15 Perfect (And Thoughtful) Stay At Home Mom Gifts

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What would a stay at home mom need? A stay at home mom, especially one who works remotely is both a full-time mom and worker. She barely has a work-life balance, not to talk of time for herself.

image of stay at home mom gifts

Therefore, she needs gifts that will help her reconnect with herself. A gift that will help her relax and ease her work will be highly appreciated. Below is a list of best gifts for stay at home moms. 

Perfect Gifts For Stay at Home Mom

  1. Preserved Rose Mom Necklace
Photo of Preserved Rose Mom Necklace; one of the best stay at home mom gifts

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Moms will love this shiny and beautiful alloy plated necklace. It is made with sterling silver and has a rose gold color separation plating.

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It has little engraved words in front that read “I love you to the moon and back” with a central “Mom.” It is a great gift to get for Mom on her birthday, mother’s day, or Christmas. She will be so obsessed with it. 

  1. Gift Card For Spa Day
Photo of Gift Card for Spa Day; one of the best stay at home mom gifts

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Most of the respondents to our queries said that they will love to get a gift card for a spa day. This spa and wellness gift card can be used in most spa facilities around the US. 

They can only use this gift card once. 

This gift card costs only $50, but you can get mum as much as you want. It is a suitable gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or just anytime you want to wash off the stress.

The issue with this gift card is that the price of massage may vary in different facilities which may be too expensive for the card. That is why you need to buy more than one.

Also, check the card for errors, and to know whether the card will be accepted in your location. 

Emilee Vales loves this gift

Emilee of Emileevales.com is a mom of 3 girls and a work-from-home mom. She said:

“The best gift I would love to receive as a stay at home (and work from home!) mom would be a gift card for a spa day. I don’t just want the gift card though, I would love to have all of the arrangements made in advance for me. Meaning my husband has already reserved the date on the calendar for me, and made childcare arrangements for me. 

It would also be amazing to just make a day of it, and have him arrange for my sister to come with me so we could have a girls day.”

  1. Shiatsu Neck And Back Massager 
Photo of Shiatsu Neck Massager; one of the best stay at home mom gifts

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Every mom will appreciate a gift that helps their body relax after all the tasks of parenting. That is why they will love this neck and back massager. 

This massager has 8 deep and powerful massage nodes that will relieve sore neck, neck fatigue, muscle soreness, and neck stiffness.

They are safe and easy to use. It has 3 speed levels that you can adjust to get the massage pressure you need. You can also use the shoulder strap to adjust the position of the massager as well. 

The massager uses a soothing infrared heat function which shuts off after 15 minutes of overheating. You can also shut it down if you feel like it is too hot. 

The massager uses a breathable mesh fabric and high quality PU leather. It is easy to clean as well. It comes with a 1 year warranty and lifetime support from Nekteck, the manufacturers.

Tamara loves this gift

Tamara is a stay at home mom, blogger at the thrifty apartment, realtor, and DIY mom. She said:

“As a stay at home, I want gifts that are meant specifically for me and not the entire household. Which selfishly means no cooking and cleaning gifts (unless it’s an actual house cleaner). Because I spend my days tending to the kids, cooking, cleaning, and just being a mom, it’s nice to receive a gift that I can personally benefit from. 

A year ago, my husband gifted me this shiatsu neck and back massager. I use this massager at least once a week when I am able to get some alone time. It helps to relieve a significant amount of tension and/or back pain I might feel after a long day. It is one of the best, most thoughtful, and practical gifts I’ve ever received.”

  1. BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Hair Brush
Photo of Babyliss Pro Hot hair Brush one of the best stay at home mom gifts

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Moms would love to style their hairs in different ways if they had enough time for themselves or money to pay a babysitter. Some may not even have enough money to pay for a professional blow out. 

These moms will appreciate the nano titanium rotating hot hair brush. This brush smoothens the hair and styles it well. It doesn’t blow so much to dry, if it did, it may not smoothen so well.

It has a large diameter that gives a more straighter style. It will leave their hair feeling fuller. 

It has anti-static bristles that controls heat and gives the hair a sleek shine. It will save her a lot of time when styling.

Unlike many home styling machines, this one feels substantial when you hold. It will also last for a long time. A customer even said that she has been using it for 7 years.

Moms that do not have prior experience with hair styling will not have any issues using this hot hair brush. The rotation will do the job and not tangle the hair. 

She will store this brush with the plastic sleeves provided when it is not in use. 

One problem you may encounter with this hot hair brush is that it doesn’t blow so strong to dry a wet hair immediately, it is more of a stylist. However, the mom you buy it for will enjoy using it.

  1. Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers For Bedroom
Photo of Ultrasonic Humidifier; one of the best stay at home mom gifts

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A stay at home mom will love a humidifier that they will not refill every night. This humidifier cools the house for up to 50 hours before needing a refill.

The reservoir has a 6 liter capacity that can run every night for almost a week; i.e. if she uses it every night (8 hours each). She must use it at the lowest mist output setting for it to work for such a time. 

This humidifier covers up to 500 sq ft, and will cool the entire room. The nozzle rotates 360 degrees which sends the humidity to every corner of the room. She can also set it to your bed direction when she wants to sleep. 

It also has an adjustable setting for her to set the most comfortable intensity. The higher setting will help when her nose and throat are parched. However, the plans will benefit more from the lower setting. 

This humidifier is quiet. The sound it produces is less than 35 db. Hence, it won’t interrupt her beauty sleep.

The manufacturers of this humidifier offer a 2 year replacement policy. They will replace the cool mist humidifier within this period if she is satisfied with the products.

The downside of this humidifier is that it is a bit tricky to clean and fill. A stay at home mom may not have a problem with this. Moms are problem solvers and will find their way around it.  

  1. Scented Candles
Photo of Boy Mom scented candles one of the best stay at home mom gifts

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This driftwood scented candle is perfect for a new mom. They can use it to relax and can burn for about 60 hours. 

It is a great baby shower and mother’s day gift. Since it reads “mom of boy”, it is somehow not suitable for everyone, especially moms that don’t have boys.

Moms love the mild scent and many people who bought it on Amazon would recommend. 

The only issue with this product is that some moms complained that they received the package covered with oil. They also said that the oil messed up the labeling. 

  1. ULTRAIDEAS House Slippers
Photo of Ultraideas House Slippers; one of the best stay at home mom gifts

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A stay at home mom will spend most of her day wearing slippers. Hence, they must be cool and comfy. 

These slippers are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. The rubber soles will protect the soft inner lining when she uses them outdoors. 

The warm fleece lining will protect her feet while she wears and will keep her warm on cold days. The rubber sole will also provide insulation. 

It also makes a good pair of bedroom slippers since they do not make noise when worn. Busy stay at home moms will value these slippers so much because they are machine washable.

Thoughtful Gifts for Stay at Home Mom

  1. Stress Relief Cards
Photo of Stress Relief Cards; one of the best stay at home mom gifts

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Your stay at home mom will love the few minutes they get meditating with these stress relief cards. 

It contains 52 easy exercise for every mom to do. She can use this exercise for meditation and mindfulness. She can even memorize some of these exercises to do at in the office, school or when they are commuting. 

The manufacturer claims that health care professionals recommend this stress relief cards for men, women, adults, and even kids and teens. 

  1. Beautyrest Brushed Long Fur Heated Throw Blanket
Photo of Beauty Fur Heated Throw Blanket one of the best stay at home mom gifts

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Still in the quest of giving a stay at home mom comfort, this heated Beautyrest blanket will work magic. 

The blanket is made from 100% polyester and heats evenly. It will keep her and her little ones warm during the cold months. The blanket can heat ip to 85 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. This heating is based on the ambient temperature of the room. 

It has a low EMF, an automatic shut off feature. It also has three settings to help you find the best fit for you. 

It comes with a controller 3ft cords, and a 6ft power cord alongside the oversized blanket. 

The blanket is machine washable, and won’t waste her time to clean. It also has a 5 years warranty. Just avoid covering the leave controller when using the blanket so that it doesn’t overheat. 

  1. Self-Care Bucket List
Photo of Self Care Bucket List; one of the best stay at home mom gifts

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We all know a stay at home mom that needs to be paying more attention to herself than the partner and kids. But it can be quite confusing to know what to do for self care or where to start from.

Every mom needs this self-care bucket list to guide them on how to prioritize and create time for themselves. They can use it to learn mindfulness, play fun activities, let go of control, or even hang out with friends. 

Every mom that has used this bucket list has become clearly obsessed with it. According to their reviews on Amazon, they say that it helps them remember all the little things that they have been struggling to keep up with in their self-care routine. 

Besides getting this gift for a stay at home mom, you can also get it for a friend that has become fussy and complacent lately. It could be that they are lacking self-care.

Tiffany DaSilva recommends this gift

Tiffany from Flowjo said:

“We all know self-care is essential but where do we start? The Self-Care Bucket List! This deck is the perfect gift for someone who puts everyone else first, especially a stay-at-home mom, and is filled with 100 activities they can do that will help hold them accountable to themselves in a fun way!”

  1. Instant Pot Pro 10-In-1 Pro Pressure Cooker
Photo of Instant Pot Pressure Cooker one of the best stay at home mom gifts

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This kitchen gadget for stay at home moms makes life easy. Your stay at home mom will save a lot of energy from using the pot.

She will make a lot of recipes from this pot with just a little time. She will never run out of ideas because this instant pot comes with 800 recipes for her to try. 

It has an LCD screen with an app that she will connect to her smartphone. She can then use her phone to monitor the state of the pot and the food she is cooking in it. 

Besides using this pot as a pressure pot, she can also use it as a yogurt maker, slow cooker, steamer, sterilizer, warmer, and a lot more. 

  1. Burt’s Bee Spa Collection
Photo of Burt's Bees Spa Collection; one of the best stay at home mom gifts

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You can still please a stay at home mom with a budget by getting her this gift. They will love the gift set because it comes with the basics she needs to pamper her skin.

It contains a moisturizing lip mask, detoxifying charcoal sheet mask for the face, a mini candle, a cuticle cream and a mini candle. 

A stay at home mom will love this gift so much because it will heal her skin from all the effects that cleaning the house caused on her skin. 

Also, the cuticle cream and chapstick are reusable. 

  1. Hyzrz Vintage Apron
Photo of Hyzrz Vintage Apron; one of the best stay at home mom gifts

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This beautiful mom apron is made from soft cotton materials which looks chic to wear. It is very practical, has pockets and fashionista moms will love it.

It has an adjustable neck and waist strap that will fit snugly on slim moms with a medium height. It is 71 cm long and 69 cm wide.

It is available in three varieties: black with black and white polka dots, black with red and white polka dots, and red with red and white polka dots.

The only downside with this apron is that it is for slim women. Check out this lovely one for plus size women. 

  1. Tea Forte Single Steeps Assorted Tea Chest
Photo of Single Steeps Assorted Tea Chest; one of the best stay at home mom gifts

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Teas can boost the mood of a stay at home mom. This tea is available in many calming flavors including chocolate rose, blood orange and Bombay Chai. 

She can take this tea based on her mood. This tea contains 28 assorted tea infused bags. But you can find a fewer and cheaper version of this tea in the classic sampler box. It contains 20 tea samples and she can still try a wide variety.

You can add a stay at home mug for her to complete the gift. She will feel great when drinking the calming tea with a mug that reminds her of her worth though she stays at home. 

The only problem is that high class tea lovers may not think that this tea has a top quality. Again the tea has small pieces and do not even come in bags like other teas. So, there is a tendency for some of the pieces to stay in your cup.

  1. iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner
Photo of iRobot Roomba Vacuum cleaner; one of the best stay at home mom gifts

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Every busy mom will love a gift that helps with the chores. This Roomba vacuum uses a unique robot intelligence system to vacuum the house and do other personalized cleaning jobs. It will learn her cleaning habits and work accordingly.

It uses 3 different cleaning powers to suck off dust from your carpet and hard floor. It can clean the edges and corners with its edge sweeping brush. It can adjust its cleaning head to different floor surfaces. 

She will connect it to her phone via Wi-Fi. The device is even compatible with Alexa.

You can never run out of power with this vacuum cleaner. It will run for 90 minutes and automatically recharge itself. 

This vacuum cleaner doesn’t need to be programmed before use. Hence, she can still use this vacuum cleaner even when she is not a technical person. 

Aghogho Boccardi desires a Roomba

Aghogho from Hope Like A Mother is a stay at home mom to a toddler

 “With so much to do at home, a Roomba would cut my sweeping load in half. Toddlers make a lot of mess and vacuuming multiple times a day isn’t fun.”


What is the best gift for a stressed mom?

The best gift for a stay at home mom is what will help her relax, and possibly reduce the workload for her. Better still, you can help her with some chores while she rests.


Tommy, the CEO of Floofmania shared the best insight on the best thing you can give a stay at home mom. He said: 

“The best thing you can give your mom is your time. Your mother doesn’t need an expensive car or a trip around the world. All she needs is to talk to her son or daughter. Well here’s what you need to do, start your day by telling her good morning first thing after you’re up. Ask her about what’s her plan for the day, tell her your plans for the day over breakfast. Offer her any help if you can when you’re back from work, ask her about her day, talk to her about your day”

We couldn’t agree less. Time and attention are the most important needs of a woman. Gifts speak volume, but they will communicate more when you spend time with her. 

Pick any of the gifts listed above to shower love on your stay at home mom. You don’t know how much she needs it.

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