30+ Lovely Names That Mean Breath

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Birthing a baby heralds a new beginning, and brings a breath of fresh air. For many people, it is a time to form a stronger bond within the family. For others, it is a chance to love someone unconditionally.

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Whatever it is for you, giving your baby a name that means “breath” will remind you of how you felt when they were born.

We have many lovely names that mean breath, breath of life, or life. We are certain that you will find a name you love.

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Boy Names That Mean Breath or Breath Of Life

  1. Aapukka

This boy’s name of Indian origin means “breath.” According to numerology, people that have this name are cooperative, charismatic, intuitive, and gentle-mannered.

  1. Abeel

This one has an Indian origin and is commonly used by Muslims. This name means “breath, healthy, vanity, or breathing.”

  1. Abel

This one has a Hebrew origin, derived from the Hebrew word hével. It means “breath or vapor.” 

This name appears in the Old Testament of the Bible. Abel made a righteous offering and was killed by Cain, his brother, out of jealousy.

This name is quite popular. It is used by a Spanish soccer player, Abel Ruiz.

  1. Abele

This one also has a Hebrew origin, meaning “breath or vapor.” It is a diminutive of the name Abel.

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  1. Avel

This one doesn’t just mean “breath,” it means “gentle breath or breath vapor.” This name still has a Hebrew origin and is another variant of the name Abel.

This name is commonly used int eh Eastern Europe and Russia.

  1. Ettan

This lovely masculine name has a Hindu origin, meaning “breath.” It is not the same as the Hebrew name, Ethan or Etan. 

Ethan is a variant of Etan, meaning “firm and long-lived.”

  1. Pran

This is another sweet one from India. It means “breath, life.” This name is primarily used for boys.

This name is unique, ranking 8563rd position on the list of most popular boy names in 2022.

  1. Sulya

This one also has a Hindi origin, meaning “god of the sun” or “breath.” This name is unique and not commonly used even in its country of origin.

Girl Names That Mean Breath Of Life

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  1. Abelia 

This is a Hebrew name that means “breath or vapor.” This name is commonly used in French. 

Abelia is also the name of an ornamental shrub that grows in the US. This shrub is known for its beautiful flowers and attractive appearance.

  1. Abelina

This one originated from Old German, meaning “a breath.” The Germans use this name as the feminine version of Abel.

It is the name of a YouTube content creator, Abelina Sabrina.

  1. Abella

This is the European spelling variation of the name, Abel. It means “breath or vapor.” Like Abel, Abella is derived from the Hebrew word hével.

It is a common name in Europe.

  1. Ahelie

This is also a Hebrew name that means “breath or source of life.” It can also be spelled Ahelia, Ahelee, Aheleah, Aheleigh, or Aheley.

It is primarily used for girls.

  1. Avabelle

This one originated in America. It means “breathing in life, or one who has a beautiful life.” You can also spell this name as Avabella.

Though Avabella is more popular than Avabelle, both are still unique. Avabella ranked 9281 in 2019 but later fell to 17426 in 2020. The ranking for Avabelle is not known.

  1. Avalyn

This one is super adorable. It means “beautiful breath of life.” You can call your baby Ava or Lyn as a nickname. 

Putting together the way this name sounds, the nickname, and its meaning, this name is so gorgeous and sophisticated for your baby.

  1. Eve

This one means “life” This name originated from Latin and Hebrew. The Latin version is from the name Eva and the Hebrew version is from Chavah.

Chavah or Chava is also a female name that means “life.”

  1. Hava 

This one means “breath or life.” Hava originated from Yiddish and Hebrew roots. It is primarily used for girls.

It is gotten from the Hebrew word, chaya. Chaya is also the name of a Mexican plant.

  1. Keola

This one has a Hawaiian origin, meaning “the life, the well-being, or health.” It is a unisex name.

This name is used by the world-renowned Hawaiian guitar player, Keola Beamer. He is a multiple award recipient.

  1. Nefes

This one is also strictly used for girls. It means “breath” and originated from Turkey.

Unisex Names That Mean Breath Or Breath Of Life

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  1. Apela

This one means “breath or breathing spirit.” It has the Hawaiian version of Abel. It is a unisex name.

This name is used by Author, Apela Colorado, the founder of the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network, (WISN).

  1. Kahanu

This one means “the breath, or breathing person.” It is primarily known for its Hawaiian origin, but it also has Pacific Islander origin.

Kahanu is the name of a former Irish athlete, Kahanu Kia.

  1. Spirit

Spirit is known for different things, including what lives in man and strong alcoholic drinks. But as a name, Spirit means “character or spectral entity”.

It is an English name that is derived from the Latin word Spiritus. It is suitable for both male and female.

  1. Spiro

This name is related to the previous. It is a Latin names that sounds more unique than Spirit. Spiro means “I breathe.” Greek parents love using this name.

This was also the name of the 39th Vice President of the United States, Spiro Theodore Angnew.

What Greek Name Means Breath?

  1. Aura

This name doesn’t directly translate to “breath,” but it is related. This name means “wind or soft breeze.” Aura is also a word used in English, meaning “a distinctive atmosphere surrounding a given source.”

Aura as a masculine name originates from Greek mythology. It was the title of the goddess of breeze. 

  1. Anemone

This one doesn’t mean breath directly, but it’s related. It means “daughter of the wind, or windflower.” It has a feminine Greek name.

Some sources say that this name means “breath or gentle,” but we can’t tell how true it is.

Anemone is also the name of a plant and sea animal. Both have soothing and attractive appearances.

  1. Capheira

This female name originated from Greek mythology, meaning “stormy breath.” It can also be spelled as Kapheira.

Capheira was an Oceanid and the daughter of Oceanus, the Sea Titan.

  1. Psyche

Psyche is a name of Greek origin meaning “breath.” It is derived from Greek mythology. She was a mortal girl that Cupid loved. Cupid in this mythology is the Greek god of eros.

As a word used in English, psyche means “the human soul mind or spirit.” So, whether you use it for the Greek or English version, it has a good meaning.

Names That Mean Life

Photo of a cute girl. Names that mean breath are beautiful

Breathing is a characteristic of all living thing. It is also a sign that something is alive. These names can portray that attribute of living in your baby.

  1. Aisha

This one is a popular Arabic girl’s name. It means “alive, well.” This name is popular among the Muslim communities.

Aisha is a variety of this name. It also means “alive and well.”

  1. Beathan

This one originated form medieval Scotland, meaning “life, son of life or son of Beathan.” It is used for boys. 

Beathan can also be used as a nickname for Bethany.

  1. Betha

This one directly translates to “life” in Celtic. It is a girl’s name with a medieval feel.

This name is also used in Indian for male and female. It is the name of the Indian actor and comedian, Sudhakar Betha.

  1. Bo

This one is gender-neutral, meaning “to live.” It originated from Scandinavian ancestry and has been used as a first name and nickname since the 14th century.

Bo also has a Korean origin. It is a prefix of the Korean unisex name, Bo-ram. Bo-ram means ‘valuable or worthwhile.’

A Canadian professional baseball catcher, Bo Naylor has this name.

  1. Can

This one means “life, soul, spirit, or heart.” It is used as a first name or surname in Azerbaijani, Turkish, and Circassian speaking countries.

  1. Chai

This one has a Hebrew origin, meaning “living or vital.” It is primarily used for boys. Chai is also used as a Korean surname.

This name is borne by an Australian actor, Chai Hansen.

  1. Chaim

This one is still a Hebrew name that means “life.” It is solely a masculine name.

Chaim has many variations including Chai, Hymie, or Hyman.

  1. Chivy

This one originated from Sanskrit and Cambodian origins. It means “life.” Hindus use this name. It is a baby girl’s name.

  1. Haya

This one has a Herbew origin, meaning “life.” It is quite popular, and is solely used for girls.

It was the name of Haya Harareet, an Israeli actress.

  1. Oriella

This one has a Latin origin, meaning full of energy.” It is strictly used for girls.

It is the name of Oriella Dorella, an Italian ballet dancer.

  1. Taisha

This one means “full of life. It has Hindu and Sanskrit origins, but people from Uganda and Ecuador use it. It is a girl’s name.

This name is used by Taisha Paggett, a cinematographer.


Obviously, your baby is a breath of fresh air to your life. Giving him or her a name that means “breath” is a great idea.

We hope you found a name you like from our list of baby names that mean breath.

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