7 Best Computers For Toddler (2021 reviews)

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Do you know that the use of computers can help to develop the reasoning and creative skills of your toddler? Yes, it can. Children love to explore and experiment, so give them the right toys, games and storybooks. There are also computers for toddlers to further help develop their cognitive skills.

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Interestingly, these computers for toddlers are great avenues for your kids to start learning numbers, shapes, colors, and even words because they get them engaged and they learn in the process.

Therefore, as a parent – you can get your toddlers ready for preschool or kindergarten through the educational training they are exposed to while at home. The secret here is for them to start learning early – this makes learning easy for them when they eventually find themselves within the four walls of a classroom.

What Age Should I Introduce Toy Tablets And Laptops?

You must start early. The best time to introduce these toy laptops and tablets is between ages 2 to 3. However, some could be introduced at 6 months.

Do These Computers For Toddlers Have Any Educational Benefits?

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These toddler computers come with built-in educational and learning activities, games, songs, melodies, and other things that are of great benefit to your kids. So, if you want your toddler to learn letters, colors, numbers, and develop their reasoning, cognitive, and creative skills – then get one of the toddler computers.

Factors To Consider When Buying Computers For Toddler

Age of the toddler: The age will determine the type of laptop or computer that is suitable for your kid. Some can be used for 6 months old babies while others are suitable for kids between 2 years and above. So, the age of the toddler is important in choosing a toy laptop or computer.

Features of the toy: These should include songs, melodies, puzzles, games, and other additions that will not only educate your toddler but also entertain them. Therefore, the laptop and computers must develop their reasoning and cognitive abilities.

The materials used in making the toys must be free from BPA, phthalates, and carcinogens. However, these plastics must be long-lasting, non-toxic, and affordable.

Other tips to consider include; the price of the toys, their durability, and the source of power (whether it is rechargeable or non-rechargeable types). It is advisable to choose toys with rechargeable batteries that can be charged since all the toys must use a set of AAA batteries.   

Reviews For Toddler Tablets And Computers

Since computers have become part of everyday life, provision should also be made for toddlers to express themselves.

So, this review for toddler tablets and computers will serve as a guide whenever you go in search of the best computers for toddlers. The following are the top brands available on Amazon.

LeapFrog My Own Leaptop

Photo of Leapfrog laptop; a great computer for toddlers

It is suitable for toddlers between the ages of 2 to 4 years. This laptop comes with already stored songs, melodies, and other learning modes to help your child learn how to start communicating.

The LeapFrog laptop is among the best toddler computers for learning. The learning mode includes; ABCs, messages, games, and up to 16 songs and melodies.  Besides, the kids can send and receive pretend emails, learn the names of animals, and the alphabets.

Also, it comes with a large screen that is big enough to catch the attention of your little one when the animations are on display.

Therefore, if you want your toddler to learn the alphabet, know the names of animals, learn songs and melodies, and develop their computer literacy – the LeapFrog laptop computer for toddlers will get the job done.

It comes with 3 AA batteries for demo; you will need a set of new batteries to get it up and running.

Disney Princess Girls Play Laptop Computer

Photo of Disney Princess Laptop;  a great computer for toddlers

The Disney Princess laptop computer is suitable for ages 3 years and above. It requires cell batteries (included) for it to work. On the screen of the laptop – you have on display Ariel on one side and apps and programs on the other side.

Also, the power button powers it on and the buttons makes clicking sound – making it look like the kid is typing on a keyboard. This is one of the computers for toddlers that helps to promote pretend play and develop their reasoning abilities.

However, the image on the laptop screen will not change except it is flipped to the other side for another picture. So, if you want a toy laptop that will help your princess have a realistic computer sound-effect and fanfares – then the Disney Princess Girls play laptop computer is the right choice.

Discovery Battery Operated Laptop

Photo of Discovery Battery Operated Laptop;  a great computer for toddlers

This is suitable for your 4-year toddler as it will both help them to study and do their homework. Interestingly, children can access up to 60 fun games. Also, it’s built with a keyboard, comes with a two-button mouse, and a multi-directional button.

This is one of the best toddler computers for learning as it helps your child learn how to spell, read, solve some mathematical problems, and so many others.

The large LCD will also help to catch the attention of your toddler and make them have a real laptop experience. However, it will require batteries for its operation as it cannot recharge.

Therefore, the Discovery Operated Battery Laptop is one of the most affordable computers for toddlers that comes with a sleek design.

Fisher-Price Laptop

Photo of Fisher-Price Laptop;  a great computer for toddlers

This is built to look like a real laptop. It is suitable for children between 6 months and 3 years of age. It comes with over 40 songs, colors, shapes, alphabets, counting, sounds, and phrases.

So, here is how it works – as your toddler presses and flips through the laptop, they hear different songs, sounds, shapes, colors, and other educational and entertaining activities.

Also, through this laptop – your kid can start socializing using the chat window creating an environment for long conversations with a newfound friend called Puppy.

However, it might be bulky and heavyweight but it is something affordable. Besides, it comes with several sliders, ABC and 123 buttons. Also, the dance-along colorful lights will make your kid fall in love with the Fisher-Price laptop.

Therefore, parents who want something with the cutest features that are both educational and entertaining for their toddlers can buy try the Fisher-Price laugh & learn click & learn laptop.

VTech Brilliant Baby Laptop

Photo of V-tech Brilliant Baby Laptop;  a great computer for toddlers

This is another computer for a toddler that allows your kids to explore and learn. It is portable and lightweight which means it can be taken from one place to another.

It comes with over 115 songs and melodies, sounds, and phrases. Besides, toddlers can choose shape mode to learn shapes and colors, the animal mode to learn everything about animals and their sounds, and the music mode to listen to different songs and melodies.

However, it is suitable for kids between 6 months and 3 years. It has nine brightly colored shape buttons and a movable mouse that makes the kid interact with the laptop.

The VTech brilliant baby laptop is strong and built to last, volume control button, and can automatically shut down after a period of inactivity.

However, it will require 2 AA batteries for a smooth operation.  

Just Smarty ABC Tablet Interactive Educational Toy

Photo of Just Smarty ABC Tablet;  a great computer for toddlers

The Smarty ABC tablet has different modes like songs and spelling quiz that help children develop the cognitive abilities of your kid. It is lightweight and portable making it a good travel companion so your toddler can learn on the go.

Also, It is suitable for toddlers between 18 months old and 3 years. It is a great companion for toddlers and kids in preschool.

The adjustable volume control makes it useful any time and everywhere without disturbing the other people around. So, if you want your kid to learn and at the same time have some fun – the Just Smarty ABC tablet interactive educational toy is the right choice for your toddler.

Learning Pad / Kids Tablet

Photo of Learning Pad Kids Tablet

This is suitable for toddlers between 1 ½ to 6 years. It is built with games that will help to develop the reasoning skills of your toddler. It is strong and can last all for a long time.

Besides, its lightweight makes it easy to be moved from one place to another, which means kids can easily learn on the go. It can also shut itself after a period of inactivity

Therefore, with this Learning Pad – kids can learn their ABCs, spell, learn numbers, and can also access 6 different educational games.

Can You Buy Toddler Video Downloads For Computers?

Several of the computers for toddlers come with repeated educational and entertaining games. But younger toddlers have been found to enjoy repetitions more than older ones. Therefore, for older toddlers that require more – it is advisable to have a laptop that can allow more educational and entertaining modules.

Are These Computers Safe For Toddlers?

The computers are made from BPA and phthalates-free plastic materials and are not carcinogenic. So, they are safe for toddlers and do not pose any choking hazard to your toddler.

Final Thoughts

Since there are many toddler computers for learning in the marketplace, these reviews are essential to help you make an informed decision before buying what is suitable for your toddler.

Besides, there is a need to go through all the buying tips as this will also guide you when deciding on what to buy. This could either be LeapFrog My Own Leaptop, Disney Princess girls play laptop computer, Discovery battery-operated portable teach & talk laptop, and Fisher-Price laugh & learn click & learn laptop.

Others are VTech Brilliant baby laptop, Just Smarty ABC tablet interactive educational toy, and learning pad/kids phone with 6 toddler learning games, and touch and learn toddler tablet.

Happy buying!!!!!

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