7 Best Baby Slides

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A good slide will make your kids giggle all day, whether they are playing alone or with other kids. But fun is not all you must consider when choosing a slide for your baby. Safety, durability, and storage are also important factors to consider. 

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We have gone through the effort to get you a list of the best baby slides that will satisfy your quest. They are safe, durable, easy to store, and loaded with fun.

Our Best Picks

  1. Little Tikes First Slide – Overall Best Slide
  2. Radio Flyer 500 with Ramp – Best for racing
  3. Step2 Play and Fold Kids Slide – Best for limited spaces
  4. Bounceland jump and splash – Best water slide
  5. Little Tikes Activity Garden Playhouse – Best for younger babies
  6. Step 2 Game Time Sports Climber and Slide – Best outdoor slide and playset
  7. Mocuteen Kids slide – Best couch and sofa slide

What to consider when buying a baby slide

  1.  The child’s age

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Baby slides are designed to suit kids of different ages. Some are suitable for younger babies, while others are for older toddlers. 

Not considering your baby’s age and the age recommendation of the product you are buying can make you get a baby slide that is either too big or too small for your baby. 

  1.  Safety features

The best baby slide to buy are those that have anti-slip pads, and handrails to hold while climbing the ladder and sliding down. They are also perfectly paced out steps for little feet.

It should also have a leveled surface so that your child’s cloth doesn’t tear while they slide, or get injured.

If it requires assembly, tighten all the fixings before allowing your child to play on it.

  1.  How waterproof is it?

Some slides may not be able to withstand weather elements like rain or scorching sun. Hence, there more suitable for use indoors.

When using an outdoor slide, Check if it has been treated with UV protection to keep the colors intact after being exposed to the sun For a while.

  1.  Does it take up much space?

If you have limited space, you will need a smaller climber and slide. However, consider the age recommendation to know whether the small slide you’ll be getting is stable for your child’s age.

Also, consider whether you can store this slide in a small space. Some baby slides are designed to be affixed permanently to your garden or home, while others can be folded away.

  1. What are the extra features?

Not every slide has the same features. Some come with pulling spaces, basketball hoops, and extra fun activities. You can even use some of them as water slides. 

Also, you don’t just be carried away by the extra features listed for a baby slide. Consider whether you need these features before paying extra for them.

7 Best Baby Slides

Little Tikes First Slide – Overall Best Slide

Photo of Little Tikes baby slide

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Preschoolers and toddlers can use Little Tikes First Slide. It is simple and doesn’t have complicated parts. Toddlers just climb and slide, that’s all.

Your child can start using this baby slide when he is 2 years old and it will grow with him until he turns four years old. 

We love that this First Slide from Little Tikes is made from safe and sturdy heavy-duty plastic material. However, it is lightweight to carry around. 

Though it is considered an indoor slide, you can use it outdoors as the foot of the slide can hold on to indoor elements, as well as outdoors.

It is pretty easy to assemble this slide, and you don’t need any tool for it. when you want to store it, remove the climber and put them together with the slide.

Parents say that this slide is safe for their kids to play on because of the long rails which do not allow their legs to touch the ground immediately. Also, they can use the slide until they weigh 60 lbs.

On the other hand, some parents complain about this slide because it can only carry one child that weighs about 60 pounds. Two children cannot play on it. Others don’t even fancy the fact that it requires assembly at all.

Elke loves this slide

Elke Pascoe, the founder of LittleOak commented on Little Tikes First Slide. She said:

“As a mom, I always look for ways to make parenting easier and more fun. I believe that baby slides are a great way to do both! I would recommend the Little Tikes First Slide for several reasons.

First, it is very affordable. It is also easy to set up and take down, which is essential for busy families. Additionally, it is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport from one location to another. Finally, it has a wide base that makes it stable and safe for little ones to use.”


  • This slide uses a durable heavy-duty plastic material
  • It works well as an indoor as well as outdoor slide
  • You can assemble it easily without extra tools
  • It is easy to store this slide, just remove the climber and put it together with the slide to store
  • Your child’s feet will not touch the ground immediately they approach it because the slide has sufficient length
  • This slide is lightweight and can easily be moved from one room to another


  • It requires some level of assembly
  • It’s more suitable for small toddlers. 
  • Kids weighing above 60 pounds cannot use it
  • You need to apply much force to be able to snap the two pieces together 

Radio Flyer 500 with Ramp – Best for racing

Photo of Radio Flyer 500 baby slide

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This baby slide has many fun options for your child. They can choose to right in the car, use it as a slide, or enjoy the miniature racetrack.

It has a very sturdy but compact frame which is also very stable. The guardrails protect your child while they play. 

We love the small compact structure of this baby slide that makes it easy to store. Since the climber is not long, your kid will enjoy climbing and sliding for many rounds before they are exhausted.

It is suitable for kids between the ages of three to five years old, and can only carry a maximum weight of 50 pounds per playtime.

This slide requires assembly since it comes as a kit.


  • It has many play activities
  • It is easy to clean and store
  • Also, it is very stable
  • It is suitable for younger kids


  •  It requires assembly
  •  It can only take a weight capacity of 50 pounds per time

Step2 Play and Fold Kids Slide – Best for limited spaces

Photo of Step 2 Play and Fold baby slide

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Besides saving space, the Step2 Play and Fold Kids Slide is sturdy and lightweight, you can easily fold it when it’s not in use. It is easy to move from one room to another because of its lightweight.

You can use this slide indoors or outdoors, in the backyard.

Since it is lightweight and foldable, you can even take it to the park when having fun with your family. Kids will enjoy using it.

This slide has large steps which makes it easy for a young child to climb, and handrails will help them hold and prevent a fall.

Assembly is not a challenge with this foldable slide because it is easy to assemble without any tools.

However, it is possible for this slide to slip when placed on tiled floors or hardwood. To prevent this, copy the floor with a rug, before placing the slide.

Your child can start using this slide when he is one year old until turns four.


  • It is stable, lightweight, and easy to carry around
  • The steps are large enough for toddlers to play without slipping
  • It works well as an indoor and outdoor slide


  • It is possible for this slide to slip if you use it directly on tiles or hardwood floors. Lay a rug or towel before placing the slide to prevent the slip. 

Bounceland jump and splash – Best water slide

Photo of Bounceland baby slide

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If you are looking for a baby slide that will take your child through all the seasons, then this is it. This little slide is an amazing water park to cool your kids in the summer. 

It comes as a set of two products: a bounce house and a water slide. However, you can use it dry without water.

This baby slide and water park is easy to set up. It comes with a strong UL blower that allows you to inflate the entire system within a minute. 

Another great thing about this baby slide and water park is that it comes with a repair kit. If anything goes wrong you don’t need to buy an extra repair kit. This package will help you to fix up their slide in case of punctures or leakage.

This slide can take up to three kids playing at once and can handle up to 300 pounds at a time. It is also suitable for kids between the ages of three to 10. 


  • It is a beautiful outdoor slide that you can add water to turn into a water park
  • It has a strong UL blower that you will use to inflate and set up the slide, and a storage bag for easy storage
  • Also, it can take up to three kids at once
  • It is very durable, and the repair kit will help you to fix anything that goes wrong
  • It is suitable for younger and older children


  • Some buyers complained that the UL blower becomes weak after using it for a short time. But you can get a replacement on Amazon
  • Some people wished that the bottom of the slide (that holds water) would have been farther from the slide so that it keeps the kids from hitting their legs immediately after coming down from the slide.

Little Tikes Activity Garden Playhouse – Best for younger babies

Photo of Little Tikes activity garden baby slide

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Six months old children have the privilege of using a baby slide because of this slide from Little Tikes. It comes with fun activities, sounds, and games that both girls and boys between the ages of six months to three years will love.

This baby slide has a stimulating design and multifunctional activities to keep your child inside. They can enjoy it as a closed play center when they are quite young, and convert to a two-sided open play center as they grow.

The manufacturers understand that kids easily get attached to toys, so they made some of their parts removable. Hence, you can take away the mirror, bead tumbler, and spinning gears with you if your child won’t let them go. 

We love the interactive features of this product. The peek-a-boo window, mailbox, and other fun items allow your child to enjoy their stay on the slide.

It also comes with a piano with different colored chimes and buttons. Each tab produces different tones, encouraging your child to experiment more. However, you need two AAA alkaline batteries to power this piano. Sightly, the batteries are not included.

This slide requires assembly, but it is easy to put together.


  • It is suitable for younger babies, around six months
  • Its features and design are so attractive to babies
  • The removable toys make it easier for kids to take away some of the fun 
  • It is durable
  • The height is short and non-intimidating for younger babies


  • It is time-consuming to assemble this baby slide
  • A parent complained that it is too small for her 12-month-old baby

Step 2 Game Time Sports Climber and Slide – Best outdoor slide and playset

Photo of Step 2 Game time sports climber baby slide

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We love the design of this baby slide. The placement of the basketball hoop, climber, and slide. Your kids will definitely develop those motor skills they need after picking the balls and throwing them into this basketball hoop.

There is also a crawl space under it that your child can use as a crawling tunnel or soccer goal. This makes it suitable for use both outdoors and indoors. It also works well for a hidden-seeking game.

This product is suitable for kids between two and six years old, it can take up to 20 kilograms or 44 pounds per time.

This product is very durable and requires low maintenance. It is easy to clean and want cheap. Also, the color won’t fade.

It is very safe for kids because the plastics used for producing it contain no BPA, phthalate, or VOC.

Moms love this baby slide because it is very sturdy. However, they complained about the price and assembly.


  •  It is very sturdy and durable
  •  It is made from BPA-free plastics
  • Also, it has a basketball hoop and crawling tunnel 
  • It is suitable for younger toddlers


  •  It is quite pricey
  •  It requires assembly

Mocuteen Kids slide – Best couch and sofa slide

Photo of Mocuteen baby slide

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This slide is meant to be used on a bed, couch, sofa, chair, or anything that can allow smooth sliding when placed.

It is made from durable, thick, and sturdy high-quality HDPE which can carry up to 220 pounds. Two kids can play on this slide, even a kid and an adult. 

The plastic used for making this slide is safe for toddlers and has passed the CPC test. Also, the smooth surfaces, corners, and edges protect your baby’s skin from injury. 

This slide is long and wide. It provides enough room for a child to slide down and turn around.

It is easy to store this slide when it is not in use. Just take it from the bed, couch, or where you placed it and put it under the bed or cabinet. You can even place it in the corner of your house.

With regards to that, it’s even easy to assemble this play set slide. You don’t need extra tools or set it up.

Since slipping is a common accident that happens with slides, this baby slide prevents slipping by using an anti-slip silicone pad to cover the bottom of the slide. This pad makes the slide to be stable on fabric, wooden floors, or tiles.

Heather loves this slide

Heather Welch is the Resource Manager at Ukulele Tabs and a mother of two. Here’s What she has to say:

“Whenever I decide to get my kids something new (a toy or activity center) – the safety of my babies is always the first thing that comes to mind. Poor stability or sturdiness can create serious hazards for babies. This accounts for baby slides too, of course. 

I’ve personally been loving the portable slide from MOCUTEEN. It’s an adjustable system that you can put on your bed or even the sofa. This way, you have more control over the steepness of the slide and where your baby uses it.”


  • It is made from safe, heavy-duty, durable, and study HDPE
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Kids can use this slide until they weigh 120 pounds
  • It is stable on apartment floors because of the anti-slip silicone pad used at the bottom of the slide
  • Also, it is easy to store and saves space


  • Parents wished that the slide could be bolted down
  • Another parent complained that the instructions were not clear enough to help them assemble with ease


At what age should a child play on a slide?

It is generally acceptable for you to wait until your child can climb a ladder before they can play on the slide. However, some slides are designed for younger children of about age two. 
We have mentioned one slide here that can be used for six months old, but this slide is almost on the ground level.
Never leave your small child to play on a slide alone. Also, know that both metal and plastic slides can be very hot in the summertime.


The market is flooded with many baby slides today, and you must carefully consider your needs and the recommendations for the slide.

However, you don’t need every extra feature in a slide, so don’t be moved by the long list. Follow our directives to get a good slide, and your child will love it.

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