70 Awesome Names That Mean Winner

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From conception to pregnancy and birth, everything about childbearing is a battle. That makes every baby a winner.

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Winner is a great name and can be prophetic too. It can inspire your child to win in all their endeavors. 

Check our list for adorable names that mean winner, victory, and champion.

Girl Names That Mean Winner

Photo of a girl with medals. Names that mean winner are powerful
  1. Colletta 

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This one has a French origin, meaning “victorious.” It is gotten from the name Nicole and may be regarded as the feminine version of Colletto.”

  1. Faiza

This is another lovely name that is common among Muslims. It is an Arabic name that means “victorious, successful, beneficial.” It is the feminine version of the name Faiz, Faizan, or Fayez.

  1. Galiba

This is another Arabic name that we love. it means “winner.” The name also has Bosnian origin and is always used for girls. 

This name is not the same as Galina. Galina is a Russian name that means “tranquil or calm.” Galina is also a girl’s name.

  1. Geeshna

This one also means “victory.” It is an Indian name. People of Hindu religion commonly use this name.

  1. Jayati

This one also means “victorious.” It is also a Hindu name.

  1. Jeneil

This one is adorable. It is an English name that means “the winner of all hard waves.” It is a girl’s name that is commonly used by the Sikh religion.

  1. Jital

This one also means winner. It is an Indian name that is popular in the Hindu religion.

  1. Mansoor-unddin

This name is long, but it will go well with a short middle and last name. It is an Islamic name that means “victorious in religion.” The name has an Arabic origin.

  1. Miloni

This one is an Indian name that means “an achiever or a winner.” It is commonly used by the Judaism religion.

  1. Nayla/Nyla

The adorable name means “attainder, successful one, or achiever.” It is an Arabic name that is derived from Naila. 

Nayla also has Mexican, Moroccan or Tunesian origins. Here, the Mexican version is derived from Nayeli, meaning “I love you.” It means “fulfillment” in Tunesian or Moroccan.

  1. Neelie

This one is a Gaelic name for girls that means “winner, victor, beater or overcomer.” It is a name that is commonly used in Judaism. 

This name also has a Hebrew origin, where it means “closing or locking.”

  1. Nichaela

This is one name that we love so much. It means “a winner or a victorious one.” It is a Spanish name. It is popularly used by the Judaism religion.

  1. Nicolasa

This one has a Greek origin. it means “people of victory.” It is the feminine version of the name Nicholas.

  1. Nicolene

This name relates to the previous. it is still a Greek name that means “people of victory.” It is a variant of the Greek name Coline.

  1. Nilsa

This one sounds sharp and sweet.  It is a Danish girl’s name that means “winner, defender, titleholder, or champion.”

  1. Niyla

This fascinating name means “a winner of a gracious personality.” It is an Indian name for girls. Like Nilsa, this name sounds sharp.

  1. Ojaswita

This unique baby girl’s name means “a person who is a noble winner, or noble victory; bright brightness; a person symbolic of brightness.” It is a Sanskrit name. 

  1. Rabihaat

This one is a Muslim name of Arabic origin. It means “winners, acquirers, or those who make profits.” The singular form of this name is Rabibah.

  1. Zafirah

This is another baby girl’s name that Muslims love. It means “victorious, successful, or triumphant”.  It is an Arabic name.

Boy Names That Mean Winner

Photo of a boy with a championship cup. Names that mean winner are powerful
  1. Abatus

This one means “winner of a battle.” The name has two origins, Indian and Arabic. It is commonly given to Muslim male children 

  1. Abhijay

This lovely name means “successful, winner, triumph, victor, victorious, conquest, and complete victory.” It is an Indian, Sanskrit, and Hindu name. This name is also believed to mean “one who is fearless, or one who makes friends easily.”

  1. Adenya

This one means “winner, first, or highest quality.” Adenya is an Indian name.

This name is not the same as Adeya. Adeya is an Arabic girl’s name that means “God’s treasure.”

  1. Aescwyn

This name has two meanings, “spear friend, and victor or winner by the ash tree.” It is an English name.

  1. Baban

This is another lovely Indian name that means winner. It means “winner, successful, victorious.” This name is specifically from the Sikh/Punjabi people.

People who have this name are believed to be sensitive and diplomatic.

  1. Bhevin

Still from India, this name means “winner, successful and victorious.” It is specifically a Sanskrit and Hindu name. This name is commonly given to boys born under Utharashada Nakshatra.

People who have this name are believed to be sensible and mature.

  1. Bishwaji

This one means “one who won the whole world, the conqueror, or world winner.” It is an Indian name.

  1. Champion

This one is a commonly used word that also plays out well as a good name for boys. it means “warrior, or a winner in a contest.” This originated from an Old French and English word campion

This can be a great name for a baby that is delivered despite all odds. It can also prepare your baby to face life’s battles squarely.

  1. Fawaz

this one directly translates to “winner or successful.” Fawaz can also be spelled Fawwaz or Fawez. It is an Arabic name that is commonly used by Muslims. It is believed to be a direct alternative for the name Victor. 

  1. Nicholas

This is a Greek name that means “victory of the people.” It is a well-known male name.

  1. Nicolo

This name is a variant of Nicholas. It is a Greek name that also means “people of victory.”

  1. Jayesh

This one is kingly. It means “lord of victory.” It is gotten from two words, jaya, and isha. Jaya means “conquest, victory,” while isha means “lord, ruler.” It is a Sanskrit baby name.

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Unisex Names That Mean Winner

Photo of children who are winners. Names that mean winner are powerful
  1. Ajita

If you have a thing for this adorable name, it means “a winner, invincible, and unconquerable. it is a gender-neutral name of Indian origin. Again, the name sounds short and sharp. This name can also be spelled Ajeeta.

  1. Carlin

This is still an Irish name that means “little champion.” This name was originally a male name, but is now adopted as a female name too, because of the ending, ‘lin.’

  1. Curran

This one means “hero or champion” in Irish. It is commonly used as a surname but is now also appreciated as a first name for boys and girls. 

  1. Nike

This one is more than a name; it is an inspiration for greatness. This name means “the winged goddess of victory.” It is a Greek name. According to Greek mythology, this name symbolizes motivation, speed, power, and movement. 

  1. Niki

This one means “goodness or people of victory.” It is also a Greek name but shares origin with Persia.

This name is related to Nicholas or Nicole.

  1. Kinsey

This one sounds great for boys and girls. It means “king’s victory.” This name has British ancestry. Other variants of this name are Kinnsey and Kensey.

  1. Win

This name is short and sweet. You can use it instead of looking for another name that means “winner.” It works well for boys and girls. You can spell it as Wynn if you want something more unique.

Win is also an Old English name that means “magical being or elf.” Here it was mainly used for boys.

Victorious Names For Baby Girl

  1. Avitori

This is an adorable Latin name that means “victory.” People can quickly decode the meaning of this name by just pronouncing it.

  1. Berenice

This one means “bringer of victory.” It is a Greek name for girls. In 2022, this name was the 8950th most popular name. Another variant of this name is Bernice.

  1. Boudicca

This one is Celtic and means “victory.” It was the name of the first-century queen that led the Brittinic Icenic people to revolt against the Romans staying in England.

  1. Colette

This lovely name is not so common. It ranked 611th most common name in 2022. It means “people of victory.” It is a French name for girls.

  1. Eunice

Eunice is another lovely name that doesn’t only mean victory, but “good victory, joyous victory or she conquers.” It is a female that is derived from a Greek word.

This is a Biblical name that appears in the New Testament name. She was the mother of Timothy.

  1. Fieke

This one is a Frisian name that means “victory.” It is the short form of Victoria in Frisian. It is also a diminutive of Sofieke, which is gotten from Sofie. In Dutch, this name means “wisdom.” 

  1. Jaya

This one is an Indian girl’s name that means “victorious.” Jaya is the name of the Buddhism female deity.

  1. Sia

This one directly translates to “victory.” This feminine name has a Norse origin. This name will inspire your baby to compete every day.

  1. Tory 

Take out vic from victory and you will have Tory. It is a short and simple way to get your message across.

You can use this name for boys and girls. This name is considered an English name that means ‘victory.” It can also be used as a nickname for Victoria.  

  1. Veronica

Veronica is quite a long name, but sweet too. It means “she who brings victory, or true image.” It has Greek and Latin origins.

  1. Victoria

This name is the Latin version of victory. It is the feminine version of Victor.

Victorious Names For Baby Boy

  1. Ajani

This is an African name that means “he who wins the struggle.”

  1. Amarjeet

This is an Indian name that means “immortal victory. It is a unisex name in Asia.

  1. Behramji

This name means “victory over resistance.” It is an Indian boy’s name.

  1. Bittor

This one directly translates to “victory.” It is a boy’s name of Basque origin.

  1. Bohan

This masculine name means “victorious.” It is the shortened Anglicized version of the Gaelic name, Ó Buadhacháin.

  1. Chaiya

This name would have sounded nice for a girl, but it is a masculine name. This name means “victory, gleam, glow.” It is a Thai name.

  1. Covy

This is another boy’s name of Irish origin. It means “victorious.” Another variation of this name is Covey. This name was derived from the surname Cobthach.

  1. Cybi

This one is a Welsh name that’s cute enough for your adorable son. It means “victory.”

  1. Kolja

This name sounds so masculine. It means “victory of the people.” It is gotten from the Russian and German Kolya. Kolya is also derived from Nikolai.

  1. Nasser

this name means “granter of victory.” It also means “protector, helper, victory-maker, or supporter.” Other variations of this name are Naser, Nasir, Nassar, Nacer, or Naseer.

It is an Arabic name.

  1. Sigmund

This is another masculine name. It means “protection through victory.” It is a Germanic name.

  1. Victor

This name directly translates to “winner or conqueror.” It is a Latin name.

  1. Vitya

This is the diminutive of Victor. It is a common word in Russian, though it originated from Latin.

Names That Mean Champion

Photo of someone with an award. Names that mean winner are powerful
  1. Oscar

This name is common; it is even the name of an award many entertainers strive to win. It means “champion warrior, deer lover, or God spear.” It has an Irish or English origin. 

The name was gotten from the Old English variation of the Irish and Old Norse name Ásgeirr. This Old English variation is Osgar.

  1. Nolan

This one is strictly Irish. It means “champion” and was commonly used as a surname. However, many parents also cherish this name as a first name. 

  1. Kendrick

This one has English and Scottish ancestry. It means “champion or royal ruler.” This name is commonly used as a surname. 

  1. Nile

This is the name of an Irish river. It means “champion.” This name is also a variation of the name Niall which is the Irish form of the Gaelic name Neal.

  1. Rooney

this one means “descendant of the champion.” It has Gaelic and English ancestry. where it was commonly used as a surname.

  1. Runyon

This is another Irish surname that is now used as a first name. It means “son of a champion.” It is the surname of Damon Runyon, the writer of Guys and Dolls.

Japanese Names That Mean Winner

  1. Katsu

This Japanese name means ‘victory.” It is a masculine name that is strongly related to heroism.

  1. Masaru

This one means “victory, intelligence, gentleness.” It is also a male name.


That’s it; our list of baby names that mean winner, victory, and champion. We hope you found a suitable name for your baby.

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