The 6 Best Pacifiers (2021 reviews)

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Do you know that baby pacifiers can help prevent SIDS? Bet you didn’t know this before now! So, as a first-time mom, you should make it a priority as you start the planning of your nursery.

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A pacifier, also known as dummies, soothers, pacis, or binkies are of numerous benefits beyond just pacifying your crying baby – and that could be the major reason why it is recommended by the pediatricians. Therefore, as a mom-to-be, you should buy the best pacifier for a breastfed baby.

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Besides, there are still other benefits attached to a baby pacifier which include its analgesic effects on babies and reduces the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in infants.

So, the best pacifiers are those that can calm down a fussy or a crying baby. It is however possible that your baby might not like the initial brand you try with him or her – because babies can be choosy when it comes to pacifiers.

Therefore, this review has rounded-up the best pacifiers for a breastfed baby to make your job easier. So, in making your decision, here is a list of the best pacifiers for breastfed babies in the marketplace.

Types Of Baby Pacifiers

Different baby pacifiers are suitable for every developmental stage of your baby. So, the pacifiers suitable for your newborn might not be the best for older children with full set of teeth.

Therefore, the following are the types of baby pacifiers;

Orthodontic baby pacifier: They have flat nipples at the base and round at the top. The baby can get a natural sucking experience because it flattens in the baby’s mouth and does not have any impact on the developing teeth.

The multiple-piece baby pacifier: They have a nipple, a guard, and a ring. These are the most common baby pacifiers in the marketplace.

One-piece baby pacifier: These are produced as one-piece pacifiers made of plastic, silicone, or latex. This reduces the risk of choking in children since the pacifier is not detachable.

Latex baby pacifier: It is flexible and softer – which means older children with teeth can bite off part of the pacifier. However, some babies might be allergic to latex.

Glow-in-the-dark pacifier: As the name implies, it has a glowing mouth guard that makes it easy to spot in the dark. They are mostly suitable for night usage.

Silicone baby pacifiers: These are also common, they are tougher, and can be easily cleaned.

Safety Tips For Pacifiers

Photo of a baby sucking on a pacifier

Parents must ensure that the pacifier is not left in the baby’s crib or tied to the baby’s hands or feet.

Also, the pacifiers should not be used as a replacement for meals – it should be for soothing only.

Replace pacifiers every two months so they won’t become unhygienic and unsafe for the baby.

Check out the expiry date of pacifiers and discard them as soon as they are expired.

Do not dip pacifiers into honey or sugar syrup. Honey could result in a life-threatening situation known as botulism while sugar syrup affects gum and teeth development.

Check out for damages regularly because this can be a safety hazard to your little one. Check out for loosed part especially in multiple-piece pacifiers

The cleanliness of your baby’s pacifier should be your top priority. It is recommended by AAP that pacifiers should be boiled to sterilize them or get them through the dishwasher.

How Many Pacifiers Should I Buy?

Since pacifiers are small and can easily get missing, it is recommended you buy more than one especially when you have a baby that so much depends on it. So, you can have at least 3 – 4 pacifiers. Also, you should have more of the types loved by your baby so that your baby doesn’t reject the replacement of the missing one.

What To Consider When Buying A Baby Pacifier  

The pacifier must be easy to clean and dishwasher-friendly.

You must consider the number of pieces of the pacifier. AAP has recommended the one-piece pacifiers while the multiple piece type must be closely supervised since these parts can easily detach and fall off.

Your baby’s age, and whether breastfed or not are also factors to consider. So choose the pacifier that is best suitable for the little one.

The shape of the pacifier is also important. Buy only pacifiers with enough air holes and a smooth surface. Because it won’t accommodate the storage of moisture which might irritate the baby’s skin.

Besides, you should know that babies decide what they want. So, buy different types and try them out with your baby until you find what the baby likes.

Another important factor to consider is flavored pacifiers that have chemical or artificial-based flavoring agents and fragrances which can be a health risk to the baby.

The following are the best pacifiers for a breastfed baby;

Best Pacifiers For A Breastfed Baby

Philips Avent Green Soothie – Best Pacifier For Newborn Breastfed Baby

Photo of Phillips Avent Green Soothie; one of the best pacifiers

The Philips Avent Green Soothie has been adjudged the best pacifier for newborn breastfed babies because it’s made from BPA and latex-free silicone and hospital-grade materials. It is suitable for babies between the ages of 0 – 3 months

Also, it’s a one-piece design that is made strictly according to the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatricians for newborns. It is a good example of an orthodontic pacifier. It is odorless, easy to sterilize (dishwasher friendly too), and it’s without any taste making it to be easily accepted by your newborn. Also, it is durable and produces long-lasting comfort for your baby.

So, if you want a pacifier that will easily help you to soothe and calm your newborn – the Philips Avent Green Soothie will help you achieve that.

Nanobebe Baby Pacifiers 3+ Month – Best For Older Babies

Photo of Nanobebe Pacifier; one of the best pacifiers

This is suitable for babies between 3 – 6 months of age. This pacifier will help to calm and soothe your baby all the way. Nanobebe baby pacifier is made to prevent nipple confusion because of the nipple shape and promotes healthy oral development – gentle on teeth and gums.

Also, this pacifier is built based on the strict guidelines according to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ for newborns. However, parents are open to pick from 4 different colors – gray, white, teal, and pink.

Besides, the Nanobebe baby pacifier is built to help your baby to self-soothe in-between meals, during bed-time, and outside the home.

With this BPA and phthalate-free one-piece pacifier – your baby is set to get the best experience. So, if you want the best pacifier to aid the transition of your newborn to milk, formula, or water.


Dr. Brown Pacifier

Photo of Dr Brown Pacifier

It is a one-piece baby pacifier that is loved by most parents. Also, it is sterilizer and dishwasher safe and it comes in just two colors – blue and pink. It is suitable for babies between the ages of 0 – 6 months.

They are designed to be durable; it comes with a shield that comes below the nose of your baby to aid breathing. Another good example of an orthodontic type of baby pacifier; also, it is designed with a suction-free air channel that reduces suction pressure.

Therefore, if you want a pacifier that has a handle to which you can attach a pacifier clip or soother saver – then the Dr. Brown baby pacifier is the most suitable brand.


MAM Night Pacifiers – Best Night Pacifier

Photo of Mam Night Pacifier; one of the best pacifiers

The MAM night pacifier glows in the dark making it easy to locate. Also, it is suitable for babies between the ages of 0 – 6 months. It is a BPA-free and soft silicone nipple made with a silky skin soft material that promotes teeth and jaw development.

Besides, the pacifier is made with an opening in the shield that allows free air passage between the skin and the shield, thereby reducing irritation.

However, unlike the one-piece type, it is built from multiple pieces – so it might be a bit difficult to get it washed. The storage case of the MAM night pacifier can be used in the microwave to sterilize the pacifier.

So, for parents who might not want to start looking for their baby’s pacifier in the crib with no lights on – this would do the magic for you.


NUK Orthodontic Pacifier – Best For Tiny NewBorn

Photo of the Nuk Orthodontic Pacifier

The NUK pacifiers is another good example of an orthodontic pacifier, the value pack comes with 3 different pacifiers per pack. The shape of the nipple fits the baby’s mouth and promotes natural sucking – this reduces pressure on teeth and jaw and reduces teeth misalignment.

It is available for babies between 0 – 6 months. Of the three packed pacifiers, one is a glow-in-the-dark pacifier. The shape also places it beneath the baby’s nose allowing for easy breathing.

Besides, it is a BPA-free silicone nipple that is dishwasher safe. However, once a baby has grown beyond the newborn stage – you can check for more suitable and bigger pacifiers.

Therefore, you could also want to try out this one-piece best pacifier for breastfed babies. And create soothing moments for your little one.


Tommee Tippee Ultra-Light Silicone Baby Pacifier

Photo of Tommee Tippee Baby Pacifier; one of the best pacifiers

Made with 100 percent food-grade silicone which gives it a skin-like feel and texture – making it suitable for breastfed babies. It comes in a pack containing four pacifiers.

Tommee Tippee baby pacifier is a one-piece, dishwasher and sterilizer safe, and easy to clean pacifier that is designed to stay put in your baby’s mouth.

Due to its hygienic and anti-static properties, it prevents dust and this ensures that it is always kept clean and safe at all times.


Final Thoughts

Pacifiers are not the same as the baby bottle but they have nipples that the baby can suck too. However, they serve as a source of comfort when babies are either upset or tired. So, they are used to calm and soothe a crying baby especially when you have a baby that won’t just stop crying.

However, there is a need for you to identify the most suitable pacifier for your baby and choose at least two for the baby to pick what he/she likes. It will amaze you to know that babies can sometimes be choosy – so have enough and allow the baby to do the picking.

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