Plus Size Nursing Bras (11 best places to get them)

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Comfort is a necessity during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, not every woman experiences this comfort. This could be because they find it challenging to choose the best plus size nursing bras for them.

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If you need help finding the best plus size nursing bras that suit your body type, shape, or even the measurements for a perfect fit, you are in the right place.

In this article, we will look at the differences between maternity bras and nursing bras, how to find your best bra size, and where to find the best plus size maternity bras.

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What to expect from plus size nursing bras

Due to pregnancy, you are bound to experience hormonal shifts, which will cause your already large breast to enlarge and become more sensitive. 

You will also experience weight gain and an expansion in your ribcage. With all these, you need plus size nursing bras that are comfortable. 

Do not expect to continue with the current bra size during pregnancy. Most women usually need larger bras when they get to the 6th to 14th week of pregnancy.

The following are the key things to expect from an excellent plus size nursing bra 

  • Comfortable fabrics and supportive materials like a blend of cotton and spandex
  • Wider straps for better weight support 
  • An extra lineup of hooks to help you adjust the bra 
  • Cotton inner lining for better comfort
  •  In-built foam cups to cover the nipples 
  •  The built-in cup produced from a blend of poly-spandex 
  •  As an extra feature,  look for stretchable fabrics  that will adjust the bra size as much as you need 

The key to finding the most comfortable plus nursing bra size is to examine yourself.  No two women are the same during pregnancy, and your choice should be tailored to your needs. 

Where to find plus size nursing bras

Using a plus size nursing bra should not be a thing that makes you weary. We know that finding the best plus size nursing bra can be difficult, but you can overcome this challenge by searching in the right places. 

I have gathered some of the top brands of plus size nursing bras for every woman to try. These brands produce plus size nursing bras and other sizes of bras; so, women of different sizes can find something.

  1. Cake maternity

Cake maternity understands the difficulties women have in finding their maternity intimate. So, they make it their responsibility to create collections that are far beyond the everyday women’s size. 

Photo of Plus size nursing bra from Cake Maternity

Timtam’s nursing bra is one of their products.

Cake maternity is based in Australia, and they have a selection of six different plus size bras ranging from 30G (XS)  to 42K (XXL).

You can find plus size nursing bras from cake maternity between $60 and $100. If you are in the US and Canada, you can benefit from their free shipping.

  1. Playtex

Playtex is a famous brand, and they have been producing comfortable undergarments for women. You often find them in department stores like JCPenney, and they have fantastic plus size nursing bras for every woman’s needs. 

Their lineup of intimates ranges from size 30C to 46DD. Their goods are also very affordable and can be found in many local stores.

  1. Bravado designs

When it comes to finding support as a new mum during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it’s hard to forget bravado designs. 

This company has an excellent selection of nursing bras and other motherhood collections. They offer maternity and nursing bras from size 32DD to 46G. 

Photo of Plus size nursing bra from Bravado designs

2-in-1 original pumping and nursing bra is one of their great products.

You should know that their product designs are a bit expensive, and it is because they have bras of different styles. However, their items are available for every budget. 

Bravado designs prioritize comfort in motherhood, and you can easily shop for their products on the company’s website. 

  1. Motherhood maternity 

Whether you need maternity clothes and underwear for both straight and plus sizes, the best place to go is motherhood maternity.  You can find a model selection of plus size nursing bras with this brand, with diverse choices.  

Though they have some traditional-looking padded bras, you can also find more modern and relaxing plus size nursing bras.

All their plus size bras are listed under $30 and can be found from size 42D to 46H. 

  1. Leading lady

Leading lady is a company for maternity intimates, and they have been producing for more than 78 years. 

They produced intimates for pregnant women and plus size nursing mothers, and their selection is up to 27 items. They are available in different styles, colors, and fits.

Photo of Plus size nursing bra from Leading lady

The vivien sport nursing bra is one of their amazing products.

Though they have some traditional kinds of intimates, you can also find many sleek and modern plus size nursing bras from them. 

Their products are affordable, and you can find nursing dresses up to size 42DD.

  1. Anita

Anita is not primarily dedicated to maternity wear, but you can still find plus size nursing bras at affordable prices.

They have products that range from size 32B to 42H and could even go up to 48F.

Photo of Plus size nursing bra from Anita

Miss lovely padded wireless nursing bra is one of their awesome products.

Their colors are mostly neutral blacks and whites, and the brand is more designed for comfort than style. However, there’s a chance to find some pretty ribbons, polka dots, and sprinkled-in patterns in their collections.

Expect to find nursing bras from $35 to 480 in dollars from Anita. You can buy them online on their website. 

  1. Elomi

If you are one of those mothers that prefer to have a plus size nursing bra without underwire, you would love Elomi products. However, you shouldn’t forget the fact that wearing a nursing bra with an underwire can cause clogged milk ducts and impact your milk production.

Photo of Plus size nursing bra from Elomi

Molly nursing bra is one of the plus size product of ELOMi

However, you can still find another plus size nursing bra called the Beatrice soft cup nursing bra. 

If the underwire bra is what you need, you may want to express your concerns to a lactation consultant.  

Elomi currently has two plus size nursing bras but in different sizes. However, their bras are more focused on support and comfort and are made explicitly for people with a fuller bust. 

You can find these nursing bras under $60 in sizes 34E to 48E.

  1. Paramour

You must be surprised to see this everyday department store on the list, but it is a great place to find plus size nursing bras. 

This brand has a wide range of nursing bras for moms, and they are very affordable. You can find a comfortable nursing bra for about $20. 

Photo of Plus size nursing bra from Paramour

Paramour Carol Lace Nursing Bra is one of their great products.

Being available in only a few styles, you have what is needed to be comfortable while nursing. You can find bra sizes ranging from 32C to 42DDD.

Their plus size nursing bras are available on Target.

  1. Lamaze Intimates 

New mums especially appreciate the comfort they get from Lamaze Intimates. 

This brand has comfortable and simple nursing bras for mothers of different sizes. Their wide array of maternity underwear is also very affordable, with the plus size nursing bras listed for under $30.

Photo of Plus size nursing bra from Lamaze Intimates

Lamaze Maternity Women’s Plus-Size Active Racerback Maternity Nursing Bra is one of their products to try out.

Lamaze Intimates is more concerned about comfort than style. Their size selection is almost the same as the others listed here. Expect from size 2XL and above.

You can find this brand of plus size nursing bras on, JCPenney, Target, Walmarts, and Amazon.

  1. Adore me

I know most mums won’t even consider Adore Me a place for them to find plus size nursing bras because they are more inclined to the sexy lingerie kind of stuff. But you will be surprised to know that they have a wonderful collection of nursing bras.

However, the purchase is tied to their condition of buying items in sets. This means that you need to buy these nursing bras in a set alongside other underwear.

Photo of Plus size nursing bra from Adore Me

Tallulah Lace Unlined is one of their great products.

If you have a membership, you can find this set of nursing bras and underwear at about $40, but if you don’t have a membership, expect $50.

Before browsing for plus size nursing bras on their website, you will need to use an email address. Their Plus size options range from 40B to 46DDD.

  1. Keira nursing bras

You can find plus size nursing bras from Keira nursing bra.

Photo of Plus size nursing bra from Keira

They have a wide range of plus-size nursing bras up to size 46I. The Goddess women soft cup comfort bra is one of such.

However, you should know that this brand is more committed to producing underwire bras for lift and support other than Style.

What is the difference between maternity bras and plus size nursing bras? 

Maternity bras are used mainly by mums when pregnant, while nursing bras have extra features that make it easy to breastfeed. However, some brands act as both maternity bras and nursing bras. 

Finding a bra that works for both pregnancy and breastfeeding is cost-effective and can make your motherhood journey more manageable.

Measurement tips for plus size nursing bras for best support

To get the right measurements for your plus size nursing bra, you need to check for the rib band measurement and measurement of the cup size.

Photo of a tape for measuring Plus size nursing bra

When measuring for the band, you need to have a measuring tape; the one that is for fabrics, mirrors, and materials to take notes. You’ll also need an online calculator or bra size chart.

  • Measuring the rib band

To be comfortable in your maternity bra, the band has to be your size so that you won’t have folded lines around your torso when you take it off.

To take the correct measurement, wear an unpadded bra, and wrap the measuring tape under your armpit but above your breast. Ensure that this measuring tape is tight but not constricting. Write down this measurement and head up to measure the cup size.

  • Measuring the cup size

To get a comfortable cup size, you need to wrap the tape around the fullest part of your breast. This time, make it a little bit slack. With the tape still around your breast, push it into the gap between them to ensure you get the perfect measurements.

If you have odd measurements, round them up and follow the range on the chart.

When should I buy a nursing bra? 

Since most women have larger breasts during breastfeeding, they choose to buy their bras when the milk comes in. However, you can still find accurate measurements for your plus size nursing bras during the third trimester of pregnancy.

Choosing your plus size nursing bra earlier  helps you get the support you need during pregnancy and make you better ready for the child and nursing

Your comfort during pregnancy depends on your ability to get the right cup size and rib band measurement. 

Without the correct cup size, your bra will not offer the needed support, and adding to the fact that your breasts are very sensitive, they can be very uncomfortable to wear. 


Plus-size mums also deserve to be comfortable during pregnancy and nursing. The brands listed above understand that and have made it their business to produce plus size nursing bras.

You should give them a try and rock your way through motherhood.

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