mutual

Ha-Neul: Of the sky

Hei: Grace

Chung-Ho: Righteousness and goodness

Il-Sung: Superiority and achievement

Sang-Ki: Benevolence and vigor

Sung: Successor

Young-Min: Eternal and intelligent

Chin-Ho: Precious and goodness

Deok-Su: To guard

Korean Boy Names With Jae

The following are the Korean boy names that have ‘Jae.’ It could be a single or two-syllable Korean name. However, the meaning is based on the Hanja used. 

Jae-Joon: Jae means mountain pass while Joon means high, great man, deepen

Jae-Beom: Jae means official while Beom means tiger

Jae-Seop: Jae means in or at; it can also mean talent or timber while Seop means to experience or blaze

Jae-Gyu: Jae means at or in and Gyu means stride. So, Jae-Gyu means ‘to walk in

Jae-Bong: Jae means official while Bong is the name of a mythical bird

Jae-Hwa: Respect and beauty

Jae-Sang: Jae means to carry, load, convey, or transport and Sang means reciprocate mutual, or each other

Jae-Won: Jae means to slaughter while ‘Won’ means spring, source, head, or to rule

Jae-Woong: Jae means official while Woong means to bear or hero

Jae-Yong: Jae means official while Yong means to use

Jae-Suk: Jae means official while Suk means to cut in one powerful stroke

Jae-Seong: Jae means to kill, rule, or to exist while Seong means to be true or honest

Jae-Hyun: Jae means respect while Hyuk means virtuous

Jae-Geun: Jae means existence while Geun means stump, base, or a root

Young-Jae: It means someone that has been destined to prosperous for life

Seung-Jae: Seung means to beat, win, or inherit while Jae means wealth, ability, or talent

Sung-Jae: Sung means star while Jae means material and timber talent

Han-Jae: Han means wide or vast while Jae means to rule

Hyuk-Jae: Hyuk means leather, shining, or flames while Jae means talent or ability (shining ability)

Woon-Jae: It means brave and courageous

Won-Jae: Won means circle or one while Jae means again

Famous Korean Boy Names

The following trending Korean boy names will make your baby stand out and give him a striking identity among the crowd. The list below contains the most famous Korean boy names that you can give to your baby;

Ae-Cha: Loving and caring

Bitgaram: Light River

Bong-Cha: Superior son

Chul-Moo: It means the weapon of iron

Chin-Hae: Depth of the ocean

Cheong: To be quiet or gentle

Kwan: One who is firm and strong

Si-Woo: Divine intervention

Yo-Seop: Glorious harmony

Yong-Saeng: To live forever and to stay happy

Yoo-Suk: Yoo means riches or abundance while Suk means three

Yong-Bae: Permanent, eternal, or perpetual

Yong-Jin: Passionate and excitable

Won-Il: Won means circle or one while ‘Il’ means job or work

Yong-Rae: It means a handsome man or a hero

Yo-Han: It means as glorious as the sun

Ye-Jun: To be attractive or brilliant

Final Thoughts

Names are deep and as such parents must be careful in choosing one for their babies. So, these Korean boy names with their meanings have been specially compiled for parents who wish to have unique boy names for their baby.

Therefore, this compilation comes with Korean boy names that start with S, Korean boy names that start with J, Korean boy names starting with T, top Korean boy names, Korean boy names with Jae, and famous Korean boy names. Choose the most suitable for your baby boy and watch him flourish.

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