10 Best Skateboards For 6 Year Olds

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The recommended age for kids to start skating is 6 years old and many kids have been waiting anxiously for this time to come. Getting a skateboard for a 6 year old is one of the best gifts you can give them. 

image of skateboard for 6 year old

Here is a list of skateboards that are suited for kids aged 6. 

1. SkateXS Complete Kids Skateboard

Photo of SkateXS; one of the best Skateboard for 6 year old

This is the best overall skateboard for the average 6-year-old. 

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The company SkateXS is known for making high grade skateboards for kids between the ages of 5 to 10. 

Most skateboards for kids have decent decks but cheap wheels and trucks, but this is not the case with the SkateXS Complete Kids Skateboard. It is made with professional grade decks, trucks and wheels. 

Also, most skateboards are made from maple wood while this is made from bamboo. This makes its decks lighter and they have more pop. Bamboo is also the perfect choice of wood for young skaters that are learning how to skate for a long time. 

The SkateXS Complete Kids Skateboard has a stylish design that kids will love and it comes in 24 different color combinations giving kids a variety of options to choose from. 

This skate board will ensure your child’s happiness. 


  • Best suited for young skaters and beginners 
  • Made with bamboo which offers lightweight and more pop 
  • Made with professional grade parts 
  • Comes in different styles and colors 


  • If you buy it from a SkateXS store, you can have your child’s name on it but you can’t have this done if bought through Amazon. 

See reviews on Amazon

2. PHOEROS Standard Skateboards

Photo of Phoeros; one of the best Skateboard for 6 year old

Kids will love the colorful and bright astronaut design of this skateboard. This company has many beautiful designs for kids to make their choices based on their personality. 

This skateboard also comes with paint and cool stickers for your child to customize his skateboard according to his liking. 

The PHOEROS Standard Skateboards come with a free carrying case in the pack thereby making it easy for your child to easily store and carry their board about with ease. 

This skateboard for 6 year olds is high quality and made with seven layers thereby making it a strong skateboard. It is made with Canadian maple. 

It is stable and safe for kids to use. It is resistant to wear and tear and can be used on rough surfaces. You have nothing to worry about your kid slipping off because this skateboard has a no-slip sandpaper on its deck surface. 

It also has aluminium alloy trucks to keep the strength and balance of the skateboard. 


  • Has a cool graphic design for kids 
  • Comes with a carrying bag 
  • It is strong and made with 7 layers of maple wood for stability 
  • Resistant to wear and tear 
  • No-slip sandpaper on the deck surface 
  • Aluminium alloy for strength and balance 


  • The metal holding the bushings may sink in after long use and fall off eventually 
  • You may need to upgrade the hardware as time goes 

See reviews on Amazon

3. Magneto Kids Skateboard

Photo of Magneto ; a great skateboard for 6 year old

The bold graphics of the Magneto Kids Skateboard is attractive to kids and it has a solid build for fun rides. 

The deck is made with 7 layers of maple wood and it looks and also feels tough. The top of the strong deck has a sand grit surface of the grip tape which gives an amazing traction. 

This will give parents the reassurance that their kids will not slip off the board while riding. 

The Magneto Kids Skateboard deck has a shallow concave which provides added comfort and a nice grip while skating. It also makes the board easier to maneuver if your child wants to do a few tricks. 

This skateboard for kids also has a double kick tail that allows skaters to ride in both directions. It offers versatility in movement and also allows kids to learn fun tricks on their skateboards. 


  • Unique and bold graphics 
  • Double kick tails for better maneuver 
  • Deck made from high quality wood 
  • Shallow concave for better comfort and grip when riding 
  • Sand grit finish grip tape that prevents slipping 


  • The skateboard is too heavy for a 6 year old to carry around 
  • The board and wheels aren’t leveled 

See reviews on Amazon

4. PlayWheels Ultimate Cruiser Skateboard

Photo of PlayWheels Ultimate Cruiser a great skateboard for 6 year old

This skateboard for kids will make a perfect birthday gift for Spiderman or Disney princess fans. It is the right skateboard for kids who are learning how to skate as it has a single kick. 

The deck of the PlayWheels Ultimate Cruiser Skateboard is strong and stable and has 9 layers of maple wood. It also has PVC-injected wheels and nylon bearings to make riding this board enjoyable. 


  • PVC-injected wheels and nylon bearing for stability 
  • A strong deck 
  • Has 9 layer of maple wood 
  • Cute skateboard with Disney princess and Spiderman design 


  • The wheels are stiff at first and need breaking in 
  • You need the tools to take the wheels off to remove the packaging 
  • The wheels don’t turn well 

See reviews on Amazon

5. Beleev Skateboards for Beginners

Photo of Beleev; a great skateboard for 6 year old

This skateboard is pretty lightweight and made with 7 layers of sturdy maple wood. It can easily be carried by kids and the colorful and creative pattern on this board is attractive to kids. 

The Beleev Skateboards for Beginners has high-rebound PU wheels which are also durable and solid. The wheels have superb rotation and they turn the board effortlessly without rubbing on it. 

This skateboard for 6 year olds also has an emery non-slip grip tape that is also waterproof. This offers terrific traction. The grips are excellent and cannot easily be ripped or scratched off.


  • Made with 7 layers of sturdy maple wood for sturdy use 
  • Lightweight and durable 
  • Has emery non-slip grip waterproof tape 
  • Has excellent traction 
  • High-rebound PU wheels for superb rotation 


  • The board can be creaky at first 
  • The tucks feel loosed and need to be adjusted 

See reviews on Amazon

6. Cal 7 Skateboard

Photo of Cal-7; a great skateboard for 6 year old

The striking colors and graphics of this skateboard are attractive and there are lots of designs you can choose from. 

This board lives up to its claim as it is said to be designed by skaters for skaters. The deck is tough and made with 7 layers of premium maple which gives it an easy and stable ride. 

The skateboard is made up of a high-grade hardware which includes aluminium trucks and carbon steel bearings that are both sturdy and lightweight. 

The Cal 7 Skateboard also has polyurethane wheels and a preset grip tape to offer kids a comfortable ride. 


  • A lot of design options to choose from 
  • 7 layers of premium maple for easy and stable ride 
  • Sturdy but lightweight 
  • Classic popsicle shape for a breezy skating switch 


  • It needs a few rides to break it in before having a smooth ride 
  • The grip tape application can be improved on

See reviews on Amazon. 

7. PlayWheels Teenage Mutant Skateboard

Photo of PlayWheels Teenage Mutant; a great skateboard for 6 year old

This Ninja Turtle skateboard by PlayWheels Teenage Mutant Skateboard is one of the best and also affordable. It is designed with many features that make it kid-friendly. 

The board is quite big and provides ample room for simple tricks and easy maneuvers. Its size complements the double kick tail design that offers easy braking and control. 

The PlayWheels Teenage Mutant Skateboard has PVC injected wheel and bearings which offers a steady and easy ride. 

It is lightweight, made from 9 layers of maple wood and has synthesized trucks and carbon steel axles that ensure the board holds a maximum weight of 110 lbs. 

The PlayWheels Teenage Mutant Skateboard also has a clear sand spray that is resistant to slipping. It offers an impressive traction when riding and practicing basic tricks for kids. 


  • The deck is tough and made with 9-layer ply maple 
  • Offers easy maneuvering 
  • Adorable graphic design for kids 
  • Has a double kick tail design for greater control and easy braking 
  • PVC-injected wheels and bearings that offer a steady and easy ride 


  • The top surface is not waterproof 
  • The plastic wrap is a bit difficult to remove 

See reviews on Amazon.

8. Positiv Complete Skateboard

Photo of Positiv; a great skateboard for 6 year old

POSITIV has a good reputation when it comes to making skateboards for kids. This particular model has multiple layers of premium maple and it is a strong and durable skateboard your kid can use for a long time. 

The surface of the board is covered in grip tape which offers security to kids while skating, it prevents them from slipping. 


  • Long skateboard (31 inches) for easy standing and rides 
  • Grip tape surface that offers better traction 
  • Solid and durable deck of layers of premium maple 
  • Waterproof glue 


  • At first, the wheels feel tight 
  • The wheels may suddenly jam 

See reviews on Amazon

9. Hikole Skateboard

Photo of Hikole; a great skateboard for 6 year old

Even though this is a full-sized board designed for pros, it can still be used by kids and it has everything a beginner needs to start skating. 

It is large and offers enough room for movement and its double kick concave design helps kids perform basic tricks and stunts. 

It is made with high-density layers (7) of Canadian maple. It looks and feel strong and can carry a weight of up to 220 lbs. the high-quality black grip tape complements the hard deck and makes it firm and offers an effective grip when skating. 

The wheels are also tough and smooth. And can be used on sidewalks, streets, skates, and rough surfaces. 


  • Tough but smooth wheels with precision bearings 
  • High grade black grip tape that offers better traction 
  • Deck is made up of 7 layers of Canadian maple 
  • Double kick concave design for basic tricks and stunts 
  • Enough room for movement 


  • It is more expensive than other kids’ skateboards 
  • The quality can be improved on 

See reviews on Amazon

10. Meketec Skateboard

Photo of Meketec; a great skateboard for 6 year old

Both beginners and masters of skating will find this board amazing. It is lightweight and compact for easy carrying. 

This skating board for kids is well designed to offer maximum safety, it is sturdy, bendable, soft, and smooth, and gentle on the feet while your kid is cruising or rolling on any terrain. 

The wheels are smooth and can rotate at high speeds and it can carry up to 200 lbs of weight. 


  • High performance
  • Fits different riders, both the beginners and the pros 
  • Comes fully assembled  


  • It may be too small for kids older than 6 
  • It may be smaller than seen in pics

See reviews on Amazon

What to Look For in Skateboards for 6 Year Olds

Photo of a boy on a skateboard


Go for quality and durable skateboards which are more expensive than cheaply made ones. It may look like a good thing to buy cheap skateboards but it will not last. 

The more money you spend buying skateboards, the less money you will spend on repairs and parts replacement. 


The design of the skateboard is very important as it controls what the skateboard can do. 

There are two main types of skateboards. 

We have the classic skateboards which are the rounded boards and they are found in every skate shop. This type is used for doing tricks and it is the best to get for kids. 

We have the longboards which are mainly used for cruising. Ask your child what he/she wants to do with the skateboard and you will know the design to get. 


A regular sized skateboard will fit most six year olds. 


High quality and durable skateboards are quite expensive. We advise that you spend at least a $100 getting a quality skateboard for your child. 

Getting a high quality skateboard will save/protect your child and will appeal to your child’s interest more while cheap skateboards may make your child lose interest in skating. 


There are three main parts of a skateboard and they are the decks, the trucks, and the wheel. You have to ensure that these three parts are made with professional grade materials. 


With a great skateboard, skating will be fun, easy, and safe for your child. This post contains a list of the 10 best skateboards for 6 year olds.

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