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As an expectant mother, your body undergoes major changes during pregnancy. The bulging belly, the shapely curves, stretch marks, the added pounds, and varicose veins which may not make you feel comfortable and could make you reluctant to put on some sexy maternity lingerie.

image of maternity lingerie

Though you should be more concerned about your comfort than the beauty of your outfit, yet these maternity lingerie were designed to make you comfortable while you still rock your bump.

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The list for these wears are endless, however, a few have been put together here for you to make your selections.

Best Maternity Lingerie

Truffles Lace Nursing Bra

Photo of a lady wearing Truffles Lace maternity lingerie

With this lacey bra, you will not feel uncomfortable and it will get you through your pregnancy period as well as your nursing phase. Truffles lace nursing bra is available in band sizes 32, 34, 36, 38, and cup sizes A, B, C and more. Its cotton-lined low waist front is designed to cradle your bump. 

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Temptation Mood Indigo Bikini 

Photo of a lady wearing Temptation Mood Indigo maternity lingerie

The Temptation Mood Indigo Bikini Brief is comfortable and cute to wear throughout the day, It is stretchy and rests comfortably beneath your stomach. Just like its name, it can become a night temptation to your partner.

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Super Soft Nursing Nightgown 

Photo of a lady wearing Super Soft Nursing Night Gown

This gown is made from a jersey knit with a blend of modal, cotton, and spandex. This means that you have enough stretch to fit throughout your pregnancy. It is sexy, helping you to show off your new shape comfortably.

Seraphine Maternity & Nursing Bra

Photo of a lady wearing Seraphine maternity lingerie

This beautiful bra from Seraphine has a contrasting lace trim that blends with the soft texture of the bra made from a silky, soft, and smooth microfiber fabric. 

The bra can be adjusted as you desire and it has drop-down clips that will be useful for nursing when your little one is born.

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PinkBlush Delivery/Nursing Maternity Robe

Photo of a lady wearing PinkBlush maternity robe

The PinkBlush robe covers you up properly while still making you appear pretty and sexy. This robe is made from a blend of rayon and spandex and has three-quarter sleeves with an open front.  

It will grow with your pregnancy since it has been designed to accommodate the biggest size your bump can get to.

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Avidlove Maternity Lingerie for Women Lace Babydoll Dress

Photo of a lady wearing Avidlove maternity lingerie

You will look awesome with your bump in this maternity baby doll dress. It is made from silky soft material and has a lace overlay with a flyaway front, which can be opened to reveal your belly. 

You can compliment your look with a big bow on the bodice as well as thick straps that are tied into a bow around the neck.

The stretchy back will make a good fit along with a pair of panties. You can adjust the straps also to give your bust a boost.

It’s indeed a lovely maternity lingerie that perfectly adores your pregnant body.

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Cosabella Maternity Thong

Photo of Cosabella maternity lingerie

This maternity thong has a soft lace waistband which complements its beauty. So instead of sitting uncomfortably on your stomach or cutting into your skin, this thong is designed to make it sit under your belly to save you the stress of having to shift and lift the thong for it to fit properly. It also has a unique fitness that makes it blend easily with any pair of panties.

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Lucille Maternity & Nursing Nightgown

Photo of a lady wearing Lucille Nightgown

Lucille nightgowns helps you to be comfortable and also look lovely. It can fit on every occasion, It has a lacey bodice that gives beauty and a stretchy bottom. Its clip-down cups make it possible for you to breastfeed your baby in a stylish way while the racerback bodice keeps your straps in place as you nurse your little one. 

This underwear will remain relevant all through your pregnancy and nursing phases. You can also keep rocking your lovely night wear after those phases.

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How To Choose A  Maternity Lingerie

The several changes that comes with pregnancy will affect your lifestyle most especially your dressing which includes your underwear (which is the main purpose for this post) and so this calls for the need to make a deliberate decision towards making the right choice when it comes to your outfit during this period.

For you to make a perfect choice of your underwear in pregnancy, the following factors must be addressed.

Your Comfort

When selecting maternity lingerie, your comfort should be placed above beauty. This must be emphasized because usually maternity clothes are not always attractive and this may be applicable to pregnancy underwear too.

Maternity underwear is designed mainly for pregnant women and so it was made with the comfort of these expectant mothers in mind.

Its features range from easy-to-wear to exceptionally comfortable. Unfortunately, regular underwear such as bras wasn’t designed for your pregnant body therefore you are likely to feel uncomfortable to keep wearing them once you begin to experience breast-size changes. 


Non-pregnancy undies are often made with man-made materials such as viscose and polyester. Whereas maternity lingerie involves the use of cotton which will make it smoother and softer against your skin. You will feel warmer wearing them than when you are in your regular undies which will leave you sweaty.

Just make sure to settle for your perfect size that can see you through the pregnancy and nursing stages.

Maternity Support Pants

While you might initially get away with putting on your usual pants and tights, as soon as you get bigger, you will begin to experience difficulty with keeping your tights pulled up and the waistband may begin to dig into your bump.

Though big knickers may not be your regular wear, you will feel much better wearing them, especially the breathable cotton ones.

However, to get additional comfort, you should opt for maternity support pants because they are an excellent choice if you desire extra support to cradle your bump.

Your maternity bra should also balance between support and comfort, so look for bras with breathable cotton, wider straps, and fuller cups when choosing your maternity underwear. 

Categories Of Maternity Lingerie

The common maternity lingerie includes;

Maternity Briefs

These is also referred to as grandma’s panties, and they are a popular type of underpants that is recommended for expectant mothers. 

Maternity briefs though are not stylish yet they provide a great support for your back during pregnancy. They fully cover your belly and they are great to work with through the pregnancy phase.

The Bikini Style

This is another recommended style for pregnant women. It will not irritate your stomach and it will also not peak out of pants but you must opt for your size. 

Maternity Bra

Maternity bras will not only support your breasts, but they will also make them comfortable while your breasts are enlarging. 

Your breasts are usually the heaviest during pregnancy and while you are nursing. Therefore it is important for you to select the right size of bra that will both support your breasts and make you feel comfortable. 

Maternity bras are also designed to be free of allergens which makes them an excellent option for expectant mothers with sensitive skin.

Thong Trend

The Thong trend is a popular style when it comes to maternity lingerie and quite a number of women find the thong trend comfortable. It is worn low, offers proper support to the belly, and does not roll down nor peak out of the pants.  

Bras Without Underwire

This is another type of bra that will provide maximum support to your breast during your pregnancy phase.

You should always select a bra that is either 1-2 sizes larger than your regular bra size to give room to your growing breasts.

Underwire Bra

Although several pregnant women find it challenging to use an underworld bra but it is also one of the selections made when shopping for maternity lingerie.

Those who eventually settle for this type of bra go for the soft cup bras which is the best option that will prevent your nipples from being pressed because they are very sensitive during pregnancy.

Full-cup Bra

Another great option for you to wear during pregnancy is the full-cup bra. The full-cup bra offers total support to your breasts and allows them to grow fully. You should also consider a bra with straps that are wider than your shoulder to give proper support.  


Photo of a woman wearing maternity lingerie
Why Use A Nursing Bra?

When breastfeeding, wearing a regular bra will make it difficult for you to quickly unfasten it to feed your little one but with a nursing bra, it is easier than you can imagine because an opening system has been put in place at the cups to totally uncover the areola.

Which Plus Size Nursing Bra Should I Choose?

A non-underwired nursing bra will be perfect to wear. It is comfortable, stretchy, and seamless.

Which Opening System Is Preferred For A Plus Size Maternity Lingerie?

Opt for the clip system at the tops of the breasts because it will make it easy for you to both fasten and unfasten the cups with just one hand which makes breastfeeding comfortable.  

How Do I Care For My Maternity Lingerie?

Hand wash your maternity lingerie but where you can’t, use a machine.
Put your lingerie into a laundry net to keep the fastenings in place.
Use a hypoallergenic detergent and do not tumble or iron because it can damage the fabric fibers.

Final Thoughts

During pregnancy, make efforts to balance your fashion with the different comfortable maternity lingerie available. Being pregnant does not mean you should ditch your hot!-girl looks, if anything you should look even hotter with a bump.

Happy shopping!

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