30+ Intense Names That Mean Empty

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Do you feel empty or alone? Sometimes the pregnancy period can be hard, or an unexpected tragedy could occur. Dealing with a misfortune when you’re supposed to be happy and expectant is not what anyone would desire.

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However, names have deep meanings, and names that mean empty can convey your current emotion. It can even tell the story that surrounded your baby’s birth.

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We have many names on our list that mean empty, lost, gone, or forsaken. We hope you find a name that best suits how you feel.

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Girl Names That Mean Empty

  1. Blanche

This name doesn’t directly translate to “empty,” but it means “white or pure.” Consider this name to mean a blank sheet of paper with nothing written on it; like an empty sheet.

This name doesn’t sound rough or out of place. It is a pleasant feminine name. It has a French origin.

Photo of a baby girl.  Names that mean empty convey deep meanings
  1. Cache

This name means “storage place.” Storage places are usually empty until you put something inside. 

This name originated from Latin and is used in the US as a gender-neutral name.

  1. Cassiah

This name means “empty or vain.” It is a variant of the male name, Cassian or Cassius. It is specially used for girls. It has Latin and English origins.

Cassia is a variant of this name.

  1. Cassia

This name is a variant of the Latin Cassiah. It means “futile, empty, or vain.” This name also has a Greek origin where it means “cinnamon.”

So, if you don’t want to call your daughter this name for the ‘empty’ meaning, go for the ‘cinnamon.’

  1. Kassie

This one is the English version of the name Kassandra. It has Latin, Greek, and Old Greek origins.

In Greek, it means “the guileless one or unheeded prophetess.” The Latin version means “empty or vain,” and the Old Greek version means “shining upon man, protrude, or man.” 

  1. Kassian

This name is a variant of Kassie. It means “empty, vain, hollow, or cinnamon.”

  1. Shafariyanti

This is the name of the second month of the Islamic calendar. It means “empty, void, or vacant.” It is an Arabic name.

It is used for females.

Boy Names That Mean Empty

Photo of a baby boy.  Names that mean empty convey deep meanings
  1. Cassius

This name originated from Latin, meaning “vain or hollow.” This name is popular, thanks to the Shakespearean literature, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar.

This work of art has made people feel negative about the name. But that doesn’t make the name bad for your baby.

Cashus is a variant of this name. Cashus ranked 5362 as the most used names for baby boys in 2022.  

  1. Cassian

This one is adopted from the Latin surname, Cassianus. Cassianus is a variant of the name Cassius. Cassian means “empty, vain, or hollow.” 

Cassian was a character in John Wick, a TV series. An American rapper and movie producer, Common played this role.

  1. Cassia

This one directly translates to “empty or hollow.” It is still in the family of “Cassian” and the rest; hence, it is a Latin name.

The Brazilian soccer player, Cassio Ramos has this name.

  1. Cassianus

This is the original Latin name that means “empty, vain, or hollow.” It was commonly used as a surname. This name also means, “son of Cassius.”

Cassianus is also believed to be a Welsh name that means “curly-headed.” 

  1. Cassio

This one means “empty or hollow.” It still has its roots in Latin and Italian origins. It is a variant of the name Cassius.

This name is gender-neutral, so you can rock it for your boy or girl. 

Cassios is a variant of this name.

  1. Caziah

This name means “empty or vain,” but its origin is unknown. Nevertheless, it is linked to the Latin name Cassius.

However, it is also a variant of the name Cassia. Hence, it also means “Cinnamon. 

The singer, Kirk Franklin gave his son this name. His son, Caziah Franklin is an artistry producer, outdoor lover, and storyteller.

  1. Chaos

This name is used for boys, meaning “disorder or confusion.” It is used as a Latin name but originated from Greek.

According to Greek mythology, Chaos is the name of the “primordial god of vast emptiness.”

  1. Kach

This name means “hollow, one who is empty, hair, vain, splendor, cloud or attractiveness.” It is an Indian name. 

  1. Kasius

This name doesn’t directly translate to ‘empty,’ but means “pure.” A pure substance is free from other substances. It has a Greek origin.

  1. Wukong

This name has a Japanese origin, and means “monkey awakened by the emptiness.” The name also has a Chinese origin, which also means “awakened to emptiness.” It also means “empty, sky, hollow.”

This name is used in the video game, Black Myth.

  1. Zero

This one is used as a male name of Greek origin. It means “nothing or empty.”

Japanese Names That Mean Empty

Photo of a baby boy. Names that mean empty convey deep meanings
  1. Akeru

This name means “dawn, daybreak, or morning.” It is used to describe the act of opening or unwrapping something.

This Japanese name is mainly used for boys. 

  1. Chikara

This name is made up of two Japanese words, chi, and kara. Chi means intellect, wisdom, or knowledge.” Kara on the other hand means “empty or void.”

The kanji of this name can be arranged differently to mean “power, strength, or force.”

  1. Kuuga

This name is made of two words, kuu, and ga. Kuu means “emptiness or sky,” while ga means “river.” It is used as a boy’s name, but a source mentioned it to be used for girls. 

Depending on the kanga arrangement, this name could mean “refinement, elegance, grace, or clear self.” 

  1. Kuuhaku

Kuu here means “the sky, or empty air,” while haku means “white.” It is a Japanese name used for boys.

  1. Rinku

This name of Japanese origin means “empty, sky, cold.” It is primarily used for boys.

An Indian professional wrestler and baseball player, Rinku Singh has this name.

  1. Taku

This name can be used as a title. It can mean “transparent, open, or polished.” 

  1. Utsuho

This name means “empty hole, emptiness, or cave.” It is an Old Japanese name.

  1. Zhalu

This name has an Indonesian and Arabic origin, but it is commonly used in Japan. This name means “empty, accessible, or open.” 

Names That Mean Void Or Incomplete

Photo of a baby boy. Names that mean empty convey deep meanings

If names that mean empty sound too extreme, you can try names that mean “void or incomplete.” This kind of name best fits situations where you lost a loved one while you were pregnant with your baby or during the delivery process.

These names mean incomplete.

  1. Aparna

This one has a Hindu origin and means “incomplete.” It is commonly used by Indians.

  1. Abyss

This one means “without bottom or depth.  It is a Greek name derived from the Greek word, abyssos.

  1. Bo-Yeon

This one is Korean. It has many meanings including “gulf, abyss, or deep.”

This name also has pleasant meanings, including “beautiful, graceful, great, father, man, begin, general, universal, or widespread.”

This name is given to girls. It is the name of a South Korean actress, Park Bo-Yeon.

  1. Hyo-Yeon

This is also a Korean name, meaning “gulf, abyss, or deep.” The prefix of this name means “obedience or filial piety.” It is a feminine name.

This is the name of a South Korean singer, Hyoyeon.

  1. Sunyata

This one has an English origin and means “emptiness, voidness, openness, vacuity, or thusness.” This name also has some attributions to Sanskrit origin and Buddhism.

Sunyata isn’t completely regarded as a name, but there is no harm in using it as a name.


Names are believed to impact children’s futures. Hence, you must be intentional about the names you give to them. 

Some great names like Cassia mean empty alongside another sweet thing. We hope that you found a suitable name from our list.

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