60+ Lovely Names That Mean Perfect

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Are you an expectant mom? No doubt, you are about to birth a perfect baby. Hence, it is important to find a name that means the same.

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But isn’t it tiring to have to toil the internet, looking for different names that could fit? That is why we have put together many baby names that mean “perfect” from different origins. 

We believe you will find something suitable from our list.

Girl Names That Mean Perfect 

  1. Aadarsha: this one is also from India, mainly Hindi. It means “perfect, optimal, one who is ideal.” It is commonly used by people of the Hindu religion.
  2. Nala: you will love this African name if you are a fan of The Lion King. This name means “successful” and can also be spelled Nahla.
  3. Rosario: this one is of Spanish origin and means “rosary.” The rosary is a kind of devotion in the Roman Catholic church; hence, it is considered to be holy.
  4. Agda:  this one is of Scandinavian origin, and is the Swedish version of the Greek name Agathe. The name means “good or honorable.” It is a name used to describe a person with a kind heart, who knows how to build relationships. it is a short and sweet name for girls and can be used by any tribe.
  5. Aimiah: this is another lovely name of Hindi origin. It means “perfect.” A person that has this name will possibly be attractive and have a great liking for fashion. she will not even have issues finding opportunities because of her creative thinking. 
  6. Belle: this one is a French word that means “beautiful.” It is a great name for your perfect beauty.
  7. Immaculata: this one is a Latin name that is usually associated with the Catholics. It means “whole, pure, untouched. It was derived from the immaculate conception of the virgin mary. This name is rare and its Spanish version is Immaculada.
  8. Haranoop: this one is an Indian name that means “the almighty God, the perfect God.” This name is usually used for girls, though some boys also have it.
  9. Fursat: this one is an Arabic name for both boys and girls. It means many things including “freedom, relief, leisure, perfect time, exact time.” Though it is unisex, boys mostly use it.
  10. Elyza: this name has two origins, Hebrew and Greek. It is the variation of Eliza and the short form of Elizabeth. It means “pledged to God, the name of God is perfection, God is my oath, or God’s promise.” This name is commonly used by Christians. 
Photo of a pretty baby girl; names that mean perfect are perfect for your child
  1. Elandra: this is another Hebrew name that you will love. It means “God is my oath, Home by the sea, God is perfection.” Although this name was quite popular from 1993 to 2003, people barely use it now. Hence, it is unique for your baby.
  2. Eiluned: this one is also of Welsh origin and means “an idol shape, a perfect image.” It is feminine and is commonly used by Christians. The name is befitting for a perfectly made baby girl.
  3. Dyllis: this is of Welsh origin and means “a reliable and perfect person.” Christians commonly use this name and you can use it too. According to the numerology of this name, the bearer is believed to bring love, beauty, perfection, and romance to the people around them. They will naturally be charming and idealistic.
  4. Saraid: this is an Irish name that is greatly adored. The name means “excellent.”
  5. Rosaleen: this Irish name means “little rose.” It is a great name for adorable baby girls, as it makes them portray the tender love of a rose.
  6. Seana: this is another Gaelic and Irish name for girls. the Gaelic meaning means “gift from God, God is gracious.” The Irish origin of this name is “present.”
  7. Aoife: this name is also spelled Aife or Aeife. It is an adorable name for girls and portrays strength and charm. this name means “beautiful.” The strength part of this name is associated with the warrior queen in Irish mythology. the name is pronounced eeee-fah.
  8. Cadhla: there is something about Irish names. They are always so beautiful, like this one that directly translates to “graceful, beautiful, comely.” It sounds like a great name for your perfect creation.
  9. Cait: this one is short and sweet, still from the Irish collection. It means “pure.” This name is also linked to Greek and Old French origin and means the same thing. other versions of this name are Caitlyn or Caitlyn. The versions of this name in Greek include Kate, Katherine, and Catherine.
  10. Keely: this is another short and sweet Irish name that means “beautiful.” 
  11. Caitriona: this means “pure one.” It portrays tenderness and holiness in a child. this name has Irish, Greek, and Gaelic origins, and is commonly used by the Gaelic people.
  12. Katell: this is another Breton and Irish name that means “pure.” 

Boy Names Meaning Perfect 

Photo of a cute boy; names that mean perfect are perfect for your child
  1. Acchindra: this one is from India, especially Sanskrit, and means “perfect, flawless, uninterrupted, thorough, absolute.” It is commonly used by Hindus.
  2. Abhignan: this is another boy’s name that you will love. It means “the one who has perfect wisdom” and has a Sanskrit origin. It is commonly used by people of Hindu religion. 
  3. Abhineet: this is another perfect meaning name for your adorable son. it means “complete, perfect, thorough, absolute.” It is an Indian name that is mostly used by people of Hindu religion. People who have this name are believed to be strong, confident, and powerful. They usually do well as leaders. 
  4. Akhil: this one is bold and macho for boys. it has an Indian origin, Hindi specifically and means “complete, whole, all-encompassing, perfect, entire, everything.” People of any religion can use this name.
  5. Alkamil: this one is a boy’s name of Arabic origin. it means “he who is perfect: this name has destiny number 5 and is believed that the bearer will feel more fulfilled when they have freedom. Hence, they will likely be adventurous.
  6. Asman: this one means “the highest heaven, sky, or stony firmament.” This name originated from Avestan (an Iranian language), modern Persia, and many other languages in South Asia. The person that bears this name will likely be enthusiastic and positive. They love to bring out the best in others. 
  7. Anadrishti: this is another lovely Indian name on our list of perfection. it means “faultless, perfect, flawless, thorough, absolute, complete.” This name is of Indian origin and is commonly used by the Hindu religion.
  8. Akshay: this one is also an Indian name that means “fresh, immortal.” It portrays your baby’s innocence and infinite energy that he will possess. 
  9. Arthic: this baby name means “perfect and love” and has a Tamil origin. Indian astrology has it that people with this name are creative and will meet great opportunities. 
  10. Anindith: this is another one from India, and means “one with no faults, one who is free of guilt, the blameless one, the perfect.” Astrology has it that people with this name will feel more fulfilled teaching others.
  11. Gedalya: this one is a Hebrew name for boys. This name means “God is great, God has made great.” It is commonly used by Jewish people, but you can still use it.
  12. Edward: this name has an English origin and means “wealthy guard”. Some variations of this name are Edouard and Eduuard.
  13. Jun: this name has Korean,  Japanese, and Chinese meanings. However, it means “pure, simple, and moisture” in Japanese. In Korean, it means “talented” and in Chinese, it means “ruler.” This is a unisex name.

Muslim Names Meaning Perfect

Photo of a lovely family; names that mean perfect are perfect for your child
  1. Abdulquddus: this one is an Islamic name for boys. The phrase “quddus” means “the holy one, the perfect one, the pure one.” It is in Urdu and Arabic. Babies with this name are believed to bring love, beauty, perfection, and romance to the world. According to the numerology of the name, they will be kind, forgiving, and compassionate. That sounds like a good name for your child.
  2. Ablaa: Muslims will know this well because it is an Islamic name for girls. It means “full figure, perfectly formed.” This name carries so much beauty for your perfect beauty. According to the soul number of this name, the bearer will be a natural entertainer who is highly inspiring and creative. She will also be outgoing, friendly, and social.
  3. Akmal: this is another Muslim name of Indian origin. It is short and means “complete, perfect, whole, entire, or a person that cannot be injured or harmed.” Muslims will appreciate giving their child this name the most. The variation of this name is Akmel.
  4. Haurvatat: this one is a Muslim and Arabic name for girls. The name means “perfection, health, wholeness.”
  5. Kaamila: this is a feminine Arabic name that means “complete, perfect, whole, flawless.” This name can also be spelt Kaamilah or Camilla, and the masculine version of the name is Kaamil or Kamil.
  6. Kamayel: this one is a masculine Arabic name. It means “perfect, complete, whole.” The feminine version of this name is Kamayilah.
  7. Kamella: this is still a female Muslim name. It means “whole, complete, perfect, flawless.”
  8. Kumail: this one is for males. It is still a Muslim Arabic name that means “perfect, complete, whole.” Other variants of this name include Kumayl, Kumeil, Komeil, Komayl, Komail, etc.
  9. Maziyyah: this one means “good quality, complete, perfect, whole, virtue.” It is a female name Muslim name of Arabic origin.
  10. Wafiyah: this is another female Arabic name for Muslims. It means “faithful. whole, perfect, loyal.”
  11. Waf: this one is for males and also has Arabic origin. it means “faithful, whole, perfect, loyal.” It is a short and beautiful name, and you can use it for your baby boy. 
  12. Kumailiyah: this one is for females, still of Arabic origin. it means “perfect, complete, whole.”
  13. Kamlan: this male Arabic name for Muslims means “perfect, complete, whole.” It is a two-syllable word and will fit in with name lovely middle names. 

Korean Girl Names Meaning Perfect

Korean names have rich meanings. The following names mean perfect or are related to perfection.

  1. Aera: this one means “love, expanding love, or laid out with love” in Korean. It also has an Indian origin and means “one who has the courage of a lion, lion, or strength of a lion. It is a feminine name and will fit your baby better because it sounds English.
  2. Dasom: this is another Korean name that you will love. It means “love.” It is a feminine name
  3. Ari: this one is another short Korean name for females. It means “beautiful, lovely, pretty.”  
  4. Sena: we adore this one. It is feminine and means “the world’s beauty” and that sounds like perfection. It is extremely rare and sounds English. What more could a person want?
  5. Sook: this one means “pure and natural.” It is a sweet name for girls and will fit well with any other name.
  6. Joon: this one is a unisex Korean name. It means “very talented” and is the name of a K-pop star, Joon Park.
  7. Soo-A: this is another adorable Korean name for girls. It means “a perfect lotus flower.”
  8. Goo: this one means “complete, or the one who completes you.” It is short and direct with a sweet meaning. 
  9. Woong: this one is a masculine name and means “magnificence.” It is full of power and is suitable for a strong boy.

Greek Names That Mean Perfect

  1. Aristae: this one is a female name that means “the best kind, excellent.” This is a genus of flowering plant, an evergreen perennial. This plant is commonly found in Southern Africa, but the name is derived from the Greek word, arista.
  2. Aretha: this is also a feminine name that means “excellent, virtuous, moral.” You can also spell this name as Areetha, Areta, Arytha, Aretta, or Arethra. This name is quite popular and was listed among the top 1,000 names from 1964 to 1974. Some famous people with this name include Aretha Franklin, a singer, and Aretha Thurmond, an Olympic athlete.
  3. Arthemio: this name has many origins, including Greek, Spanish and Latin. It means “follower of the goddess Artemis.” The goddess Artemis in Greek mythology represents chastity, nature, the art of the hunt, and wildness.”
  4. Arieanna: this is another powerful name for girls. it means “close to God, Holy.” It is a derivative of the name Ariana and has a Greek origin.

Names That Mean Perfect Gift

  1. Adea: this one is from Swahili. It means “a kind gift from God.” The name represents a perfect gift.
  2. Aanshi: this one is Bengali, meaning “the one who is herself a gift of God.” This female name is mostly used by Hindus.
  3. Darina: this one is a female name of Slavic origin, meaning “gift.”
  4. Theodore: this one means “gift from God.” It is a Greek name. Dorothea is a variant of this name. 
  5. Jesse: This one has a Hebrew origin and means “gift.” It is a masculine name. Jesse appears in the Bible as the father of the famous King David.

Girl Names That Mean Perfect Timing

  1. Amogechukwu: this one has an Igbo origin and means “no one knows God’s timing or all in God’s time.”
  2. Amenamuon: this one comes from Esan origin, meaning “my time does not pass.”
  3. Amser: you will love this Welsh name. It means “time.”
  4. Aroa: this one comes from Basque ancestry, meaning “time, age, era.”
  5. Edeosa: this one comes from Benin ancestry, from Africa, meaning “God’s time.”
  6. Ekemini: this one comes from southern Nigeria, the Efik/Ibibio tribe. It means “God’s appointed time.”
  7. Harleena: this one is from India and means “thinking of God at all times.”
  8. Kumi: this one is a unisex name that means “beautiful, a long period of time.”
  9. Miku: this is another beautiful one of Japanese origin and means “beautiful, long time.”
  10. Triti: we love this sweet Indian name, meaning “a moment of time, a moment in time.”

Boy Names That Mean Perfect Timing

  1. Dor: this name has a Hebrew origin and means “period of time.” The name is used in the Bible to describe the city of Manasseh.
  2. Horace: this one is used to represent “an hour of time.” it is a Latin name for boys.
  3. Elifur: this one means “once in a lifetime.” What could be more perfect than being able to receive a gift that only comes once?
  4. Iffan: this one is an Arabic name that is mostly used by Muslims. It is used to represent “season or time.”
  5. Nafasi: this one has a Swahili origin and means “to love good times, and opportunity.”
  6. Yug: this one means “generation, an era.” It is a Hindi name and will sound great for your boy.
  7. Sabik: this one is a sweet Arabic name for firstborns. It means “the one who comes first.” It is mostly used for boys.
  8. Khalid: this is also an Arabic name for boys, meaning “last forever.”
  9. Mitin: this one means “moment in time.” It has an Indian origin.
  10. Kairos: this one means “an opportune time for action, God’s time of fulfillment, an acceptable time.” It is one of those few names that mean perfect timing. 


Names that mean “perfect” are great to give to your baby. The list includes male and female names that mean perfect from different origins. I hope you found a suitable name for your perfect bundle of joy. 

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