61 Tender Names That Mean Delicate

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Delicate hearts are the kindest. Every baby is born with this heart, but they toughen up when ‘life happens.’ That is why a name that means delicate will help remind your child of who he or she is supposed to be.

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Check out our list of names that mean delicate, soft, or tender which will inspire your baby to stay kind forever.

Girl Names That Mean Delicate 

  1. Adena

This lovely name has Hebrew and Old English origins. it means “delicate, slender, decoration, pleasure, or wealthy friend.” 

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It is a Biblical name, a variant of Adina, which appeared in the Old Testament.  Adina was the name of a soldier. 

  1. Adine

This is still another feminine version of the name Adina.  It means “noble, delicate, gentle.” It has a Hebrew origin.

  1. Aadina

This one is the Arabic version of the Hebrew name Adina. It means “gentle, delicate, or slender.” This name is used by Islam and Judaism religion.

  1. Alma

This one doesn’t directly translate to “delicate,” but it means “nourishing kind soul.” It is a lovely name with different origins including Filipino, Latin, Italian, Hebrew, and Arabic.

  1. Atifa

This is another adorable name that means “kind.” It is an Arabic name that evokes a sense of tenderness and goodness.

It is the name of a famous TikTok content creator, Atifa Arshad.

  1. Atubah

This one also has an Arabic origin, meaning “soft, delicate, and gentle.” It is a rare name for girls.

  1. Benigna

This one is not also popular, but it means “gentle, kind, well-born, gracious and favorable.” It has Spanish and Polish roots.

  1. Caoimhe

This one is also lovely. It means “gentle, precious, and beautiful.” It has Irish roots and will fit many wonderful baby girls.

This name also describes your baby well. It spells her delicate part that gets you so addicted.

  1. Caresse

This one has a French origin, meaning “endearing or tender touch.” It also has an American root, which means “beloved.” 

It was the name of an American publisher, Caresse Crosby.

  1. Cedrica

This is another delicate name that is strictly used for girls. It means “kindly, loved.” This name originated from Old English ancestry. It is pronounced as Sed-ree-kah.

  1. Cerie

This short and amazing name means “delicate bird’s whistle.” It has Welsh and Gaelic origins and is specifically used for girls.

  1. Columbine

This one may not directly translate to delicate or soft, but it portrays so much tenderness. It means “dove.”

Doves are very tender birds that speak peace. This makes this name suitable for your tender and peaceful baby.

  1. Dalia 

This is another tender name that we love. It means “gentle, slender branch, or tendril.” It is a lovely girl’s name that originated from Hebrew and Arabic roots.

You can also spell this name as “Dahlia. Dahlia is the name of the flower which is also tender too.

  1. Delen

This one originated from Cornish roots, meaning “a tiny and delicate petal.” This name is used by Christians.

  1. Delilah

This is one of the most popular names that means “delicate.” It has a Hebrew origin. It is a Biblical name with a ‘not-so-good’ reputation. However, it is sexy.

In the Bible, Delilah was the lady that wooed the strongest man in Israel, Samson, and led him to his destruction.

Delilah can also be spelled as Dalilah.

  1. Diedra

This one means “broken heart or sorrowful.” Broken hearts are usually tender. This name doesn’t have much positivity but can tell a powerful story that may have surrounded your life or your baby’s birth.

  1. Ersilia

This lovely one has Spanish and Greek roots. It means “delicate.” It is strictly used for girls. Another variant of this name is Esilia.

Esilia was derived from mythology. She was the wife of the founder of Rome, Romulus.

  1. Friedelinde

This one is quite long, but it means “gentle peace.” It has a German origin and is strictly used for girls.

  1. Gaynor

This one means “white, small, or soft.” It is a Welsh name for girls. This name is not so popular.

It is the name of Minnie Driver’s mother, Graynor Churchward. Minnie Driver is a British-American actress and model.

  1. Halima

This lovely name means “gentle or mild-mannered.” It originated from Arabic roots. This name is also believed to mean “generous and patient.”

All the meanings are great attributes that will mold your daughter into an assertive woman.

  1. Hanan

This one means “warm-heartedness, compassion, and kindness.” It is also an Arabic name for girls. This name gives an essence of love and care which are the traits your girl must possess. 

  1. Hayfa

This is another lovely name that directly translates to delicate. It means “delicate and slender.” It is a beautiful Arabic name for baby girls.

  1. Hersilia

This beautiful name is gotten from Roman mythology. It means “delicate.” Hersilia is also believed to be the wife of the founder of Rome, Romulus. 

This name has Greek and Spanish origins.

  1. Keelin

This one means “slender and fair.” It is primarily an Irish name, but also shraes roots in Scotland.

Keelin Woodwell, the American actress has this name. 

  1. Latifah

This one is extremely popular in America and beyond because of Queen Latifah, an American rapper, singer, and actress. 

The name means “kind, gentle, and pleasant.” It is an Arabic name. You can also spell this name as Latifa, or Lateefa.

  1. Leen

This cute baby girl’s name means “delicate, soft, or bright light.” It is a lovely name that originated from Arabic and Dutch ancestries. 

  1. Lenita

This one is a extension of this unisex name Lenis, which means “soft, mild, or silky.” It is primarily a feminine name of Latin origin. 

It is one of those names that portrays the delicate nature of your baby.

  1. Lina

This lovely one has Arabic, German, Persian, and Greek origins. In Arabic, it means “small palm tree” while in German, it means “tender.” In Persian, it means light, and in Greek, it means “sunlight.

Since Lina is a suffix for many girl names like Melina, Angelina, and the rest, you can use it as a nickname for your baby.

  1. Liyana

This lovely one means “soft, delicate, or it is raining.” It has Zulu and Arabic origins. The Zulu meaning is “it is raining,” while the Arabic origin is “soft or delicate.”

It will be a great name for a delicate girl that was born during a rainfall.

  1. Mahalia

This one directly translates to “tenderness.” The name has a Filipino origin. It was the name of an American gospel singer, Mahalia Jackson.

  1. Malva

This one means “soft, delicate, or slender.” It has a Scandinavian origin. 

Malva is also the name of a plant that produces tender pink flowers. In all ways, this makes speaks tenderness and beauty.

  1. Meegan

This Gaelic name speaks genteleness. the name means “honorable, soft, or gentle.”

This name is not the same as Meagan. Meagan means “pearl.”

  1. Mildred

This one portrays the assertive kind of strength. It means “mild and strength.” It is a cute baby girl’s name of Old English origin.

  1. Miliani

This one is a Polynesian name for girls. It means “gentle caress.” This name also has a Latin origin, where it means “from the middle of a plain.”

This name is popular because it is the name of a makeup brand, Milani Cosmetics

  1. Mridu

This one has an Indian origin, meaning “gentle, delicate, or tender.” It is strictly a female name. 

  1. Sefarina

This lovely name means “gentle wind.” It has Spanish and Greek origins. This name is not the same as the Hebrew name Serafina. 

Serafina means “fiery,” which is an opposite of “delicate.”

  1. Tirion

This lovely unisex name means “kind or gentle.” It is a Welsh name.

  1. Velvet

This feminine name is also a name of a fabric. It means “a soft napped fabric.” This name has an English origin and connotes luxury.

Boy Names That Mean Delicate 

Photo of cute boy. Names that mean delicate are beautiful
  1. Abab

This cute masculine name originated from Arabic and Urdu origins. It means “the softness and gracefulness of youth.” This name is commonly used by Muslims.

  1. Abhiratra

This one has a Sanskrit origin. It means “small, humble, softness.” It is strictly a boy’s name.

  1. Adiv

This other masculine name means “gentle, courteous, or polite.” It is a Hebrew name. 

People that have this name are believed to have a kind spirit with benevolent energy.

  1. Daqiq

This one is a Muslim name of Arabic and Urdu origin. It means “very delicate.” The name also means “fine and thin. It is strictly a boy’s name.

  1. Deeba

This one doesn’t directly translate to ‘delicate,’ but gives the feeling. It means “silk or eye of a mistress.” Silk is soft and the eye of a mistress is delicate and seductive.

This name has an Urdu origin but is also believed to originate from India and Persia.

  1. Eulalio

This one sounds soft and means the same. It means “sweetly spoken or soft-spoken.” This name originated from Greek and is used by Christians.

This name was used by Mexican actor and songwriter, Eulalio Gonzalez.

  1. Ghurnuq

This is another Muslim name of Arabic origin. It means “delicate, tender, or comely.” This name is strictly used for boys.

  1. Guthred

This one means “a gentle, understanding, or soft-natured person.” It is an English name. 

This name was used in the film, The Last Kingdom. Thure Lindhart played this character.

  1. Hefa

This one is an Arabic boy’s name that means “the delicate waist.” It is commonly used by Muslims.

  1. Koshin

This one originated from India, meaning “delicate bud.” This name is used by Koshin Paley Ellison, an author, zen teacher and Jungian psychotherapist.

  1. Malook

This one is a Sikh name that means “a boy with a tender and delicate personality.” This name can also mean “tender, delicate, and beautiful.”

  1. Mardav

This one is a Hindu name that directly translates to “softness.” It is used by the Hindu religion.

  1. Mridul

This one is derived from a Sanskrit word that means “soft.” However, the name directly translates to “calm.” 

The feminine version of this name is Mridula, which means “soft, sweet, tender, or gentle.”

  1. Nazakat

This name may not sound delicate, but it means it. It directly translates to “delicacy, or neatness.” Delicacy here can mean “the state of being delicate, or food.”

It is a Muslim name of Arabic and Urdu origin.

  1. Sohal

This one originated from India, meaning “a person that is delicate and soft.” This name is solely used for boys. It is a common name among Hindus.

  1. Soumy

This one means “soft-natured.” It also means “beautiful, mild, or pearl.” This name is the Nepalese version of the name Soumya.

  1. Sukumar

This one may be long, yet it is lovely. It means “soft, tender, very sensitive, handsome, or meritorious.” It is an Indian boy’s name.

  1. Sukumara

Like the name above, Sukumara is still an Indian name that means “very tender, or very delicate.” It is common to the Bengali people of India.

  1. Tael

This one is short and sweet, meaning “delicate leaf.” It is a Hebrew boy’s name.

Tael is also a Chinese and Malay name that is derived from the word “tahil.” Tahil means “weight.” In Chinese, Tael is used as a unit of measuring currency. 

  1. Tucker

This is another male name with different origins. It means “a cloth softener,” and is commonly used as a surname. Tucker is derived from Tucher, a German word that means “cloth weaver.”

Tucker is also a Middle English name that means “tailor.”

Unisex Names That Mean Soft And Delicate

  1. Charis

This one is a unisex name that is commonly used for girls. It means “grace, kindness, and life.” It has a Greek origin.

You can also spell this name as Karis if you want something more unique.

Photo of a cute boy and girl. Names that mean delicate are beautiful
  1. Kaley

This name even sounds tender. It means “beautiful, lovely, or slender.” It is a unisex name that you shouldn’t let slide by.

  1. Lenis

This one means “soft, mild, or silky.” It is a Latin unisex name, though it is commonly used for girls. 

The Norfolk singer, Lenis Guess had this name.


Sometimes life can be hard, but your kids don’t have to toughen according to their experiences. A name that means delicate can remind your child to be kind and tender in a difficult world.

We hope you found a name you love from our list.

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