Fascinating Magic Baby Names

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Parents nowadays search for magic baby names with unusual and fascinating meanings. Most have been inspired by fairytales, whose growing popularity is not fading anytime soon. In this post, we have compiled a list of beautiful magical names for you to choose from. Also included are their meanings and origin.

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Magical Baby Names

This is a list of some magical names you may want to consider for your newborn.

NameOrigin Meaning
SageLatin, French, and EnglishWise one.
Sage is usually burned in a bundle to ward off evil and cleanse negative energies. The non-magical properties of sage are healing bites, cuts, and it has anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also very tasty.
Clove LatinNail
Clove can be used in healing rituals, money spells, protection spells, and banishing magic.
Clove oil serves as an antiseptic for those interested in herbal medicine.
ResinFrenchLittle rose.
Resin incense is made from beads of tree sap and it is the most effective and powerful smelling incense. 
HibiscusLatinMarshmallow plant.
Some of the magical uses of hibiscus include divination, attracting love and lust, and dreams,  It is aldo known for its antioxidant properties which is used for the treatment of flu, cold, and period pains.
Aine is an Irish goddess related to midsummer and the sun. 
IsobelSpanishGod’s promise.
In Scotland in 1662, Isobel Gowdie confessed to being a witch in Scotland in 1662 and her trial deemed as one of the most important during the period. 
Kelpie was the name of the water-horse that transformed herself into a beautiful woman to entice people into traps.
MirandaLatinWorthy of admiration
Mirandawas featured in a British comedy film where a lonely fisherman caught a mermaid named Miranda and they traveled together on a journey to London. 
This name is taken from the Lorelei a sensual mermaid of the Rhine River in German folktales, whose voice led to several shipwrecks.  
ShamanIndianHoly man
A Shaman is a religious person who has the ability to interact with the spirit world.
They are able to do so with an altered state of meditation, consciousness, and trance.  
Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and a way of life. It is an way to connect with all of creation.
Oberon  GermanKing, ruler
Oberon was the king of fairies. His conflict with his wife sets a tone for the whimsical evening that ensues in Midsummer Night’s Dream.
LobeliaEnglishA flower
Lobelia is an herb that is used to attract love and prevent storms in ritual and spells
It is used for the treatment of depression, asthma, and induce vomiting. 
OdinEnglishThe supreme God.
Odin is the god of war and of poetry, runes, the dead, and magic.
RosemaryLatinDew of the sea.
Rosemary is used since ancient times as a purifier, cleanser, and protector from negative energies.
ArwenWelshFair, fine
Arwen was the daughter of  Celebrían and Elrond- Elvish lord and lady of Rivendell (Lord of the Rings trilogy).  
CelestiaLatinHeavenly, of the sky. 
In Harry Potter, Dragomir played the Chaser for the Chudley Cannons.
Cyrena:GreekMother of Aristaeus.
Cyrena was the water nymph that fought a lion that made an effort to harm the Sun god Apollo.
Apollo built a city for her in return for the favour. The city is named Cyrenaica. 
The name Isla was derived from one of the beautiful islands of Scotland, which is known as The Queen of the Hebrides. 
AltheaGreekWholesome, healer.
In Greek mythology , Althea is the goddess of healing and the marshmallow root that hedge witches use for coughs, digestive issues, sore throat, etc.
Eira is the Norse goddess of medicine and healing. 
Anise seeds are used to build and calm the nervous system. It is magically used to ward off an evil eye and find happiness.
AmberFrench and LatinJewel.Amber is a sweet and magical baby name.
It is associated with Solar Plexus, Throat Chakras, and Sacral.
The mystic properties of amber include clearing the mind, balancing emotions, attracting good luck, and dissolving negative energy. 
MalachiteGreekGreen color.
The malachite stone has a “strong affinity with Devic energy and nature.
It helps to guide their cycles of growth and decay, 
Malachite is protective and grounding. It clears blockages, obstructions, and old patterns to stop confusion. 
It can be used to set up energetic and emotional boundaries that will result in a more positive mindset.
PersianTreasure bearer, supreme nurturer, the stone of wisdom, the stone of courage. 
Jasper is primarily linked with the root chakra that is capable of clearing and aligning all chakras. 
SpanishStone of the bowels.
Jade stone is great for restoring the soul’s purity and it is a symbol for love and peace. 
It is been associated with tranquility and wisdom of the universe. 
AmethystGreekPurple quartz gemstone
Amethyst is a beautiful purple crystal which Reiki practitioners use to improve the immune system, reduce headaches, improve the skin, improve endocrine function, promote digestive health, and regulate hormones.
Selenite.GreekA calming stone.
Selenite is perfect for meditation and spiritual work. It can be used to get rid of negative energies and help one to connect to higher realms of existence.
An aura is an electromagnetic energy field surrounding animals, things, and people which each individual has specific colors.
It is a manifestation of individual vibe and personality.
Aura has seven layers that correspond with the seven chakras in an individual’s  bod
MulleinFrenchSoft leaves plant.Mullein is a light bringer from Roman times till the leaves of mullein were dipped in wax and served as a torch or lamp wick.
The metaphysical properties of Mullein include love, summoning energies of courage, and protection.
It is usually used in an amulet to ward off nightmares.
Cardamom is used in rituals, to clear the mind, for spells for lust and fidelity. 
It is also used for the treatment of sickness from hot weather and damp.

JewishThe night demon
The story of Lilith emanated from ancient Near East where a wilderness spirit referred to as the dark maid appeared in the Sumerian myth,
She is an icon who is listed among the darkest deities of the pagans and one of the oldest female spirits of the world. 
MarcelineRoman, FrenchDefender of the sea
Marceline is the name of the lead girl in the animated television show- Adventure Time.
Pixie is used to describe supernatural beings that are portrayed as tiny, human-like creatures with ears and pointed hat. 
OndineLatinLittle wave.
Ondine is the name of a German water sprite who got married to a mortal and this led to a disturbed life.
Muirgen:IrishBorn of the sea.
Muirgen was a human who was changed into a mermaid. She was caught after 300 years, baptized, and transformed into a saint.  

Harry:GermanyRuler, Power
Harry Potter redefined magic. The half-blood wizard played a major role in several battles which included destroying the Horcruxes of Voldemort. 
DylanWelshGreat, Son of the sea
Dylan is the cute energetic hippie from BBC television show Magic Roundabout..

Things To Consider When Choosing A Baby Name

Photo of a cute sleeping baby

Below are helpful tips that can guide you in naming your child.

Allowance For Growth

Some names are cute for babies, but may not sound well for adults. This implies that beyond the naming occasion, be sure that the name will still sound cute when that child becomes an adult.

Imagine how the name will appear on official documents like a job application. Have a picture past the small baby you are presently carrying in your arms and settle for a name that will remain relevant to the child in the future.

Name Popularity

Another issue to address is how popular the name is. Well, popular names are good but choosing a not too popular and unique name is excellent. Choose a name that speaks volumes that whenever it is called, it sinks deeply into the ears of those that hear it and also makes them fall in love with the name. 

Check out the correct spellings of the name and be sure it is not one that will become a challenge to your child later in life.

Honoring A Family Member

One of the ways people give honour to a family member who has departed is to pass on their names to their children. This happens most times when the departed soul made a great impact on the parents of the child.

Therefore, if you have been positively impacted by someone like your grandpa or grandmother who for instance bears Elizabeth, you can name your girl child after her to pay homage to her. 

Possible Nicknames

Some names are cute but the nicknames that go with them could be annoying. For instance, a child that is named Theodore may have one of his nicknames as Teddy which may not go down well with you or your child in the future.

Names like Fredrick will have a cute nickname or short form like Fred. You can check out some other ones too.

Agreement Of Your Partner

It took both parents to have a child therefore the naming of the child should also be done in unison. Names given to your child must be in agreement with your partner because it’s a name the child will have to bear through his or entire lifetime.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing as magical as being able to reproduce another like you, hence giving your little one a mystical or magic baby name is perfect.

We have included name options to pick from, as well as tips that can guide you to make the right choice.

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