100+ Scary Names To Avoid When Naming Your Baby

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Names are the most important gift that a child can receive from his/her parents and this is the reason for the long search by parents for perfect names for their newborn.

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Parents search through books containing baby names both online and offline just to get meaningful names for their children. There are scary names that have great meanings while some carry gory meanings that will make you cringe. 

There are certain scary names dads and mums shy away from giving their little ones yet these names actually stand-out and are unique. Your focus should be the meaning that a name has and not necessarily the pronunciation or spelling.

To make your search an easy one, a proper job has been done by going to the various list of baby names catalogs and carefully compiling these scary names so you’ll know which to choose and which to steer clear of!

Scary Boy Names

AridamIndianDestroyer of enemiesPeople with this name are materialistic, bold, and very rigid.
AbaddonIsraelThe destroyerIn the New Testament of the Bible, he was king over the locust army.
GideonHebrewDestroyerGideon was a man according to the scriptures who was ready to do what God wanted notwithstanding the outcome
RunihuraEgyptianDestroyerPeople who bear this name are patient and build confidence in others
HadeonUkrainianDestroyerIt is the version of Gideon in Ukrainian.
AzmavethIsraelStrong death 
KekEgyptiangod of darknessIt is used to describe the origin of darkness
MabuzScottishRuler of death It is one of the scary names in Scotland
SephtisPersianEternal death 
JabezHebrewSorrowHe was given the name because he was born out of sorrow
AcherosLatin AmericanRiver of sorrowPeople who bear this name are often researchers and teachers
DrystanWelshFull of sorrowName of one of the counselors to King Arthur
NekaneBasqueSorrowsThey are adapted and honest
PyryFinnishSnowstormIt ranked among ten percent of boy names that are preferred.
VolkanTurkishVolcanoThis name is given to a person that has huge sex organs
DevlandIrishMisfortuneIt is an alternate spelling of Devlin
TavariousAmericanMisfortuneIt is a combination of both Tavis and Darius
DagonHebrewBe cut openIt at times signified half human half fish.It was a name given to a Jewish fertility god
AzazelHebrewScapegoatAccording to the old testament, it was the scapegoat that bore the sins of the Jewish people
FenrizKolbotin, NorwayWolf son of LokiUsed for a stupid person
BaphometLatinSymbol of SatanAn idol
NeroItalianStrengthIt is used to express the darkest part of a thing or black.
BelialHebrewWorthlessReferred to as the Spirit of evil
JudasHebrewPraiseA disciple of Jesus that   betrayed him
LegionLatinLarge numberOther words that can be used in place of it include crowd, army, body, troop
CainHebrewAcquiredThe one who murdered his brother Abel in the old Testament.
LuciferLatinBearer of lightAnother word that is used for Satan.
MatchitehewNative AmericanOne with an evil heartPeople who bear this name are usually tough
BirshaIsraeliAn evilAlso refers to ‘a son who beholds’
AhrimanIndianEvil SpiritThe diabolical opponent of Ormazd
JaakobahIsraelDeceiverIt is a form of Jacob
AnwirEnglishLiarUsually used as a first name
DolionGreekDeceitfulIts numerical  value in Chaldean is 3
AdofoAfricanWarriorThey are not romantic and over-emotional
HelmerGermanWarrior’s wrathIt used for those who make helmets
DuncanGaelicDark warriorIt is an Irish and Scottish surname
DonahueIrishDark warriorThe American version of the Irish name Donohoe
HarveyFrenchArmy warriorIt is a Christian name that implies readiness for battle.
DonovanIrishDark warrior 
AlastorGreekTormentorIt is often evoked in Greek tragedy
BrennanGaelicSadnessIt sounds like Brenard when pronounced. It lost its popularity in 1966
BroneIrishSadnessBrone is an old saint name that is close to Crone
ByronEnglishCowshedDue to its connection to the poet Lord Byron, the name was popular for centuries
CalvinFrenchBaldThis name was used to honor John Calvin, the 17th-century French protestant reformer
CameronScottishCrookedThis is the name of a great Inland clan which means ‘crooked nose’
CampbellScottishCrookedThis name was derived from the Gaelic roots cam and beul (crooked mouth)
DoyleIrishDark stranger 
DasSanskritSlaveIt is a common last name in South Asia among Hinduism and Sikhism
DraculaRomanianDragonThe son of Dracul in the Romanian language
DugalIrishDark strangerIt is a reduced version of McDougall of French origin
HuxleyEnglishInhospitable placeIt means ‘From Hoc’s field’
JamesHebrewCheatDerived from the Hebrew name Jacob
JacobHebrewSupplanterFather of the twelve tribes of Israel
JolonNative AmericanValley of dead oaksPeople who love this name also fall in love with Joel, Mikasi, Kele, and Chayton

Scary Girl Names

Photo of a scary girl; beware of scary names
AghanashiniIndianDestroyer of sinsA perfect forename for babies.
CozbiEnglishGetting away with liesOther similar names include Corby, Sosby, Comb, Coby, and Cobbs
SaudaAfricanDark beautyIt is referred to as the narrator of Hadith
DubheasaIrishDark beautyIt is a perfect name for a child who is full of distinction and adventure
LeilaArabianDark beautyIt is often given to girls who were born at night
DuvessaIrishDark beautyPeople with this name have a deep desire to serve humanity and to share everything they have
PeleHawaiianWarrior goddess of destructionIt means skin in Portuguese
DeidamiaGreekTo destroyDeidamia is one of the seven daughters of the king of Scyros – Lyconedes
KaliHinduWarrior goddess of destructionIt is the fierce side of the goddess Devi
CessairIrishAfflictionGranddaughter of Noah who was part of those who died in the flood
EnyoGreekDestructive warfareIt has similarities with the goddess Eris
BellonaLatinGoddess of warIn Greek, it is sometimes referred to as the sister of Mars. She is also known as the first female cult partner to Nerio
MoranaSlavicDeathA variant of this name is Marzanna
KeketEgyptGoddess of darkness 
AchlysGreekDarknessCertain ancient cosmogonies claimed that Achlys was the eternal night before chaos
BaciaUgandanRuin the house with a family deathIt is one of the unique names that have no variant spellings
DoloresSpanishSorrowIt was derived from the word Dolor
BronachIrishSorrowA sixth-century holy woman from Ireland
DierdreCelticSorrowfulIt is a version of Deirdre
AhlaiIsraelExperiencing sorrowA descendant of Judah
TempestEnglishViolent stormIt is used as a nickname for someone who is hot-tempered
SideroLatin AmericanEvil nymph 
KeresGreekEvil spiritIt could also mean disease, blemish, defect, or plague
DaevaIndiaEvil spiritIt could also mean beloved and referred to as a supernatural entity
NaamahHebrewDevil of seductionIt was born by one of the wives of Solomon and one of Lamech’s daughter
HecateGreekGoddess of witchcraftIt is associated with tombs, crossroads, underworld, and demons
ManiaRomanGoddess of the deadIt may also be referred to as ‘goddess of souls’
AkujiAfricanDead and awakeA video game was created titled “Akuji the heartless”
CeciliaLatinBlindIt falls in the category of names like Olivia, Amella, Abigail, Charlotte, and Ava
ClaudiaLatinDisabledIt is the feminine version of Claudius
DesdemonaGreekMiseryIt is associated with the famous murdered wife of Shakespeare’s Othello
EmilyLatinRivalThis is the English version of Aemilia
JezebelHebrewFollower of idolsIt is often called to bring shame to women.
LolaSpanishLady of sorrowIt is a diminutive of the name Dolores
LoraleiGermanAmbush cliffThis name was derived from Lurlei.It means “she who lures men to destruction by her songs”
MalvoliaItalianIll willIt is the feminine form of Shakespeare’s Malvolio
MaraHebrewBitterIt also means ‘goddess of destruction in Hindu”
MaryHebrewRebellionThe mother of Jesus. She was one of the popular people that bore this name.
MollyIrishBitterIt is can also be spelled as Mollie
NarcissaGreekObsessed with yourselfIt is the female version of Narcissus
PortiaLatinPigA Shakespeare character who was known to be intelligent, beautiful, and rich.
PersephoneGreekTo destroyThe greek goddess of spring
RebeccaHebrewTo bindShe was one of the main characters in the Bible. The wife of Isaac.
ZillaHebrewGloomIt also means ‘shadow’ or ‘shade’
TristesseFrenchSadnessIt is used to express a state of sadness
TristanaCelticSorrowfulSimilar names include Hewe, Hew, Olimpia, Hillory, and Lucinde
SloaneGaelicWarriorThe meaning of this name can also be applied in the  positive.

Scary Unisex Names

AmonHebrewRoaring streamIt means ‘faithful’ according to the bible
CorentinFrenchHurricaneIt is a saint’s name which is fashionable in France but not popular in the United States of America
BoraAustralianStormAustralian aboriginal initiation ceremony where boys are accepted into the region of men
AresGreekRuinIt was the most unpopular of the Olympian gods due to his hot temperament and desire for conflict
BelaHungarianBraveryIt appears as the first son of Benjamin in the bible
LokiScandinavianTricksterIt is the unpopular god of fire, illusion, and magic
KennedyGaelicDeformed headIt appeared as the surname of the former US president – John F. Kennedy
MalloryFrenchUnfortunateVariations of this name include Mallorie and Malory


As you can see, names have either lovely or creepy meanings. Therefore, always find out the meaning of a name before giving your little one!

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