70 Cute Sugar Baby Names

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Our sugar baby names list is for moms who need sweet names for their precious little babies, male or female. 

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When people hear a name meaning sweet, they view the bearer to be charming, loving, kind, and gentle. Who knows? Your baby’s name could be their good luck charm. 

Below are lists of baby names that mean sugar, sweet, honey, candy, etc (think sugar, spice and everything nice). 

We have also mentioned the origin of these names alongside their meanings. 

36 Sugar Baby Names For Girls

photo of a cute baby girl; sugar baby names are ideal
  1. Aline: We love how sweet this name sounds. It originated from Dutch and means “lovely.”
  2. Ambrosia: Meaning immortal, this name is considered the nectar of the gods. It is usually associated with something sweet and delicious.
  3. Anika: This is a Nordic name for baby girls. It means “sweetness of face” and will suit your gorgeous princess.
  4. Anwen: This adorable name for baby girls means “sweet and most beautiful.” It has a Welsh origin.
  5. Asel: This name originated in turkey and means “honey.”
  6. Bonnie: In French, candies are called bonbons, and this name is derived from the French word “bon.” Bons means good, and this name also carries the “good” feeling, like your baby girl.
  7. Candy: Like the word, this name directly means “sugary sweet.” It has an English origin and is the name of an American actress Candy Devine.
  8. Cookie: Taraji P. Henson rocked this name well in Empire. The cookies here are the sweet-tasting cookies you know. It is a beautiful name for your sweet baby girl; you can also use it as a nickname too.
  9. Darva: This name directly means “honeybee” in Slavic. It sounds sweet, short and adorable.
  10. Deborah: The Hebrews own this name, and it was the name of a sweet follower of Jesus in the Bible. It means “diligent, sweet” and is quite famous for baby girls.
  11. Dina: This name is Arabic and means “gift from God, sweet, darling, and precious.”
  12. Dulcie: This feminine baby girl’s name is derived from the Latin word “Dulcis.” It means sweet. It is also linked to dolce, an Italian word for sweet. Either way, it is still a sweet name for your sweet baby.
  13. Dulcinea: This is a name of Latin origin , meaning “sweet.” It was used in Miguel de Cervantes’ book, Don Quixote.
  14. Eulalie: This is another sweet name of French origin. It means “sweetly speaking.” Guess what, this name is unique and hasn’t ranked in the top 1000 names in the US since 1899. That makes it even better because your sweetie is unique and the first of her kind. 
  15. Honey: This should not just be the nickname you call your partner. It can also be a sweet name for your little princess. 
  16. Hulda: This is a lovable name of Hebrew ancestry. It means “sweet and lovable,” and is great for your lovable baby.
  17. Laia: This is another lovely name of Spanish origin. It means “sweet-speaking.”
  18. Lolly: It is as sweet as a lollipop. As a matter of fact, the name is the short form of lollipop. It means “sweet bay tree,” and is most commonly used in England.
  19. Madeleine: This is a timeless French name for your priceless beauty. It refers to delicious French mini sponge cakes and desserts. 
  20. Marie: This name is quite common and has an Irish origin. It means “drop of the sea, sweet, or bitter.” It is also the Finnish version of a name that comes from the word mairea. This version also means “sweet.”
  21. Melissa: This name means “honey bee.” The name has a Greek origin.
  22. Mellona: This is the name of the Roman goddess of bees and bee-keeping. It means “honey.”
  23. Mignon: French names have always been adorable. We couldn’t resist this one. It means “cute or darling,” and is a very unique name for your precious gift.
  24. Myra: This name means “sweet-smelling oil.” It originated from the Greek language.
  25. Naamah: Still another Hebrew name, which means “beauty, grace, and sweetness.” It is unique and outstanding for your precious daughter.
  26. Nemy: This sweet baby girl’s name is from Africa, Mende language. It means “sweet.” 
  27. Nidia: This will be a suitable name for your baby if you feel like she is full of sweetness. The name is a Greek word and means “possess sweetness.”
  28. Pamela: This name has an English origin and means “all honey.” You can shorten it and nickname your daughter Pam. 
  29. Pamnia: This name is common to Italians and it means “little honey.”
  30. Permilia: Though this name sounds like the previous, it is an American name, meaning “honey.”
  31. Rihanna: This name is popular because of the billionaire singer, Rihanna. It means “sweet basil” and you can nickname your baby girl Riri.
  32. Roanna: This name has a Latin origin and means “sweet.” It is an uncommon variation of the name Rowan and will suit your precious little thing. 
  33. Sadbh: This name is Irish, and means “godly, sweet.”
  34. Salome: This name is unisex, but mostly used for women. It originated from the Hebrew language and appeared in the new testament of the Bible.  The name means “sweet.”
  35. Sundae: This is the name of an American ice cream dessert. It can also be an excellent name for your sweet little girl.
  36. Vevina: This is a beautiful name for ladies. It has a Scottish origin and means “sweet lady.”

16 Sugar Baby Names For Boys

photo of a cute baby boy; sugar baby names are ideal
  1. Aero: Maybe you remember the popular Nestle chocolate when you think of hearing this name. That sounds sweet, right? This name originated from Greek and means “of the sky.” However, it attaches a dear meaning to your little boy.
  2. Baker: Your boy will sound macho with this sweet-inspiring name. The name will make people see him as a person that serves sweet desserts. The true meaning of a baker is “a person that makes and sells cakes and bread.”
  3. Chan: Like Jackie Chan? Yes. This name is native to the Chinese. It means “shining”, “snow,” or “moonlight.” This is also a Spanish name, meaning “The Lord is Almighty is gracious.” This name in Spanish also has a sweet meaning, “fragrant trees.”
  4. Darlen: This is an English-American name, meaning “darling” or “sweet man.” It is the male version of the name Darlene, which has the same meaning.  You can also spell this name as Darlan or Darlin.
  5. Dawsey: This French name for boys means “soft and sweet.” The name is gotten from the French word, douce or doux and truly sounds great.
  6. Istu: This name originated from the Native American word for sweetness and sugar. It is a rare name for boys.
  7. Javor: We love this sweet-sounding masculine name. It has a Serbian origin and means “maple tree.”
  8. Kaede: This name has a Japanese origin and means “maple.” It gives off the “maple syrup feeling” for your little boy.
  9. Namaan: This is a Hebrew name that appears in the Bible. It means “sweet herb.”
  10. Odell: This name has an Old English origin and means “wealthy.” People commonly use it as a first or last name.
  11. Onani: This name for boys is commonly used by Africans, especially the Malawi people.  It means “look” or “see.”
  12. Poornamruth: Though this name is long, it means“full of sweetness.” You can even feel your mouth full of sweetness when calling the name.  It is an Indian name.
  13. Ratul: This is still another Indian name, meaning “sweet.” It can also be interpreted as “sweet man.” Though this name is native to the Bengali people of India, it is usually associated with Hinduism. 
  14. Taff: This is a sweet-sounding Welsh name, meaning “darling,” “friend,” or beloved. This name is a short form of the name Taffee. People also believe that this name was generated from David, the Hebrew name of a one time king in the bible. David  means “beloved.”
  15. Usochi: We love this Nigerian name from the Igbo tribe. This name means “the sweetness of God.” You can also call your child Usochukwu, which means the same thing. 
  16. Zuaman: this name originated from the Yiddish/Jewish tribe. In Yiddish, this name means “sweet man.” You can also spell this name Sussman.

18 Unisex Sugar Baby Names

photo of a cute baby boy
  1. Adunbi: The West Africans, specifically the Yorubas have blessed us with this name. It means “sweet or pleasant to birth.” This name is a rare name that can fit your rare gem.
  2. Amla: This is another beloved Arabic name we have on the list. It means “sweet by nature.”
  3. Anush: You can also spell this name Anoush. It is a unisex name, meaning “sweet.”
  4. Avery: This English name is suitable for males and females. It means “ruler of elves.”
  5. Clemmy: This name is not just unique, it sounds calm and sweet for a boy or girl. It means “sweet, gentle.”
  6. Coco: Male and females sound sweet with this name derived from the word cocoa. Cocoa is the primary ingredient in chocolate and chocolates are sweet. 
  7. Creasy: Not the ‘rumple’ kind of creasy. Creasy as a name originates from the French and English languages, and means “pleasant or kind.”
  8. Jam: This name should remind you of the sweet paste you spread on your bread. It is a unisex name from America, and means “sweet condiment.” It can also mean “musical get-together.” You can also call your baby James, Jame, or Jamie which are other variations of the name.
  9. Jarah: This is one special Hebrew name that we love. It directly means something like “honeysuckle” or “honeycomb.” It also means “god gives sweetness,” or “honey.”
  10. Kaipo: This name originated from Hawaii and means “darling” or “sweetheart.” Though this name is unisex, parents mostly give it to their boy child.
  11. Leslie: Females have this name more commonly than males, though it is unisex. It means “garden of holly.”
  12. Lolovivi: There is something lovely about this name. Maybe it is because it means “love is sweet” or “there is always love”. It originated from Africa.
  13. Manju: This unisex baby name is a Sanskrit word, meaning “sweet” or “pleasant.” There is also a Japanese rice-based confection that is ball-shaped and sweet tasting. The inner part of this confection is usually filled with bean paste.
  14. Oladunjoye: People in the western part of Nigeria (Yoruba tribe) love this name. It is usually associated with royalty and means “wealth is sweeter than titles.”
  15. Quannah: This name originated from Native America and means “sweet smelling” or “fragrant.”
  16. Shirin: This name has an Armenian origin and means “sweet, charming.” It is the name of a German rapper and one-time YouTuber, Shirin David.
  17. Sivney: This name is native to the Gaelic/Irish people. It is a unique name, meaning “well-going.”
  18. Zusa: This is a Yiddish name, meaning “sweet.” It is a simple name for big personalities. 


And there you have it, a long list of sugar baby names for your sweet baby. We hope you fnd a suitable name for your precious gift of nature.

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