30+ Baby Girl Names Starting With Cho

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It can be quite challenging to pick a name for your little princess. Sometimes, you have to narrow down your search until you find something suitable.

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Giving your baby a name that starts with C is lovely. To be more specific, we have provided a list of baby names that start with Cho.

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Baby names starting with Cho are lovely and unique. Your baby may well be the only one with the name in her class.

39 Cute Baby Girl Names Starting With Cho

  1. Cho

This is an adorable name of Japanese origin. It means “born at dawn, or butterfly.” It is a popular girl name among Asians.

  1. Choco

This is a lovely short form of the name “chocolate.” It is commonly used as an English nickname. Choco is also the short form of the anglicized version 

  1. Chodren

This lovely name has a Tibetan origin, meaning “lamb of the Dharma.” It is not a commonly used name.

  1. Choe

This one is a variation of the Japanese name, Cho. Cho means “born at dawn.” It is also a variation of the Korean name Choi. 

Choi means “high, lofty, superior, or towering.” Choe is a gender-neutral name. However, it is commonly used as a surname in Korea, China, and America.

  1. Chofa

This lovely name is commonly used in the Spanish language. The name means “wisdom.” It has an Old Greek language of origin.

This name is pronounced Ch-aa-fah.

Photo of a cute girl; there are beautiful Baby Girl Names Starting With Cho
  1. Chofi

This is a variant of the name Chofa of Old Greek origin. The name still means “wisdom” and is also used in the Spanish language. 

  1. Chohee

This is a combination of two names, Cho and Hee. It is a Korean name for girls that means “beautiful and joy.”

This name is commonly used by Christians in Korean-speaking countries.

  1. Choice

This word is commonly used in English to mean “decision.” However, it has a Latin origin and can be used as a baby’s name, most preferably, a girl.

  1. Choko

The first thing that came to my mind as I was researching this name is “chocolate.” However, this name has a Japanese origin, meaning “butterfly child.” So whether you use this name as a short form of chocolate or the Japanese meaning, it still sounds great.

  1. Chole

I first thought that this name was Chloe, but it’s not. Chole means “solitude.” This name originated from Spain and is a beautiful name that you should try. 

  1. Cholena

This beautiful name for girls has a Native American origin, especially in the Delaware region. The name means “bird.”

According to numerology, people who have this name will likely be free-spirited, self-sufficient, outstanding, impressive, and well-dressed.  

Photo of a cute girl; there are beautiful Baby Girl Names Starting With Cho
  1. Cholette

This name is another variant of the name Colette. Colette means “people of victory.” It is also the name of a female French author, journalist, and actress, Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette.

Cholette is also a name that gives attribution to the territory of Cholet in France. It was often used as a surname.

  1. Cholleen

This is a variant of the name Colleen. Colleen is an Irish name. It is a generic name for females in the region. 

this name is derived from caile, which means “country woman or woman.”

  1. Chona

This name is Jewish with Filipino roots. It means “God graciously gave, or God is gracious.” 

It is a derivative of John and the variation of the name Yochanan. John is the Latin variant of Yochanan. 

Yochanan is a Hebrew male name that also means “God is gracious.”

  1. Choncha

This is a Spanish name for girls. It means “seashell,” which is the empty shell of a sea animal found on the seashore. You can also spell this name as Concha.

  1. Chonda

This one has French and Indian origins. In French, it means “stone or a stony place.” In India, it means “a wish or a need for something that may or may not happen.”

  1. Chondra

This name means “illustrious or eminent.” It has an English origin and is the name of a famous American writer, Chondra Echert.

It is a diminutive of the Sanskrit name Chandra.

  1. Chongde

This fascinating Chinese name means “honors virtue.” It is a unisex name that is common among Asians. 

It is a family name in China, and the name of Xu Chongde, a political scientist, professor, and legal expert.

Photo of a cute girl; there are beautiful Baby Girl Names Starting With Cho
  1. Chonita

This is a beautiful name of English origin. It means “friendly or cheerful.” This is the name of Chonita Gillespie, a jazz singer that goes by the stage name N’Dambi. 

Chonita was the 16,567th most popular name in 2021.

  1. Chonna

This name is a standalone name, as well as a variant of the name Chona (which I mentioned earlier).

Chonna on its own has a German origin, meaning “love.” It is the name of a rock singer, Chonna Cristelle.

  1. Chonnie

This is another way to spell Connie. Connie is a derivative of the name Constance and can be used as a nickname.

Being from the name Constance, this name means “steadfast or to be knowledgeable.” Constance in s a Latin name.

  1. Chonsie

This adorable one means “keeper of records or secretary.” It is a unique name.

  1. Chonte

This one is of French origin. It means “to sing, boulder, or stone.” It is the name of the Hollywood actress, Chonte Harris.

  1. Chontel

This lovely name also has a French origin and is related to Chonte. The name means “stone or boulder.” One popular person with this name is Chontel Duncan, a fitness trainer, and model.

  1. Chontelle

This is a spelling variation of Chontel. It means “stone.” A famous person with this name is Chontelle Moore, also known as DeQuina Moore, an American actress.

Photo of a cute girl; there are beautiful Baby Girl Names Starting With Cho
  1. Choomia

This one has an English origin, meaning “a kiss.” It is a cute baby girl name starting with cho and will sound nice for your beauty.

  1. Choon-Hee

This is another Korean name on the list. it means “spring girl.” This name is unique.

Choon-Hee can also be mistaken for Chun-Hee, but Chun-Hee means “justice and grace.” While Choon-Hee is specifically for girls, Chun-Hee is a unisex name.

  1. Chora

Chora is a Greek word that means “town.” However, you can use the name as a variant of Cora.

Cora is a Greek girl name that means “core, maiden, or heart.”

  1. Choral

As you imagined, choral is an English word that means “a choir, or a group of people singing in harmony.” This word is also used as a girl’s name. It is a good name that signifies melody.

  1. Chosen

Like Choice, the name chosen has to do with making a decision. Chosen means “selected.” It is an English word and a unisex name.

  1. Chosovea

This name has an American origin. It means “resembling a bluebird.”

Photo of a cute girl; there are beautiful Baby Girl Names Starting With Cho
  1. Chou

This lovely one has a Japanese origin. It means “butterfly.”

  1. Chouko

This is another Japanese name that means “butterfly child, or lucid child.” Lucid means “bright or clear.”

  1. Chouma

This adorable name has a Cambodian, Sanskrit origin. It means “a woman that is refreshingly beautiful.” 

  1. Choyo

This one is super cute. It is a Japanese name meaning “sunlight, a side where the sun shines, or a generation of dawns.”

This name will inspire your baby to bring sunshine into your life.

Hindu Female Names Starting With Cho

  1. Choti

This is a Hindu girl name that means “little, small, or small sister.”

  1. Cholai

This is an adorable girl name of Indian origin. It means “garden or grove.” It is commonly used by the Hindu religion.

Tamil Girl Names that start with Cho

Photo of a cute girl; there are beautiful Baby Girl Names Starting With Cho
  1. Cholaimani

This one is of Tamil origin. It means “garden gem.” This name is a combination of two words, Cholai and Mani. Cholai means garden, while Mani means gem.

People who have this name are believed to be calm, stable, home-loving, and gentle.

  1. Cholanmagal

This name means “daughter of Cholan.” Cholan is a Tamil dynasty or a south Indian dynasty. People of this dynasty give their daughters this name to show their heritage.


Many lovely girl names start with cho and you can try them out. Also, you could style up a name starting with co. 

For instance, you can spell Courtney as Chourtney. That will make your baby have a unique version of the name.

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